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Author's Chapter Notes:
B Wins.
"I'm sorry..." You mutter under your breath as a powerful aura floods under your feet. The ground around you shakes violently and begins to crack underneath you. "RHA!" You vanish from your position and reappear in front of Pitou with your entire arm stretched out. He shutters and his eyes snap open.

"What speed...!!!"

As this happens, Chi Chi turns around in shock and is greeted by an orb of Ki capable of destroying an entire city. She gasps, but is unable to do anything to stop it in her feeble position.

An explosion is heard as you smash your entire fist into Pitou's nose. It bends to the side and Pitou is sent flying into the ground down below. The floor is smashed to bits and Pitou blasts through it, crashing down on the first floor. Blood drips off of your fist as you pant heavily.

You look over to the side to see a gaping hole in the ground with smoke floating up to the ceiling. Crimson red has covered the area. All of the Generals around are gazing over there in shock, speechless. "Get out of here. All of you!" You roar. "You'll only get in the way at this point."

Just as you finish your sentence, Pitou blasts up from below with a look of turmoil written all over his facial exterior. He floats above you and whips both of his arms to the side. "Fine...It's better this way. I now have the privilege of taking Battle Commander Kiryu's life when he's actually serious."

All of the Generals scatter about, leaving General Chi Chi face down on the ground, next to the former General Hugo. "Good. I'll be able to get serious now that it's just the two of us." You take a deep breath and turn to your left. "Your death won't be in vein, Chi Chi!"

"Is that so?" Pitou says sarcastically. He lands on the ground, the hole in the ground separating the two of you. "Fighting for another's sake. How pathetic." Pitou disappears and you are unable to locate him until a grip is held firm over your neck. "The real Hell starts now."


"Ugh!" Commander Echo coughs as he rolls over, blood spilling out of his mouth. He grasps the center of his stomach and roars in pain, tears rolling out of his slanted eyes. "PITOOOOUUUUUUU!!!" Echo slams his fists into the ground and pushes himself up, now on his knees.

His hands shake in distress as he inserts it straight into his stomach. Pitou's attack pierced straight through his body, leaving not a trace of skin. In pain and agony, Echo drops down on his face once again. "No...It can't end like this. I won't let that bastard have the last laugh. I...I...Caugh!" More blood pours out of Echo, momentarily ceasing his monologue.

Visions of Pitou shoot through Echo's mind which brings his blazing anger to a new height. "RHAAAAAA!" Echo's body begins to grow in size as his body enters a metamorphosis. Nearly twenty feet tall, Echo punches a hole straight in Forte Valkyrie's wall and it shatters to bits.

He casually walks straight inside and finds himself inside of the Prison, noticing Commander Joseph Pike lying flat on the ground. "Stay alive." Echo simply says to the unconscious man and walks straight out of the room. Echo slowly passes through the hallway until he reaches the elevator, still clutching his stomach in pain.

Due to his increase in strength and size, Echo is somehow managing to withhold the pain from the gaping hole covering over a third of his stomach.

"Pitou, I will...Defeat you!"


A life threatening shock surges throughout your body from the grip Pitou lays on your shoulder. Instinctively, you smash your elbow into his gut multiple times. He cringes in pain but refuses to let go. Both of your elbows begin to crash into his rib cage. By now, your hair is spiking up to the ceiling as electricity continues to seep out of Pitou's grasp.

"Absolute Safeguard!" All of the pain instantly ceases, blessing you with the time to blast the ground and launch into the air in order to escape Pitou's grasp. The Safeguard ends and you come crashing down to the ground in pain, shaking in pain. "Heh..." You laugh, blood dripping out of your mouth. "Gonna' have to do better than that if you want to take me down."

"I'm just getting warmed up." Electricity quakes around Pitou and a yellow aura flares around his seemingly frail body.

"Just what kind of Ki Classification is he using?" You wonder, but refuse to let the thought consume you. Right now is the time to focus.

