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Yet again, another horror saga from the
Heero-crazy author, SSJ 4. I don’t own any characters
mentioned, except for the demon Hiseria. I got the idea from Tenchi
Muyo! Don’t ask me where I get all these names from; they just
pop up in my mind!

Goten ran into the cave. “Can’t
catch me!” he shouted happily.

“Oh yes I can!” Trunks ran after
him. Goten ran from him, laughing his head off.

“Woah!” They both skidded to a halt
when they caught sight of the huge gates in front of them. The gates
were rusty and old. Trunks pushed one of the gates. It opened with a
loud creak.

“Let’s go!” he yelled
and ran in.

“Are you sure about this, Trunks?”
Goten asked doubtfully as he followed his best friend in. “I
mean, it could be dangerous-“

“Don’t be silly!” Trunks told

“But-“ Goten started, but Trunks
interrupted him.

“What’s going to happen?”
Trunks sighed, “I mean, it’s just an old passageway!”

“Whatever,” Goten shrugged and they
started walking down the passageway.

As they walked, they saw drawings on the cave
walls, horribly gory drawings. They seemed to show a person hanging
and killing other people. Goten was about to tell Trunks about this,
but before he could, they found themselves falling.

the two young boys screamed as they fell, their arms and legs
flapping with the force. It seemed like ages before they landed with
a thud on the ground.

“Where-where are we?” Trunks
asked shakily, getting up.

“I-I have no idea!” Goten stammered,
dusting himself.

As the two boys dusted themselves down,
Trunks noticed a small pond a few yards away from them. “Hey!”
he hit Goten on the shoulder. Goten looked at where Trunks was
pointing. He followed Trunks towards it.

The water was pure white. Trunks was about
to touch it when Goten found something. “Look at this!”
he exclaimed, pointing towards the cave wall. Trunks got up and went
to see what Goten was looking at.

On the cave wall was a message:

Beyond the water lies a terror

A terror great and dangerous

A terror that joys in pain

Sadness and misery

So beware, my friends

And don’t let the terror run loose again

“Cool!” Trunks exclaimed as his blue
eyes scanned the message. “I bet we have to move that rock down
there to ‘let the terror run loose again’!”

“Trunks,” Goten said, “I don’t
think we should-“

“You’re scared aren’t you?”
Trunks asked him in a teasing tone.

“But, the message-“ Goten started.

“Who believes in old legends like that?”
Trunks said impatiently.

“I do!” Goten said firmly.

“Ba-ba-ba-ba!” Trunks started
flapping his arms and clucking, “Ba-ba-ba-“

“I’d do it!” Goten stated. He
walked towards the rock. He put his hands on it and was about to move
it, when the message flashed in his mind again. Don’t do it!
A voice screamed in his mind. He hesitated, and Trunks started
clucking again. Determined, he pushed the rock. It fell on its side
and left a perfectly rounded. Goten watched it fearfully, but nothing

“See!” Trunks yelled, “I told
you it was a legend!”

As Goten started walking back, he heard Trunks
yell and point at something behind him. He spun round, not wanting to

Blood. Blood was coming out of the hole
and turning the pure white water into red blood. Screams rang round
the cave. And, as Goten watched, two ghostly white hands came out of
the hole.

“Let’s get out of here!”
Trunks screamed behind him. Goten and Trunks ran for their lives.
They went back to the hole they fell through and blasted upwards like
their tails were on fire. They didn’t see the woman behind

A tall woman had just come out of the
hole. Blonde hair cascaded down her back and on her spine. Emerald
green eyes dazzled brightly. She appeared naked, but suddenly she
screamed, throwing her head back and raising her arms up. Her body
was shaking madly as the blood in the pond slowly raised and formed a
small tidal wave. Suddenly it crashed on her. One watching this scene
wouldn’t have been surprised if the woman had died. But as the
tidal wave calmed down, she appeared again, but this time, she was
covered in blood. It slowly dried on her. Her lips were stained with
it, and her hair was speckled with it. She didn’t seem to mind.
She examined herself slowly. Her long fingers curved as she examined
her nails. They were like cat’s claws, black and curving. She
raised her foot, bathed in blood and looked at it. She gazed at her
body. A cruel smile formed on her face. She stretched her arms out
and started muttering a few words. A whip suddenly rose from the
hole, and flew towards her. She grabbed it.

“THE TERROR IS BACK!” she screamed
suddenly and laughed manically, “Hiseria is BACK!”

Well, how was that? I promise, the next chapter
will be much longer. I’d like to thank Ash The Wanderer for
inspiring me to write this (Thanks Ash!). Please R/R!

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