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Author's Chapter Notes:
C Wins.
"Despite being inferior in speed, my Speed Blitz Inflation's have proved to be very useful against him." You analyze under your breath. "If I can keep the speed advantage, I should be able to slowly peck at him until he's worn out. Ideally, that is."

"Are you finished over there?" Pitou laughs, grinning.

"I'll make you regret your very existence once I'm finished with you."

"Hohoho. Intriguing." Pitou zaps in front of you and begins bombarding your chest with a multitude of lightning speed jabs. Sweat beads boil off the tip of his forehead but his relentless assault is far from over. Each blow sends a minor shock running through your veins, freezing you for an instant, just long enough for him to get another attack in.

Spit shoots out of your mouth as Pitou smashes his knuckles into your iron jaw, launching you into the skies. He follows up by teleporting behind you and slamming an elbow into your back. A jolt of pain spews throughout the entirety of your body as soon as his thrust makes contact and you feel a rip tear apart from the core of your spine.

In pain, you scream in agony and crash into the bloody soil with a bang. Pitou floats in the air with electric sparks buzzing around his exterior with a sly smirk.

Quickly, you make your way to your feet. The pain appears to have subsided for the moment, likely due to the fact that Giants have a natural born talent at withstanding pain. "Speed Blitz X3!" Your body vanquishes from space and time until warping back into this dimension, now behind Pitou.

A powerful roundhouse kick is delivered to the side of his head, bashing into him at full force, blasting the warrior into the ground. Instantaneously, his body disperses from the floor and reappears across from you. A bombardment of Ki blasts are sent your way, which you decide to dodge completely.

Without much effort, you blitz right through his sloppy blasts until you reach him. Pitou whips out a stealthy punch, but is predicted and hits nothing but air. He grunts in embarrassment. A loud thud is heard as both of your clenched fists smash down into his skull.

"Kah!" Blood spews out of Pitou's mouth and his head snaps forward. Not giving him any time to rest, you knee him in the gut repetitively. Realizing that he is slowly recovering, you make a swift escape with the help of your Speed Blitzing technique.

Pitou gawks his head up from a previous feeble position and searches the area for you. Meanwhile, you circle around the fool in an attempt to throw him off guard so that you can land another series of ruthless attacks in.

Like a raven eyeing its prey, you blast at Pitou from above with Ki filled in your palms. "I'll finish him with this!" Suddenly, you are grounded to a halt, still mid-air. "Wha!?" The fierce foe glares at you with one palm holding the entirety of your fist.

Pitou jams a lengthy Ki Sword into your gut and it pierces directly through you. Blood drips out of your mouth despite your attempts to hold every ounce in. "I think I finally understand the depths of your speed. The tricky thing about Inflation Ki is that due to the amplified attribute wavering up and down, it makes deciphering the exact increase far more difficult than it needs to be."

"AGH!" His Ki Sword is pulled from your body and you slowly descend from the skies until falling to the ground. "Da-, ugh." Blood spills from your mouth and leaks all over the ground. "No, I won't...I can't lose here!" You push yourself up and stand tall once again.

You waver back and forth for a moment before adjusting yourself fully. Your vision blurs in and out, but eventually manages to stabilize. Pitou is now standing straight across from, still as conceited as ever.

"So this is why Rem..." Pitou mutters to himself before trailing off and flaring his aura up once again. "With your trump card finally overcome, what will you do, Kiryu?"

"Heh." You joyfully snicker. "Recover." An aura of Ki surrounds your body and begins aiding the wounds that have been inflicted on you. "UGH!" A massive shock erupts inside of you and you fall straight on your face, Pitou now standing right above you. He pulls his elbow back from an offensive position and kicks you on the ground violently.

"Don't think for a second that I'll let you heal in the midst of battle. Idiot!" He kicks you again, causing red fluids to continue to shoot out of the hole in your face. Pitou delivers one final kick to your face and you are sent flying across the completely destroyed room. Unable to do much, you skid across the ground, leaving a trail of blood behind.

