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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choices that won:

C + B)
- Lind Thrasher
- Tien
- Iron Mantis
I'll catch up to Roshi and the others later, you think, stepping out into the heavy rainfall. Within seconds, your entire attire is drenched in water. "I should take this opportunity to find and recruit some of the fighters that I came across today." You click the sole button on your Scouter and readings of all kinds come onto your radar. Soon enough, the weaker powers are filtered out and only the strong ones remain. "There aren't many people in this city that are over 40,000. Chances are, if I follow these high readings, I'll locate those who fought in the tournament today."

Successfully detecting your first target, you sprint through the rain while firing up an aura that hovers around your exterior shell. All of the rain drops that would normally strike you are now deflected away immediately after coming into contact with your dark and mysterious, purple signature.

You jump over multiple rooftops in one leap, bouncing from location to location at a speed that a normal human would fail to pick up on. Suddenly, you halt in an awkward position and peer down to the ground beneath. As your jacket dangles in the wind, you smirk for a brief instant before hopping down from above.

With a splash, you crash into a puddle on the ground and water shoots up in all directions. "What the-!?" a man says in shock as he takes a few steps back in surprise. "Aren't you, Kiryu?"

"I am."

The two of you gawk at one another for a short period of time. His white dreads are covered by a black hood that is also shielding the majority of his upper body from the rain. Rather than let his hands freeze, the man equipped himself with a pair of black gloves that are also quite stylish. He is wearing simple black pants that appear to be quite heavy, most likely to assist him in staying warm.

"What do you want?"

"Well, Lind, I was quite impressed with your performance against me earlier today." He shoots you a dirty look. "I didn't go through the trouble of tracking you down in order to make fun. Your power rivals that of a General in the Freeborn Military. It doesn't matter that I far outclass you, Mr. Thrasher. Only a fool would let their superiority blind them from seeing other good fighters."

"I'm not interested in joining a criminal organization. Sorry." Lind prepares to walk by but just as he reaches you, he stops and turns his head. "Out of curiosity, what are you after? The FBM, I mean."

"Rem, the founder of this organization, dreamed of creating a utopia. He soon realized that such a thing could never exist, and then directed his attention to...fixing that which needed to be fixed." Lind appears confused, so you go on. "Everybody that Rem personally recruited was broken in some shape or form. He wanted to fix them. Naturally, stopping other corrupt organizations like the Saiyan Empire and Red Ribbon Army were also in his plan, but never at the top of his list. He took pride in all who he recruited. He took pride in watching them grow."

"...Did he fix them?"

You shrug. "Is it possible to fix somebody? To directly change their inner self for one's own satisfaction? No, I don't believe so. Rem isn't the type to do that. He guided us...them...everybody in the FBM, all without saying a word about it. Pushing those who needed help the most onto the right track. All without asking for anything in return."

"Guided? Past tense?"

You pull out a piece of paper from your pocket and write your phone number on it, handing it over to Lind Thrasher without hesitation. "The Freeborn Military is not what I just described anymore. It never will be. But, if you change your mind about joining, give me a call and I'll set everything up."

Lind grabs onto the piece of paper and gently holds it, protecting it from the rain. "Will do." You vanish from the area with a Speed Blitz X3, reappearing on top of a nearby rooftop.

"Heh, how stupid of me. I have no idea who this man is yet I felt compelled to tell him so much." You press a button on your Scouter and quickly find your next target. Not wasting any time, you rush across the city to find him, thinking intently all the while. Rem...I still don't understand. Why did you choose me? I don't want to lead anybody, nor do I have the desire or passion to take this position seriously. You know this! That's precisely why you told us all exactly what you wanted done in that damn video. A vicious aura surrounds your core as you plummet down from the skies once again, locating the Iron Mantis. "SO WHY ME!?" You roar at the top of your lungs, shocking the man down below.

"Please don't kill me!" He yells in fear.

"What?" You question as you land on the corner of the road, dim street lights shedding bits of light over you both. Still irritated at yourself for not understanding anything that matters, you lean against a cracked garage that has graffiti all over it.

"You aren't here to kill me?"

"...No," you say in a dragged out tone. "I've come to ask if you would like to join the Freeborn Military? All of your life expenses would be cover-"

"Sure," he casually interrupts. "I got nothing better to do anyway, you know?" You stare at him in shock. "What?"

"No, it's just...I didn't expect you to agree to it so easily."

