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Author's Chapter Notes:
A Wins.
"Let the battle begin!" Cheers explode from the entirety of East City, each citizen chanting in sheer ecstasy. You walk over to the edge of the corridor and peer out into the stadium. To your left, two other qualifiers are surveying the match quietly. Neither of them are paying attention to anything other than the battle at hand.

Goku and Tien glare at each other fiercely. Such animosity is being displayed between the two. Suddenly, Tien slowly paces around the arena in a circular motion. Both of his arms are glued to his sides, yet at the same time, his guard appears to be impenetrable. It's rare to see a man with such an aura surrounding him. Goku begins stepping in the opposite direction, perfectly mimicking Tien Shinhan. For those who aren't aware that Goku is a saint, one could interpret this act as arrogance and malice.

"Hmph," smirks Tien. Instantly, Goku roars in agony as his entire body snaps forward. Calm yet stern, Tien's iron fist tears itself from Goku's abdominal and the Saiyan falls flat on his mouth.

Goku...!? You barely manage to think, still in shock from Tien's swift assault.

While clutching his stomach and rolling onto his back in pain, Goku gurgles up a stream of blood which runs down his Gi, staining the man's favourite outfit.

"One! Two! Three! Fou-" Halting the announcer in his tracks, Goku reaches his hands behind his head and pushes his flat palms up off the ground so he is facing Tien, who hasn't cracked a single smile since the match began. "Oh! Goku is up, ladies and gentlemen! Our Champion, Tien Shinhan, couldn't put him down as easily as he thought he could!"

Idiot, Tien thinks, of course I knew that one attack wouldn't put this man down. Even though he's still holding out on me, I doubt I would be able to completely knock him out with any attack of mine. Well...besides that one.

"Heh heh," chuckles Goku, "You pack quite a punch!" Tien merely glares at him. I better get serious before I take anymore unnecessary damage. This one's dangerous!

Noting that Goku has finished thinking about his brief plan, Tien places one palm forward and points it at his foe, and with his remaining arm, he tucks it under his armpit. The ground around his feet shakes for a moment as Ki floods throughout Tien's body; while this transpires, your Scouter beeps on its own accord to notify you this his Battle Power is rising at an incredible speed.

Hm...152,000 and still rising. This man is far above everybody else I've come across in sheer power. But will it be enough to defeat Goku?

"Haaa!" Goku whips both of his arms downwards, his elbows bent so that both knuckles point towards his chin, and a red aura engulfs him. "Kaioken X2!"

"180,000!" You shout.

He blasts towards Tien and delivers a right hook to the man's jaw, bending Tien's entire neck to the side. He's fired across the ring, but Goku chases after him on foot, swiftly skidding across the arena until he reappears just in front of Tien's head. Goku's full leg shoots up into the air which bashes into Tien's bald head. After a few violent spins, Tien readjusts himself in the air and smiles deviously.

Goku's red aura fades and he pants for a few seconds, but is clearly so adept with the technique that it does not harm his stamina to outrageous degrees. Tien wipes a smidge of blood off of his bottom lip and laughs to himself, now floating in the air without trouble, no doubt still in perfect condition.

"So you've finally revealed your full power! I'll enjoy crushing it!" Tien spirals down from the sky and headbutt's Goku with all of his strength, knocking the Saiyan back across the ring. Back on land, Tien dashes after Goku before he can regain composure. Before the man can reach his opponent, another burst of Ki crawls through Goku's veins and his power level spikes once again.

Goku blasts into the sky, completely avoiding Tien's attack and begins charging a wave of Ki. "Kame..." Both hands cupped by his side, a blue orb of Ki flutters in his grasp. "..hameha!" Goku pushes the blast forward and it gains velocity as it travels at a magnificent speed.

Tien laughs cockily for a few seconds, refusing to move his legs even one inch from their position. "I'll show you the difference between our levels here and now!" A crisp aura floats around Tien's upper arm which he places directly in front of the Kamehameha. The beam closes in but seconds before impact, Tien shouts "Perfect Guard!"

With a gigantic explosion, smoke and debris bursts across the arena. The audience ducks down for cover and the announcer jumps on the lush grass in an attempt to escape the attack. Finally, Goku's silhouette forms in the sky and he slowly floats down until landing on the cracked ground. "Damn's not possible...!"

"Hahahaha!" Tien laughs arrogantly. After a lengthy wait, you and the others make out his appearance after Goku's deadliest attack. Not a single scratch is on him. The champion folds his arms across his chest and says, "Now do you understand, Goku? This is a battle you cannot win. I'm only getting started here."