Sight leaves you completely. Darkness is all that you can see. It's surprisingly peaceful for a moment until laughter breaks out within your mind. Are you unconsciously laughing at Pitou? You wonder. No, that isn't it. Ryuki is laughing at you. He was tucked away for so long that you almost forgot that he resides within you.

"It's time that I've ended this," Pitou barks bluntly. Vision momentarily returns and you see him kneeling over beside Echo, his hand wrapped around the Commander's throat. "Thief." He mutters, absorbing the only useful technique his former comrade, Echo, has to offer him. Seconds afterwards, Echo soars across the room and lands several meters behind you. An orb of Ki generates inside of Pitou's palm and he aims it at the two of you. "Electric Bust."

A beam of electricity fused with Ki blasts from Pitou's hand jets towards you both. Forgetting all of your wounds, you push yourself up and struggle to maintain form, still unable to see anything. Your Scouter beeps frantically until your left eardrum pops and nothing can be heard anymore.

"ENOUGH!" A purple aura swarms around your exterior as an Absolute Safeguard takes shape. Echo, directly behind you, remains still on the ground. Pitou's Electric Bust smashes into your arms folded over your chest and pushes you back several feet. You roar, attempting to throw the blast to the skies.

The electricity quakes around and within your body, but somehow, you manage to whip the blast into the air. Not losing force, Pitou's beam separates itself from his hand and travels into outer space at an unstoppable speed. Your Ki levels drops down to less than 20% immediately upon releasing the damage accumulated from Pitou's Electric Bust.

Smoke clears from the area and you stand tall, blood dripping from your entire body. "Is he for real?" Pitou wonders, now uncertain of his own abilities.

"Haaa...Haaa..." Splashes of blood hit the soil beneath you. "Don't even think for a second...That I'll let you harm another one of my Comrades...!"

Despair is the only conceivable emotion painted on Pitou's cold face. "You could barely even stand! How is it even possible that you managed to survive my most powerful attack!?"

"Heh heh. You had an entire year to come up with a good finisher, and a weak ass attack like that is all you could come up with?" You mock, surprisingly lively. "Face it, Pitou. You cannot defeat me!"

"Heh. That's cute. I used to have a heart...But the queen has been overthrown!"

Pitou's eyes peer down to a piece of scrap metal directly below him. He clutches his dirtied dress shirt and rips it off, throwing it to the ground. All around his arms are a multitude of Electric Bracelets, similar to the ones you recently came in contact with. That's it! He's been using Manipulation Ki and stealing the power of those Electric Bracelets in order to gain the power to freely use lightning attacks. On his chest, just over the man's heart, is a gigantic scar that is certainly not something he received in battle.

Depression scatters across the area, disintegrating the bits of life left in the soil around. Pitou looks at you with emptiness. He truly has lost the ability to experience any feelings of happiness.

"That scar..."

"Haven't you heard?" A tint of sadness was fused within his diabolical tone. "I was once a slave for a very influential man in the Red Ribbon Army. For nineteen years, all I knew was pain. They branded me with this scar as a child so that I would never forget that I would always be theirs. But then I met Rem, and he saved me from this life. Told me that one day I would be able to make the man that ruined my life - 'Pluto' - pay. Five years flew by and I never did get the vengeance I so desired. It's time that I take my life into my own hands and take everything from the monster that...Heh." Pitou sighs heavily, clenched fists abundantly clear, and ends his rant. "So when I say that me taking your life isn't personal, you know I'm telling the truth, Kiryu. All of you."

You spit blood on the ground, finally catching your breath once again. That short monologue by Pitou came at the perfect timing. "We would've helped you, you know." You crack your neck and begin walking towards him.

"No, you could never have helped me." Sparks are manipulated around Pitou once again. "Nobody could."

Both of you launch at one another and an epic brawl begins. The adrenaline from combat against a more powerful opponent is the only thing keeping you standing at this point in the battle. Pitou knocks you back with a right straight, but this one felt different than all of the rest. No electricity.