He smiles. "Just give me a time and a place and I'll be there, okay?" You take out another slip of paper and jot the location of the FBM down on it, with your phone number beneath, handing it over to him smoothly. "I don't have a place to sleep tonight so I think that i'm going to head on over now. See ya'."

"Well, that was easy. Just one more person left...Tien." You press your Scouter once again, searching the city for any Ki that would even remotely relate to Tien, but to your surprise, nothing shows up. "Damn it, where did he go in such a short span of time? Hmph, maybe he knows how to suppress his Ki so I can't find anything."

You wander around aimlessly for a little while, though unlike earlier, allow the rain to drench your hair and clothes. The question known as "Why me?" continues to pop up in your head, however, not a single answer that makes sense surfaces from the depths of your mind.

"Screw you, Rem." You mumble under your breath.

Bored of stressing out, you head towards a nearby hotel, using your Scouter to lead the way. "I'm surprised you're so easy to find, Goku," you say to yourself, gazing up into one of the windows with a light beaming from it. Guess I'll chill with them for a little while. Not sure why, but I get an oddly warm feeling when I look up at that window...

Scouter locked on the room that Goku is in, you hop up dozens of meters in the sky and land on the balcony of his room. Just as your foot hits the smooth concrete, a screen door opens up in front of you and Goku appears in plain sight. He frowns upon seeing you.

You notice this and walk past him, into a luxurious hotel sweet, before speaking up. "Is this a bad time?" You survey the room, noticing that each wall is glimmering white, creating a joyful atmosphere. There is a king sized bed in the dining room that you have walked into, but also a kitchen at the far end of the room, a closed bathroom, and one bedroom beside it. This is quite a large hotel room.

"Oh, nothing like that. But now I owe Master my dessert."

"Why's that?"

"He bet me that you would show up tonight. I didn't think you would, so I took the bet. You seemed so adamant on not coming earlier so I thought it was pie in the bag..." Goku sighs.

He bet that I was coming? Huh. Maybe that old man learned a few things about me during that year of cohabitation.

All of a sudden, a flush is heard from the bathroom. The door is kicked open seconds afterwards and Roshi walks out while scratching himself. "Whew, that one was wet!" He turns his head to the left and sees Goku and you standing beside each other. "Keyuhehehe. So you showed up after all, Kiryu."

"Looks like i'm more predictable than I thought I was."

Now darting his eyes towards Goku, Roshi grins, which Goku responds with a sigh. "Good work, Kiryu. You just won me a slice of heaven." He runs over to the kitchen and pulls a gigantic piece of piece of pie from the fridge, drool leaking out of his mouth as his tongue tears across his wooden lips. Roshi gazes at you for a short moment with a sigh, "I'd give you half, Kiryu, I really would! But...I don't want to."

Goku leans up against the wall and slides down onto the carpeted floor with his arms behind his neck. You ignore Roshi and turn over to Goku as you take a seat on a nearby chair. "Where's the kid?"

"Gohan? He's sleeping in the bedroom. Fell asleep after eating dinner."

"I see."

"Listen up rascals," Roshi barks, wooden stick clenched in his right palm. "Tomorrow is the big day. The two of you fighting is certainly going to be the climax of this tournament. I myself am a former world champion, so I know perfectly well that the ladies love a good champion. However, neither of you are sane, and thus have very little interest in women. So whichever of you wins tomorrow, I want you to introduce me to all of the women that are crawling over you. Is that clear!?"

You and Goku gaze at Master Roshi in complete and utter shock. Both of you were prepared for an important speech by your wise Master, but it turned into another rant by a crazy, perverted old man.

"Ergh," coughs Roshi. "Less importantly, I want you both to try your best out there. I trained you both so I have a pretty clear idea of each of your abilities and strengths. It seems as though you guys have a limitless potential, which would explain why no matter how hard you train, you are still able to improve. I'm jealous."

Smiling, Goku turns away from Roshi and over to you. "I'm not going to lose tomorrow."

"You're awfully confident for somebody who watched my earlier match against Mr. Kyo Yamada."

"Heh heh. We both know that wasn't you out there, Kiryu."

You frown heavily, now glaring at Goku harshly. "Is that so?" He beams his eyes directly into yours. The tension in the room reaches a new height. "Roshi, you've seen what we're capable of. What do you think the odds are for this fight?"

Goku stares at Roshi, serious. You do the same.

