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I've been writing Dragon Ball fanfiction since late in 1999, initially through the fanfic section of Planet Namek and the now-deceased While absurd tales of outlandishly ridiculous events--"humorous" stories--comprise the majority of my work, my flagship is the epic action/adventure drama "Dragon War"--ironically my very first fanfic, now in its seventh revision. Although I no longer devote nearly as much energy to fanfiction as I once did, I still find it a pleasant way to spend an afternoon and a wonderful outlet for authors to hone their skills.
Stories by Mike Steele
After Goku departed on the back of Shenlon, things rightfully should have taken a must brighter turn for the Z Warriors after such a long and grueling career of saving Earth--and the universe--anytime it was required of them. Maniacs don't typically care about such things, and a maniac--a very, very dangerous maniac--now wants to slaughter the Z Warriors as punishment for saving the world so many times. Armed with a diabolically genius scheme, insanely powerful minions, dazzling technology, an unquenchable thirst for savage revenge, and tremendous powers of his own, this man could very well achieve his goals if the Z Warriors' utmost efforts fail to stop him--which is quite possible, given Goku's absence and Vegeta's sudden sojourn into space...but perhaps this man's warpath will irrevocably imperil the entire universe, and not merely because its greatest protectors could be annihilated, but because forces of colossal might could be perturbed...badly...

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