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The unfolding of a new arc commences; meanwhile, in an unknown location...

"How'd you find me?"

"Tatito, I've known you for over five years, so I had an idea on where to start. The satellite did the rest."

"...Go away, Kaiba."

"Dysect, please, don't leave the FBM so suddenly! After all we've been through, I don't understand why--"

"I know you don't, nor will you ever. Now leave. I don't want to see any of your faces ever again."

"Kiryu wants you back."

"Since when did I listen to him?"

"Well, like, what should I tell him!?"

An awkward silence ensues. Dysect, rubbing his sole hand across his dry forehead while both eyes dart towards the rocky terrain beneath him, does not bother to respond. Worried and slightly afraid, beads of sweat drip down off of Kaiba and splatter across the ground. The sun menacingly boils over them, yet only one is affected by the heat.

"I don't want to kill you. Leave me alone already." Dysect's tone is firm and stable.

"Kill me? Wh-why would that even cross your mind!? I deserve an answer for why you want to disappear from the FBM! Grr," Kaiba clenches both fists, flustered by his friend's attitude. "Dysect!"

"Rewind half a decade back, before I joined the Freeborn Military or met Rem, I wouldn't dare take a life. It was something to be treasured; protected. But now...I can't feel anything other than primal instincts. Anger, hatred, animosity; these are all I know. I'm incapable of understanding or feeling anything positive. You asked: why would the thought of me killing you cross my mind? Simply because even if I killed you right on the spot, I wouldn't care. It's virtually impossible for me to care. Taking a life is just...another act. It means nothing to me."

"..." Eyes wide, Kaiba slowly backs away. A single tear slides down his silky smooth facial structure and he turns around, defeated. "I'm sorry..."

Dysect opens his mouth to respond, but chooses to stay quiet. Kaiba gets into a vehicle not far off in the distance. Minutes pass in an instant, but Dysect doesn't move an inch.

"Rem...why did you do this to me!? Why did you steal the one thing that mattered? Why did you...why did you...WHY!?" Murky and malicious, Dysect's Dark aura instinctively floods out of his core. He gazes deeply into his palm, mesmerized by the evil aura, and clutches his fist tightly.

Hours pass by. Alone on the same rocky curb as before, Dysect looks up into the darkening sky. "Rem, I dedicated my entire adult life to you. You promised me that the end would justify the means, you told me that you had a plan, and you continuously assured me that I was not a hollow tin can-any time I was doubting my existence. And now what? I, without exception, followed every word of yours; now you're gone, and I feel emptier than ever."

Blood seeps out of Dysect's teeth. Ferociously, he smacks his head into the stones beneath him.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Time and time again, he bashes his head until any pain he was feeling vanquishes; all sensitivity in his head is gone. Hard droplets of red fluids leak down his rigid flesh.

"...I can't even feel pain anymore. All because of you!" In an attempt to make himself cry, Dysect pictures the most horrific images he can possibly think of and envisions the utmost sorrowful moments of his life. Nothing comes out. "I can't even shed tears. You turned me into a machine, without care, and the worst part is..." Dysect chokes on his next words, unable to speak them properly at first. "Now that you've died, my entire life has no purpose. Everything I was forced to abandon because of you was completely worthless! Everything!"

Birds chirp joyfully, fluttering around in the sky all the while. "I am empty inside. You treated everything like a game, Rem. Was I just an experiment in your revolting plans!? Answer me!"

Dysect falls backwards and slides down the jagged hill. He, eyes droopy, raises his palm to the sky. "I have no reason to live in this world..."


One Day Has Passed Since The World Martial Arts Tournament Came To A Close...

"Sir, reporting in!"

Within the confines of Red Ribbon Headquarters, a soldier of an unknown rank formally awaits orders-shivering slightly. Across from him, a relatively large man is relaxing on his royal throne; that man is Fleet Executive Geo Klush, tied in first for the highest rank in all of the Red Ribbon Army. Smoke rises to the ceiling from the high quality cigar lodged in his mouth. Just above his right eyelid, Geo has a deep scar that extends diagonally, nearly reaching his earlobe. Currently, his attire consists of a bulky coat-black in colour-which hangs down over his shoulders. Underneath, Klush is wearing a formal black suit with dress pants of the same shade, each bringing out his long white hair which falls back behind his coat. With both hands crossed, he easily illustrates his overwhelming power and authority.

He quietly mutters, "Be at ease" while prying one hand from its mold and waving the soldier over. Geo pushes his chair back, revealing a small cat in his lap. Smiling, he pets the animal gently.

"Thank you, sir."

"I need something done."

"Anything, sir..." The man gulps, truly intimidated by his superior.

"Head over to East City General Hospital and kill Chief Executive Kyo Yamada. He is in recovery right now, so there will not be an issue of him overwhelming you. Do it now."

"B-b-but sir! Kyo is an extraordinary fighter! When he unleashes his full potential, he's the strongest Chief Executive out of all of us!"


