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Author's Chapter Notes:
B1 Wins.
Tension in the air rises. Whatever it is that Bebi has planned does not interest you. This is a man who not only took your hospitality for granted, but also went out of his way to kill multiple FBM soldiers. He does not deserve your mercy or humor.

"No, I refuse."

"Hmph. Coward. I figured--"

"Making such a bet would imply that there is even a possibility of you damaging me." Bebi's eyes widen in anger, but you only glare back at him with unwavering attention. "Besides, the only thing I need from you is to die, and I can make that happen without making such a worthless game out of this match."

"I, I don't believe you!" Despite trying to act calm, such basic taunts are already getting the better of him. "You made the right choice for all the wrong reasons! Fine, at least I get to kill you with my own two hands. KYAAH!" A violent shade of Ki succumbs Bebi as he raises his Ki to its highest level.

"Guys, please remember that there is no killing in this tournament," reminds the announcer.

"Come." You challenge Bebi.

"Don't need to tell me twice! KYAH!"

Bebi races around the arena in a similar fashion to what his previous opponent, Zita, did. After gazing down at the floorboards and briefly scanning your immediate area, it's clear that he isn't attempting any technique. Taking this into consideration, you remain still and wait.

Sliding on his toes, Bebi finally halts a mere foot away from you with a mighty grin. "Hahahaha! So, what did you think!?" He folds his arms over his chest once again, revealing the saddest excuse for a guard you have ever seen. "Hah! What's wrong, Kiryu? Were you frozen still from my peerless speed?"

At a speed that far outclasses what Bebi was presenting, you slam your fist into his face at full strength. He gags in pain and skids across the entire arena while clawing at the ring in an attempt to not fall down so he can save face. Bebi eventually stops, breathing heavily, and grips his nose in anger, realizing that it is broken. He grunts in anger.

"You're right, I couldn't move. I was frozen still with disappointment."


"I've had enough of these games. You're going to regret ever leaving that cage."

"Just try--" Your fist slams into his kidney and he immediately drops down on one knee, squealing like a little girl. You normally dislike aiming at such areas, but against this man, no remorse will be given. For some insane reason, Bebi puts all his effort into rolling away, however, just when he touches the ground, you launch your full fledged leg inside of his gut.

Sinister screeches unfold while Bebi claws at the ground to protect himself from being blasted out of the ring, though his attack on your senses fail to stall you even for a second. Using a Speed Blitz X3 to reach his back, you bash your elbow into the core of his spine as soon as he makes it to his feet. Prior to Bebi falls to the ground, you back-flip to wind up at his front and hurl your right leg into his jaw.


"Not done yet!" This time using a Speed Blitz X2, you leap into the air with one jump and kick off the sky in a diagonal direction so that you appear in Bebi's sights again. Unable to recover properly, the best Bebi manages to do is throw a sloppy right straight, which you easily avoid, countering with a hammer-fist to his temple.

Dust particles burrow up from the explosion and a white cloud of smoke turns Bebi invisible. If he was a worthy opponent, you would be afraid of entering the smoke. Fortunately, he isn't! "Wipeout Wave!" The beam is shot into the sky to give you a tremendous boost. Bebi makes a move from within the smoke, but only his silhouette is visible.

As soon as you hit the ground, you zap towards Bebi's shadow while preparing a Giant Bulldozer! "Idiot! Don't get cocky just because--" The incompetent foe is cut off mid-sentence as he is hit with the Bulldozer directly. Blood sprays toward the sky, bursting out of his swollen mouth.

You swing both of your hands to the side and the smoke is immediately blown away, revealing Bebi on the ground, struggling to get up. He still insists on muttering curses and claiming his superiority. If he was smart, he would be using this time to think of a plan.

"My warm up ends here," Bebi barks, now standing tall. For the first time, well, ever, he has a serious fighting pose on. Sadly, it is filled with weak points, but at least he's trying!


Instantly, you reappear in front of Bebi and bombard him with a mass assort of punches. Similar to that of a gory film, unrealistic amounts of blood squirt all over the floor. Your hands soon turn completely red, painted with Bebi's blood, though that only marks the beginning of your assault. Like a rag doll, Bebi's head bangs from one side to the other. Although his knees try to let him fall to the ground, you don't allow it. Eventually, your fists get sore from banging them into his shattered body so you finish things off by smashing your knuckles directly into the tip of his skull, blasting him to the landscape with zero resistance.

Awkwardly and petrified, the announcer follows through with his job and begins counting. By the time he makes it to "Five", Bebi pulls himself to his feet. One arm is sagging down by his side, most likely broken, while his legs shake in pain. Even his eyes are now droopy, barely able to make steady contact with your own.


"Real fight...starts now!"

You shake your head, almost pitying the man. Funnily enough, he still hasn't landed one blow on you. Performing another Speed Blitz X2, you thrust an arm forward once you're in range, aiming at his chest, when suddenly, Bebi's entire body changes shape and you hand passes through the air.