The master clears his throat and stands up, straightening his back. "Hmm..." He thinks, stroking his luscious beard. Silence. Sweat boils off of everybody's temple as the room temperature steadily increases.

"Well?" You both ask in the same tone.

Roshi prepares to speak, so both of you clench your fists, awaiting his definitive answer. "...Anybody up for a glass of milk?"

"ROSHI!" Again, in the same pitch, Goku and you shout.

The old master ducks down in fear for a second, genuinely scared. "Keyuhehehe, sorry. To be quite honest...I'm not sure. Weighing out every detail that matters, you two end up completely even in the end. If you're both fighting at your best tomorrow, which you sure as hell should be, then it's anyone's game."

I thought you were smarter than that, Roshi, you think. Whatever. I'll show him the true difference between Goku and I tomorrow. There's no way I'll lose!

Goku begins thinking himself as he rubs his chin gently. If Master is putting it as anybody's game, then I'll have to give it everything I have.

All of the heavy talk out of the way, the next few hours pass by with exaggerated stories that Roshi shares. Age old relics about some of the adventures he went through in his day. From fighting giant ape monsters from outer space, to a girl who showed him her naked body for a little orb that washed up on shore, and all the way to the fighters he beat in his tournament experiences. As it turns out, Roshi has never lost a fight in his entire life. Be it virtual or realistic, the man has trumped all who opposed him. Not even the infamous Emerald Weapon could defeat him.

You tell the group about Rem's death and how he made you the new leader of the FBM. Roshi congratulated you on the promotion, but you still feel rather bitter about it all.

Goku didn't have many stories that interested you, except for one which was rather interesting. He said that during his fairly recent father-son-bonding-time with Gohan, he heard from townsfolk that the Red Ribbon Army is funding a multi-billion dollar project called the "Human Subordination Enterprise." Much to their displeasure, news of this leaked around the world, but primarily in South City. A few days later, the entire city was bombed and wiped out of existence. Though according to the newspapers, Refugee Saiyans did it.

Roshi didn't have much interest in this story, so like a child, kept trying to interrupt and talk more about his own stories. Fortunately, Goku went on anyway. The "Human Subordination Enterprise" consists of the Red Ribbon Army recruiting civilians against their will and turning them into numbered cyborgs used as killing machines. There have always been rumors about the RRA breeding children into faithful servants they called "Agents", but it was never publicly confirmed, so the world let it go. But this is an entire new level of corruption, which is exactly why the Red Ribbon Army wiped out millions of people at once in order to contain the secret.

Once that bitter, yet highly interesting conversation ended, Roshi continued with his own stories. Before you knew it, the time had already passed 2AM. What with the tournament starting at 12PM, you stood up and stretched a little before heading towards the door.

"I'll just get a room across the hall for tonight. See you in the ring tomorrow, Goku."

"Now, now, Kiryu, wait up a minute." Roshi says arrogantly as he stands tall. "I'm your Master. I'll go down to the lobby and pay for a room for you."

"Were you not listening earlier? I'm the current leader of the Freeborn Military. I can buy this entire hotel if I wanted to. You, on the other hand, live alone on an island. It's hard to buy hotel rooms with coconuts, so I'll cover it. Okay?"

"Not okay!" He demands, picking up his wallet and glaring at you. "I am going to pay for your room. Alright, Kiryu?"

"Sigh. Fine, whatever."

Roshi opens his wallet and browses through it, finding nothing more than a ten dollar bill. He stares at it intently, filled with anger, before gazing up with a silly smile. He scratches his bald head slowly and laughs awkwardly. "Mind lending me some money?"

You simply turn around and walk out of the room. He's quite a character, that one. After renting a hotel room down at the lobby, you step into it and go to bed just before 3AM. Over the years you've trained your body to only need five hours of sleep a night to be fully rested, but tonight you decide to let yourself get a few more than that.

Upon waking up at 10:30AM, you have a shower and mentally prepare yourself for your next fight. It most certainly will not be your last in this tournament.


Cheers erupting from just outside the confines of the stadium, you step into the same room as yesterday, noticing that there are only a few people in here. Goku is leaning up against a wall across the room, peaking out into the walkway that directs the current contestants to the main arena. At the opposite corner of this gigantic room, Zita appears to be meditating by himself, trying to find his center before the next match. Other than those two, and now you, nobody else is in view.