"Just, how can you-"

"Kyo Yamada was faithful to the Red Ribbon Army for a long time. A wonderful asset. However, he has now expired."


Geo Klush safely puts his cat on the floor and walks over to the window of his abnormally large office. Peering out of the window, he continues speaking. "He had two assignments which I took the liberty of explaining to him myself, a) to go to the World Martial Arts Tournament and regain popularity with the people, and b) to win and obtain the Dragon Ball that my sources confirmed they were giving out. Not only did that asinine freak lose the tournament, but he also increased the people's hatred for the RRA tenfold. You should know perfectly well how important it is that we keep up appearances, despite being forced to re-assign all of our troops to different tasks. Mr. Yamada is a disgrace. I will see to it that he never sets foot in this building again."

"...If I may?"


"It's true that he screwed up, but does he not deserve another chance? The Red Ribbon Army has never been about taking the lives of our own employees simply because they failed a mission or two!"

"Ex-President Red is no longer in charge. Whatever foolishness he had going on before will not be tolerated in the new era. Furthermore, Kyo Yamada is a broken tool at this point. He was utterly annihilated in the tournament. Medical reports have confirmed that he will never be able to fight seriously again; so I repeat, he is worthless."

"That's not true! He can train new recruits. Sir, I've known Kyo for over seven years now. Please reconsider."

"Yahahaha," Klush laughs dreadfully. "Get trained by a broken toy that failed his last assignment so badly that he was forced to retire? No thank you."

"Please...don't make me do this. I beg of you."

The window glass shatters abruptly and sprinkles all over the floor. Geo Klush retracts his unscathed hand and turns his head, scrutinizing the soldier. The man staggers back, overwhelmed with qualm, and slowly nods his head. He hastily rushes out of Geo's office, determined to end his friends life at all costs.


Geo Klush walks over to his cat, which now lies flat on his chair, and rubs it back and forth with a smile. "Humans are utterly disgusting creatures. How sickening..."


Meanwhile, In West City...

"Get down," Piccolo commands, leading a team of five. Behind him are: General John Giant, General McGuy, Krillin, Dr. Fiasco, and General Blue. "What are they doing now...!?"

Blue breathes weakly, barely able to press his back up against the wall. John Giant quickly notices this. "Why did you insist on coming, Blue? You aren't fully recovered!"

"None of your business. Now be quiet, else they'll hear us..."

"Owahahaha," Fiasco gently laughs. "I'd heal you if I could, Blue, but no healing techniques can restore one's blood."

"Don't worry about it, I wouldn't have come if I wasn't prepared."

"Be quiet I said!" Piccolo snaps.

"Pfft, I still don't understand why I'm listening to some nobody." McGuy chimes in, irritated. "That stupid Kiryu, thinking he can throw some random in front of me and expect me to listen to him!"

"If you don't like it, get lost. I don't want a worthless bag of trash on my team." McGuy kisses his lips. "Get ready to move in, everybody. I know that we had to idly stand by as the Red Ribbon Army wrecked havoc, but we must be strong about it. Remember that we have a mission that we absolutely must not fail!"

"Roger that," Krillin agrees. "As long as we don't have to kill anyone, that is."

"It may very well come down to that..."

"Well lets hope it doesn't."

"Fine, but don't hesitate if you have to."

"I won't be killing anybody, Piccolo. Got that?"

"Back on the subject of Kiryu," John Giant speaks up, interrupting their useless drivel. "I still cannot believe he let Chi Chi die..."

"Don't take it so heavily. He saved all our asses that day." Blue argues, "If nothing else, Kiryu made a rational decision. Whether or not I agree with it, I can still respect him for that."

"He didn't even try!"

"I didn't see you jump in the way, hypocrite."

"There is a big difference between the situations. None of us could even see Pitou's blast, so how could we react to it and save her?"

"How do you know Kiryu saw the blast?"

"He saw it." There is a small pause. John shakes his head in disgust. "Rational decision, you say? No, it was a cowardice decision."


"It's hard for me to hear what they're saying when you two keep talking. Do me a favor and shut up," Piccolo demands, pressing one ear up against a stone building and listening intently--senses heightened.

Ashes from city fires flicker up and down in the distance as screams of terror rupture the ears of the FBM Agents. A once prosperous city has been flipped inside out by the Red Ribbon Army; from the buildings that now wither away in the flames, all the way to the disintegrated forests and obliterated inhabitants.

The Red Ribbon Army has been thorough with their interrogation, searching out and arresting all those who their commanding officer ordered them to. Uninterested in the other civilians, the RRA allows them to flee the city, quivering in horror.

Finally, after what must have seemed like a lifetime to the poor citizens, the Red Ribbon troops have pinpointed their destination. Just outside a rundown motel-in the depths of a back alley outside of the building-seven men are being held hostage by a group of soldiers, along with their commanding officer--Fleet Executive Black.