This guy is incredible, you think in awe. Without breaking a sweat, he stopped an attack that easily trumped his Battle Power. Maybe I can...recruit him!

Goku smiles enthusiastically. For somebody who just used such a great amount of Ki for nothing, he seems awfully joyful. "You're great, but don't count me out yet."

"So be it."

"Kaioken X2!"

Moments before reaching Tien, the champion puts two fingers on each hand beside his eyes and laughs. "Solar Flare!"


Goku skids into Tien while clutching his eyes and his power fades away on cue. Tien smashes a double hammer fist into Goku's liver which brings the Saiyans down onto his knees. Tien kicks him in the jaw and pursuits him without fail. Goku, still unable to see, throws up a sloppy guard, though unfortunately, is easily punished by his opponent. Tien gives Goku his all, constantly bombarding him with a series of punches to the gut before finally ending his combo with a surprisingly powerful beam to Goku's chest.

The Saiyan hits the ground on his back and coughs up some of the blood that has began filling his mouth. Tien drops down and smashes his knee against Goku's rib cage. All the way from inside the stadium, you hear a CRACK, followed by Goku's screams.

"One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six!" The announcer begins.

"This could be it," adds the co-announcer.

Now panting fairly heavily, Tien stands up and reluctantly backs away from his foe. He gazes down on his knuckles in shock, noticing that blood is dripping from his torn skin. This guy's body is like steel. Every punch I hit him with hurts me for God sakes!

"Eight! Nine! Te-" Goku jumps up casually and brushes himself off with a smile. "And Goku is up again!" The audience screams with excitement, their energy level fueled by Goku's constant struggles.

You've gotta be kidding me...

"You're guard is down." Goku comments and Tien's eyes go wide.

"AHHHHHH!" Tien cringes in pain before collapsing onto the ground. Goku backs away and his brief aura fades away.

"Oh my God," says the announcer in shock.

"The world champion is down!" Screams the co-announcer. "For the first time in history, Tien Shinhan is down! He's down!"

"One! Tw-" Tien stands up, clearly enraged. "And he's up!"

Refusing to even give Goku the satisfaction of telling him how much trouble he's in, Tien simply leaps towards the Saiyan and engages him in combat. Amidst the battle, a crimson aura engulfs the two of them and Goku begins taking control of the exchange. Soon enough, Tien begins getting bullied from side to side, yet he doesn't appear to be dealing with fatigue in the slightest.

You notice from within the stadium that the lowest part on Tien's back is quaking violently, and soon enough, two legs rip out of him and wrap around Goku, trapping him. "The Four Devils!"

What the Hell? It's practically the same as my move! You silently yell.

Goku headbutts Tien ruthlessly which peals skin off of his foe's forehead, but Tien simply laughs and forms a triangle over Goku's chest by pressing his fingers up against him. "This battle is over." An insurmountable aura of Ki explodes around Tien as his most powerful attack is formed. Goku immediately senses it and attempts to escape, but is locked in by the two legs that are grappling him. "Wherever you go, I'm coming with you!"

Sweat boils on Goku's temple; even he is panicking at this time. "Ergh! Damn it, stop this! With that much Ki-"



Your Scouter falls off of your ear and collapses onto the cold floor. Silence. That was enough to wipe out the entire city if he wanted to! Completely in awe, you gaze down at your fallen Scouter, unable to shake the number that it detected before slipping off.

Once again, scattered debris and destroyed landscape is blocking your view. Even those who fail to understand what Ki is felt the magnificent power that Tien just had moments ago.

Panting is heard. Tien comes into view, both arms still spread out wide, fingers connected to form a triangle. Goku is nowhere to be seen. "Hahaha," he laughs. Both of his excess legs have dispersed.

"Uh...Mr. Shinhan," slowly, the announcers begins. "Where's Goku?"

Tien's arms drop down to his side and he falls to his knees. "That bastard. To think he still had one last card up his sleeve." Suddenly, Goku morphs in the sky with a mighty grin, undamaged.

"Kaioken X2!" He blasts towards the now completely exhausted Tien and begins delivering violent blows to the man's stomach at a pace that he is unable to even react to with his stamina. After a multitude of attacks, Goku finishes with a punch that caves into the side of Tien's temple, powering it up with a combative scream.

Tien smashes into the ring and skids across the floor face first until his head hangs off the arena, barely staying in.

"I, I don't believe it." Comments the announcer. "I'm sorry folks, not even I know what happened before!"

"Doesn't matter," mumbles Tien. The camera zooms in on his face to show that he is now standing tall, one arm held up by his chin while the other gently sways back and forth from the wind. "All that matters in the end is who wins. And that person will be me!"

