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Author's Chapter Notes:
General Blue thinks up a plan.
"Heh..." You mutter to yourself, blood slipping off the tip of your forehead. You lay still on the ground, looking up at Forte Valkyrie. That's right. You were knocked down from above by Pitou earlier. How much time has passed? You sit up and brush some dust off of your pants. "To think that he would be able to put me away with one blow. Although, I'm sure the fall did more damage than his actual attack." You stand up tall and spit blood out of your mouth, feeling completely refreshed. You grin wildly and clench your fists until blood squirts out of the center of your palm. "I think I'm finally pumped up!"


"Good. Because I have a plan." Blue says with determination. Chi Chi looks up at him with a smile but he doesn't even turn his head to face her. "WATSON!" He roars.

The General looks up to face him, nearly fifty feet away, still laying on the ground with injuries. "What is it?" He calls back.

"Think you have enough Ki for another Crusher Ball?"

"Yeah...I should be able to pull off one more."

"Roger that." Blue turns his attention to Chi Chi. "Use the Kamehameha Wave when I give you the signal. Hold nothing back."

"Are you really planning on--"

"If we're going to do this, we only have one shot to make it count..." His sentence fades away and a bead of sweat smashes into the floor, evaporating instantly. "John!"

"Speak." His comrade responds.

"Get White out of the action when I give you the cue. He's fought long enough, but it's clear that his energy is depleting. Give him another five minutes and his body will start to break down. He's...'Borrowing' power that he doesn't have. His body isn't capable of handling the stress, which is why he has to turn off his brain in order to activate it. Unlike us, he can't feel pain so he'll push his body far past its limits. What would normally knock him unconscious won't even faze him as he is now."

"Wouldn't that mean--"

"Correct. Once his energy is completely depleted, all of the damage dealt to him will strike at once. He'll collapse on the spot and die!"

"So he really is using Satan's strength..."

"It's a measure of last resort. White is no fool. I couldn't see him using such a technique if he wasn't pushed to the limits. He's doing this...For us."

"In that case," Chi Chi speaks up while cracking her knuckles. "We better give it our all. White's efforts won't be in vein!" General John Giant looks down at the floor and slowly nods.

"Everybody. Prepare yourselves for one last counter attack." Blue slams his palms together and electricity begins quaking around his hands. "We'll just have to hope that Lord Rem can handle that bastard Pitou!"


Meanwhile, White Continues To Battle With Everything At Stake...!

"Ahahahahaha!" Majin Buu laughs wildly, attempting to kick White in the face. The blow connects and his head snaps backwards with multiple cracks heard from his neck. But he simply whips his head forward again and places his palm outward. Energy blitzes from his hand and blows the creature to bits, only to have him regenerate seconds later without a scratch.

White jumps back to gain distance, but Buu launches itself forward and bashes its head into his temple. The General takes advantage of Buu being open and delivers a spiral kick to where its liver would potentially be located. Buu cringes in pain and throws out a wild punch, which is easily evaded by White.

The two enter a swift brawl with countless fists being thrown at one another. White somehow manages to dodge nearly every punch while still hitting his opponent with well over 70% of his attacks.

Buu shatters to bits to escape the close ranged melee, leaving White confused for a split second. Before he can take notice, a leg rips out of the ground and hits the back of his knee, successfully dropping the General to his bottom. His eyes widen as Buu's arms plunge out from behind him and grapple his neck, squeezing tightly.

White cringes in pain before suddenly evaporating. Buu's hold is lost and White blasts himself to the sky, now shaped like a Human watermelon. His shape returns to his regular form and he blasts down from above with his fists at the ready. A monstrous amount of hands surface on White and plunge down from his fists, all smashing into Buu at once.

Pink blobs are shot all over the floor as White's assault of fists bash into the creature. Smoke rises from Buu and scatters above White, but he doesn't appear to notice. More fists are thrown until suddenly Buu's entire upper body floats behind White.

He feels the dark Ki emitting from his opponent and whips his head backwards, only to be smashed directly in the face and launched into the ground. Buu's legs reattach to the body and a large pink ball morphs above Buu's head. "Ahahahahaha!" The evil energy is launched down and flings towards White, who can barely manage to stand.

White's dark pink aura fades in and out. His pure white eyes glare at the beast. "Hmph!" White attempts to jump to the side and dodge the attack, but his legs collapse and he falls to the floor once again. The blast skids through the skies and flies directly into White.

"Energy Shatter!" Chi Chi screams, suddenly in front of White. The entire blast explodes within an instant and Chi Chi breathes heavily with a heavenly smile on her bruised face.

General Blue appears behind Buu with the electrical aura in his hand. "Zap Cannon!" The blast hits Buu directly and fires him down from the skies. Suddenly, the electricity absorbs within Buu and freezes the monster still.