With a quick, "Zap", Pitou disperses from his location. You search the area for him but are unable to even find a trace of him. Your Scouter begins to beep, finally managing to locate him. Your left arm bulks up in size and you throw it up, blocking an incoming kick from Pitou. An electric surge breaks through your block and penetrates your inner core, dropping you to your knees.

Pitou sways to the side and back kicks you in the throat. Suddenly, you feel an unsurpassed pain crackle throughout your body as electricity zaps through the core of your lungs. You automatically scream in pain and fall to the floor, rolling over in agony.


"Quiet, child." Pitou grins. "You're still going easy on me. Show me your true power, Kiryu!" The pain in your lungs subsides and you stand up tall, towering above your former comrade. You glare at him. Is it finally time for you to unleash the Juggernaut? "So what is it going to be? Are we both going to continue to play around with each other or will we take things to the next level? This is your warning. If this battle fails to hold my interest, I'll kill you on the spot."

You scowl at this. Pitou may be dominating the warm up session but his overconfidence is something of an annoyance. "Very well." You jump back and your muscles bulk up in size. Pitou smirks, arms folded over his chest. "I'm going to show you a power that you have never witnessed before. The Juggernaut." A purple aura swarms around your exterior and your Power Level skyrockets, shattering the expectations of the calculating Pitou. He gazes at you in awe, your body finally taking the shape of your transformation.

The ground beneath you two shatters and both of you fall down to the first floor, standing a midst an empty room with tinted lighting. Pitou's arms unfold and he puts a fighting stance on. "A transformation? So that's what he was hiding. And here I thought that it was just a technique that he expected to defeat me with in one go." Pitou thinks, still grinning with overconfidence. "Unfortunately for you, I'm more than familiar with the art of Inflation Ki. Echo has been developing his own techniques for the last decade. In order to multiply your power, you sacrificed something, didn't you, Kiryu?" You frown. He's already unfolding the secrets to your transformation. It won't be long until he realizes your loss in speed. "As I thought! Heh. I just hope that for your sake, it wasn't something idiotic. But knowing you..."

"Enough." You place your palm forward and a blast is fired from it, striking Pitou in the chest. He's blasted back and crashes into the wall behind. You tap your Scouter and set the target as Pitou. The machine beeps wildly for a few seconds before settling at a massive power of 296,000. Even with your Transformation, he appears to still hold the advantage in power. Those blasted Fruits of The Tree of Might did him wonders in the last year.

"Not bad. You probably doubled your Power Level with that, correct? Too bad. It won't be enough!" The electricity sparks around Pitou's body once again and he reappears in front of you. "Electric Whirlwind." A swarm of sparks shock your inner core, leaving you standing tall, unable to move. While you're frozen, Pitou begins assaulting you with a countless amount of lightning speed jabs.

You break free and attempt to grab Pitou's arms, but he manages to vanish from his position and reappear above. You blast after him and engage him in combat, but he dodges every blow you can throw, laughing all the while. "FOOL!" He counterattacks with a punch faster than lightning. The attack is fierce, knocking you back down to the ground. "You gave up speed for power? Hah! Idiot. No matter how much power you have, with speed like that, you won't even land a finger on me."

You stand up and take a deep breath. "The Four Witches." Two arms rip out of your spine with mucus dripping from them all the while. "Don't get so..." You Speed Blitz towards Pitou until you're just in front of him. "COCKY!" All four of your fists bash into his skull and he's knocked down to the ground. However, before he can reach the safety of the metallic floor, you reappear below him with two balls of Ki forming in your hands. They are smashed together and a giant blast awaits. "Wipeout Wave!"

Pitou roars as the blast is shot into his back, blasting him to the skies of Forte Valkyrie. Past the second floor, into the third floor, and breaking through the wall of the fourth floor, hundreds of feet above you. He finally stops himself as the blast subsides and begins launching back down. Lightning surrounds Pitou once again, allowing him to teleport in front of you in an instant. You notice that his right arm has turned into a lethal blade. You Speed Blitz backwards, but are still cut by his slash. Blood spills out of you, but with the adrenaline pushing you forward, no pain is felt at all.

