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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

Using Speed BlitzX3 as well as Four Witches, make grabs for his Left claw, and rip it off, then his right.

Hopefully it stops the effect. Destroy both arms just in case.
Secondly, if it doesn't work, pull him close and use Recover, and see if reversing the damage on his body nullifies the effect.
Don't pull him close if he's still able to actually cause us significant harm though. I figure even with "0" power, something's up. He's probably still going to be able to move (thus the Speed blitz and arms).

So if he can still hurt us (meaning we don't wanna pull him close) or the healing doesn't nullify it, go for knocking him out. If that doesn't finish him, get him declared loser in tournament and toss him in the air and obliterate him. (Technically no longer a competitor at that point). THAT should do it if all else fails.

We should be able to do this within 10 minutes. However, if something comes up, and we're approaching the limit, use Ryuki, since I figure he has something to do with this, like a parallel between the two.
"I won't go down so easily," you mutter, still on your knees. One of your palms claw against the bare bedrock, crushing it to bits, while you begin to make your way up. Kyo glares at you emotionless. "I'll tear those arms apart and reverse the spell! It won't be easy though. Grabbing onto them won't be a problem, but even with all of my strength, who knows how many blows he'll be able to land with my senses impaired. Hmph, oh well."

"Nine minutes remain."

The ground around you is now beginning to crumble to pieces and it appears as though the announcer has silenced himself. Could he be experiencing this feeling of weakness too?

Ready to counterattack, you place both of your arms straight ahead while holding them above your head, opening the grip wide enough to grab Kyo's claws. "Speed Blitz X3!"

The blond man isn't fazed at all. At incredible speed, your rush over to him and grapple both arms with a grin. Roaring incredulously, your arms bulge in size as you propel backwards with utmost force. Suddenly, a blitz of attacks strike you simultaneously. Despite staring directly at Kyo, you cannot see him attack at all. He's just standing still! Your sense of time must be slowed down greatly to not even see what is happening.

Your screams finally echo throughout the vicinity. Blood leaks out of your wounds and dribbles down onto the ring beneath. All of a sudden, time strikes at full force and you find yourself in the middle of the arena with a dozen minor holes in your stomach. You gaze over to the right, and then to the left.

"Heh, heh...Got 'em."

"Kehehehehe," Kyo laughs, both of his ascended arms torn off and within your grasp. "The Curse has already been cast. You cannot stop it anymore. All of your efforts were for nothing."

"I wouldn't go that far." You push yourself up off the ground and toss both arms outside of the ring. They shrivel up and begin to crumble to pieces. "You won't be able to slow down my sense of time or buff yourself up anymore."


You stretch your neck to the side and smile as the bone cracks. "Kyo Yamada, this is the end of the line for you. You're back to the same weakling that Hercule and I have already proved to be far superior to, in every aspect."

"Kyo?" He asks, mortified. "Kyo isn't here right now. Please take a message and I'll have him get back to you later." Your eyes widen. What is he saying? It's true that his eyes have morphed into the very definition of darkness. His aura and facial structure have also changed. But something still doesn't add up. "My name is Yokk. Kyo has learned to tame his emotions enough to prevent me from fully awakening, most times, but even he can't stop me from bursting out once his emotions plummet to the level of desperation. Kyehahaha."

Yokk? he would be the equivalent of my Ryuki? But I thought I was-

"Six minutes remain," Yokk interrupts. "But I'll end your misery before the time expires. KYAH!"

At an overwhelming speed, Yokk blitzes forward and smashes his fist into your gut. Crimson beads of blood expel from your mouth and collapse onto his shoulder. "Recover!" An aura of purity engulfs the two of you, fully healing you of all of your wounds. It appears as though the damage on Yokk's face has healed as well.

"An interesting idea. Kyehahaha, but no good!"

With a tremendous amount of strength, Yokk bombards you with a millennium of severe punches to the gut. With each blow, he utters a new sound effect to increase his motivation, speeding up the rate of his combo.