You retaliate by bashing your skull into his own. He groans, but still manages to elbow you in the gut. Once again, there isn't even the slightest hint of electricity in his attacks. You gaze deep into his soul while swaying to the side, barely avoiding one of his strikes. He's severely weakened.

With nothing but instincts ruling your every movement, your right knee crashes into his gut. You follow up by back handing him across the face. His head snaps to the side but he regains composure and places his palm over your stomach. A rippling sensation is felt and you are blasted backwards by a full powered Repel.

Blood sheds out of another fatal wound and you collapse on the ground. Your vision dissipates completely. Not thinking about it for even a second, you leap up once again and blast forward.

Pitou is a master con artist. No doubt he's crucially damaged from your earlier assault, along with Echo's wild swings at his gut. You are unsure on whether or not he doesn't have enough Ki to Manipulate the Artificial Electricity surrounding him, or if he has lost his focus due to being so weakened and is therefore unable to do so. But whatever the answer it is, only you benefit from it!

"Caugh!" Pitou shoots out blood and falls to his knees. You roar like a dragon and kick him straight in the jaw. The crack from it shattering explodes throughout all of Valkyrie. Pitou skids across the ground on his back. Momentarily after coming to a halt, he begins shaking subtly. You did it. He's frozen in place from the direct attack against his jaw.

"RHAAAA!" You charge forward, each leg crashing into the ground and digging deep into. Two more arms rip out of your spine and they all begin spreading backwards and growing in volume. "This is the end!"

Pitou eyes you in complete and utter fear, unable to do anything but imagine what is coming next.

You sprint towards Pitou with all six arms at the ready, sweat sprinkling down your forehead. It plunders from the sky and disperses upon contact with the ground, sending shivers down your opponent's spine. Fear is drawn all over Pitou's face, but he is simply unable to retaliate. His hands shake - much less subtly than before - and finally his left hands breaks free from his bodily shock.

Pitou thrusts his movable palm forwards and electricity quakes all around it. In the instant he does this, you arrive in front of him with your arms stretched back. Pitou's energy dies down and his palm drops to the floor prematurely. He cringes, knowing that this is going to be the end. All six gigantic arms of yours magnify in size and you roar at the top of your lungs, "Giant Bulldozer!"

"NO!" Pitou gasps. Your arms launch forward, closing the distance between your knuckles and his loathsome face, but inches before impacting him, freeze still. In pain, you drop down to your knees and roar with sheer agony beckoning from your disrupted puffs of air. Pitou smiles faintly, still nearly completely immobilized from your earlier attack.

Blood spills out of your wounded back, splashing wildly over the soil beneath you. "No...Not now!" All four of your extra arms are immediately withdrawn. You attempt to reach around to your back with your remaining arms, but quickly feel another jolt of pain that sends a shock up the core of your spine. The stitches from your battle with Turles have fully torn apart, leaving the wound exposed to all around it. With no container managing the injury, blood simply leaks out of the gaping hole as if you had no skin at all.

Pitou stands up. He grin psychotically as weak forms of lightning surge around his body, fueled from the Electric Bracelets he has wrapped around his arms. It appears that he has recovered enough to deliver at least a single lightning infested blow. "Fate is not on your side, Kiryu." He darts one of his five usable fingers forward and slams it against your temple. You feel a warm sensation buzz where his finger is, but are in far too much agony to do anything about it. "Farewell."

A gust of wind swipes by and blasts Pitou's finger to the side, causing his attack to pierce through your left shoulder. Compared to the pain from the stitches opening mid-battle, his attack is nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Pitou whips his head to the right to see a figure float in the air at complete ease. He has one arm, but does not appear to have any blood dripping from the wound.

Your vision blurs in and out as you study the figure, still unsure of who it is. Finally, Pitou grunts with a cold remark. "Rem..."

"Rem...Rem...Rem!?!?" You burst out, finally taking in the information. You struggle to regain your eyesight, but can only manage to make out his silhouette.

