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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

Hm, gotta be careful. Could be really weak, or decently strong.

D Stay cautious, but not overtly defensive due to time limits. Let him make the first move and gauge its power. If possible, tank a couple regular strikes, and attempt to let him get close and simply choke hold him into unconsciousness. Be VERY careful not to apply a large amount of pressure, in case he's actually weak (don't want to end him or we're disqualified), but just enough to counter any resistance. Start off with weak pressure, and add as necessary. Kiryu isn't perfect at holding back much, but I'm sure he can (considering he entered a no kill tournament to begin with, I'm sure he can do this much at least.)

If he tries to keep distance and disqualify us, use necessary amount of speed to catch and knock him unconscious.
If tries to fly the whole time like that other guy said, we MIGHT have to use the technique to grow our arms to catch him

If he pulls any secret techniques, then try to dodge and basically go with C just in case it could hurt us.
You glare at Lind Thrasher and begin to raise your Battle Power slightly. The referee signals the start of the match and Lind dashes towards you, going straight in for the kill. He raises one arm and smashes it into your guard, creating a burst of wind zap by as he does. Far from finished his assault, Thrasher continues to slam both of his knuckles into the guard you are covering yourself with.

Bruises begin to morph on each of your arms and the pain from his strikes grow. Your Scouter blinks and his power reads 41,720. Yet despite his far inferior Battle Power, each of his blows hold an incredible amount of weight behind them. Interesting.

You duck, avoiding a wide right hook. Taking advantage of his vulnerability, you smash a fist into his gut. He coughs up blood in pain, though this is simply the beginning. At max speed, your left fist crashes into his gut a whopping thirty seven times times before he falls to his knees.

Blood drips out of his eyes, most likely mixed in with tears from the pain. Comments of all kinds are spouted from the audience, many of them unable to even comprehend what just happened. "I won't...LOSE!" Lind kicks off the ground and does three back flips before falling on one knee again. "Ugh!" Puke spills from his mouth, which splatters all over the ring.

You declare, "The fight is over," while trekking towards him without loosening your guard. "Give up before you sustain irreversible injuries."

Lind manages to stand up and a white aura flares around him. "You're even stronger than the rumors say." He manages to make out in between pants. "But let me show you the reason why I qualified for the Top 8 at the 36th Tournament." Lind smacks both of his wrists together, fists closed, and the aura from earlier wraps around his hands, growing in size with each second.

Your Scouter beeps frantically as his Battle Power explodes in height. "Ooh?" You relinquish your guard completely and merely stand across from him with a purple aura fluttering about.

"White Lightning!" Thrasher roars and his aura from earlier forms into a beam, blasting towards you at incredible speed. Lind's attack engulfs your entire body and explodes on contact. Smoke burrows from the area as members of the audience cough as they lay low in the ground, hoping that the horror is over.

"Am I alive?" One of them mutters.

"No, I don't think so." Somebody else responds.

Lind falls onto one knee and raises an arm into the air, sweating wildly. "Victo-", he begins before stopping abruptly. You form in front of him without so much as a dribble of blood anywhere to been. Somehow, in the midst of tanking Lind's attack, you managed to put up a superior aura to block out all damage from his attack which protected even the clothes around you.

Thrasher cringes in pain as your fingers crunch his neck, but you show the fighter mercy due to his decent performance, and merely toss him from the ring. He hits the ground in pain, unable to move from his position.

"Victory to Kiryu!" The judge yells after a few stutters. The crowd around cheers diligently, thoroughly enjoying the battle. You step down from the ring and two more fighters are called forward.

"Hey man, good fight." One of the spectators speaks up with his arms folded in a defensive manor. "Glad you aren't the type to go overboard when in a battle."

"Who says I'm not?" You bark back in a cold and ruthless tone. He backs off immediately afterwards, most likely from fear of having such a powerful man angered.

You have a seat in the corner once again, putting your head down to get some rest. Perhaps using Absolute Safeguard to show your superiority over him wasn't a good idea. Dodging the attack would have been easier. "Oh well."

After about an hour, you are called into the ring once again. Unfortunately, the man you were supposed to fight didn't show up. The referee had you wait for five minutes while they looked for him, but once he was confirmed to have left the stadium, you were given the win. What a bore.

The group of spectators who were watching your fight claimed that he told them he was forfeiting because of his opponent. Whether or not it actually happened that way is unknown, but it hardly matters. With that, round 2 of the Preliminary Games were completed.

