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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

I'd like to use the points to upgrade juggernaut as much as possible if possible, assuming it's all right with everyone...

Try and keep laying on pressure, use speed blitz 2 sparingly. Use four witches.
Try to get him to use his new special technique, which i also believe to be IT.
If he is on the ground use Earthquake, which he will likely go airborne to avoid.

As he does, create an immediate smokescreen before he gets his bearings, and use attenuate and speed blitz 3 to sneak grab him. At that point use super explosive bomber.
If at any point he tries to do a heavy physical blow, like a big gut punch that would leave an opening, instead take THAT opportunity to absolute safeguard it to grab him and use the bomber. This way no matter WHERE he tries to run, it won't work. I don't fear him trying to ring us out, since he seems to prefer an actual good fight.
If Earthquake works, which I doubt it will..., Giant bulldozer!
Kiryu Has Leveled Up:

Juggernaut - "Level 4": This transformation no longer decreases Kiryu's speed. Also, the physical and energy strain on the body once in the form is no longer existent, meaning Kiryu is now capable of using the Juggernaut as his base form. However, note that it still uses Ki to transform into this form. Kiryu is now able to use the 'Recover' technique while transformed.

(Author's Note: As a refresher, Level 5 is the cap for leveling up techniques.)


Suddenly, a tranquil feeling pours down over you which relaxes the muscles and mind. The noises from the crowd blanks out and an acute focus takes control once again. With only one thing on your mind--defeating Goku, your power surges up to its maximum and all previous mental tenderness washes away.

I will win...

Looks like Kiryu just got his second wind, Goku analyzes as a dangerous aura engulfs his figure. "Kaioken X3!" He blasts toward you, arriving nearly instantaneously, but is simply batted away by your left hand.

Goku's entire body rips apart from the tournament arena and you hear a violent crack in his neck as he spirals into the ground with a bang. "GAH!" screams the Saiyan while he presses his hands off the ground and does a triple back flip to regain his composure. "....Agh...!"

This speed... you calmly realize, it's incredible. Normally my speed while using the Juggernaut is equal to that of my base speed, which is far from impressive, but my speed is properly scaling with my power level for the first time...! You clench one fist and grin heavily, reveling at this new found speed. Lets see how you deal with this, Saiyan.

"Kameha-" Goku begins as he cups both hands by his waist, a blue ray forming in his grasp. "-meha!" The beam blasts forward with a surprising lack of force behind it.

"You wouldn't be planning something, would you?" You snarl, placing one hand in front of the pathway of the beam. Just as you come into contact with the blast, Goku appears directly beside you and plunges his fist into your face. Your head snaps to the side, yet somehow, you still hold onto the Kamehameha tightly. "Not good enough!"

Goku hops back dozens of feet to gain distance, but you angrily grip his pathetic beam tightly and whip the entire Kamehameha directly at the Saiyan. Moments before it impacts him, his power level triples and he speeds out of the way, circling the arena cautiously.

A gigantic explosion occurs in the crowd and screams of panic ensue. "Woops, my bad. Heh heh," you crack a smile before locking onto Goku with a deadly look. Two arms rip out of your back and mucus slithers down the smooth muscles. "EARTHQUAKE!" Each and every floor piece beneath you shatter to pieces as your fist descends to the ground. This uproar extends across the ground, chasing Goku down like a hungry wolf.

In fear of being hit by this mysterious attack, Goku beams into the skies with beads of sweat dribbling down his forehead. "Just as planned!" A quick beam is shot into the ground and smoke blurs the vision of everybody in the area, including Goku as he continues to gain height in the skies. Your whole body shrinks down to a miniature size, yet your power stays the same. "It's time to end this! Speed Blitz X3!"

A lavender aura radiating death drips onto the ground beneath, and just moments after, you blast into the sky at peerless speed. The wind around your body crackles as matter is ripped apart from the rapidness of your movement. Goku flips his body around in the sky, clearly sensing and predicting your every move, throws up an "X" shaped guard over his chest, and flares up a radiant aura to block the incoming attack.

Hundreds of meters in the sky, you circle across to Goku's back, sporting a psychotic smirk, and prepare to launch a full powered fist into his pathetic excuse for a guard. Your body snaps back into full shape as you appear before him. "Say goodbye!" Goku screeches in fear and tilts his head to the side, one eye glued shut. Every bone known to man is shattered in Goku's arm as your fist plows into his forearm. The overwhelming force of your attack ripples through Goku's block and his rib cage underneath is demolished as well.

"AGHHHHH!" Goku bursts down from the sky at lightning speed while you remain in the sky, light beaming over your hateful grin.

