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Author's Chapter Notes:
E3 Wins.
Meanwhile, Just Outside of The Arena...

"So it's starting..." An aging man declares, unable to see anything other than the shoulders of thousands of civilians blocking his way. With a squint, the man scouts the area thoroughly, all in an attempt to bypass his way to the front row. "Aha!"

He skips through the crowd, his ears on guard for the impending cheers, until finally approaching a woman near the front row. In a nonchalant manner, the old man steps up beside her and slowly runs his left palm over her rear. She cringes at first, but doesn't do anything immediately, most likely thinking that it was a simple accident.

"Eeeyehehehe," the old pervert laughs to himself. His hands makes its way to the right buttcheek and squeezes gently a few times. Shocked, the woman looks down at the short man in anger.

She shouts, "What the hell are you doing!?"

"It was an accident, I swear!" Says the old man, trying to prove his innocence. He continues to squeeze her buttocks, his head now rubbing up against her. "You see, I was recently diagnosed with a disease called 'The Squish', meaning that sometimes my hands act on their own and squish very soft things. I was just trying to watch the match when, BAM, my hands started to squish your bum!"

The woman's temper raising, she clenches her right fist and stretches it back a few inches. The old man reaches up to her breasts with both hands and grabs her plump breasts, squeezing them repetitively. "Ergh!"

"See, it's happening again! My hands just found another soft thing to squish and-AHHH!"

The woman runs away from the area, leaving the old pervert on the ground with a bleeding nose. " was...accident...keyuh." He murmurs, finally standing up and seeing the arena clearly. He managed to make it to the front row. Instantly, he focuses, rubbing his long white beard.

"These two warriors are still staring each other down," call the announcer.

" student," none other than Master Roshi speaks quietly to himself. "How far have you come since we last met? Hmm..." The old Master uses his cane to support himself and gawks at both fighters carefully. "So that's your plan...!"


Chants of your name, quiet yet powerful, murmur throughout the audience. You loosen your guard in a sly fashion in an attempt to bait Kyo Yamada in. Focused and attentive, Kyo smirks faintly. He must have seen the error. Now everything rides on whether or not he'll realize that it is a bluff.

A calm breeze swifts by, followed by a few drops of rain. The moisture dribbles down from the skies, giving the arena a dark shade. Stratus clouds surface above East City. It's the perfect atmosphere for you to crush this man into the ground.

"Come on now, take the bait."

Just as your brief thoughts conclude, Kyo relinquishes his guard and sprints towards you with both arms fluttering behind him, his Ki level rising to its maximum. Although you are far from a master at sensing one's Ki, it is clear that what he is currently presenting pales in comparison to what you can muster.

Kyo leaps at your open guard with his left leg stretched out. You fully release your guard and prepare for his feint so that you can counter whatever he has planned. Kyo swings his leg into your open guard. Keeping up the appearance of being fooled, you make the movements for a right straight.

Suddenly, Kyo relinquishes his attack and thrusts his palm forward. Simultaneously, your alleged right straight vanquishes and you bend the entirety of your body backwards. Kyo's palm shoots into open air, completely misses, but still creates a small burst of wind from the pressure of his attack.

As this happens, one of your legs is lifted off the ground and crashes into the back of Kyo's own. From the sudden loss of support, his body flips backwards, giving you enough time to blast forward and smash your monstrous fist into his ribs. "GUH!" In pain, Kyo drops down to his knees. Before the announcer is even able to start the count, you kick the man in the jaw with full force.

The devilish foe is launched backwards before skidding on the ground, finally stopping near the edge of the arena. "Kyo is down! One! Two! Three!" Yells the announcer, beginning his count as soon as the blond man's movement subsides.

"Incredible movement by Kiryu. It's no wonder he's a world renowned fighter," notes the co-announcer.

"Seven! Eight! Oh, wait! It looks like Kyo is getting up!"

Both arms folded over each other, you laugh gently at the man who is barely standing, which causes him to grimace in sheer rage. "Is this everything you have?" You question in a mocking tone. "Huh, trash?"

"Ergh! I'll tear you to shreds!"

In a flash, the two of your are fighting at full force in the middle of the ring. Despite being large and less mobile by race, you have a complete advantage in both speed and technique in this short bout, as well as power. Liquid drips down from Kyo's forehead, unable to even land a single blow on you, now swinging wildly.