"Have you forgotten!?" Bebi laughs confidently, somehow acting as if he wasn't injured at all. "Body Manipulation!" A leg comes out of where Bebi's head used to be and stomps you into the ground. Coughing thickly due to the dust flooding into your lungs, you try to push up off the ground but soon realize that you are locked in position.

No! I was careless!

"Don't feel bad, Garbage. Nobody ever expects a seemingly half dead man to be stronger and faster than what he was at the outset of the battle." Still locked in such a feeble position, you twist your neck until you can get a clear look at Bebi, hardly believing what you see. With the exception of his head, his entire body has shifted into something of a human cage built specifically to lock down your movements.

"Ahahahahaha, is something wrong!? Yes, I have mastered the ability to change my body into any shape I want it to. No matter who I'm fighting against, I can change the form of my body to dodge their attacks or lock them down perfectly! Now do you see? I'm invincible!"

A drip of sweat slides off of your temple and disperses upon contact with the turf. "Even so, how do you plan on knocking me out? Pinning somebody down for ten seconds won't win you the match because it's interference!"

Bebi's shoulder blades mold into a liquid structure and before long, two arms come to life. "Don't you remember when I fought Echo? Even though he was stronger than me at the time, he was still completely overpowered and lost the fight--all because of one mistake!" You struggle to break free upon hearing this, accomplishing nothing. "Yes, that's right. You made that one mistake when you attacked me recklessly, and now all the damage I've accumulated in this match will be combined with my own power, working together to wipe you out of existence!"

"Is that so?"

"Yes. It is!" A monstrous aura surrounds Bebi, forming into a black ball in his hands.


You escape from Bebi's Body Manipulation Cage by reducing your body to a miniature size. He looks around the area for you while returning his body back to its natural state, however, once he locates you, your fist is already caving into his jaw as you grow in size and strength.

Bebi screams in pain and skids across the arena, coughing up blood. He immediately jumps to his feet and begins forming a blast in his grasp. "I don't care if you aren't pinned down or not! The only way to dodge this attack will be to run out of the arena anyway! Say goodbye!" Once again, an aura filled with malice swarms around his body.

"Run?" You crack your neck and begin transforming into your most powerful state, instantly doubling your power. "Why on earth would I want to do that?"

Now holding a giant black ball with electric sparks surging throughout its core, Bebi stretches his arms back, displaying a psychotic grin. "Revenge Death Ball! HAAA!"

The real power from this attack is its black hole like properties. Anybody who tries to overpower it with Ki will soon realize that it's impossible.

Calmly, you stare directly into the heart of the blast. Time itself seems to slow down; the blast is certainly coming, but you don't feel at all threatened by it. The announcer's microphone is sucked into the blast, along with some of the floorboards for the tournament arena and many of the chairs in the stands.

A gigantic yet tamed aura submerges from deep within your body and nearly every fragment of Ki floods into your right arm while you stretch it back, electricity quaking around your body.

"Ahahahahahaha, now die scum!"

"This is the difference between you and I!" Fueled with adrenaline and ambition, you plunge that right arm, which holds an unconquerable amount of strength within it, straight into Bebi's most powerful blast. "Dynamic Striker!"

Hindering all of your senses momentarily, a massive discharge detonates from the strength of your punch colliding into Bebi's Death Ball.

Silence fills the district until suddenly...

Drip! Drip! Drip!

Beads of sweat which are continuously forming all over your body splash onto the turf once they are ripe. Nothing can be heard other than the gentle dribbles that paint the terrain beneath you. Slowly, you retract the arm that just shattered Bebi's most powerful attack in one swift blow. Now teeming with confidence, you fix both eyes on Bebi and sneer.

Not even the audience can comprehend what just happened. Right before their eyes, a gigantic ball that signified death was destroyed by one punch from you. The way your arm moved, supplied with that tranquil boldness that went with it; the entire scene was that of a dream.

Bebi's jaw drops down to his stomach and both arms slowly crawl up to his head. He then claws his sharp nails into his skull and shakes his head disorderly, going into a frenzy.

"No..." Quietly whimpering, Bebi falls to his knees. It's obvious to anybody watching that that last strike signalled the end of the match. "No! No! No! No! I don't believe it! I can't believe it! No! No! No! NOOOOO!"


Tears form in Bebi's eyes which soon run down his cheeks until the salty texture is felt in his mouth. "I worked so hard! I did everything! Every--every...ahhhhhh!" Bebi falls to the ground and rolls up into a ball, tears still gushing down his face.

...Truly pathetic.

"I hate you! I ha-ha-hate youuuu...!" The constant cries are now disrupting his speech pattern so that everything he tries to say is no longer comprehensible.

Getting tired of this sad excuse for an ending, the announcer rushes over to Bebi and bends over. "Bebi, it's over. Either continue fighting or forfeit the match. You lost."