Rem floats down from his invisible plateau and smiles genuinely before sympathetically barking, "Pitou," in a soothing tone. His adversary, the former Commander, glares at Rem with an exhibit that could only be defined as hatred.

"Still moving, trash?" Pitou speaks in a somber tone.

"You are not an ascended being. Simply Manipulating the electrical appliances surrounding you only shows that you are unable to control the anger and aggression within you." Pitou snaps, waving his forward with a surge of electricity crackling from it. On cue, Rem's left leg is shattered to bits and he falls to the ground. "Kiryu," Rem speaks up again as if nothing had happened. "Pitou's powers and abilities are fictional. I have no doubt in my mind that you can overcome anything and everything that he throws at you. He could never be content with who he is so the fool attempted to steal everything away from other being's. Life; techniques; power; the list goes on. Pitou is comprised of a lack of self esteem and realism, forcing him to be envious of others. He feels that he has no choice but to steal from others, in fear that without doing so, he cannot live up to the expectations set for himself."

Pitou's eyes squint down at Rem as he stands tall, grappling down at the scar laid across his chest. "Quiet, old buffoon! Just SHUT UP!" With a wave of his hand, a piece of Rem's head implodes and falls to the ground.

Rem now turns to Pitou with sympathy. "Pitou, I understand why you are afraid. Fear is the stem of every action that you have ever taken." Pitou cracks his knuckles once more and electricity sparks around that designated area. "I cannot abolish your sins, nor can I heal your wounds. And I certainly cannot give you a sense of freedom. However!" You see sparks of electricity surging around Rem's body as Pitou prepares to end him in one final strike. "I can give you a sense of peace." Rem points his finger forward and a white light beams from the tip of it, invading Pitou's mind. Just as he does so, Pitou explodes in anger and grips his hand closed tightly. Every circuit within Rem's Bio-mechanical body snaps instantly and the leader of the Freeborn Military implodes instantaneously.

Pieces of Rem's body are scattered across the ground, his final chapter coming to a close. You gawk at the remainders of Rem, feeling a brutal thrust of negative emotions spur throughout your tired and aggravated mind. "R-Rem..." You continue to peer down at the ground where the man who took you in and saved your life lies scattered across the floor without an ounce of life left in him.

An aura flares around you, wild and untamed. You slowly turn towards Pitou who is grinning sadistically - feeling a sick and twisted form of pleasure - standing tall. "RHAAAA!" You blast yourself forward and smash your entire fist into his face, bending his nose back until it snaps out of place altogether.

Pitou drops to the ground in pain, giving you the opportunity to leap onto his body and pound his face in with all of your might. You bash your full fledged fists into him, each blow covering his entire face. Blood is sprayed in all angles out of him, more and more compiling around the ground with each monstrous strike thrown.

"Re-Ugh, Repel...Ugh, what is this...this feeling?" Pitou wonders as he attempts to launch you off of him with his new and improved Repel, but is somehow unable to pull himself together and unleash the attack. His head is smacked to the side again until he finally manages to blast you with a wave of air.

Your stomach ripples as Pitou Repel's you backwards, knocking you onto the ground. Your back aches in pain as blood drips out of the wound, but you are too enraged to give a damn about such a minor injury. Rem's death is on your conscience. If you weren't so incompetent, he wouldn't have had to save you. He would have remained up above and it would have never came down to this. "DAMN IT!" You roar, forming a Wipeout Wave in your hands.

"Idiot," Pitou mutters. Blood leaks off of the entirety of his face but he appears to still have enough strength to fight.

"HA!" You launch your blast forward, completely forgetting about Pitou's ability to knock it right back at you.

"Repel!" Pitou attempts to reflect the attack back at you, but strange thoughts flutter into his mind. "Why...Why am I feeling this way? Kiryu is my enemy! I will deflect his attack and wipe him out of existence!" The Wipeout Wave closes the distance but Pitou is still unable to use his attack. His hand is burnt and his entire structure is pushed back as he attempts to hold the blast in place long enough to Repel it. "Ah! S***!" He waves his hand up and barely manages to knock the blast into the skies.

