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Author's Chapter Notes:
B Wins.
After exiting the elevator, you greet the Autopsy Scientist goodbye and begin browsing Valkyrie's halls. Suddenly, a thought comes into your head. A unique one. "The Red Ribbon Army..." You say to yourself quietly. "I wonder how some of those guys are doing. More importantly, I wonder what they're actually doing."

You silence yourself as a pack of wild guards smash through the empty halls. It appears the Forte is finally waking up. You see Rem in the distance keeping to himself, still on the Computer working as if his life depended on it. What a troublesome life he lives.

"I could always contact old ties at the Red Ribbon Army. I can give them information to support them and maybe get information in return!" You brightly converse in your head. "Still though...What about Rem? Forte Valkyrie? The Freeborn Military? Perhaps it isn't right to do this. I have little reason to return to the Red Ribbon Army as of now. I'm content here at the FBM." You continue walking down the now crowded halls until you reach your room. You swipe your Commander Key Card and it opens in style. Once you enter, you notice a bed sitting in the corner. Man that looks comfy.

"Still though..." You begin aloud once again, "It technically isn't betraying the FBM if I don't give any real information. I might even get some very useful information in return if I play my cards right." You say to yourself while you take a seat beside the phone. Main line? No, it's best to use your Cell. Safer. You punch a few digits into your phone and an abrupt sound ignites from the speakers of your phone. Ring ring ring. Ring ring ring. The phone continues to ring on the other side. You didn't dial the main line to the RRA; a secret line for those in the Army with authority.

"Hello, this is the 'Yarmder Noribb', we are unavailable to get to the phone right now, please enter your 8 digit Security Key." A bot in the machine yells.

"Huh, what was my pin again?" You say to yourself as you begin entering a few digits in the phone. After you're done, you wait anxiously to see if what you entered was correct. It's been a LONG time since you used that line.

"Thank You for holding. Your call is important to us, Executive Kiryu." The box ends its transmission and a man picks up the phone.

"What's the only thing worse than Potatoes?" A deep voice quickly states.

"Saiyans, of course." You say in the phone with a smile.

"Hahaha, Executive Kiryu. It's been far too long. You oughtta give us a call every now and then."

"I wish I could. It's been busy..." You calmly reply, while reflecting on your current life.

"Still with the uh, Freeborn Military?"

"I am."

"Oh. Do you think you'll ever come back?" A small bit of emotion breaks out in that last sentence of his.

"I don't know about that, Hercule. As of now, I don't have any plans or desires to do so."

"That's a shame. We miss you around here."

"How could anyone not?" You joke.

"Hahaha, you know it. Still, you gotta keep in touch more next time. How long has it been anyhow?"

"Ahh...A long time. Perhaps even years. Time just feels as if it's slowing down. I can never catch a break."

"Look whose talking man. President Red is ordering..." He stops mid sentence.

"Ordering...?" You wonder.

"I can't tell you. That would be like, treason you know."

"I don't know. Would it be?"

You can hear a sigh through the phone. "Yeah...I wish I could keep you posted on everything but it wouldn't be right."

"It appears my intentions with this phone call are far from pure." You think to yourself.

"Uhh, Kiryu. You there?" He questions.

"Huh? Oh, right sorry. Hercule, let me ask you something."


"If giving information is wrong, would trading information be wrong as well?"

"Yes. Completely."

"I see. Forg-"

"Who said I wouldn't be willing to uh, do so?" He replies.


"Sharing a little blood between an old friend...It can't hurt anybody that badly? Don't go telling anybody in the high ups but i'm in charge of distributing news and gathering as much info as I can. If this can help, I don't see the harm."

"Well, that and answering phone calls. You're the most knowledgeable secretary I know." You taunt.

"Hey, I have you know that I've cooked up some pretty rotten criminals in MY day. There used to be this one guy named Majin Glue. He was something I tell you. I took him down with my crazy Martial Arts though."

"Heh, I see." (I'm sure that happened, you God damn liar). "So anyway..." You continue.

"Oh, right. Well, I'll tell you one thing because I fear for you. The Red Ribbon Army knows about the FBM's plan on attacking the Saiyan Empire and we WILL take action on the absence of the majority of your guys' army."

"What do you know of our plan on attacking the Saiyan Empire? And how?" You inquire.