"Is that really everything you have, Saiyan?" You flutter in the air casually and your hair breezes in the wind. I wanted to end things with a Super Explosive Bomber, but I couldn't gather the Ki to use it in that instant. Perhaps it takes more Ki to use than I had anticipated...

Embedded into the arena, Goku hopelessly tries to pull himself up from such a feeble position. "Damn it...looks like Kiryu was holding back all along. His speed far outclasses what he was demonstrating before! Aguh!" Goku gargles on his own blood as he attempts to spit it out, but can barely gather the strength to turn his head, resulting in the fluids simply leaking out of his swollen lips.

"This might be it for Goku!" The tournament announcer finally speaks up, "It doesn't look good for him after Kiryu's previous attack. Is this it for the powerful warrior!?"

Meanwhile, the co-announcer simply mumbles incomprehensible phrases to himself. It is clear that he isn't in favor of how the battle is unfolding.

You slowly float down from the skies, finally taking notice that Goku is hanging in on a thread. "Still breathing, eh? Well, I commend you. However..."

Ferociously, you kick both legs off of the air and drop down from the skies at a speed that is only increasing with time. A gigantic, dark purple aura emits from your core as the Speed Blitz X3 is activated. You are now invisible to Human eyes. "...This fight is OVER!"

"Damn you, Kiryu! I won't let it end so easily...!"

"Too late!"


Thick, odorless molecules of blood pulse out of the bulky vein in your neck. You stutter back a few feet before collapsing to your knees, cautiously running a few fingers over the very noticeable graze in your neck. Confused and angry, you glare up at Goku with bloodshot eyes while being careful not to get to angry as the blood will only leak out faster if you do such an act.

Damn it all! I let my guard down for literally two seconds as I went in for the finishing blow and he somehow managed to counter attack in that time frame. I don't understand...nobody could adapt to speed that they weren't even able to see before on their first ****ing attempt!

Goku stands up and brushes dust off of his stained pants, smiling deviously at you, most certainly doing it just because he knows that it will get under your skin. "Close one, huh?"

You liar! That wasn't close at all! You baited me in there you ****ing piece of ****! I HATE YOU! Nothing but devilish thoughts surface on your mind at this time so you gently stand up, still grasping the wound with one of your four arms, and put on the best poker face that you can muster.

"Hm? What's up with you?" Goku asks, realizing that you are grinning arrogantly at him rather than bending over in fear and anger.

"So that's what you did. How interesting. Hah hah hah! How very interesting!"

"...What are you going on about?"

"During the brief moment before my knee crashed into your chest, you shot a thin beam into my neck with perfect trajectory. One strong enough to not only stop the force from my attack but to also thrust my entire body back, yet small enough so that I wouldn't see it coming. If I hadn't shifted myself to the side at the last moment, that beam would have pierced through my esophagus and single-handedly put me down for the count. You were certainly aiming for this."

"Yeah, and?"

"It wasn't dumb luck nor was it brilliant adaptability on your part, Saiyan. Following that logic, there is only one possible way for you to do all of that: a Kaioken X4!" Goku's eyes widen in surprise. "You didn't hold it back from me before because you were confident in your abilities to win without it. No, that definitely isn't it. You withheld it because it takes a drastic toll on your body in every shape and form."


"Goku, you couldn't finish me with that one surprise shot you had. It's over for you."


"Yes, and I'll prove it." You put on a fighting stance once again, which cues Goku to do the same. Both of you glare into each others eyes carefully, but you crack a smile. The blood flow that was streaming out of the slice in your neck has ceased its assault. Adrenaline does wonders for my body. Even after all this, I can feel my Ki level steadily rising. If this keeps up, I'll certainly be able to pull off the Super Explosive Bomber when the time comes...!

Goku's aura begins growing around his figure until the ground beneath him crackles, shattering into dust, forcing Goku to hover over the ground so that he remains in the fight. "Kaioken X4!" Confused, you bend over in pain while grasping your stomach. The Saiyan pulls his fist from your gut and darts his leg straight up into the air, bashing it into your skull as he performs a 360 degree back kick.

Red fluid seeps out of your mouth due to you unconsciously leaving it wide open as you plunge across the arena before crashing into the stone floorboards face first. Smashing the ground with both fists to break your face free, you notice Goku standing a foot away from you, not even giving you the time to rest for a second.

He kicks you in the jaw ruthlessly, but you manage to swiftly guard his attack with a spare arm. After letting the pain set in for a brief instant, you claw your spare hand forward so that it is directly under your guarding arm and grab Goku's ankle with a tight grip. More bones of his are crushed under the severe pressure you instinctively grasp him with.

Peering down over you, Goku cups his hands once again and another Kamehameha begins to form. His aura explodes with strength, no doubt using another Kaioken X4, and he prepares to end this battle with one last attack.

Idiot, I positioned myself like this for a reason!