Electric sparks surround Pitou and the battle resumes. With all of your might, you dodge each of his lethal slashes despite his clear advantage in speed. Your battle sense is clearly superior to his own, but that won't hold too much weight if you cannot land a successful counterattack.

You jump into the air to escape from him, but Pitou pursues without second thought. All four of your arms are prepared for combat with a fitting fighting stance. Even if Pitou manages to slash you, you can guarantee that you'll be able to grab him afterwards. Not even lightning itself will be able to escape from your grasp.

Moments before he reaches you, Pitou vanishes altogether. Your Scouter beeps frantically, Scouting powers from all over the room. "Impossible!" you think, still unable to find a trace of the former Commander. "Giant Bulldozer!" You stretch all of your arms back and they gain mass as they extend backwards. If you can't see him, you'll just destroy the entire building! You roar and fire your peerless attack down, bashing into the floor.

Smoke burrows throughout the area and you land safely on the ground. Taking notice, rather than a metallic floor, you're standing on rough patches of soil. The smoke clears and Pitou stands across from you. Beads of sweat evaporate on his temple and he frowns. Somehow the bastard managed to dodge an attack that had enough range to destroy the entire first floor of Valkyrie.

Lightning quakes around his body and he points his finger to the sky. You look up, feeling confident that Pitou would never attempt a sneak attack on you. He refuses to fight like that. As evil and twisted as he may be, the man would never cheat at his own game.

Nothing. There is no ceiling to Forte Valkyrie. Four gigantic floors, the bottom two without any flooring, and the top two with enough holes that you can see straight through them as if they were non existent. This battle has resulted in inexcusable damage to your home.

"I wouldn't be surprised if the Red Ribbon Army has already gotten word of Valkyrie's condition. This place has morphed into an angel plummeting from the skies and burning within the fiery depths of reality." Pitou speaks grimly. "A lot of lives were wasted today. Majin Buu being brought to life was not part of the plan. Because of his revival and death, none of this has any meaning anymore. I can no longer claim the power from all of the lives that I so desired."

"And you want me to feel sorry for you?" You manage to say aloud, panting all the while.

"No...Do not pity me. I didn't want to have to do this, Kiryu." Pitou takes a deep breath and places both of his palms forward. You automatically prepare for the worst, watching him carefully. "I spent the last year harnessing all of my techniques. Mastering them. Taking them beyond their limits and evolving what they once were. For example...Repel!" A wave of Ki ripples through your stomach and a projectile beam of blood fires out from your mouth instantaneously. At the same moment, you're blasted backwards until you crash into one of the few walls supporting Forte Valkyrie, smashing right through it.

"Urgh!" You cough up loads of blood, but manage to push yourself up without too much trouble. "Rather than just Repel Ki, you've learned how to control the blood within my body? That pressure...It was similar to what King Vegeta had used against me during the War."

"Far superior, actually." Pitou raises his hand to the sky once again. "If I was able to advance such a mediocre technique that I had learned to such a level, imagine what I have done with my most powerful one. My ability to Absorb one's strength." Your eyes widen. "That's right. No longer do I take a measly amount of your power; but instead, I have been granted the power to take all of your life force! Not only your strength, but Kiryu himself too. You will live on inside the depths of me, unable to do anything but observe me until I die."

"Don't tell me you've actually done that to people before?"

"No, there was nobody worthy of such a thing. Feel proud. You'll be the first to witness a treatment far worse than death itself." A red and yellow aura blurs over Pitou's raised palm and he gazes at you once more. "As I said, I didn't want it to come to this. But this is the only way I will obtain the power of a God."

Lightning blares and Pitou surfaces less than two feet away from you. He places his hand on your chest and you feel something pulled out of your body. You immediately attempt to smash him in the face with all four of your arms but find yourself frozen still, most likely from the electricity he's implanting in your body. "Pi..tou...!" You cringe.

"Eternal Nightmare: Digestion."