Having enough of these games, you bat his head to the side and he instantly crashes into the ground, head buried in the bedrock. You grab his leg recklessly and whip him out of the ground, smashing him head first once again. Blood shoots out of his nose as it snaps on contact.

Without a shred of mercy, you toss Kyo Yamada into the skies and form a blast in your palms. While the man rolls aimlessly in the air, small dribbles of blood make their way onto your forearms, but you pay little attention to them. "Wipeout Wave!" Two balls of Ki are smashed together and you launch a powerful beam at Kyo.

"Idiot!" He regains control and a sticky blue aura wraps around his fingertips. "Such insolence will never succeed against me!" He swipes his hand to the side, and somehow, your entire beam splits into five blasts, all scattering just past him. While you're still holding onto the blast, unable to let go as of now, Kyo pillars down from above. Beam attacks may be more powerful than those of the ball variety, but having to hold onto them until they subside can be a major disadvantage.

Kyo, his blond hair pointing upwards at this moment, bashes his boot into your face. A mark is made, yet no damage is taken. "Heh heh." Your hands now free, you wrap them around both of his legs and squeeze tightly. "I really hope you can do better than that."

"You damn trash! How dare you defy me!"

"I guess not. RHA!" You begin swinging the man's entire body above your head with one hand, holding him by the leg, finally unleashing him against the ground. With a gigantic explosion, smoke blows into your lungs and you begin coughing. It finally subsides, revealing Kyo - face buried within the ring - cringing in pain, his curses muffled through the rock surrounding his entire face.

"Kiryu has done it yet again," cheers the announcer, signalling the audience to do so as well. He begins his count.

"Do I speak for everybody when I say that I didn't expect this to be such a one sided match?" Says the co-announcer in awe. "Still, I don't think it's time for celebration quite yet. Mr. Yamada still hasn't revealed that dangerous technique he used earlier. Mr. Kiryu should keep his guard high."

"Eight! Nine! Te-"

Kyo shoots the ground, releasing his head, and pushes off from the ground. He blasts into the skies and a parade of Ki blasts are shot down towards you, all of mediocre strength.

"It's time that I ended this," you declare. The audience roars in unison, chanting your name. "Speed Blitz X3!" Instantaneously, you warp above Kyo with both hands clenched together over your head. He gazes up in anger and shock before being pummelled down to the ground with a bang.

Although, somehow, he raises from his injured position almost immediately. This man sure knows how to take a beating. Similar to before, his hands claw at his drenched with sweat hair, dark toned murmurs emitting from him. "Agh...agh...agh...You've done it now!" Kyo's arms shake unusually as he peels the skin from his scalp, his voices pitch now raising. He almost sounds like a child, dying sad and alone. "AGH! AHH! AHHHHH!" His shoulder blades rupture for a minute and it appears as though something is tearing through them.

"Like hell I'll let you transform! Speed Blitz X3!" You zap down from the sky like a bolt of lightning and jab Kyo three times in the face, finishing with a right hook. His neck snaps from that last attack, but the sociopathic smile doesn't remove itself from his dented face.

"Haha. Hah. You can't stop it from happening," he whispers in a dark and cruel tone. "Nobody can." Two seemingly mechanical arms rip out from his spine, silver in colour, green mucus leaking off of them. Similar to when they surfaced against Hercule, both arms snap their four fingers against the thumb like claws. It appears as if each arm has a distinct energy emitting from them.

"Damn it, I couldn't stop it after all." With three jumps back, you separate yourself from Kyo in order to think out a new battle strategy. "No doubt about it. There is something really weird about those arms. It should be a simple transformation like Kaiba's; it's clear that this man is an Alien. But why do each of those arms have such a vastly different Ki Signature fluttering around them?"

Kyo Yamada smirks just as you finish thinking, almost as if he knows exactly what is going through your head. He then looks up to the arm on the right, acting as if it were a person, and whispers the word, "cure." Upon doing so, it floats over his head and a white aura rains down from its fingertips, landing within Kyo's body. You notice that as it does so, all of the wounds you dealt to him slowly fade away.

"No..! Could that arm be...healing him?" Just loud enough for him to hear, you speak up in shock.

"Don't worry your pretty little head about it," he mockingly responds. "Haste."


A green aura rains down from that same arm and something changes from within Kyo's body. You can't make out what exactly is different, unfortunately.