"Uh, did you hear that everybody!? Tien is declaring his victory!"

Goku frowns, before thinking: He's saying that, but he can barely stand and his power level is a fraction of what it was before. I'll end this now.

There's only one thing left to do...! Tien schemes. "HAAAA!" Somehow, he gathers enough strength to push himself back up to full power and charges at Goku recklessly. The two enter a ruthless brawl and not before long, Goku is forced to use another Kaioken X2 in order to keep up.

The combat goes on for several minutes, neither of them budging from their position. Suddenly, Tien's power begins fading and Goku smashes a full powered fist into his gut. Blood and spit spew from Tien's mouth, leaving him open for a left straight by Goku. Tien is launched outside of the ring, only he is now floating in the skies just above the audience.

"Kaioken X2!" Goku blasts after him to finish the fight off, one arm stretched forward with a special glow around it.

Tien grins wildly, despite his predicament. "Victory is mine!" Goku closes in the distance and all within the time frame of a few measly seconds, Tien forms another triangle and directs it at the incoming Goku. "Kikoho!" Shivers crawl up your spine as you gawk at the finale of this marvelous battle.

"Wha-!?" Goku shouts, unable to stop himself from his flight at this time. The Kikoho closes in and despite being far inferior to the first, is still easily strong enough to defeat the current Goku. Out of nowhere, an even bigger aura engulfs Goku as the words, "Kaioken X3" echo throughout the city.

Inches before the Kikoho obliterates the Saiyan, his miraculous new speed allows him to change his course and circle around Tien in the blink of an eye. Goku surfaces behind the world champion as his Kikoho still treads towards the tournament arena and bashes his knee in Tien's neck at full force. Another CRACK is heard, this time from Tien, and a sudden explosion submerges the stone arena.

Tien crashes into the center of the arena and rolls over in pain. As soon as the smoke clears, a gigantic crater is revealed as nearly the entirety of the arena has been obliterated from Tien's Kikoho. Injured and confused, the world champion stands up from the pit and gawks over to Goku, who is now floating down from the skies. He lands on the remainders of the grass and smiles before settling his aura. The grass beneath him is soon covered in dribbles of sweat that have all slipped down from the victor of this bout.

Still disoriented, Tien gazes down to his feet, taking in the situation. "So I lost, huh." Goku treks over to him and grabs his wrist, raising his and Tien's arms to the sky. Immediately upon doing so, the audience booms in excitement as cheers of sadness and joy overwhelm the stadium.

"Lets give a hand for these two warriors!" Yells the announcer, a little shook up from almost being wiped out of existence from Tien's last attack. God damn it, I need a new job!

"Goku...that was a great fight. You deserve the win." Tien admits and pats Goku on the shoulder. "Be sure to go out and win this tournament." He then turns around and paces back to the confines of the stadium, obvious to anyone who can see his face that he is upset. Fortunately, the audience cannot see his face, so they all scream in joy and cheer him on as he heads back inside.

As this goes on, the announcer begins a short interview with Goku, considering he just defeated the world champion. "So how did he dodge it?" You ask Tien as he passes by. "Your initial Kikoho."

"I'm not sure myself. I know that he unleashed his full power like he did at the end of the match, and pushed my legs away. But after that, he...he vanished. Poof! Gone..."

"Were you not able to keep track of his movements? Goku made it perfectly clear at the end of the match that he is able to move faster than your eyes can track."

"No. Even at the end, he turned into a blur and I saw him move out of the way. I just couldn't keep track of him. If he just flew into the sky while directly in front of me, I'm positive that I would have seen it. This was different."

"Heh, interesting." Tien continues walking until he fades into the background. 350,000...I still can't fully believe it. You pick up your Scouter and nod to Goku as he comes back. 'Poof', huh? It appears as though you've greatly improved since we last met. It'll make destroying you all the more enjoyable.

Goku calmly enters the hall and walks past you without saying a word. You look at him for a brief instant before turning back to the arena. The same man that was terrorizing the daughter of East City's president on television walks past you and slowly embarks on his quest to the ring. Bebi is already waiting in the center, though he appears to have entered through outside means as he wasn't inside the stadium. The clouds in the sky darken even more.

"Hey Kiryu," Goku begins. You continue looking straight ahead. After a short pause, he continues. "I'm going to find Gohan and Master. Want to come with?"

"I'll pass."

"Are you sure?"

You don't respond. Goku takes the hint and exits the stadium. Light rain drops shower down from the skies and a cold breeze follows. You gaze up into the sky and frown. Fighting in the rain is far from enjoyable. Suddenly, you feel a great pressure swinging towards you so you jump to the side, and seconds afterwards, the man known as General Rildo crashes head first just beside your feet.

