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I think I forgot to mention in past chapters,
but Hiseria is indestructible. The Z gang cannot stop her as
she has an unknown power so powerful that it can kill anyone…
Anyway you’ll find out in this fic and in other chapters!

Goten stared at his mother sheepishly,
“Mum, I’m worried about Gohan. He should have been here
an hour ago.”

His mother looked up at him, “Don’t
worry Goten, he must have had an after school tutorial or something.
He’ll be back soon.”

Goten shrugged. He left his mother to go
to Trunks’ side. He was playing with his Gameboy, but Goten
knew he wasn’t concentrating that hard.

“Trunks,” he whispered so no
one would hear him.

“What Goten?” Trunks

“I think we should go back to the
cave and find out more about this murderer.” Goten whispered.

“Goten! We’re not even sure if
it’s the terror that the message was talking about!”
Trunks hissed. His face fell, “Kuso, I lost, it took me ages to
get to the last level…”

“Trunks!” Goten hissed
angrily, “I’m sure it’s the terror! And you know
for sure as well!”

Trunks narrowed his eyes, “OK
Goten,” he sighed, “We’ll go back.”

“Thanks Trunks,” Goten
mumbled. “Let’s go back,” they started tiptoeing
out of the room.

“And where do you two think you’re
going?” a voice asked behind them.

Trunks and Goten turned to look at Bulma
and Chichi.

“Um… we were… going to
get something from my room!” Trunks lied quickly.

“NO YOU WEREN’T!” Chichi
shrieked as she pulled out her infamous frying pan, “GOTEN!”
she slammed it over her poor son’s head.

“Mum!” Goten shouted. The
frying pan had a dent in it.

“Look, Mum, Chichi,” Trunks
started impatiently, “We know where the murderer came from!”

“Trunks,” Bulma was confused.

“I think you’d better explain
to us, Trunks,” a hard voice said. It was Vegeta.

“OK, Dad,” Trunks sighed, “It
starts like this…”


Gohan was grossed out with the smell of
blood. “Who are you?” he repeated.

The woman stared at him. “So…”
she muttered, “You want to know my name, huh?”

Gohan trembled, then spoke bravely, although his
voice was shaky, “Yes. I want to know your name,” he

The woman’s gaze hardened, “I
am Hiseria, the person causing all of this misery. I joy in misery,
pain and sadness.”

Gohan was shocked. She had actually
admitted that she was the crazed murderer! “How could you cause
all of this?” he asked shakily.

“I told you, I joy in it,” the
woman narrowed her eyes, “You know too much. Now I will destroy

Gohan was angry. “No way!” he
shouted. “MASENKO!” he yelled as a huge ki-blast formed
in his hands. He aimed it at Hiseria and it hit her. A huge bubble of
smoke formed instead of the woman. “That probably took care of
her…” Gohan muttered. He started walking to Capsule
Corp, to tell the others that it was safe.

“Not so fast,” a smooth voice
spoke behind him. Gohan was confused. It couldn’t be her…

He went SSJ 2 and turned round. It was
her. He started throwing tonnes of ki-blasts at her. A huge golden
bubble expanded and exploded.

“Phew…” Gohan murmured.
She had to be dead.

When the smoke disappeared, Gohan nearly
fainted. She was still there.

“HAHAHA!” she laughed

“What?” Gohan shouted, “NO

“Since you tried to stop me,”
Hiseria grinned, “I’m going to be kind to you for making
me laugh at your pathetic way to survive. Goodbye.” She grabbed
him and stabbed him with her claws.

Gohan struggled. He could feel her
stabbing him. No…

He struggled to hold on, “No,”
he mumbled. He could feel himself dying slowly. No…

“You are dead, boy,” Hiseria
muttered darkly.

Gohan breathed his last breaths. He didn’t
want to die. But he knew that nothing could save him at that time. He
hoped that someone would find him. He slowly closed his eyes.

“Goodnight,” were the last
words he heard as he fell to the ground, blood pouring from his

Hiseria grinned. She bent down and slashed
her sign on his forehead. She slowly licked up all the blood
squirting out of his torso.

“His blood tastes different,”
she muttered, “He isn’t human…Oh well!” she
laughed as she flew away in search of her next victim.


“So that’s the whole story,”
Trunks finished.

“GOTEN!” Chichi screamed as
she slammed another frying pan on his head, “YOU SHOULD NOT GO

“Mum!” Goten shouted, “STOP

“Chichi,” Goku put a hand on his
wife’s shoulder, “Leave Goten alone. He’s going to
find more about this evil.”

“Go son,” Vegeta told his son.

Trunks nodded, and he and Goten left with
their mothers screaming protests and their fathers trying to calm
them down. Trunks grinned sheepishly at Goten as he opened the door
and they went out.

After going through the corridors and up
all the staircases again, they left Capsule Corp.

They blasted off into the night, when suddenly
Goten felt something.

“It’s my brother!” he
shouted, “I can’t feel his presence.”

Goten and Gohan were very close, and if
one of the two had been injured or hurt, the other knew, not by just
sensing the ki, but also by feeling his pain.

Goten felt something hurt his heart. He
flew down and started running. Trunks followed him.

Goten suddenly stopped. Trunks ran next to
him, panting, and he knew why Goten screamed.

It was Gohan. He was lying on the ground,

“No,” Goten muttered, “Gohan…”

“He was stabbed.” Trunks pointed at
Gohan’s chest. There was a deep wound there, but no blood was
spilling out of it. Trunks looked at Goten and was startled when he
saw his best friend. He was pale and he was trembling. Trunks watched
as a tear rolled down Goten’s face.

“How could the murderer have done
this?” Trunks murmured gazing at Gohan. Gohan’s face
formed a look of terror.

“NO!” Goten yelled, his voice
echoing in the night.

“Goten, I think we better go back
and return your brother’s body to your parents.” Trunks
put a hand on his shoulder.

Goten nodded and lifted Gohan up shakily.
They flew back to Capsule Corp and ran inside.

Trunks and Goten flew for the rest of the
way. Trunks glanced at Goten. He was crying.

They reached the wall after a long time and
Trunks repeated the process to enter the room. The door opened.

“Trunks! Goten!” Bulma
exclaimed, “I’m so glad-“ she saw Gohan.

“Dende,” she muttered.

Chichi saw them. “Goten!” she
ran to her son. The she saw Gohan. Chichi fell to her knees and
started sobbing, her face in her hands. “Gohan, oh my dear

Goku got up solemnly and asked Goten to
put Gohan on the floor. Goten did, silently and watched his father’s

Goku helped Chichi up. They both gazed at
their lifeless son. “Goten and Trunks,” Goku started
seriously, “Go back on your quest.”

Trunks and Goten nodded and left the
silent friends to take care of Gohan.

“I’m doing this,” Goten
stated as they flew out of Capsule Corp, “For my brother. The
murderer will pay. He or she will PAY and I solemnly swear it.”

I’m sobbing right now myself. I didn’t
want to make Hiseria kill Gohan in the way she killed her other
victims, because he doesn’t deserve it. Anyway, more will be
revealed about Hiseria in the next chapter. Please review!

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