The clock hits 12PM and on cue, the announcer begins screaming into his high quality microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for returning to the final day of the 37th World Martial Arts Tournament! I've got your votes, and I completely agree. The next battle is by far the most anticipated match of this tournament, with over 50,000 people in the audience. Almost double that of yesterday, and the most people we've ever had come watch the tournament live in the history of World Martial Arts! Incredible!"

With a boom, the audience screeches in joy once again. "Over 50,000? Holy **** that's a lot..." You remark, quietly.

"Can Goku and Kiryu please step out into the ring for the first match of the Semi Finals!"

Not waiting for you, Goku heads out to the ring and as he does so, more screams of joy continue to explode. There are multiple I love you's shouted from the stands, but the Saiyan warrior stands in the center of the arena completely focused. He doesn't even appear to notice the amount of people in the crowd's that are cheering.

You reach the end of the room and are now looking out onto the pathway. Surprisingly, just as you get there, Tien comes into view. He was hidden behind the wall before, but it appears he was standing just across from Goku earlier. He doesn't even turn his head to look at you; both eyes of his are centered square on Goku. Maybe, just maybe, he still bares some resentment from losing yesterday.

Standing right beside him and preparing to step out into the light, you speak up, not looking at him just yet. "Tien, how would you feel about joining the Freeborn Military? With your strength, I could give you a very high rank."

"Why would I want to do that?"

"I don't know." You turn your head and glare at his cold eyes without faltering. "You tell me."

"Heh," smirks Tien. "Okay. Go out there and beat Goku. If you can manage that much, I'll consider it."

"Consider it done."

You walk outside and the audience screams for joy. Not only are you friends with their Saviour, but you also annihilated the Big Bad Wolf yesterday. Plus, every match you have been in has provided sufficient entertainment for them. This crowd likes you quite a bit.

Finally in the center of the ring, standing just a few feet apart from Goku, the announcer speaks up once again. "What do you say we get this match underway!?" He rhetorically asks, hopping out onto the lush field outside of the ring. Calls, chants, and cheers all burst from the crowd as they yell in unhindered ecstasy. As they do this, you and Goku turn around and walk away, making a fair distance between each other. "Then let the battle begin!"

Hmm...Goku had no trouble using the Kaioken X2 against Tien for the entire battle, but he only performed a Kaioken X3 in short bursts, meaning that he likely can't stay in it for long. Back in the war, he was capable of using the Kaioken X3 for brief duration's of time as well, but he may not have advanced the technique further since then. You begin analyzing, pointing your left arm towards Goku while the right one clenches itself by your cheek, legs square apart. I don't think he can use any higher forms of the Kaioken based on his previous battles. At best, his Kaioken X3 probably won't destroy his body like it did before. Earlier, he peaked out at 90,000 in base--so with a Kaioken X3, he'll be hovering around 270,000. In order to win this fight, I'll have to transform from the get go.

Goku stands straight across from you with his legs crouched down, allowing him to burst forward at maximum speed without preparation. Both arms are firmly placed by his chest, a few inches apart, but neither of his fists are being squeezed together. Kiryu's an amazing fighter, so he'll probably be thinking two moves ahead for every step of the battle. So in order for me to beat him, I'll have to think three moves ahead! But even that won't get me the win...I'll have to use Kaioken X3 every step of the way. Thank goodness I've mastered the technique and it no longer puts much of a strain on my body anymore. Goku pauses for a second, ...But that other one does. Hopefully it doesn't come to that...

Your body bulks up and you take on a far more ferocious look. With the sacrifice of some speed, your power level has doubled in an instant. A feeling of excitement crawls up and tickles the insides of your throat, forcing you to let out a short smile. Goku grins back, feeling the same pre-game thrill. Good, the fool allowed me to transform without putting any pressure on me. Still, even in this state, in order to outperform him I'll have to predict...three moves ahead. That should be enough to take control.

Suddenly, Goku shoots himself forward at miraculous speed. A violent swirl of wind shatters the ground where he was standing and a fiery red aura engulfs his figure, instantly tripling his power level. You Speed Blitz forward and both of your fists smash into Goku's in the center of the ring, stopping each other dead in your tracks while creating a heavy explosion of Ki around you both.

Goku's scarlet Ki and your lavender aura combine, scaling high into the sky, as you try to overpower each other. The ground beneath crackles until your foot caves into the shattered tile as you begin to push Goku back with absolute force. First and foremost, one must prove to the other who is dominant in sheer power. "With this..." you bark, bending Goku's entire body backwards so that the core of his back nearly scrapes his buttocks. "...I'll grab all the momentum! RHA!"