"Screw that!" Another voice roars and Pitou is kicked into the ground at full throttle. "You can stand down now, Kiryu. You're relieved from your duties. I'll take it from here." You look through the smoke to see Echo standing a midst it, in his new and improved Deighty Form. Far smaller and more agile than it was a year ago.

You jump back and grapple your heart. Everything around you is blurry and difficult to comprehend. Pitou's attack didn't go off, did it? But if it didn't...Why do you feel so weak? Thoughts flood through your mind, but you finally manage to get a hold of yourself.

"Quiet, Echo. If you want to fight him alone, you're asking for the death penalty. Let me handle this."

"Naw," Echo barks with a smirk. "I ain't lettin' nobody beat down this trash until I have at him."

Pitou stands up and dusts himself off, refusing to relinquish his class all the while, and gazes into Echo's eyes with a look that could only be defined as indifference. This man has lost the ability to care about anything. Reality has hammered nothing but negative thoughts and emotions into his soul.

"I thought you were dead." Echo slams his fists together, already raging. "The last few moments of your life would have been far more pleasant had you-UGH!" Pitou coughs up an unusual amount of blood as Echo's fist is shoved into his gut.

"SHUT U~~~~P!" Countless amounts of blows are jammed into Pitou's rib cage, gut, liver, and kidney's. Each and every attack holds enough power to stun Pitou long enough to allow another blow to be thrown in. Blood pours out of Pitou's mouth and he cringes in pain, but Echo refuses to slow down his assault. You see a tear form in the corner of Echo's iris but are unable to confirm if it's sweat or not. "Die! Die! Die! Die! DIIIIE!"

Pitou finally manages to grab onto one of Echo's extra large fists, but is greeted by a headbutt to the face. Blood forms on Pitou's temple from the hit, and his vision blurs out of reality for an instant. Echo extends his right fist backwards with an orb of Ki surrounding it and launches it forward, blasting Pitou to the ground below. "Caugh!" Pitou screeches. Echo stomps on his chest with enough force to smash steel.

"Repel!" Pitou screams, pushing Echo off of him and knocking him into the skies. The former Commander rolls over to assure safety, and finally stands up, dripping out blood as much as he is sweat. The wings on Pitou's back sprout and he blitzes after Echo, taking full control of the aerial combat.

Echo is knocked around from lightning speed blows, unable to do a thing due to the disadvantage of being in the air without the ability to fly. Enough is enough. An aura surrounds your legs and you prepare to enter the battle, only to realize that you cannot fly as well. If you're rash, Pitou will have you in the same situation as he has Echo.

But what can you do? If you attempt to fire a blast, not only does it have the chance of hitting Echo, but Pitou can simply Repel it back at you. And without proper footing up above, it's dangerous to engage him in combat, even with Echo by your side. At best you'll be fighting at 50% of your strength, and even that's wishful thinking.

"Wait a second," you examine Pitou's movements. He's continuously circling around Echo, delivering a few attacks, and then flying back to the other end. Echo most likely hasn't been able to catch onto it because he's in the middle of the action, constantly getting stunned by Pitou's electricity. "It's a long shot, but...Wipeout Wave!" You slam two balls of Ki together and an even larger one comes into vision. You watch Pitou carefully, calculating exactly how long it'll take to reach him and on which side Pitou will be when that happens. When the math is perfected, you fire the blast at full speed. "Now...!"

Pitou knees Echo in the back and electricity surges from his knee, penetrating deep in his foes core. He brushes to the other side of Echo, just as the Giant turns around to meet him with a left backhand. Pitou avoids it completely, but just as he does so, a purple blast flings up towards him.

"Not going to work," Pitou says confidently. "Repel!" The blast is instantly launched back at where it was fired from and melts the soil down below. Pitou turns back to meet Echo, only to be met be a grapple by you instead. "How did he...So fast!"

"What's not gonna' work? Heh." Pitou gulps tightly, showing the first tint of fear you have ever seen on him. He has a fairly good idea of what's going to happen next. Echo grabs Pitou's legs to completely immobilize him, due to you having a firm grip on his arms, waist, and neck. Two more arms rip out of the elbows of your original arms and you laugh hysterically.

