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Hi! I'm new to the site and to DBZ fanfiction. Sort of. I say 'sort of' because I used to write some when several years ago...eight years ago...geez... Anyway, the stuff I wrote back this is/was crap, and I've recently been inspired to write a DBZ fanfic that is NOT crap, so we'll see how that goes. : ) And I love hearing back from people about my work. Constructive criticism is great, and I never ever say 'no' to kind comments. (@^ . ^@)
Stories by Amaniachwen
The Z Warriors don't always have it bad, but they never have it normal. In the decade of peace after DBZ ends, a new warrior crashlands on Earth and causes a stir in the Vegeta house. This story details the events that take place before GT. Please R/R.

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