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OK! I’m back with the… (SSJ 4
counts on her fingers)… fifth chapter to Joy Of Misery! (SSJ 4
beams) I’m sorry I haven’t been around for days, but I
had my exams and (SSJ 4 gulps) I failed in French! GOD I HATE THAT
LANGUAGE! (SSJ 4 bangs her head against the desk) Je… n’…aime…
pas… le… language! (Told ya I wasn’t good! I love
Italian though!)

Goten was amazed. The legend was actually
true. There was someone who could actually stop the terror and re
awaken his brother.

“Who- who are you?” he asked

The woman gracefully landed on the
ground. “I am Shiro, the only one capable of stopping the
Terror. The Terror also known as Hiseria. I am also known as the

“But how can you stop Hiseria,
Shiro?” Trunks asked.

“I can stop her because while she
uses blood for energy and power,” Shiro explained, “I use
the power of natural things. I summon energy from micro-organisms
around this planet and they all give it to me.”

Goten felt that was familiar. It was like
his father’s attack, the Spirit Bomb.

“So, can you help us stop this
Hiseria?” he asked.

Shiro tossed her head back and her blue
hair swung over her shoulder. She looked at the boys. “Yes- I
can and I will stop Hiseria.”

“Yeah!” Goten and Trunks

“But,” Shiro started.

“What?” Goten and Trunks
stared at her.

“I can’t kill Hiseria.”
Shiro explained.

“WHAT?????” Goten and Trunks

“Hey, calm down!” Shiro tried
to calm them down, “She is immortal. There’s only one way
of stopping her.”

“And what is that way?” Trunks

“I can seal her again in the prison
she escaped from,” Shiro told them, “And put another
warning sign on it.”

“You mean,” Goten started,
“You wrote the message on the wall?”

“Yes I did,” Shiro smiled, “I
had to warn people who came in this cave not to reawaken my evil

“Good,” Trunks grinned.

“Let’s go and get her,”
Shiro said.

“But we don’t know where she
is!” Goten whined, “She could be anywhere in Satan City!”

“Don’t worry, I can find her
in a second!” Shiro told him, “Just hold on to my hands.”

Goten and Trunks walked on either side of
Shiro and held her hands. When Trunks held onto her hand, he felt
like he had just plunged his arm into a bucket of ice.

Suddenly, the cave started spinning. “To
the Terror!” Shiro shouted. They all disappeared.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Satan City…

“Crack!” The whip hit the
teenage girl’s back.

“AGHHH!” The girl screamed,
choking with the rope round her neck.

“Be quiet you silly girl,”
Hiseria muttered. She cracked the whip on the girl’s back for
the last time.

“AGGH!” the girl screamed

“Now, time to get your blood,”
Hiseria laughed as she licked all the red blood squirting out of the
girl’s back. She then moved in front of the girl. Before the
girl knew what was happening, Hiseria slashed her neck.

“ARGHHHHHHH!” the girl
shrieked as Hiseria slashed it a second time. Hiseria yet again
caught the blood on her tongue.

The girl knew her time was up. She slowly
gasped her last breaths. She was dead when Hiseria plucked her eyes

“Now, time to mark you,”
Hiseria drew the heart and slashed the cross over it on the lifeless
girl’s forehead. Blood was running down the teenager’s
face, and Hiseria licked it all up.

“Time to find my next victim!”
Hiseria cackled. Before she could go, a light flashed before her and
three figures appeared.

“Not so fast Hiseria!” Shiro

“Shiro…” Hiseria
muttered, “How did you reawaken?”

“I was reawakened by the one who
reawakened you,” Shiro said coldly, gesturing to Goten and

“Ooh, there are two young boys!”
Hiseria said delightfully, “Youthful blood is so sweet…”
she suddenly stopped, staring at Goten.

“YOU!” she shrieked.

“What did I do?” Goten asked,

“Your sibling tried to kill me!”
Hiseria pointed her finger at him, “You look exactly the same!”

“He would have destroyed you too!”
Goten shouted.

A cruel smile crossed Hiseria’s
blood stained lips. “You can now join him,” she purred,
pulling out a piece of rope. Suddenly, someone grabbed her arms from
behind. Hiseria shrieked and turned to look. It was Trunks.

“Not so fast!” He grinned up
at her.

“How DARE YOU!” Hiseria

“Now, you will die Hiseria,”
Shiro said coldly as she prepared to start the battle.

OK, the fifth chapter is up. Please R/R! I
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