All of his tears cease. "Lost?" Bebi stands up and menacingly scowls at the announcer, showing his wrath. "What did you just say to me?"

"Uh, I, uh..."

Bebi grabs the announcer by the throat and picks him straight up off the ground, not allowing him to back away. He coughs in pain but is unable to even budge Bebi's arms from their position. "Are you truly suggesting that I, the most indestructible force on this planet, lost to that worm over there? HUH!?"



Cracks are heard as the announcer tumbles out of the ring, coughing up blood as he tries to catch his breath.

You watch patiently, back in your base state, hoping that this doesn't turn into a brawl. Without a doubt, Bebi has zero Ki left in reserve. Even though you used a great deal of Ki to overpower his Revenge Death Ball, it did not tip the scales in his favor.

"I hate you! I HATE YOU!"


His voice cracks in a sudden, yet very creepy, laughter. Bebi reaches into a small slot in his skin and pulls out a tiny bean; no, half of a bean. Wait, that's a Senzu Bean that he's holding! "Remember this, Kiryu? Beehahahaha! You gave it to me, remember? Remember?"

"Don't tell me...!?"

He bites down on the bean and laughs psychotically, far from sane at this point. Bebi's arms bulge in size as a great deal of his Ki instantly returns.

"Stop that! That's against the rules, Bebi!" Mutters the announcer, obviously still in pain, yet trying to stand his ground. "You're disqualified! Go home! You lose! You lose!"

"Shut the **** up you worm." His fingers form into a familiar position and he points his hand at the announcer, preparing to release his finger bomb.

Upon seeing that, you blurt out "Stop Bebi!" but it does no good.

"Bye bye!"

"Speed Blitz X3!"

Travelling at near light speed, you reappear barely a few feet in front of the announcer and explode as soon as you get there. Feeling a great toll on your body, you can do nothing but hurl over in pain.

"Beehahaha! Dumb idiot! Dumb idiot! Beehahaha!"

Pandemonium breaks out in the crowd as thousands of civilians storm out of the area in fear for their lives. Bebi snickers at this.

Meanwhile, you struggle to make it to your feet. Even though you only took one hit, it was a direct attack that you didn't have time to guard.

Damn it, I was impulsive because he was the announcer! You and Bebi lock eyes, him standing a superior position as you are barely managing to stay on one knee--hands locked into the ground. No good, I'm losing feeling in my legs. Stamina is also depleting, while this psychopath is running on a full tank!

"Hey Kiryu," snorts Bebi. "Do you mind if I kill every soul here?"

Screaming, you pull yourself up and stand square across from Bebi, anger flowing through your veins. With the current amount of Ki you have, using the Juggernaut is impossible. You'll have to defeat him in base.

Many citizens of the city run for their lives, but thousands refuse to leave, obviously entrusting their lives in you. A trust you cannot break.

"Lets go, Bebi. Give me everything you got!"

"Hmmm," he contemplates. "No, I'll pass." A ray of Ki forms in his grasp and he aims it directly at the civilians, hysterically screaming with laughter. "I'd rather have you kill yourself like an idiot. KYAH!" A bombardment of blasts are fired towards everybody in sight, leaving you seeping with anger, but totally confused on what action to take. If you try to save their lives, will you be able to defeat Bebi afterwards? Can you even defeat him now? But even if that is the case, are you capable of letting hundreds, if not thousands, of people die at the hands of Bebi just so you can attack him while he isn't looking!?

A) Save the citizens first, attack Bebi after. (Note: Explain how Kiryu will counterattack afterwards!!!)
- 1) Use Absolute Safeguard and tank the hits. Hopefully you'll have enough Ki to Discard the damage.
- 2) Counter Bebi's blasts with your own so that they all explode before coming into contact with anybody.
- 3) Earthquake the ground so that Bebi loses his footing, making his Ki Blasts miss.
- 4) Other?

B) Let them die, attack Bebi now.
- 1) Pull out your four Elemental Bracelets and destroy Bebi with an Elemental Four Witches.
- 2) Cut Bebi in half with that Great Sword you bought so long ago!
- 3) Use Recover while he isn't looking. Once you're at full strength, destroying him won't be a problem.
- 4) Other?
Chapter End Notes:
I'm just going to say this now: there isn't necessarily a "wrong" choice. Both choices have pros and cons, which of course I won't tell you what they are, but don't think you can't lose! Just because both choices ("A" or "B") are the "right" move, how you carry those choices out ("1" > "4") may very well get you killed.



New Technique Acquired: Dynamic Striker - Kiryu concentrates a great deal of Ki into one fist, allowing him to unleash a punch that far surpasses his maximum Power Level. However, this technique consumes a great deal of Ki. Furthermore, due to the nature of this attack (transferring such a large portion of the user's Ki into one location), it leaves the rest of Kiryu's body incredibly vulnerable. Note that the usage of this technique requires a lot of concentration, so if Kiryu isn't focused, he won't be able to perform it.
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