Just as the beam breaks free from his cup, you yank his ankle towards you so that his entire body swings forward into the guarding arm you conveniently held still. Goku's entire body flips backwards and his beam is wildly blasted into the skies, missing you completely, yet still
draining his energy.

The Saiyan collapses onto his back, allowing you to take this time to hop back onto your feet and clench all four arms. "Earthquake!" Goku sees this, but barely manages to get onto his feet in the instant you perform the technique, let alone get any higher.

Another floorboard is crushed under the weight of your fist, causing the entire arena to quake violently. You glare over to Goku and, to your surprise, notice that his feet are embedded into the ground. Furthermore, his face is painted with fear. He's trapped!

Cockily, you stretch all four arms backwards and they grow in mass until they are large enough to trample the entire stadium. "Giant Bulldozer!"

Your attack billows through Goku's body completely, passing through his figure for some odd reason. Suddenly, Goku reappears just above you, holding all of his fingers by his eyes. "No, an Afterimage!"

"Solar Flare!"


All vision you once had disperses from reality. Bruises surface across your entire body as Goku lays a thorough beat-down on you, taking full advantage of the situation. Just as soon as your vision returns, you recklessly swing into the air. Goku is nowhere to be seen.

You snap a finger by your Scouter and prepare to find him that way, but decide against it. You promised yourself not to spoil the fun with this device for the duration of the tournament.

Out of nowhere, seven Goku's morph into your field of vision. More Afterimage's, it appears. Each of them are embracing a Kamehameha that is still growing; all fourteen eyes slowly melt into you as the pressure builds. "So you want me to guess which one you are? One in seven chance, is it?" The clock ticks down to its final count and you smile victoriously. "Sorry, but I don't take gamble's that i'm sure to lose!"

With an explosive bang, you crash both fists together and a Wipeout Wave forms on command. You aim it directly over your head and fire it at full force, hearing a scream of pain come from the sky just moments after. Every Afterimage surrounding you vanishes and Goku drops to the ground with a thud.

"Hah. You were smart to realize that my first plan of action would be to jump into the air to avoid the attack, but only predicting that far ahead was a foolish mistake. It became obvious to me that you'd realize this and would try to strike me when I jumped. You were predicting farther ahead earlier on, Goku. Are you running low on strength?" You march over to Goku carefully and he pushes himself off the ground once again. Actually, we both were predicting farther ahead before. In hindsight, it was stupid for me to only think two moves ahead...

"Heh heh," Goku laughs a bit. He's enjoying himself. Now, getting serious once again, his vicious red aura flickers skeptically. "Kaioken X4!" His muscles bulge in size and he warps in front of you while delivering a full powered right straight. Your neck snaps backwards and blood squirts out of your now broken nose.

"Ergh! HA!" Forcefully, your head plunges forward and crashes into Goku's own forehead. The diligent foe screams in pain, which soon grows into a full blown frenzy. Goku and you enter a close ranged brawl, neither even attempting to dodge attacks at this point.

Disturbing melodies that range between blood pouring onto the damaged arena, all the way to the destruction of internal organs that can no longer take the beat-down they have been receiving ring loudly.

You land a clean hook on Goku's clavicle, but he retaliates with a merciless knee to the gut. The uncoordinated and aesthetically displeasing battle rages on, the crowd booming with excitement as the match heads towards its climax.

Meanwhile, within the confines of the stadium just outside of the tournament arena, Tien idly stands by, watching in awe. "Heh," he smirks gracefully. "I'm completely outmatched in every aspect compared to those two. They're on an entirely different level than I." Tien folds his arms over top each other and leans his head against the wall, closing his eyes. "Looks like the world really is full of great fighters..."

Quietly, Tien turns away and begins heading out the back door--leaving the stadium. Noticing this, the semi-finalist known as Zita peers over at Tien and calls out to him. "Aren't you gonna' stay for the rest of the match at least?"

Smirking, Tien raises one arm above his head and gives a wave, not bothering to turn around. "No need."

Zita gawks at him eerily before turning back to the battle at hand. It shouldn't be long now, he thinks. They're both nearing their limits, physically and mentally.

Your elbow bashes into Goku's chest and a shock wave erupts within his core. Sweat boiling on top of your temple and cleverly slipping down into your swollen eyes, you take this opportunity to Speed Blitz around Goku and lock him in an arm bar. You tug tightly and the Saiyan cries in pain.

Instantly, his power quadruples and he completely overpowers you. After recklessly smashing his head into yours, he bashes both elbows into your liver, which drops you to the floor. Before the announcer can even begin to start the count, you shoot a blast onto the ground and zip into the skies.

This is his territory. I can't let this become an air battle or I'll be crushed!