"Shall we try this again?" Kyo asks with a new found confidence. You prepare yourself for his next attack, unsure of what he'll do at this moment. "I'll take that as a yes, trash." Kyo disappears.

"Huh-!?" A series of blows come from him, knocking you back and forth multiple times prior to even figuring out what's happening. Kyo kicks you in the face with speed that is peerless to anybody you have ever met. "What's going on? I can't even see him move!" You float in the air and search the arena for him, locating him on the ground just below you.

"Don't give him time to think."

Listening to his commands, both arms extend in length and fire up into you. The claws pierce into your skin deeply and blood is spilled from within your core, all before you can even react. "Ergh!" You counterattack with a barrage of punches, but every attack you throw passes directly through Kyo's mechanical arms. "Impossible!"

You're slapped by both of his arms and launched into the corner of the arena. The audience is silent. "Hahahaha! Trash! Trash! Trash can't do anything! Ahahahaha!"

Still in pain from Kyo's massive increase in not only speed and ability, but also strength. You push up off the ground and gaze into the audience, seeing Master Roshi in the front row. He's glaring at you with a face of...disappointment? Careful not to get attacked when you aren't looking, you gaze back over to Kyo Yamada, who is still calling you trash from afar. "Roshi...Why? Is it because I haven't figured out the secret behind this man's arms yet? That would mean..." In shock, you snap your head over to Roshi who pulls off his sunglasses, looks at you carefully, and puts them back on a second after. "That's it!"

"What's it?" Kyo yells from afar.

"Your arms...I've figured out their properties."

"I highly doubt that."

"The one on the right is able to apply different kinds of buffs once given the command. From increasing your speed, to healing your wounds, to probably even increasing your strength or defense. Once given the command, it will inflate one of your abilities. However, given the fact that you were content with only 'Haste' on, that would imply that it can only apply one buff at a time."

"Hmph. You've been paying attention, but you'll never figure out-"

"As for the left one, it does something totally different. Something far more ferocious. Something far more dangerous." Kyo raises an eyebrow and the two mechanical arms flutter around his exterior. "It slows down anybody in the vicinity's sense of time. It gives off the illusion of being transparent because of this. When Hercule and I attempted to attack that arm, our attacks passed right through it. I imagine that would be because you retract the arm for an instant in order to dodge the attack, and then move it exactly back where it was in the blink of an eye. But anybody facing you won't be able to comprehend this because their senses will be slowed down."


"Combine that with the 'Haste' you put on yourself and my senses will be slowed down and your movement will be vastly increased. No wonder it's impossible for me to see anything that you do when in close combat."

"Well done on solving the mystery. Very few have been able to do so. But tell me, how will you defeat me if close ranged combat won't work? Ki blasts are absolutely useless against me. It's the perfect combination. I wasn't given the rank of Chief Executive without proper reason. You cannot defeat me! Even if you know everything there is to know about my abilities, there is nothing you can do once I engage you!"

"...Perhaps. But if I can figure that much out after one brief altercation, just imagine how much I'll learn as the battle proceeds."

"It will do you no good!" Kyo shouts as he whips his head over to the arm on his right. "Growth!" A red aura drips down from it this time. Kyo's muscles bulk up and his strength increases to an entirely new degree. "Prepare yourself...!"

"If I engage him carelessly, I'll be destroyed. Even if I know exactly what his abilities are, that won't help me once the battle resumes. I'll have to put everything out in order to win...!" A swift aura bursts around your body, gently swaying back and forth. "Juggernaut!" Your muscles quake in size and, in an instant, your Battle Power doubles from its previous state. Not even you knew that you were capable of bringing out such power.

You skid across the arena, treading straight towards Kyo with utmost caution. His two mechanical arms snap their fingers in a similar fashion as before and then extend from Kyo's back and race toward you.

The distance closes. You brace yourself for the inevitable, and exactly as planned, the two claws pierce through your skin fiber. You scream in agony, eyes held shut, and attempt to grab the arms that are digging into your skin. Unsurprisingly, no contact is made. Even your sense of pain has slowed down. To the audience, it must appear as if you are screaming multiple seconds after his attack has already retreated.

Kyo sends his two arms after you, but in an attempt to escape, you perform constant leaps backwards, careful not to use the Speed Blitz as of yet. It's best if Kyo doesn't know the extent of you max speed for now. Thankfully, you safely make it away from the arms, but find yourself at the edge of the arena.