"That it'll probably happen within two weeks before you all head out and that you plan on getting revenge on some Saiyans who attacked one of your Commanders."

Not exactly dead on, but he has a good idea. "Sounds about right. Continue, though..."

"Not so fast, Kiryu. I ain't gonna tell you anything more unless you cough up some information yourself."

"Hmm..." You think aloud.

1) Tell Hercule that Rem will be staying at Forte Valkyrie when we go attack the Saiyans.
2) Tell Hercule your battle strategy for attacking the Saiyans.
3) Tell Hercule a rough estimate of the Battle Powers all the Commanders hold.
4) Agree to ditch the FBM when everybody goes to war and go back to the Red Ribbon Army.


(Authors Note: Don't worry, not over yet. ;')

"Is that for real?" He says shocked.

"Have I ever lied to you?" You question.

"Hah, lets not go down that road. Still, I suppose I should hold up my end of the deal myself."

"Yes, you should."

"We have a Spy implanted inside of the Freeborn Military; Forte Valkyrie particularly. Quite a high rank too. So I've heard, haha."

Damn it! Is this for real? Being inside of the base can really threaten a lot of things. "I see. Who is this Spy?" You respond urgently.

"Can't say, man. Sorry, but you could easily kill him and we'd lose track of a lot of information. Be cautious, but let it be."

"How the HELL can I let it be?" You scream at Hercule, outraged. "Tell me who it is, now!" You continue to scream.

"I suppose I didn't give you enough information in return. I stand by what I said about not telling you who the Spy is, but I'll give you one more piece of information that may come in handy for you."

You don't respond. Just continue to wait for him to reveal it. Annoyance is written all over your face.

"The Red Ribbon Army. We have a bunker near your main base. You know, Valkyrie."

"A, bunker?" Shocked out of your mind, you respond slowly.

"Yes. The FBM needs to prepare for a ruthless attack from us. You guys don't know it, but we're already engaged in this battle. Rem, that's his name right? That guy is a poor leader. Come back to the Red Ribbon, Kiryu. You guys will smash into the Saiyan Empire with lots of destruction and we'll smash you. Who's gonna to win? An extremely weakened army that just got out of combat and is trying to come home, or a fresh army that is occupying your home? For old times sake, I don't want you to die. Just come back." He pleads.

"Go back to the bunker. What exactly is there!?"

"I won't go into details, but we've already started filling it with food, artillery, recovery items, and much more. Most of all, it links between the Red Ribbon HQ in an underground pathway so we can send troops to do a scissor attack against Valkyrie. Your leader, Rem, is so occupied with that uh, war against the Saiyans in two weeks that he's not looking at what's around him. He's being foolish."

"Thanks for the info, Hercule..." You quietly reply. Much is clearly on your mind.

"I should go now. I've fallen far behind on my uh, schedule and such. Keep in touch, Kiryu."

"Stay well, Hercule." You flip your phone shut gently. "Damn it, what should I do? Rem will freak if I tell him what I've done, but leaving this information to myself when I head out to war can screw the FBM over big time. Rem is doing so much preparation. Are we really this open for attack?"

You stand up and another thought strikes you. "The spy." You think to yourself. "A Spy is confirmed and they've been giving information to the Red Ribbon Army. A high rank also. S***, I can only think of that roommate of White. Another thing to note is that he's probably the perpetrator that killed that other General. Silver just fits it all so well.

You have a seat on your bed and suddenly it isn't so comfortable. Too much is on your mind for you to enjoy the small perks in life. "How the hell did a Spy even break in here though? Rem put so much work into it...How?"

You continue to think to yourself for what feels like hours until you come to a conclusion that you shall think of this later. "For now, it's best to act immediately. If the Red Ribbon Army knows of our attack, I imagine the Saiyan Empire does too. If I inform Rem of this, we might be able to leave sooner than expected and still make a preemptive attack. But how would I explain this to him? Perhaps I should just leave it all to myself..."

You stand up and feel sick to your stomach. Hunger? Perhaps lack of sleep. Whatever it is, it's taking its toll on your body. You decide what you should do.

A) Tell Rem of everything that went down with you and Hercule on that phone call. Be honest.
B) Tell Rem of everything that went down with you and Hercule on that phone call. However, don't include that you gave him any information.
C) Forget about it. Some things are better left unsaid.
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