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Just a guy that loves writing stories, particularly Dragon Ball Z ones. I'm also very well knowledged on the manga and participate in many debates over on different sites. :)
Reviews by Hangman_Link
In the rush to escape the coming Android's, Chichi left a prized family item behind and had to send Gohan to go and retrieve it. Meanwhile, Android 18 is on the search for a reason to enjoy nature...

Categories: Lemon
Characters: Juuhachi-gou, Son Gohan
Genres: Lemon, Lime
Warnings: Coarse Language, OOC

Series: None
Chapters: 2
Wordcount: 15823 - Pageviews: 12673
Complete?: Yes - Published: Jun 05, 2008 - Last Updated: Oct 06, 2011
Reviewer: Hangman_Link Signed
Date: Dec 17, 2011 Title: Chapter 2: Emjoying Nature (Rewrite)

Really enjoyed this one.
Keep writing more, you're a great writer.

They were as different as oil and water, but loneliness and lust brought them together as two of a kind. TxCC

Categories: Drama, Lemon
Characters: Briefs Trunks, ChiChi
Genres: Drama, Lemon, Romance
Warnings: Coarse Language

Series: None
Chapters: 4
Wordcount: 31574 - Pageviews: 13310
Complete?: Yes - Published: Mar 13, 2012 - Last Updated: Jun 21, 2013
Reviewer: Hangman_Link Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: May 05, 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Amazingly written. I really enjoyed this.
& Please make more Bulma fics! As far as I can tell, you've only published one.

Longing by therawk (AO) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 34]
Sometimes, even if you have perfection, you still long for more.

Gohan x Videl x Erasa threesome romance

Categories: Special Content > Yuri, Romance, Romance > Gohan/Videl, Lemon
Characters: OFC(s), Satan Videl, Son Gohan
Genres: Lemon, Romance
Warnings: Shoujo ai/Yuri

Series: None
Chapters: 3
Wordcount: 5872 - Pageviews: 11095
Complete?: No - Published: Jun 14, 2012 - Last Updated: Aug 13, 2012
Reviewer: Hangman_Link Signed
Date: Aug 30, 2012 Title: Chapter 3: Dream

i'm liking this a lot. keep it up.