"****! It's now or never!" The arms rapidly approach you, now just over ten feet away. You take in a deep breath. "Speed Blitz X2!" You race across the edge of the entire arena, staying at a safe distance of ten feet away from the mechanical claws. Kyo whips his head back and forth, clearly unable to even see your trace. He's outmatched. "RHA!" Your entire fist caves into Kyo's face, blasting him across the ring at incomprehensible speed. "As I thought. As long as I stay ten feet away from his left claw, my senses won't be impaired."

Near inches from hitting the beryl grass, the two of Kyo's mechanical claws dig into the pavement at the corner of the ring. His body snaps dangerously, but is safely held still. You grapple your chest in pain, feeling the pain from his attacks starting to catch up to you.

Kyo's arms lift him back onto the ring. With the help of his mechanical arms, Kyo is hovering above the arena with both claws dug into the ground. Blood is leaking down from his bruised lip and it's clear that his nose is broken--again.

"Cure." Looking at the right arm, Kyo murmurs.

"Not this time. Speed Blitz X3!" You zap in front of Kyo and uppercut him in the jaw, blasting him into the skies. A mouthful of red saliva collapses onto the ground just next to you. Kyo flips around in the air and screams down curses of hatred. It appears that you were moving so fast he couldn't comprehend the attack coming. Due to the plain and simple fact that your speed doesn't slow down, no matter how slow your senses are, your pace will remain the same.

"F*** YOU!" Kyo screams. A black aura rains down from the right arm and surrounds his body. "Curse!" A shiver runs down your spine. Something is strange about this aura around him.

"Still, as long as I prepare all of my attacks before getting in within ten feet of that arm, my attack will go through at full force. With the differences in our abilities, you have no chance in hitting me with anything!"

"We'll see about that, trash!"

You blitz backwards just as Kyo lands, assuring that he can't unleash whatever he has in store for you. "He's far slower than me, and his strength doesn't even compare," you quietly whisper. "But one wrong move and I'll be caught in his trap. I have to finish this before he gets the opportunity to cast anything else...!"

Just then, Kyo grips his head, nails sharp and at the ready, and begins scratching himself wildly. Skin is carved off from his face, causing a sickening amount of blood to shoot out of his pores. He screams in pain but refuses to stop. "AHHH! AGH! It's...IT'S OVER!"

"What the Hell is he doing...!?"

Kyo runs his bloody nails over his eyes and with no concern for himself, rips off the skin over his eyelid. The blond roars in pain, now repetitively slicing his own face apart. Confused and afraid, the announcers are silent. Same goes for the audience.

"Haaa...." Breathes Kyo, heavily. You can't help but gag. You've seen gruesome deaths before, but what he's doing right now takes the cake for the most disgusting act of all time. His clean shaven skin from before is now peeled off, blood dripping down from it, and his eyes are pitch black. Combine that with his damaged face and it appears as if a dark omen has possessed him. "You've reaaaally done it now. Awakening...him." That same dark aura from before is far more prominent now. Something has drastically changed.

Breaking your promise from earlier, you click the Scouter over your eye and it scans the man thoroughly. "Zero," his Battle Power reads. "Just what is going on...?"

"Curse." Instantly, a dark shade hovers over the entire ring, blocking the sunlight and drips of rain. The molecules in the pavement melt away and it feels as if the ground can shatter to pieces any second now. Your heart thuds louder and louder, to the point where it feels as if the organ will burst from within. "Slowly, but surely, every living being will die. It starts within this ring, but will soon spread throughout all of East City and beyond. Time for forfeiting has long passed. Because of you, everybody and everything will cease to exist. You have ten minutes to live." The seemingly possessed Kyo grimly speaks, his voice far deeper than before.

You drop down to your knees and grip your chest, unable to control the organ hiding underneath, and cringe. "This pain...AGH!" The pressure from within is only increasing. "I have to end this...before my heart...but how? My's fading."

How will you counterattack against Kyo?

A) Go for the right claw and destroy it. It's the one supplying this 'Curse' power, so if it's destroyed, this will all end.
B) Go for the left claw and destroy it. You need to be able to engage and defeat Kyo in close quarters before time runs out.
C) Go for Kyo's body. To go as far as tearing his own face apart, he must be desperate. A few more blows and he'll collapse.
D) Run in close and use Super Explosive Bomber. Annihilate him in one last attack.
E) Let go of control over your body and allow Ryuki to take over.
F) Other?
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