"Kame-Ha-Me-HA!" Chi Chi roars as she puts all her energy forth into one last attack. The blue beam impacts Buu directly, somehow causing the entire ceiling above to shatter. Countless amounts of real estate drop down from above with Soldiers of all kinds dropping.

"There are still more Soldiers falling? Who are they even fighting!?" John Giant examines for a second before grabbing White off the ground and sprinting out of the way from each and every object and person falling.

Buu screams as its unable to regenerate, or even move, while under Blue's Zap Cannon's effects. As this goes on, a massive amount of energy forms from down the hall. General Watson is being supported by his closest comrade, Stiffy, as one of his hands is stretched out with an abnormal amount of Ki within his grasp. So much power is being generated that the General is forced to grapple onto his right forearm in order to contain his muscles from ripping out of his skin entirely.

"DO IT!" Stiffy yells.

"Crusher Ball!" Watson's most powerful attack is shot forward and it skids throughout the room until finally coming into contact with the frozen Buu and exploding in the monster's face. Smoke scatters throughout the area instantaneously and everything goes silent.

Both Stiffy and Watson fall to the ground, completely wiped. John Giant gently puts - the now unconscious - White down on the floor and sighs. He then falls on his bottom and leans back against the wall. Blue descends from the skies and smashes into the wrecked floor with a grin on his face. The only one who remains standing is Chi Chi, who is panting heavily.

"I can't feel that evil energy anymore. Does that mean...?"

"...We did it." Blue replies in rejoice.


A Few Moments Earlier...

You finally reach the end of a long flight of stairs to see nothing but wild explosions. An enormous amount of Ki skids just over your head and crashes into what appears to be a pink goblin. You turn to see who fired the blast but before you can get a clear look, smoke blinds the entire room and burrows into your lungs.

You click your Scouter and a Power Level of 125 000 reads. "Impossible." You mutter as the smoke clears, finally getting a clear look at the man who fired such an unbelievably powerful attack. "I Scouted him earlier and his power barely broke 40,000. What kind of latent power does this man have? A fighter able to double his Power Level with their most powerful blast is a rare enough sight, but TRIPLE? I better keep my eye on this one."

Finally done examining Watson, you turn back to the other Generals. Everybody is silent. A few words are muttered between Chi Chi and Blue, but nothing of any importance. "Wait...Why is Chi Chi even here?" You think silently to yourself. She was supposed to be guarding Thrigon and Kaiba with Bebi and Dr. Fiasco. No, there is no time for this. Right now you have to focus on defeating Pitou.

One step is taken and then you freeze still. You hear a strange sound coming from above so you peer your head up. Somebody is clapping very slowly, almost in an arrogant way. "Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed that ending!" The voice barks.

"Cooler?" General Blue says instinctively. He does nothing but smile.

"What are you doing up there?" You call out.

Cooler floats down from above and gently lands on the ground. He's in his transformed state for some odd reason. A complete waste of energy, considering he isn't fighting anybody at the moment. Cooler grins psychotically. He lifts his right hand and puts it just above his eyes. Suddenly, each of his eyes change colour, forming a mixture of dark grey and crimson red.

"No..." Chi Chi says, shaking in fear. "That's not Cooler. It's...It's..." Cooler scowls at the women but remains still for the time being. "Bebi!" Your eyes go wide in shock and they slowly dart over towards Chi Chi. "I recognize that Ki...It's the same one I felt when you attacked me earlier!"

"What!?" You snap.

Cooler smiles satanically.

Footsteps break out from the corner of the room as two new figures forms. "I've grown tired of waiting." Pitou declares in a grim tone. He throws Piccolo down on the ground, completely covered in purple blood with nearly a dozen holes scattered throughout his body. "I thought it would be fun if I waited patiently and let the fighters come to me. But alas, not a single one showed up after I killed Echo." Pitou grins and you scowl at him, not completely believing that he managed to take out Echo without breaking a sweat. "Perhaps Babidi's pathetic slaves managed to deal with all of the other Commanders. Who knew they could be so weak." Pitou rubs his chin slowly, eyeing the entire room with utmost confidence. "Nonetheless. I've decided to take this little game into my own hands. Haha. Oh my, a few ideas have already sparked in my mind."

"You are a very interesting character, Pitou." Cooler speaks up, now raising his hand in the air, a swirl of energy forming. "I almost forgot. Here, I brought you all a little present!" He waves his hands forward and a body comes crashing down from the fourth floor. There lies General Hugo, pale in his cheeks and eyes still wide open. "I ran into him up above. The fool tried to attack me, so I had no choice but to...defend myself. HAHAHAHAHA!"

Chi Chi drops to her knees and tears flood out of her eyes at the mere sight of her fallen friend.