Around the corner, hiding away from the sights of the Red Ribbon Army, Piccolo and his team wait patiently. With his ear tucked up against the wall, he carefully picks out every word spoken, knowing perfectly well that this mission must not turn into a battle. No matter what the predicament is, it is his job as the leader to prevent a direct confrontation. All that matters is the safe retrieval of the Dragon Ball; because of that, he tracked the Red Ribbon Army down quietly, awaiting their success. He had to watch the gruesome events unfold, gritting his teeth the whole time, constantly telling himself that his strategy was the right decision. A leader can never show weakness to his troops, so because of that, Piccolo held is jaw tight.


Screeches from a dying old man blare abruptly. He drops to one knee with a bullet hole in his upper thigh, trying to hold in the flood of tears streaming down his face.

"I'm not toying with you, old man. How many more innocent lives are you willing to sacrifice? Just who do you think you are? We are the Red Ribbon Army, the world leaders. We are just. You do not get to decide what information we may, or may not, have. This world does not work that way. I repeat, we are just. A dying old fool cannot rebel against the law. This is the way the world works. If you cooperate, no more blood will be on your hands. If not..."

"Stop! Please, just...just stop!" Hardly able to control his speech patterns from the pain and sadness, the old man whimpers while clutching onto Black's pants in desperation.

"...Tell me where the Dragon Ball is. My sources are reliable. They led me here for a reason."

"I don't know! I swear I don't-"


A young child collapses instantaneously. Black retracts his gun and blows away the smoke fuming from the tip. He gently tucks it back into his overcoat and turns his attention back to the old man, who is unable to even react.

"You killed him. His death was your fault. I, unfortunately, had the duty of carrying your sins out; showing you the consequences of your actions."

All of the Red Ribbon soldiers surrounding Black watch with repugnance. Despite their moral ethics telling them that all of this is wrong, they grip the civilians and hold them in place. The old man on the ground struggles to push himself to his feet, no doubt being weighed down by the bullet hole in his leg.

"I'll take you."

"Your cooperation is appreciated."

The old man painfully clutches his leg and puts his hand in a thorn bush snugly pressed up against the back of the motel. When he pulls his hand out, an underground passageway surfaces in the middle of the alley. Black smiles, but only on one side. As he walks into the passageway, the Red Ribbon soldiers release the other civilians and nudge them along behind him. Each of them follow suit.

Black stands tall, arms flat on his side-sporting a military fashion. He mumbles to himself, "Quite a shame that man killed so many people. Had he taken us here when we first entered the city, none of this would have happened. If only he did not renounce justice..."

One of the soldiers going into the passageway overhears this, but can do nothing but look down at his palms and let out a sob. So many joined the Red Ribbon Army to help the world out; had they known the corruption went this low, none of them would have ever joined.

"Hmph, so what do we have here?" Black shouts, his words echoing within the confined space.

"This treasure has been protected by my family for generations," says the old man, still stumbling along while blood drips out onto the clean wood floor. "I never wished to relinquish it to evil. My ancestors would be ashamed in-"


Blood squirts all over the ceiling and soaks up into the crevices of the wood. Menacingly, Black glares down at the old man. "You do not have the right to insult justice. What a despicable man you were. I'll find the Dragon Ball myself."

Black steps over the old man gracefully and heads down the hallway. It branches out into many different pathways at some point down the way, which Black stops solemnly at. He turns around to his soldiers and they all clutch the civilians to assure him that they will not be able to run away.

"Guard the entrance." Black commands. "If anybody tries to play hero, you have orders to exterminate them. When I obtain the Dragon Ball, I'll come back out and we can leave this rotten city."

"Yes sir!" the soldiers yell in sync.

Meanwhile, on the outside, Piccolo scratches the stone wall with his nails anxiously. "They've been in there for a-wait a second, they're coming out now..."

"Their boss ain't there," Blue comments.

"He must still be looking for whatever it is they came for." Krillin adds, scratching his bald head.

"Lets charge in and take them all out then!" McGuy speaks up, "I'm here, so dealing with-"

John Giant slaps him in the back of the head to shut him up, but that only seems to anger the man. Just before they commence an all out brawl, Piccolo smirks.

"I have an idea. Listen up everybody, here's what we are going to do..."

A) Enter the underground passageway and corner Black inside.
- 1) Knock the guards unconscious and head on in.
- 2) Talk the guards into releasing the civilians and helping out.

B) Wait outside until Black returns with the Dragon Ball.
- 1) Talk the guards into helping you corner Black when he returns.
- 2) Stay where you are. When he attempts to leave, use a team effort to steal the Dragon Ball.

C) Enter the underground passageway, but don't confront Black directly.
- 1) Devise a strategy to steal the Dragon Ball. Details?
- 2) Have everybody spread out and search the place. Hopefully somebody will find the ball before him!

D) Other?
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