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DestinyGirl [Contact]
Real name: Kayla
Member Since: Sep 17, 2010
Membership Status: Member

Gender: female
Hi! You can call me Kayla, and I am a huuuuuge fan of DBZ! I came upon this website by chance and I read one fanfic that I just couldn't find anywhere else so I was like: "Well, if they have something as great as this then I guess I'll join too!" And BOOM! I registered and am here now... yeah, I'm a bit of a goofball but that's just me!:DAnyway, more about me.... let's see... Oh! I'm a writer - I have many novels and I'm really focusing on one right now so if I'm ever late on reviewing or updating then it's because I'm typing or writing my novel:) I'm an artist too - I've always been creative since I was little - and I'm hoping to make manga's or maybe even anime's in a few years! I write fanfics, but I'm still working on my DBZ ones right now... I'm 17, and me and my bff sister is about to go off to college - Yipee!:D My absolute favorite character from DBZ would have to be Gohan!!!♥ Preferrably when he was a kid because he kinda kicked more butt as a kid (especially Cell:P) so... yeah. I don't like yaoi's - blegh! My second guy would have to be Trunks... But I really like all of the DBZ characters - even the bad guys, since they spice it up!:D Faith, Hope, Love!♥ 
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