"Damn it! He's too fast! I can't, I can't-"

"Bah! Bah! Dah! Duh! Pah! Rha! KAGH!"

You kneel over in pain as he shatters your rib cage with one clean blow. Yokk reaches backwards with two fingers and propels them forward at lightning speed, piercing directly through your skin fibers. Blood oozes out of the gaping hole in the upper-most part of your left arm, causing you to snap your neck up in pain and instinctively grab the wound with your right hand. Just as you do so, Yokk takes control of the situation and plunges those same bloody fingers directly into the core of your eye. You scream in agony as blood squirts out of the delicate organ, Yokk laughing psychotically all the while, and use your left hand to shield the entirety of your face.

Unusual amounts of blood leak out of you, completely blinding your sight. The blond bastard continues his assault on your unguarded body, most definitely an attempt to destroy your footwork.

"****! I can't see him and I can't guard!" Your mind races as your body continues to take heavy blows, unable to counterattack in the slightest. "I have no choice!" You press all of your weight onto your left leg and launch yourself backwards with a ray of Ki blasting out of it.

The audience and announcer may be silent, but none of them appear to be in any immediate danger from the so-called 'Curse.' You relinquish hold over your eye while clenching it shut. He's somewhat blurry, but at least you can see him now!

Yokk races across the ring with his fingers stretched out, most likely because he plans on taking out your other eye next. "Kyehahahaha! Out of the ten Chief Executives in the Red Ribbon Army, Kyo is the most powerful one! And I am the reason for that! Kyehahaha!"

"Damn it, he's gaining on me!" The speed from your temporary escape subsides slowly, leaving you open in the center of the arena with a psychopath holding incredible amounts of power chasing after you. "HAH!" Your blast a beam of Ki on the ground and shoot up to the sky, flaring above everybody else.

"Kyehahaha! It will do you no good!"

"Is that so?" You remark, almost insulted by his arrogance. Generating every ounce of Ki in your body, you hug yourself tightly and a radiant aura glows around your posture. "Come and get it you piece of ****! I'll wipe you out of existence with one blast!"

Yokk skids to a stop hundreds of feet beneath you and gawks up at the sky. "Lets see what you got, kid. Kyehaha." A spiral of Ki circles under his legs, shattering the ground to bits. "HYA!" At speed that not even you can release with a 'Speed Blitz X3,' Yokk shoots towards you.

"Good, just get a little closer! I'll need my Super Explosive Bomber to hit at full force in order to guarantee my victory!"

Seconds before reaching you, Yokk kicks both legs off to the right, immediately shooting himself to the side. Just as he does so, he kicks the air again which propels him diagonally upwards, now leaving him just behind you. Yokk flips backwards to that his head is facing your back and kicks off the air once again.

All nearly instantaneous, Yokk slams his elbow into the center of your spine while blasting you into the ground. All of the Ki you gathered lost before it was fully harnessed, you crash into the ground with a bang. Not giving up quite yet, you turn over to the side with a look of fear on your face.

"No good...I can't keep up with him!"

Yokk flutters in the sky for an instant before whipping one arm to the side and holding it idle. "Time Blitz!" A small whirlwind spins over his arms before he tosses the wave of pressure down upon you.

"Wha-! Speed Blitz X3!" Using all of your speed, you leap forward and skid across the floor. "Haaa...Damn, that was-huh!?" Upon looking back, the part of the arena that you were laying on before has completely vanished.

Yokk lands down from the sky with an arrogant smirk. "Lucky. If my attack hit, your body would have deteriorated through age by now." Yokk snaps that same arm to the side once again and a gust of Ki spirals around it. "But can you dodge this one?"

Panting wildly, you slowly push yourself backwards, finally showing signs of fear. "I don't have a choice anymore...! Nothing else is working. Moreover, this guys has no plans of simply knocking me out of the ring. He wants me dead...!" Yokk swings his hand across and a gust with incredible velocity beams forward. Your index and middle fingers on both hands cling together and dart towards the side of your head with a small aura of Ki on both of them. "Ryuki!"