Goku bursts into the air with a max Kaioken aura. He certainly won't let you even come close to the ground now that you're trapped in his terrain. "Giant Bulldozer!" You immediately launch all four of your overgrown firearms down at the foe, using a minimal amount of strength as it is far too dangerous to waste time charging the attack.

With a bang, your attack ruptures the center of the arena so that a large chunk is now missing from its architect. "Got you," Goku smiles arrogantly. In surprise, you snap your body around only to be hit by a flared up punch. You aimlessly drift in the skies as blood drips out of your mouth and splatters all over the soil beneath.


Goku's power skyrockets as a large orb of Ki flutters in his grasp. "Instant-Kamehameha~~~!!!"

"Absolute Safeguard!"

Just before your blemishless shield forms, Goku appears just in front of your face with his attack. The blast hits you directly and a monstrous bang ensues as your failed attempt at a block is pushed down into the ring. After what seems like a lifetime, the Absolute Safeguard forms and a tranquil feeling overwhelms you for a moment.

Abruptly, you crash into the corner of the arena, soon noticing that a great deal of your clothes now cease to exist. Cuts and bruises immediately form, unable to contain the limitless amounts of blood that follows suit. You mumble a few incomprehensible words, most likely curses.

Goku lands safely. Even though he has complete control at the moment, his guard has failed to loosen. Right now, the only structure separating you two is the small crater you created earlier.

"...Four! Five! Six!" counts from the announcer emanate, but they are of little importance to you right now.

Discard... The increasing level of Ki from before halts and plummets all within an instant. I don't believe he had such a technique left in reserve this late in the battle... Now scratching your head and sitting up carelessly, the pain from the initial impact finally begins to fade away. That bastard. I'll never lose to a guy like that!

Not wholly surprised that you are now standing, Goku assembles his footwork accordingly, ready to pounce at any moment.

With his speed, if I attempted to Recover now I highly doubt it would be successful. I really don't have any more techniques in reserve at this point... You glare at Goku, exhausted and damaged to an extent one can never get used to, with your signature aura brewing calmly. So I'll just have to crush him with brute force!

Without delay the Saiyan materializes in front of you while delivering an uppercut, but you manage to parry the strike with the inside of your bulky forearm. Unsurprisingly, his strength isn't even able to budge your block in the slightest. Two of your extra arms grapple Goku's shoulder blades and squeeze tightly, cracking the bone.

"Solar Flare!" In response to his scream, you lock your eyes shut and instinctively loosen your hold on him. However, you soon notice that no blinding light ensues. A trick! Goku takes this time to use his full body weight to swing you across the ring. As you struggle to stop yourself from his powerful throw, Goku quietly barks "Instant Transmission!"

Just when you stop yourself, Goku appears out of thin air and kicks you into the air with a flaring aura gripping to his leg. "Kiryu! I'll end this here and now!" You float in the air with beads of sweat trampling entire species' of ants as they hit the ground, feeling a sudden pressure in the sky. "Kaioken X4! RHAAA!" The weight of Goku crushes the floorboards underneath him due to his power growing to a new found height, sporting muscles that are too large for his own good.

Is he going to use another Instant Kamehameha and catch me by surprise? Or will it just be a regular one fueled with all his power? Damn it, what if he's doing another bluff and is going to appear behind me again!? How am I gonna' stop this!?

"Kaio-Kamehameha~~~~!!!" A frighteningly large blast paints the sky sapphire while Goku kneels under it, giving this attack every last ounce of energy he has. His Kaioken aura has grown so much that the man's entire skin tone has shifted into an intimidating shade of crimson.

Your Scouter, petrified out of its mechanical mind, continues to beep as the blast closes in on you. "SHUT UP!" Angrily, you grab the object and toss it into the wind. Somehow Goku's Kaio-Kamehameha is so wide that it's the only sight visible to you at this point, which is all the more terrifying.

Goku's screams of pain burst the eardrums of the tens of thousands of people in the audience. His muscles snap to a new size, causing the total top half of his Gi to rip off of his heavily wounded body.

This is it...! In a panic your mind races, yet for some reason the thrill of combat is driving your Ki and desire to win to an insane level. "I make good on my promises, Goku. I will defeat you!" Seconds remain before Goku's most powerful attack wipes you out of existence. Time is of the essence.


A) Punch the blast with an Earthquake to make it implode.
B) Activate Absolute Safeguard and tank the hit.
C) Use The Six Witches and proceed to overpower Goku's Kaio-Kamehameha with a Giant Bulldozer.
D) Attempt to use a Super Explosive Bomber to tie out the attack.
E) Shoot a Wipeout Wave to the side so that it blasts you out of the way of Goku's attack.
F) Try to summon Ryuki and let him deal with it.
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