By this time, the numbers in the room had dramatically decreased. There were over 400 competitors before, but now this place is barely breaking 100, if that much. Fortunately, due to the less amount of fighters in this place, you get called up much quicker for the third round.

As you approach the ring, a near giant appears to be standing in the middle of the arena. The man has his black hair with grey strands tied up in a bun, no shirt or shoes, and ripped green shorts with stains all over them. To be frank, he looks like a bum who walked in off the street. But with bulging muscles, mixed in with a height that is well over fifteen feet, he has potential to be quite a fighter.

You step up into the arena and glare at the beast. He smiles back at you. "Number 194 and Number 316, I want to see a clean fight. That goes specifically for you, Number 316! One more 'strike' and I'll have you disqualified!"

"Shut that fat hole in your face, boss. Before I rip it out. Sound goooood?"

"Hmm?" You think, gazing at the giant. "He must have obliterated his earlier opponents if the judge has reason to disqualify him. Maybe I'll get a smidgen of enjoyment out of this battle."


With one giant step, Number 316 is already in front of you. "Say bye bye!" He smacks his giant arm in your own, whipping you to the ground. You roll over and slide to the edge of the arena, but before you are able to stand up and regain composure, the beast is already standing in front of you. He claps his hands on your body and lifts you into the air, throwing you out of the ring immediately afterwards.

"Ha!" You shoot two blasts of Ki onto the ground, holding you in mid air, and blast back into the ring with a spiral. Number 316 looks shocked as you flip towards him before crashing one leg into his skull.

"Whaaaa!" He roars, grabbing onto his head in pain and falling to his knees.

You land across from him and shoot a generic Ki blast in his face, blowing him out of the ring. He crashes onto the ground and rolls over in pain. "Ring out! Victory to Number 194!" In preparation to head back to your seat in the far corner of the room, you turn around and walk out of the arena.

"No!" The beast calls as he stands up. "I DIDN'T LOSE! NO! NO! NO!" He continues to roar, now sprinting towards you. "NO! I WON'T HAVE IT!"

"Quiet, trash." An orb of Ki instinctively forms in your claws and you whip it at the buffoon, ripping through his entire stomach. "Crap!" He falls onto the ground and his body shutters for a brief instant before all movement stops, blood flowing out of the hole in him.

"..." The judge stares at you in awe. "Is he dead?"

Somebody runs up to the beast and feels his pulse, nodding grimly. "No heartbeat."

"Head Judge! We need you!"

The man who spoke the rules to all of the contestants earlier confirms the death of Number 316 before insisting that somebody cleans up the mess. The referee in charge or your match walks over and the three of you engage in conversation.

"I'm afraid that we have no choice but to disqualify you."

"Actually, I think you do." You respond quickly. "Earlier you said that one cannot kill their opponent. This man was not my opponent. The match was over. He was just a villain trying to attack me in the back."

"That's true," the referee in charge of the match insists, clearly in favor of you not being disqualified.

"You raise a good point. Very well, Number 194. You will advance to Round 4 and we will continue as if that abomination never existed." You smile faintly and the Head Judge turns back to the referee of Ring #4. "Get back to the matches. We have a deadline."

"Yes, sir!"

And with that, the battles continued. The number of participants dropped down to an even 64 at the end of Round 3, but the difficulty failed to increase. Trying not to waste any time, you instantly blitzed towards your next opponent and knocked him out in one blow. How he managed to get to Round 4 while being weaker than all of your earlier foes is a mystery to you.

The round ended, now only 32 fighters left in this room. Now onto Round 5, the Judges decided to take a brief break since they were ahead of schedule. All of the other rooms were only on Round 4, so time was not of the essence for this group.

With the amount of people greatly decreased, you survey the remaining fighters. Three of these fighters will accompany you in the Top 16, so it might be best to finally get an idea on where they rank in comparison to you. There are only three more rounds in the Preliminary Games, so three of them will also be unfortunate enough to have to compete against you. It would be quite depressing to make it this far, only to be crushed in the end.

"Alright!" The Head Judge barks as he and four other judges walk into the room with their stomach's full. "We will be resuming the Preliminary Games in five minutes. Be prepared for when you are called."

"Finally," you whisper to yourself.

"Yeah, 'finally' indeed." Somebody responds to your comment. You peak your head up to see an unfamiliar face. The man is of average height for a Human male, has spiky blond hair with two strands dropping down his forehead, and has been blessed with baby smooth skin. Two gold piercings are hooped through his thin ears. Currently, the blond is wearing a black long sleeve shirt, with a yellow wristband on his right hand. He is wearing dark blue jeans that sag down into his stylish, black and yellow shoes. As opposed to many of the other competitors at this tournament, the blond man is quite small and seemingly frail. Though you have a feeling that he is one of the few in this room that might actually be worth his salt.