"Damn you!" You bark, clearly enraged. Energy sparks around your body as your power reaches its maximum. "Bebi...! I'll kill you for this."

"Whoa, whoa. Don't go blaming everything on me. This pathetic excuse for a fighter dying was all on you."

"...What did you just say to me?"

"Ahahahaha! Who released me from jail? Who brought me in Valkyrie? Who let me roam freely? It was all you, Kiryu. This man, and countless others up above all died because you were ignorant of my true goals. How sad."

"You mean that--"

"Bingo." Bebi says with a dirty grin. "I have the ability to take control of anybody I choose to, as long as they are of the same species as me. Cooler here was the most powerful Alien I've ever encountered. I almost had no other choice than to invade him. I will harness this power and become a deity! And don't forget, Kiryu, that you made this happen!"

"Ergh!" An aura sparks around your legs as you prepare to Speed Blitz towards him. "BEBI!"

"Chow." Bebi turns around and blasts himself into the skies of Forte Valkyrie, crashing through the ceiling of the entire building with complete ease. You jump after him with a vengeance but before you can even make it off this floor, a spiral beam knocks you out of the skies. You drop down to the ground and cough up blood.

"Don't forgot that your battle is with me, Kiryu. One more attempt at leaving and I won't hesitate in blowing a hole through your spine. Clear?"

You stand up and place your full attention on Pitou. "Where is Rem?"

"Just behind me," Pitou says as he points back into the room where he just left. Rem's personal Quarters. "You're free to go and check on him."

You grin as a purple aura surrounds your body entirely. "You're a dead man."

"Heh. I bet you were up all night working on that one."

With chatter out of the way, the two of you blitz towards each other and bash elbows with one another. An electric shock erupts from the magnitude of your powers, shattering every window on the entire floor instantaneously.

Pitou throws his palm forward, aiming at your head, and fires a quick blast. You vanish from the area and reappear behind him, smashing both of your arms down upon his head. You land the hit successfully but your arms go right through Pitou as his body fades away. An Afterimage.

You duck. Just as you do so, a swift kick is launched over your body from behind. Taking advantage of Pitou's open position, you fire two blasts upwards which smash into Pitou's face and knock him onto the ground.

You pull your body back up and regain a fighting stance, searching Pitou for any opening you can find. There isn't a single one spottable. His technique appears to be flawless. "Wait..." You think, taking notice of a small opening in his right liver. A grin forms on your face as you charge towards him, preparing to deliver a crushing blow that will surely injure his small frame.

"You're mine!" You roar, swinging an open fist. You hit an Afterimage and Pitou forms just above your head, delivering a ruthless kick to your chin. You drop down to the ground, completely frozen from his blow. "S***...Not a chin blow!"

Pitou teleports in front of you and countless amounts of swift jabs are delivered to your head, knocking you to each side. "Don't underestimate me, fool!" Your head bounces to the left before being shot back to the right until you finally recover, shooting a blast off the ground to send you into the skies. You breathe heavily, sweat beads dripping down from your temple.

"I should have known! Pitou has always been a perfectionist. There is no way he would have such an opening in his fighting stance. The bastard set it up to bait me in!"

You land on the floor once again and spit some mucus filled with blood onto the floor. Pitou looks angry. But knowing him, he's completely calm. A look that a normal person might perceive as rage is Pitou's regular face.

He swings his right palm forward, seemingly without aim but you prepare for a sneak attack of some sort. "I'm curious, Kiryu. What is it about you that Rem admires so much. I really can't tell. You're selfish. Weak. Barely above average intelligence. And worst of all, you let petty emotions overrun logic at times. A competent leader would never let emotions overcome their proper judgement. Your idealism is sickening."

You gaze into Pitou's hateful eyes and smile slightly before turning it into a frown. "You're wrong. A competent leader doesn't ignore all emotions just to make a decision based solely on logic. But rather, takes the emotions of everybody involved and uses them to create a logical and informed decision. Your logic is flawed, Pitou!"

"Heh. Is that so?" Pitou asks blankly, not seeking for an answer. An orb of Ki forms in his open palm with an incredible amount of power quaking within it. He aims it at Chi Chi, who is still broken down over Hugo's death. "Well, lets just see how far your logic gets you. HA!" The blast is fired at incredible speed, leaving you no time to do examine all of your options.

"NO!" You instinctively yell in response to his ruthless act. "It's now or never!" You manage to think.

A) Use Speed Blitz X3 to go in front of Chi Chi and block the attack.
B) Let Chi Chi take the hit head on, but use this time to counter attack against Pitou.
C) Try to shoot a blast strong enough to cut off Pitou's own blast and knock it out of the way.
D) Do nothing. Show Pitou that you can be cold and ruthless as well.
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