BOOOOM! Thick clouds of white smoke burrow through the arena, erasing you from the eyes of any viewer.

"Kyehahahahaha! A dead on hit! Trash! Kyehahahaha! Oh man, I really need to see this! Kyehahahaha!" Yokk smacks his head wildly as he shakes it back in forth in a sick form of bliss. He puts his palm forward and blows away the smoke from his attack, showing another hole in the arena. "Huh? Maybe I propelled his lifespan too far forward and his body turned to dust. Kyehahaha, even better! Kyeha-"

"Not quite." Echoes a deep voice from an unknown location. Yokk gawks around the arena, seeing nothing.

"Where are you? How did you dodge my att-"

"Quiet. Every word you spout makes me want to vomit."


Holding a crisp, dark purple aura, you float down from the sky. "I almost didn't react in time. That idiot, giving me less than a quarter of a second to dodge a life or death blow." Yokk clenches his fists until red liquid slips out.

"Who are you?"


Yokk smiles deviously. "Well, too bad. It has already been eight minutes. There is no way I can be defeated in the next two, even if you really are who you say you are!" Ryuki looks at him blankly. Unlike Yokk, who has a much different appearance than Kyo, Ryuki maintains Kiryu's original form perfectly. "Ergh! Say someth-"

Ryuki gently runs one finger of Kiryu's left eyelid, feeling the wound. "It's terminal. The wound."

"Naturally," Yokk boasts. "My power far outclasses the boy's."

"Kiryu, you're lucky I hate fighting with one eye." With one clean swipe, the wound dissipates and all of the bloodflow ceases. "Hmph. Using me when you're in trouble after locking me away for so long. How selfish you are."

Yokk, still on guard, begins getting anxious. "Why is he ignoring me? Why is he only talking to Kiryu? You...DON'T TAKE ME LIGHTLY!" The blond leaps at Ryuki with both arms in an attacking position. Ryuki simply raises one palm, uninterested.

"Oooh? Out of my way." An explosion ignites and sends Yokk blasting to the ground. Leaving a blood trail behind, he skids across the ring for a few feet. Yokk gets up immediately and grins. "Your body strength and Ki level have greatly improved, Kiryu. With this, I'll be able to use a great deal of my strength."

"Finally a challenge. It'll be an absolute joy tearing you apart, Ryuki."

"Who said you can speak?" Ryuki wraps a mysterious aura around his frame. "Speed Blitz X20!"

"What!?" Ryuki vanishes. "Huh? How? When? Where? WHY!?"

"Kehehehe, quiet down.," laughs Ryuki, just a few feet behind the blond. "So you're Mr. Yamada's untapped potential? How pathetic." Yokk whips his body around while performing a backhand, but his attack is easily grabbed by Ryuki. "Counting down from the two minutes from before, in only 18...17 seconds, everybody should die here from your spell. It's a shame you won't be able to last that long against me."

"Kyehahaha! Do you honest-" Slowly backing away while clenching his chest with his thick nails, Yokk stops speaking mid sentence. "Aww...I don't...under...GAH!" Tears slip off of his iris's and he now collapses to his knees. Ryuki, still pointing one finger at Yokk, sweeps his tongue across his sultry lips, savoring every moment.

"Later," says Ryuki, refusing to blink even once, as Ki continues to flood into his sole finger. A thin aura fires into the center of Yokk's chest and he implodes. Guts ooze out of his core, unable to contain themselves due to the devastating hole covering Yokk's chest. His eyes turn white and all further movement ends. "The punishment was fitting of the crime. Kehehehe, idiot."

All of a sudden, life pours down from the sky and invests itself within everybody around. Voices spur all around from the audience and the announcer begins his count. The Curse has ended.

"Can we get a stretcher over here!?" Yells the co-announcer, surveying the fallen Chief Executive in horror. Small insects have gathered around the area and are now crawling within the depths of Kyo.