"And you are?"

"You don't know who I am? I'm insulted!" His tone has a rather sarcastic attitude that comes along with it, which is quite bothersome. "I am the one and only Chief Executive Kyo Yamada. One of the Red Ribbon Army's most well known and renowned employees. Perhaps a mere Ex-Executive like yourself just never ranked up enough to learn-"

"Is there a reason you're talking to me?" You interrogate, cutting the man off.

Truly offended, Kyo smacks his forehead and begins whispering to himself. After what appears to be hours, the blond Red Ribbon Army employee removes his hand from his face and glares at you with his blue eyes. "Hyaha. Silly child. You better address me with respect or I may not be able to contain myself when we fight in the Top 16. I'll slaughter you in front of thousands of people."

"What makes you so sure that we won't fight before that?"

"Because we're in different brackets, of course." Now that you think about it, you didn't go over and check any of the brackets at the back wall. You just waited until you were called. "A traitor like you doesn't deserve to step foot in this city. Trash. You disgust me."

"Say that again. I'm begging you." You bark, standing up to confront the blond, who is still holding a sly grin on his ugly face.

"Didn't you hear me the first time? Oh, I see. You must be deaf as well as stupid. Kiryu, I told you very clearly that garbage like you doesn't deserve to be alive, let alone set foot in a magnificent city such as this. Go lie in a ditch and die, trash."

You smash your fist into his lip and he's pushed back with a cut lip. "We don't have to wait until we're in the big arena. I'll kill you right now."

"Hey! Break it up!" The Head Judge roars from across the room. "There will be no more fighting outside of designated matches. That goes double for you, Number 194!"

Kyo grins in your face. "Guess you better listen to the boss, eh. Hyaha." He turns around and slowly walks towards one of the arenas, leaning back on one of them. "I'll be waiting for you, kid."

"Hmph. I'll crush that fool when we meet again."

"Number 31 and Number 194 please report to Ring #3!" yells the Head Judge as he tosses his head back and forth in search for the next batch of contestants. You walk forward and lift your right leg up onto the arena, stepping into it first. No opponent is in the ring, however. Furthermore, after taking a brief search around the room, there doesn't appear to be any of the remaining fighters stepping forward. "Alright you two, I want a clean fight. Congratulations to the both of you for making it all the way into Round 5, but the real challenge starts here. With only three more battles in the Preliminary Games, there shouldn't be a single easy challenge. Now begin!"

"Wait, my opponent isn't here yet!" You bark, still not seeing anybody around. The Head Judge stares into your cool iris's but doesn't say a word. "Wait a second, is my opponent already here? I can't see anybody though!" Your mind races for an instant, but all thoughts are broken as a fist caves into your jaw. "Caugh!" Blood is shot out of your mouth and you drop down to the ground in pain.

"Your opponent is G. Myst." Somebody from the crowd mutters. You peak your head up from the ground and look at one of the few spectators eyeing this match. "Possibly the most frightening fighter in our Division. The reason being is that he's an invisible man who can't even be sensed."

"Peh," red spit shoots out of your mouth and onto the floor outside of the arena. "Is that so?" With a bit of effort, you push your legs up off the ground and harness a cool aura of Ki around your figure.

After a swift burst of wind, a figure morphs in the middle of the arena with bright blue, spiky hair. Myst is wearing a dark blue cloak and white bandages around his arms and legs. The majority of his face is covered by a black bandanna that ties into a cape of the same colour that hangs down his back.

Immediately responding to his return, you click your Scouter to get a read on him. It beeps back in your ear, "Error! Error! Error! Inanimate objects do not hold a Battle Power."

"What the hell?" You mutter.

"Weren't you listening? I can't be sensed in any way, shape, or form." A grey aura surrounds the edges of his body and he begins to fade away once again. "Myst Body." Instantly, the man vanishes once again.

"How is he doing-Ugh!" Interrupting your train of thought once again, a gut wrenching fist is launched into you. A wild right straight in swung by you, but it hits nothing but air. "How am I supposed to hit an opponent who I can't see, hear, or scout? This is nonsense!"

