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I'm 17 years old and love writing stories. I absolutely love it! It's my passion in life.
Stories by Jae
Lost by Jae (PT) [Reviews - 3]
A young girl is confused about where she belongs. Nobody knows about her or her past. She doesn't even remember. As she grows older, mysteries become solved as events happen. And her whole reason of even living on Earth, is unraveled. And it starts one day with Goku......

Categories: Drama
Characters: Briefs Bura, Briefs Trunks, Other, Son Goku
Genres: Drama, Action, Adventure, Romance
Warnings: Graphic Violence, Minor Character Death

Series: None
Chapters: 3
Wordcount: 6188 - Pageviews: 4549
Complete?: No - Published: Jul 09, 2005 - Last Updated: Jul 10, 2005