"V-v-victory to Bebi!" yells the announcer. With a quick look at the defeated contestant, it's made abundantly clear that his skull is cracked. Two medics appear as if from nowhere and place the man on a stretcher, taking him out of the stadium. You turn over to Bebi to find him glaring directly at you, scowling heavily.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say that package was directed at me. How cruel." Trying to irritate Bebi as much as possible, you decide to simply look intently into his eyes with a blank stare of indifference. Almost seconds after doing so, Bebi snaps his head to the side, obviously annoyed, and walks out of the area.

"This has been an incredible round thus far, folks! And now it's time to finish the quarter finals of the 37th World Martial Arts Tournament! Will Zarbon and Zita please report to the ring at this time!" More cheers from the crowd are heard and the two of them walk down the passageway into the ring.

As Zita passes by, he glances at you and nods. Damn it, where do I know that guy from? All of a sudden, thunder crackles in the sky and jolts of lightning crash into the ground in unknown far off in the distance. Heavy drops of hail pound down from above and the weather takes an immediate turn for the worse. To your surprise, a ruthless gust of wind sweeps by and nearly pushes you over.

Zarbon and Zita, now standing across from each other in the ring, pay no attention to the storm at hand. The announcer signals the start of the match and Zarbon immediately leaps at Zita with his hands prepared to poke his foe's eyes out.

"Ha!" Zarbon yells as the distance between them closes, but before he can reach his opponent, Zita disperses from his position. His tremendous speed allows him to circle around Zarbon before the man can even finish his attack-forming a ball of Ki in his grasp as he does so-and blast his foe in directly in the back.

Coughing up blood from the sheer amounts of pain, Zarbon crashes into the ground with a bang. Zarbon clutches his back with one arm, feeling his now bare back, and cringes in pain. That single attack had enough power to scar the man's back in one clean strike.

Taking advantage of the situation, Zita darts his fingers into the ground and two arms rip up from underneath Zarbon and immediately grab hold of his feet. "Wha-!?"

"Burn!" Zita's hands, fueled by his internal Ki, turn molten red and begin disintegrating the skin off of Zarbon's legs. In barely a few seconds, nothing but bone remains on Zarbon's ankles. The fighter notorious for his beautiful looks now falls to the ground with tears flooding out of his eyes, screaming for mercy.

"Please stop! I give up! I give up! Just do-"

Before the man even finishes his pleads, Zita lets go of Zarbon and retracts his hands back up through the ground. "Then this doesn't have to go any further."

"That's who he is!" You practically shout. Back when I was captured and being transported to the Red Ribbon HQ, he was one of the guards there! He was only a regular Soldier at the time but his power was quite impressive. If I recall, he let me live when I was falling out of that blimp. But why is he here...?

"That was rather anticlimactic. Haha! And the winner is Zita!" The rain continues to pound down hard, mixed in with hail and the occasional bolt of lightning, which causes the audience to grow slightly irritated. "Unfortunately everybody, the weather has taken another turn for the worse. Since the evening is already approaching, we won't be able to wait this one out like we did earlier. But don't worry, we'll resume the 37th Triennial World Martial Arts Tournament tomorrow morning! I hope you can all join us then! Goodbye for now!"

Hmph. It's probably for the better. Even though I've been resting for the last...15 minutes, I haven't recovered my Ki at all. A good night's rest will do the trick. You think, eyeing Zita as he steps back inside. "Why are you here? On behalf of the Red Ribbon Army like Kyo?"

"Hm? Oh, it's nothing like that," he says with a shrug. A musical tune erupts from within his pants pocket and he pulls out a cell phone. He flips it open with a "Howdy? Mmhmm." After a short pause, he nods to himself. "Okay, gotcha. I'll be there in 10." He closes his phone with another shrug and smiles. "Guess our conversation will have to be cut short. I'll tell you whatever you want tomorrow though, say, in the finals?"

"If you say so."

"Later." Zita turns around and runs out into the cold.

Alone and bored, you take a big sigh and gaze out into the crowd as they all leave the area. "Guess I'll go to a hotel or some-", you stop speaking and notice Master Roshi walking away with Goku and his kid. "Hmph...there's still plenty of time to do stuff before I check into a hotel though."

Choose Two:

A) Go hang with Master Roshi, Goku, and Gohan.
B) Look around the area for contestants that you can recruit.
- Anybody in particular?
C) Go visit Hercule at the hospital. He may have woken up.
D) Head to a hotel and meditate. Perhaps you can teach yourself a technique.
E) Explore East City for odd things to do.
F) Follow Zita to see where he went.
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