A powerful left elbow bashes into your cheek and you're sent blasting into the ground in pain. This man is powerful. You grapple onto the core of the ground and flip yourself up, only to be met by a shocking blast to your stomach. "Urgh!" You skid back a few feet by the power of an invisible beam that had no trace at all. "Show yourself, coward!"

Myst reappears just behind you, and almost instantly, you smack your elbow into his gut. To your surprise, the attack fades right through his body. An Afterimage! A powerful kick smacks into your jaw and you're sent flying out of the arena at an incredible speed.

Before hitting the ground, two balls of Ki form in each of your palms, doubling in size as you smash them together. "Wipeout Wave!" The beam hits the floor and you're propelled back into the center of the ring, still damaged from his hit. A devilish sensation creeps up on you, but nothing is in sight.

"Climate Control!" You hear his voice calmly command from the peak of the arena. You whip your head up to see that there is still nobody to be seen. Angry at this, you throw a barrage of Ki blasts into the sky at a relentless speed. Your Ki level begins to drain, and shockingly, not even a single blast appears to touch the competent foe.

The area around begins to freeze, resulting in you falling to your knees. Looking over to your arms, ice is beginning to form on each of your joints. Your breathing becomes rapid and intense, the sudden blast of cold weather assaulting your body.

"What is th-th-this feeling?" You stutter, clenching your arms all the while, losing the ability to speak as well.

Another gust of wind burrows in the sky, and Myst forms back into reality. He gently floats down and touches the arena with his pointy black shoes. "Your body isn't responding to your commands now, is it?" Myst asks gently, taking note that you're barely able stay up on your knees. "Your Ki level is dropping and it's growing more and more difficult to keep your eyes open as well, correct?"

"15 seconds remaining." The Head Judge barks. "If Number 194 is unable to stand up during that time, this match will go to Number 31!"

"I won't ha-have it. Not like th-th-th-this." You cringe, barely able to speak now.

"You don't have a choice in the matter." Myst replies, claiming victory for himself.

"NO!" You rip up from the ground and stand tall with ice shells dripping down from the joints on your arms. Laughter begins to taunt you from within the deepest circle of your mind, bringing your rage to its peak. "Urgh! ENOUGH!" Myst's eyes widen in shock as your body grows in size and your Battle Power explodes through the roof. "HAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Roaring with all of your might, the scream booms and echoes throughout the entire stadium. Everybody freezes in shock and turns over to find out what exactly is transpiring. A gigantic aura forms around your body, quaking the ground around you.

"Impossible!" Myst snaps.

Your arms bulge in size as you continue to scream, power still rising at an incredible rate. "Super Explosive Bomber!" A massive explosion of Ki bursts around your body and engulfs the entire arena. Out of the corner of your eye, the Head Judge jumps from the ring and ducks for cover. All of the windows in the room shatter into pieces, followed by the walls protecting this room from the outside world collapsing. Unable to stop, your screams continue to echo across the stadium. Myst screams in pain as he throws his arms up in front of his face, the blast overwhelming his entirety. An insurmountable aura erupts from deep within your core and finally unleashes itself upon the world.

Smoke blinds you for an instant until it finally rises to the ceiling, showing the transformed state of the tournament arena. The entire ring has been obliterated, leaving not a trace of evidence for its existence. Myst is currently lying on the ground without an inch of movement, blood dripping from the cuts that are forming over his body.

The Head Judge peaks his head up from the gravel that has buried him and looks at the two contestants in fear. "Victory to Number 194..." He coughs a bit and stands up, whispering to himself, "Thank God that's over."

Nearly completely drained of Ki, you collapse to the ground and revert back to your base form, unaware when exactly you transformed into it. Panting heavily, you mutter with joy, "Haaaa...That'll teach you not to anger me."

New Move Acquired: Super Explosive Bomber. By expending a great portion of Kiryu's Ki, he can muster up an incredible force around his body that multiplies his max power by 1.5X.

"We're going to take a short break while we repair the damages in the room." The Head Judge announces. "Please be patient, as this process shouldn't take longer than thirty minutes. The repairmen are on their way as I speak. Until we resume, you are all free to do as you please. I apologize for the inconvenience."

What should Kiryu do while waiting?

A) Head over to one of the other Stadiums to survey their top fighters.
- Choose: "A-F" / "M-S" / "T-Z"
B) Have a nap. The next battle might be tough, so a power nap can recover more Kiryu's Ki.
C) Leave the Stadium and explore East City for a short while.
- Anything in particular you want to do/look for?
D) Stay here and chat among the other competitors.
E) Contact the FBM and/or Piccolo to see if anything of interest has transpired.
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