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OK, I’m back! I don’t own any
characters mentioned except for Hiseria and Shiro (you’ll find
more about Shiro in this chapter!) I KNOW that the title of this
chapter is a bit lame, but I couldn’t think of anything else *
sigh *.

Goten and Trunks landed outside the cave.
They didn’t say anything as they went through the gates and
walked down the passageways. Goten felt sick at the sight of the

For his brother’s life had been
taken, in that same way.

They reached the hole they had fallen
through and flew down instead of falling the whole way. When they
landed, they ran to the pond. It was still blood red.

Trunks ran to the wall where they had
found the message. He started powering up.

“Goten, the wall is hollow. Maybe there is
something behind it!”

Goten ran next to him and started
powering up as well.

“KAME-HA-ME-HA!” Goten

“MA-SEN-KO!” Trunks yelled.
They both threw their ki-blasts at the wall. It blew up. Goten and
Trunks went through. In the room, there was nothing except dust and

“There’s nothing here, let’s
go,” Trunks started walking out.

Goten sighed and followed him out. He
suddenly stepped on something. Huh? He bent down. There was a
book. A dusty, red book.

“Trunks!” Goten whispered.

“What?” Trunks asked.

“Look what I found!” Goten showed
him the book.

Trunks opened the first page and they
started reading.

terror. Well, in this autobiography, I am going to talk about Hiseria
and her life. When she was good and had the will of love in her.

Hiseria was a good
demon, she used to be the keeper of this cave. Then, while she was
guarding it, a man passed by her. Hiseria fell in love instantly. She
made herself appear visible to the man, and he promised her a good
life. She believed that the man was as in love with her. She did
everything she could to please him, gave him everything he desired
and wanted.

One day, Hiseria woke
up to find their bed empty. He left her a note, telling her that he
was no longer in love with her and that he loved another.

Hiseria went mad with
sorrow and it drove her to want the blood of every human being she
wanted. Then, a change occurred inside of her. Without blood, she
lost all her power and died instantly. So she kept on killing and
taking the blood of her victims. The sign she slashes on her victim’s
forehead shows her hate.

The only one who
could stop her was her sister, the good demon Shiro. Shiro knew how
to trap Hiseria and stop her murdering. But to stop her insane
sister, she had to be summoned by the one who set Hiseria free. Once
Shiro was free, she got rid of Hiseria and locked her up in her lair.
Shiro also had the power to re-awaken Hiseria’s victims. Shiro
is the only one who can stop Hiseria if she is summoned again.

Shiro can be summoned
the same way as Hiseria. Nest to the rock which blocks Hiseria from
escaping, there is another rock. Shiro can be awakened if the rock is
pushed away and her power of good will stop the Terror.

Trunks stared at Goten. He stared back.
They both knew that they had to summon the good demon Shiro.

“Let’s go!” Trunks yelled.
They ran out of the room, taking the book with them. Goten ran to the
rock next to the rock he had pushed. He pushed the rock. It fell on
its side. Again, there was a perfectly rounded hole. Goten waited,
praying it would work.

Suddenly, beautiful music rang round the
cave and a bright light appeared. Its beam fell on the hole and
suddenly, a beautiful woman rose out. She had long blue hair and huge
blue eyes. Her skin was ghostly white and her robes were pure white.
They shone with the light on them.

“I am Shiro,” the woman spoke.

Well the next chapter’s coming soon!
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