Though massive amounts of Ki are being used up by just having activating The Six Witches, you're confident enough in your power that you'll be able to put Pitou down once and for all. "DO IT NOW!" Echo howls.

"Don't have to tell me twice! EARTHQUAKE!" You slam your right fist into Pitou's gut as the three of you pillar down from the sky. His entire gut ruptures from within, the sheer magnitude of your relentless power rippling through his inner core. Pitou squeals in pain, but is unable to move even an inch of his body. Blood is spilled from his mouth and covers the entirety of your gigantic hand, giving you a sensational pleasure. You place both of your hands in front of his face and a wave of Ki begins to form directly in his mouth. The fool mutters an insult but it does him no good. "Wipeout Wave!"

Pitou's neck is bent backwards until it reaches the center of his spine. Your entire blast floods through his throat and explodes in the midst of his stomach, adding to the pain from the Earthquake delivered just a few seconds earlier. All three of you crash into the ground with Pitou breaking Echo and your fall with nothing but his head.

Smoke floods out of his eyes and nose while blood drips out of his ears. The only thing his mouth can be used for is coughing violently, catching breaths in between.

Both of you stand up and give a silent nod of approval to each other while automatically backing away, slowly but surely. Pitou is finished. There isn't a fighter on this Planet that could have survived such a combo.

Echo falls to his knees and grapples a gaping hole in his stomach, blood still leaking out of him. "You...Fought with an injury like that?" He gawks up at you, firmly manifesting a worry-about-yourself-before-thinking-about-others look.

"Heh heh heh. An entire year you had to master a...a killing technique...Haaa..." Pitou mutters, pulling himself off the ground and snapping his neck back into position. "But a weak and pathetic blast you've been using for half a decade is all you could come up with as a final attack. Disappointing." He taunts in between heavy pants.

"Still?" You snap.

Pitou gazes at Echo and you with the look of a psychotic mastermind toying with his prey before he eats them. "Are you really going to stay down on your knees, Echo? After always being so stubborn about being my equal, this is how it's going to end for you? Hah. Hahaha! You're hardly even worth living on within me!"

Echo grunts, pushes himself up onto his feet, and begins forming Ki in his right hand while gripping it with his left. That stance could only mean one thing. He's going to attempt to finish Pitou with his most powerful attack: Blazing Storm.

His adversary smiles for an instant before frowning heavily. Lightning sparks around Pitou's body as he teleports in front of you both, stabbing Echo straight in the neck with his fingertips before giving either of you a chance to even react.

Projectile blood is fired towards Pitou, but he sways his head to the side to dodge it completely. Pitou tears his fingers out of Echo's neck and fires a quick ball of Ki in his face, knocking the Commander down. Echo crashes into the burnt soil with a bang.

You peer over to see Echo's eyes completely white. With two life threatening holes in his body, and the amount of blood he's lost, it's no wonder that he's finally down for the count. You jump back and face Pitou once again, scouting his Power Level at 221,546. At your full power, you might even have the edge in sheer power. If only you hadn't given that last bean of yours to that traitor Bebi!

"It's time, Kiryu." Pitou commands. You breathe sparingly and put on a fighting stance once again, with only The Four Witches activated at this time. "Once and for all, we're going to end this quarrel that we've always engaged in. No games."

"I have too much weight on my shoulders to lose to you here, Pitou."

"Heh. I wouldn't have it any other way." You clench your fists and eye your opponent down ferociously. If you aren't careful, death is a certainty.


A) Overpower him. Activate The Six Witches and engage him in close combat, trying to finish him with lethal blows.
B) Taunt him. Throw a barrage of insults his way and counterattack when he loosens his guard.
C) Outrun him. Use Speed Blitz X2/X3 to confuse him with continuous bursts of speed while assaulting his pressure points.
D) Exhaust him. Use multiple Absolute Safeguard's & Recover when your Health is low, so he'll tire out and you can finish him swiftly.
E) Fool him. Use Ki Blasts to trick him into Repelling them, and once he does, attack him when his guard is down.
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