"GAH!" screams Goku. Sliding across the smooth arena from the force you unleashed in order to push him back, Goku stretches his hands behind his shoulders and blasts himself up into the air. Gently, the Saiyan floats for a second before returning to the ground, managing to find an absolute balance between onslaught and benevolence.

Just as he hits the floor, you vanish from reality with a Speed Blitz X3, reappearing just behind him. Unsurprisingly, Goku tracks your movements down to perfection. He sways over to the left and less than a second after he does so, you throw a punch at his previous position, missing completely. With a smirk, you flip up your right arm and block an incoming punch from Goku, and then proceed to counterattack with a trip, but he sees it coming and does a small jump and prepares to knee you in the face.

As the knee closes in, you swiftly breeze to the side and launch a quick blast at Goku, but as soon as the blast forms, he vanishes from his location. Prior to even seeing this, you swing an elbow backwards which is soon caught by Goku's calloused fingers.

In order to escape from what you believe is going to be a ball of Ki to the back, you blast a beam of your own and launch yourself into the skies, relinquishing hold of the beam seconds afterwards. It explodes on the ground but you find Goku catapult through the smoke with a deadly aura surrounding him.

He closes in the distance and you grin, knowing that you've trapped him now. "Wipeout Wave!" You smash two orbs of Ki together and fire a quick blast at Goku, but seconds before it hits him, he disappears completely. "WHAT!?" Instantly, he is floating behind you with what you can only identify as a Kamehameha cupped firmly by his waist.

"HAA!" Goku fires the blast down at your back, melting the skin off of you while directing you to the core of the arena. Dust sprays across the announcer's field of vision as you impact the ground, but you get up and unleash your aura immediately after hitting the ground. Every molecule in the air blows away as you do so.

Just like Tien said...he literally vanished from thin air. It's not possible...

"Hehehe," laughs Goku. You grimace, angered that he managed to outplay you like that. He stares you directly in the eyes and you do the same, sun shining brighter than ever. "Solar Flare!" As he screams the words, all of your vision is hindered and your Scouter frantically tries to warn you.

"UGH," you roar in pain as a full fist slams into your cheek. Somehow that attack held enough force to push you off the ground completely, casting you across the arena, still unable to see. Goku sprints alongside you until he gains enough speed to get ahead of you, and just after he does, Goku cups his hands together once again and begins forming Ki in them.

"Like Hell I'll let you make a fool out of me like this!" Two arms rip out of your back and grapple the ground to halt you from further movement.

An insanely powerful blast is fired towards you but in a flash, your body shrinks down to a miniature size and the beam misses completely. Once all residue from the attack clears, you return yourself to full size with an arrogant smirk. Goku, on the other hand, is panting wildly. Using two Kamehameha's while in a Kaioken X3 must drain a great deal of one's Ki.

You wipe a few beads of sweat from your temple with the back of your hand, I have a good poker face, but i'm running low on Ki too. Using the Juggernaut on its own expels a lot of my Ki, but combining that with everything else I've been doing is far from easy. If Goku didn't make it so bloody obvious that he's tired, I might have been worried...

Goku flares up an aura once again and tension grows. For the first time, you hear the crowd cheering distinctly. They are so loud, yet you managed to block it all out up until this point. Was it because I was fighting so solemnly before? Or is it because my focus has fell along with my Ki? ****, this might be worse than I thought. I need a plan and I need one now!

A) Continue fighting as you are now. It isn't like you're losing.
B) Attempt to use Ryuki again.
C) Use "Absolute Safeguard" to momentarily avoid all pain. Try to finish him during this time.
D) Grab Goku with "The Six Witches" and then go all out to finish him with a Super Explosive Bomber.
E) Create Your Own Plan.
Chapter End Notes:
Kiryu's Move List:

- Giant Bulldozer
- Earthquake
- Attenuate (Lvl. 2)
- The Four/Six Witches (Lvl. 3)
- Wipeout Wave
- Absolute Safeguard/"Discard" (Lvl. 3)
- Speed Blitz X2/3
- Recover (Once per battle; zero Ki usage)
- Juggernaut (X2 Power Level; loss of speed; cannot use Recover; lots of Ki)
- Super Explosive Bomber (1.5X Maximum Power Level)

Achievement Points: "3"


- 4 Elemental Bracelets (Fire, Ice, Electric X2)
- Great Sword
- Combat Bonus: 50/50
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