Immediately upon doing this, you leap at him once again and begin delivering ruthless blows to his core. With enough of these detrimental attacks, his legs will give out and the battle will be yours! Pitou kicks upwards but you Speed Blitz in the blink of an eye, avoiding his stealthy attack completely.

As he begins to re-position himself, you vanquish and reappear behind him. Easily locating your movements, Pitou turns around and places his palm exactly where your head ends up. "Repel!" Nothing happens.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, you smash your fist into his gut. Pitou drops down to his knees and holds his stomach in pain. Your fist rumbles and you smash it into his skull, yelling "Earthquake" as you do it. Pitou's face caves in for a split second, prior to him firing into the soil beneath. His head is buried beneath it, but you give him no time to rest. To show this, you latch onto his leg and pluck him out of the ground like a potato. Your hand is pressed up against his bloody face and a beam fires out of it.

Pitou is pulled from your grip and bounces across the floor wildly. "This doesn't make sense!" He bewilderingly wonders. Still attempting to deceive you into thinking that he cannot lose, Pitou raises up tall, only to gasp in shock as he sees you sprinting towards him wildly. "Rem! Wha-, what did you do to me? I feel...different, but I don't understand why. What is going on here!?" Your fist jams into Pitou's gut with the speed of a triple Speed Blitz behind it. "UGH!"

You lift your right leg high and smack it across the core of his face. Pitou saves himself by back flipping on the ground, and jumping into the skies. "Lightning Whirlwind!" Electric sparks generate around your body, similar to how they did to Rem.

The fierce opponent closes his fist tight and millions of volts plunder into your core. "AHHHHHHHH!" You scream in pain, losing the adrenaline rush from earlier. The pain from your wounded back comes back at full force until you find yourself rolling over on the ground in pain.

Pitou floats in the skies with strident pose. "Rem, you fool. This 'pure' energy you have attempted to inject into my soul won't hold me back forever." One arm is stretched forward and an unusual amount of Ki ripples from it. Every ounce of energy in Pitou's body floods into this one arm. "Stand up, Kiryu. I want to look into that of soul of yours before I obliterate you."

Almost as if you are giving in to his demands, you grind yourself to your feet. Your Scouter beeps, allowing you to know exactly where Pitou is. Due to your vision being almost completely lost, the Scouter is the only reason that you are able to find him at this point.

A tense breeze blows across the destroyed area. You grab the Scouter, rip it off, and throw it to the floor. Now that you have located Pitou, knowing exactly how much Ki he is excreting is unnecessary. Rem knows that you can win. That man has never been wrong about anything, nor is he wrong about this.

You throw both of your arms above your head and aim them at Pitou. The remainders of your Ki is pushed into one last Wipeout Wave. Without a doubt, your attack is far inferior to whatever Pitou is forming.

"Ha! This is it, Kiryu!" Pitou ecstatically snaps. Due to all of the power pouring out of him, Pitou is forced to grapple his right arm to withhold the arteries within from bursting. "Know that you will die because you saved Echo and allowed me to steal his most destructive technique."

"You don't mean--!?"


"Ugh! Wipeout Wave!"

Both of your attacks collide into each other but yours is immediately overtaken and absorbed within the Blazing Storm. It plunders down from the skies, shadowing over your entire body. Pitou laughs maniacally from the skies, spouting something about how nobody is going to save you this time.

"I can't give up! Not YET!" All of your Ki and then some is pushed into your Wipeout Wave, holding Pitou's own beam in place for an instant. With him controlling well over 70% of the struggle, things aren't looking good at all for you, but at least death has been postponed for the moment. "Damn it! I don't have enough Ki left to use The Four Witches, and there is no way I'd be able to pull off a Recover in this situation! What should I DO?"

"Just die!" Pitou pushes his Blazing Storm forward and takes another large portion of the total volume of the struggle. "Good. With this, I'll--"

"HAAAAA!" You push your legs off from the ground and jump into the air, using your brute strength to push the blast back at Pitou, without losing grip on your own beam.

