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OK! Here is the last chapter to Joy Of Misery!

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any of the characters mentioned,
except for Hiseria, Shiro and any other non-Anime characters.

Shiro, Goten and Trunks arrived at the cave. Shiro was still
holding onto her evil sister’s arm as they walked through the
now-familiar passageway. Goten wasn’t sick at the sight of the
cave drawings anymore. He followed Shiro and Trunks as they flew down
the hole and ran towards the pond.

“OK, this is the part when we re-seal her,”
Shiro explained, “It’s going to be complicated though.”

“Why?” Trunks asked.

“Hiseria has to be awake when we block her,”
Shiro said, “Or else it won’t work and she’d be
free to haunt the world with her misery yet again.”

“Oh…” Goten said softly. He was hoping
that Hiseria would still be unconscious when they would finally
re-seal her.

“I’ll awaken her,” Shiro said. Then,
turning towards Hiseria’s body, she muttered a few words. A
white jet of light focused on Hiseria’s body. Suddenly, her
eyes opened, and Goten saw them glowing. Hiseria got up and crossed
her arms. She looked at Shiro.

“You’re going to re-seal me, Shiro?” she
asked, narrowing her eyes. They looked like cat’s eyes, green
and oval-shaped.

“Yes Hiseria,” Shiro said, “I’m
going to stop your evil reign of terror.”

A cruel smile formed on Hiseria’s blood speckled face.
“Its not going to be that easy though, dear sister.”

“I will stop you!” Shiro yelled, her blue eyes
blazing. She disappeared. Re-appearing behind Hiseria, she punched
her back. Hiseria flew front wards, and hit the wall.

“You’re too weak Hiseria,” Shiro muttered,
“You can’t defeat me.”

Hiseria picked herself up off the ground. She suddenly flew
at Shiro and kicked her.

“NO!” Goten and Trunks cried as Shiro hit the wall and
slid down.

Shiro got up; her blue hair messed up all over her
shoulders. She suddenly flew towards Goten and Trunks.

“I need a favor out of you two,” she said, “Can
you give me some of your energy? That way I can stop her.”

Goten and Trunks nodded and held Shiro’s hands. They
concentrated really hard, and gave Shiro their energy. Shiro thanked
them, and stared at Hiseria. Hiseria stared back. Suddenly, Shiro
threw a ki-blast at her. It was huge and it easily stopped Hiseria.
She was lying on the ground when Shiro motioned to Trunks and Goten
that it was time.

They carried her towards the hole. Hiseria was too dazed to
notice that they dropped her in the hole. She stared up at them with
her glowing green eyes.

“Ready Goten?” Shiro asked. Goten nodded and
went to retrieve the rock that had been blocking Hiseria before. He
picked it up and headed back towards the hole. He waited for Shiro’s

Shiro suddenly started muttering a few words. Then she
shouted “THE TERROR HAS BEEN DEFEATED!” she gestured to
Goten who quickly threw the rock onto the hole. Hiseria’s
screams were muffled as she was sealed once again.

The Terror had been stopped. Yes, the Terror was sealed
again. Shiro smiled at Goten and started writing a message on the
rock. Trunks and Goten peered over her shoulder to read it.

Do not touch the rock that lies here

For if you do the Terror will be unleashed

The same Terror who joyed in misery

So beware, do not touch the rock

For the Terror mustn’t run loose again…

Shiro straightened up. She looked down at the now-blocked
hole. Smiling at Goten and Trunks, she told them it was time to go.
They held hands, and as they disappeared, Shiro muttered something.

“Goodbye, Sis.”


Shiro, Goten and Trunks re-appeared at Satan City. It seemed
so calm now that Hiseria had been stopped. “Now, I’ll go
re-awaken her victims,” Shiro smiled.

“There’s one!” Goten pointed towards
Hiseria’s last victim, the teenage girl. Shiro went to the
girl. She untied the rope round the girl’s neck and laid her
down on the ground. Then, she put her hands on her body and muttered
a few words. A white light focused on the girl’s body. The body
disappeared suddenly. Shiro got up and waited.

Suddenly, the girl re-appeared, alive. “Huh?”
she asked, “I’m alive!” she cheered. Shiro smiled
at the girl as she ran off, cheering.

“Now, show me where the other victims are,”
Shiro told Goten and Trunks.


“I’m alive!” the woman gasped. She thanked
Shiro and ran off, screaming happily. Shiro smiled as she did. “Are
there any more victims?” she asked Goten and Trunks.

“Yes, there’s my older brother, Gohan,”
Goten looked down.

“Show me where he is,” Shiro told him.

Trunks led them back to Capsule Corp. They went through the
same passageways. Trunks led them to the door and they went it.

“GOTEN!” Chichi screamed when she saw Goten. She
ran to him, sobbing. “I missed you so much!” she hugged

“I missed you too Mum…” Goten hugged her.

“Excuse me, but do I know you?” Goku asked

“No, you do not know me,” Shiro said, “I
am Shiro, the Terror also know as Hiseria’s sister. I am know
as the Hope to some people.”

“So what brings you here, Shiro?” Bulma asked
the graceful woman.

“I am here to reawaken Gohan,” Shiro smiled.
“Where is he?”

“There…” Vegeta pointed to Gohan’s
body. Shiro bent over Gohan’s body and put her hands on him.
She muttered the words Goten found so familiar. The same white light
focused on Gohan’s body and he disappeared. Chichi gasped.
Suddenly, Gohan appeared, alive.

“I’m alive!” he shouted.

“YEAH!” Goten punched the air.

“GOHAN!” Chichi ran to her oldest son and hugged

Shiro smiled at the scene. They had been reunited once
again. “Sayonara, Goten, Trunks and everyone else,” She
smiled and disappeared.

No one had noticed Shiro’s disappearance, apart from
Goten. He nodded.

“Sayonara Shiro, and thank you for helping us stop the

Well, that’s it! I might be back with Hiseria soon though…
making fun of her most probably! She’d be so much FUN to
torture! Well, see you! I’ll be back!

The End.
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