Ryuki, his back still facing the crowd, is smiling deviously. "Do you really I'll let you take control again, Kiryu? Keheheh." He shakes wildly for an instant but calms himself down by bashing his fist against his solid chest, quietly laughing as he does so. "Better do better than that if you want to come back, Kiryu." Mutters Ryuki to his inner-being, before repeating the same cycle once again.

"Kiryu! Congratulations on your victory but is Mr. Yamada going to be okay?" Ryuki does not respond. "Uh...anyway, we need a medic here now! Even if it is for scum like that," the announcer says, mumbling that last phrase.

Refusing to show his face to those behind him, Ryuki gazes down at the ground with a heavy frown. Angrily, he bangs his chest once again, attempting to withhold Kiryu from taking over. "No! This is MY body! Ergh...Damn you, Kiryu...!" At last, Ryuki drops flat on the ground, completely relinquishing control over the body.

You stand up with a pile of sweat slipping out of your pores. "Wow, that was surreal." Still somewhat shaken up, you gaze down at Kyo as the Medics put him onto a stretcher without much care for his health. You turn back to the ground to find them all chanting your name, all very enthusiastic.

"Kiryu! Kiryu! Kiryu!"

"Yeah, you did it!"

"Great job man!"

"Keep going until the end!"

"You sure showed that bastard! How dare he hurt Hercule like that!"

Unsuccessfully, you try to put on a fake smile for the crowd but it comes off crooked and awkward. "Damn it, I hate crowds. Especially when they're focused on me! I need to get out of here!" Just then, the announcer runs up to you and puts a microphone just under your nose.

"How was it, Kiryu? You still look a little shaken up from the fight. Are you alright?"

Before answering, you think to yourself slowly. "They're acting happy, but I don't think any of them even witnessed the fight after Kyo ascended and cast that spell. I'm not sure what the other members of the Top 8 witnessed while inside, but at least none of these guys noticed Ryuki. That would've been troublesome." Awaiting an answer, the announcer coughs a little bit to get your attention. You finally decide to respond in a way that you're sure will please the crowd. "He was a powerful fighter, but ultimately just didn't have what it takes to defeat me. That was for my fr-friend, Hercule."

As anticipated, the crowd booms in excitement. You turn away and head back inside casually, still nervous from the crowd. "Heh. I almost screwed up my victory speech from stuttering the word 'friend.' It's doubtful that any of them noticed though..."

"Congrats, Kiryu." Goku compliments, arms folded over his chest and eyes peering at you with determination. He knows something. You gaze at a few other members who were watching the fight, but none of them appear to have noticed anything out of the ordinary. "Mind telling me what really happened out there?"

"To be quite honest, not even i'm sure. That was the first time I let Ryuki take command. It was like I was viewing everything that my body did in third person point of view. Yet somehow it felt I was doing everything." You think to yourself.


"Nothing happened. I fought the battle and I won. Looking at Kyo's condition though, it doesn't appear as though he'll be able to fight for a long time."

"Why aren't you tell-"

"Get ready," you interrupt. "Your next match is against the world champion. Don't get caught up in other affairs before a big fight or you'll be defeated."

"...I know. Okay."

You head over to the corner of the room and sit on the floor. It's done, but you feel different inside. "Ryuki...just what are you?" As per usual, chuckles are heard from deep within. Somewhat angry, you tighten your grip and dart your eyes outside. Goku's fight is beginning and it's against the world champion. This might just be worth watching.

Chants of all kinds explode from nearby as both participants names are called in joy. "That's right, folks! This next match will be between a former world champion's most powerful student, Goku, and the current champion of the world, Tien Shinhan!"


Your eardrums pop. "I've counted the votes and surprisingly, the odds for each fighter is split 50/50! Who will win: Goku or Tien? Well, how about we find out?" More screams of joy. "Let the battle begin!"

What will Kiryu do at this time?

A) Watch the full battle. This is one fight you can't miss.
B) Skim the battle. Just show the highlights.
C) Have Kiryu do something else as this happens:
- Free Choice.
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