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I awoke in a tank full of water, my mind was blank. Scientists where on computers researching something, probably me. A man in Saiyan elite armor approached the Scientist and engaged in conversation, I couldn't hear much through the tank but i made a few words out "Subject 397.... Instability... 8 Months" The scientist spoke first then the Elite "Budari... Battle... Severe ... Potential .. Run tests" Huh, Budari.... Yeah, thats my name.

The scientist and the Elite walked into an office and spoke more then the Elite departed. My whole body was numb, I need to get out of here. I tensed my muscles and they ached the pain was intense but it wasnt to bad, I regained feeling in everything except my right arm.

The Scientist noticed my awake and approached the tank, he pressed a button on the control pad and the water was drained "Budari, I am Dr. Korte. We found you badly injured and bought you back here for medical attention, It is recommended we run some tests immediately for a progress report" I nodded and he pressed another button and the tank opened.

I stepped outside the tank and the gravity was almost painful, I kept my balance and looked down to see my right arm, I let out a gasp when i saw that my arm had been replaced with a Implant. "What happened to me!?" "You lost you arm in the conflict, we had to operate and give you a Cybernetic Implant, its all we could do. Im sorry" "Eh.. Its ok..."

We entered a small room with a window overlooking it, The scientist walked into the room and watched through the window, his voice came over the P.A "Im going to send in a combat droid, Show me your combat skills." he pushed a button and a Combat droid rolled through the door.

I readied myself for combat and stepped into a combat stance, I had no remembrance of how to fight but before i could recall the drone rushed at me. I dodged the first swing and leaped up against the wall, it kept running I jumped over it doing a blackflip and landed behind it facing the droid It twirled around with its fist aimed for my head I managed to duck and throw my Cybernetic fist into its gut, My fist went right through the droid and it exploded the shockwave sent me flying into the wall.

The scientist walked in the room with a senzu bean in hand, he extended his reach and passed it to me once it was in my mouth he began to mumble to himself while his pen moved swiftly on the pad "That was... Extraordinary, I haven't seen such skill regain in an injured person since Zero" I looked to him with one eyebrow raised "Zero?" He glanced back confused then his mind retraced his thoughts "Oh, Don't worry about that. Lets get you back into that Healing Tank. Your body still isn't ready to handle such pressure." I didn't want to go back into the tank, But i didn't really have much choice besides they were helping me.
The End...Maybe?
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