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Story Notes:
This story is slightly alternate universe.
Author's Chapter Notes:
This is the story's prologue. It sets up the premise of the story.
Tales of Shuri – The Further Adventures of Son Goku

Disclaimer: Dragonball Z is trademarked by Akira Toriyama, Toei, and FUNimation.

Note: This story is slightly alternate universe. It follows the Dragonball Z storyline up until the Majin Buu conclusion.

Prologue: I Will Be Waiting For You! Goku’s Wish Fulfilled?

'You changed so many times…at first like a mischievous child that didn’t know any better. Then you split into two-part good and evil. The darkness consumed you and you became ruthless. Fighting was no longer just a game for you. You found pleasure in the desolation of everything around you. You showed no remorse, which is why it has to be this way. You had to learn the hard way how it feels to have your own life taken. It was such a damn shame too. You were such a powerful opponent…my heart leapt out with joy the very moment I laid eyes upon you. I can’t step down from a challenge. My saiyan blood boils with a passion for fighting after all. If only you could come back as a good person so we can fight again to see who is strongest. That is my wish. Until that day, I’ll be waiting for you!'

Those words echoed through Goku’s mind as he sat upon the summit of Mt. Paozu. The purple and orange hues of the twilight were giving way to the blackness of night. The first evening starts were beginning to appear. Their silver-white faces danced in a shimmering display for the Earth below. But Goku’s mind was occupied too much to appreciate their beauty.

'How long has it been? Ten years? I often wonder if you are out there somewhere; waiting for our showdown. Are you as excited as I am? It is so thrilling just thinking about it! If you’re out there somewhere, please come soon.'

The saiyan closed his eyes. His mind wandered back to that day years before-the day he destroyed Majin Buu with that colossal spirit bomb. He could visualize the brilliant ball of light engulfing Buu, tearing apart every cell of the majin apart. Deep down Goku admitted to himself that part of him felt sorry for Buu. If only Majin Buu had been a good person, then all of the destruction and bloodshed would have been prevented.

'That’s how things are sometimes. I wonder when…Wait!? Can it be? Is it really you? Yes…YES!!! I can’t believe this! Even though you’re Ki is concealed, I know it’s really you!!! What’s this? You’re going to compete in the Tenkaichi Budokai aren’t you? That’s perfect. I think I’ll sign up too. It’ll be fun to see what you can do! King Yemma, thank you! Thank you so much for granting this saiyan’s wish!!!'

With adrenaline building up inside of him, Goku jumped up into the air and flew home. A broad smile curled up his face as his eyes quivered with raw excitement at the very thought of meeting the new and improved Majin Buu. Technically Buu was now a completely new person, but that power would be the same. Soon Goku would go to meet him…soon.

Meanwhile, a child dressed in a weather-stained kimono and hakama departed Papaya Island on a small boat. The child’s face was obscured by a wide-brimmed kasa, a type of straw hat used by farmers and travelers. Strands of shoulder-length silver hair blew backwards from the ocean breeze as the child stood upon the bow, heading northeast to train the wilderness of the large continent for rigorous training. The tournament would commence in three months’ time and the child had to be ready…
The End...Maybe?
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