"No, not again!" Pitou shakes his head violently and begins losing his focus, allowing you to push forward and take advantage of the struggle. "I need to focus for just a moment. Rid these disgustingly pure thoughts from my mind and KILL HIM!" Despite his claims, the energy Rem implanted in Pitou's brain continues to interfere with his cruel thoughts.

"I...I can do this!" You ram right into Pitou so the two of you are face to face, barely five feet away now. The energy from Pitou's Blazing Storm may be far beyond your own, but due to his lack of proper control, you managed to overcome the distance. "Now I just have to...!" You attempt to pick up the base of your blast so that you can swing the entire thing directly into Pitou, but are unable to do so.

"Kiryu!" The wings on Pitou's back sprout and he begins waving them back and forth to push you back. Nothing happens. "I can't kill you," he admits in defeat. You look at Pitou in complete shock for the blink of an eye to see him relinquish hold over his Blazing Storm.



Smoke covers the entire area as Pitou falls from the skies with blood leaking out of his mouth, wounds covering his body. "So this is what peace of mind feels like. Heh. Perhaps this world isn't so bad after all..." He drops down to the ground with a thud and looks up into the air, seeing Kiryu collapse down himself. Pitou makes out a slight smile, finally content with his life.

You pull yourself up from the ground so that you are sitting on flat on your ass, noticing that Pitou is laying across from you. "I'm...alive?" You somehow manage to stand up, shaking all the while. By now, there are nearly half a dozen holes inside of you. On top of that, the combined power of two incredibly powered blasts just exploded in your face.

Darkness covers Pitou's body from your shape standing over him. He's...smiling. The first time you have ever seen a genuine smile on his face is when he lays on the ground without an inch of life left in him. That bastard. After everything that transpired, including his loss, he still got the last laugh in. You fall to your knees, completely out of energy.

"Pitou...what exactly happened to you in those last moments?" You ask the former Commander, but he doesn't answer. "Hmph." You fall down on your back, feeling the stress from all the wounds engrossing your thoughts. Most of them, that is.

Beads of sweat slide off of your temple, running just over your eyes. "Recover." An aura of healing Ki engulfs you. All of the exterior wounds begin to patch up, minus the gaping hole in your back. "You knew it would happen like this, didn't you, Rem?"

You sit up, rubbing your hair. It's messy after such a battle. Not only that, but there isn't a single structure standing on this floor. What exactly is holding the rest of this building up? You wonder about the laws of physics briefly, but quickly end those complicated thoughts. Even with your physical wounds healed for the most part, the mind is more than exhausted.

Looking to the side, you grab your Scouter from a few feet to the right. It's reattached to your face, allowing you to feel complete once again. Valkyrie was completely destroyed. Rem was killed. Who knows what happened to all the Commanders. All because of Pitou.

Yet despite this, you can't help but feel sorry for him. He was a fool, yes. However, after everything he went through during his sad and pathetic life, perhaps some of it was actually warranted. From his perspective, that is. "Pluto," you bitterly say to yourself, remembering the name of the man who indirectly did it all.

"Oh well." You stand up to your feet, still feeling weak. You brush off the dust accumulated during the battle and walk over to Pitou. You kneel over and carefully shut his eyes. "Stay down this time, alright?" You laugh a bit before walking over to Echo and slumming him over your shoulder.

"...What now?" You wonder, heading over towards the elevator and pressing the button. It still works! After the door opens, you walk into it and head to the second floor. After the elevator docks, you notice that nearly every piece of flooring has been destroyed. It'll be difficult to make it to the Medical Center with a walkway like this.

The sun shines brightly, blinding you for an instant. You peer up to the sky to see it smiling down on Valkyrie. "Thank you, Rem. For everything." You hear him respond proudly, acknowledging this moment as a necessary step for the future of the Freeborn Military. This brings a reassured smile upon you, the sun still beaming down brightly. It's finally over!

- 2 Achievement Points Unlocked. Current Points: 3.

- Kiryu's New Battle Power: 146,800

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