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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

First things first, Watson starts off by Bulking up, while Stiffy flies into the air and activates his Energy Steroid.

Getting those out of the way, Watson engages Buu in hand to hand combat, but only for a short while, pulling him further from Babadi, as everyone focuses on Buu for the moment, keeping an eye on if he is about to kill Watson.

In the midst of the combat, White flies in close and lands a Solar Flare on Buu, as John flies in and uses a demon slash on him. All of them fly out as Stiffy unloads a load of ki blasts from above. If he reforms, have Watson and Stiffy unleash everything they've got. Try to get him close to John, who if his name is any indication, is a giant, meaning he's got high defense. These three will focus solely on him. All this should be enough to reduce him to blobs, at which point they fire on those blobs. Murasaki should fire his Perfect shot at them, to ensure they are vaporized.

Backup plan, this will be done regardless of how well buu is taken care of
Either way, Blue however, will have shifted away from that battle, unleashing a telekinesis attack on BABADI, freezing him in his tracks as he watches the Buu battle. The Solar Flare might have affected Babadi too, considering how bright it is. This should freeze him, and allow White, who has already left Buu, to finish off Babadi with 10,000 fists, making sure to vaporize him while Buu's distracted.
If Buu isn't dead already from above strategy, quickly White will transform into Babadi. This is only if Buu isn't already dead.
The real Babadi should be taken down from this, considering how afraid he was from a regular ki blast of White.
At this point the fighters back away from Buu, taking a breather, as "Babadi" orders Buu to ignore these weaklings, and go after Pitou.

Backup 2 in case of Babadi surviving, or Buu alive and not convinced.
If this doesn't work, or Babadi doesn't go down, abandon the "fight Babadi" strategy, and instead, White immediately goes back to White form (if he turned into Babadi, and buu didn't fall for it.) At this point, he enters his trance, taking on Buu.
A concentration Perfect shots will be fired while White is fighting Buu in this backup strategy, since they will swerve to hit Buu, and not White.
If at any point White becomes a threat to his allies, Blue fires mind freeze after mind freeze until he nulls White out of his trance.
John will then use tornado on Buu, slicing him to bits, and quickly getting away as EVERYONE possible fires their strongest ki blasts on the pieces (barring Murasaki, who will keep using Perfect Shot).

Whew, there...a few plans there, it'd be hilarious if Buu were taken down by the first one, and Babadi defeated too, leaving no reason for the 2nd backup or transformation...
But we'll see.
A black aura of impure energy engulfs Commander Dysect's body as he stands firm, facing the mighty Demon King Dabura without a trace of fear. Dabura smiles. Dysect remains still, knowing that the battle will finally commence. The Commander puts both of his palms forward with his aura still flowing strong.

"It's time," Dysect mutters. The Demon King jumps into the air and screams to himself. Just as he does so, a large blade morphs in his grip. He treads down from the skies and whips the blade down towards Dysect's face with full force. "Darkness Shield." A black sphere shoots out of Dysect's palms and floats above his face, covering it entirely.

Dabura's sword contacts the black shield covering Dysect's head and disperses just as he does so. "Wha-!?"

"Idiot." Dysect raises his right leg and jabs it into his opponent's stomach, launching the Demon King back multiple feet before he crashes into the ground and skids to a stop. Dysect forms a ball of darkness within his hands and fires it forward while roaring, "Darkness Blast!"

"Hah. Don't take me so lightly." Dabura pushes himself off from the ground and sways to the side, completely dodging the ball thrown at him. Dysect grimaces as his opponent's cape blows in the wind. "A master of Dark Ki. How troublesome." He throws the handle of his melted sword to the ground and licks his upper lip. "Round two!"

Dabura vanishes and reappears in front of Dysect, kneeing his opponent in the gut. The Commander immediately coughs up blood in pain and is smashed in his jaw before he can recover. As he floats in the air, Dabura launches himself upwards and hammer bashes Dysect in the throat.

Dabura grins cockily and jumps multiple feet backwards while forming a red and black ball of energy. "Impulse Wave." The ball is fired but prior to making contact with Dysect, a pool of darkness skids up from him and blocks the attack completely.

Dysect stands up with a deep frown. "I let my guard down. Never again."

"Is that--"

Dysect teleports in front of Dabura and throws a series of jabs, which Dabura manages to block each and every one of them. Despite defending well, he's constantly being pushed back further and further as Dysect continues his onslaught.

"I have to counterattack before I lose too much strength," Dabura manages to think. He whips his leg up to kick his foe in the jaw but Dysect sways his entire upper body back, barely dodging the attack. The Commander then flings himself forward and delivers a right straight to Dabura's chest. He coughs up blood in pain and is sent flying throughout his realm.

Dysect charges forward after Dabura, who jumps into the air to gain distance. Dysect fires after him and the two engage in a fiery exchange of blows as they slowly descend from the skies. Dysect throws an open hook which Dabura manages to duck and retaliate with a kick to the liver. His opponent cringes in pain while blood pours out of his mouth, but still counters with a powerful hook to Dabura's chin.

Both of them drop down from the skies in pain and get up instantly, ready to continue. They each wipe their lips with bits of blood being transfered to their hands.

"Better watch yourself, boy." Dabura boasts. "Before you make me get serious."

Darkness scatters around Dysect, eliminating anything in its trace. "I'm dying to see what you can do, 'King'."


General Watson's arms begin to bulk up in size as muscle sprouts out from his arms and legs. Right next to him, Stiffy jumps into the air and a cool aura wraps around him, showing off his prowess.

Watson dashes towards Buu while keeping his guard high and delivers a left hook to the monster's face. Majin Buu's head is pushed back to the side, enough to be sure that his neck would have been broken if he were normal. Stiffy jumps over Buu and whips a quick blast of Ki at it. The blast contacts Buu and melts pieces of its head, but the creature doesn't appear to care.

"Psh, this thing is an idiot. It doesn't even know that it's getting beat up!" Watson examines, waiting for Buu to finally attack him. The monster looks up at him with a devilish grin and shoves its hand in the ground. Immediately after, General Watson feels his leg being grabbed. He looks down in shock and upon doing so is punched in the face by Buu as it stretches its arm well over ten feet.

Blood shoots out of his nose and he crashes into the ground in pain. Watson rolls over to ease his pain and quickly stands up once again, only to see Majin Buu standing right in front of him. "Ahahahahaha!" The General's eyes go wide as a small pink ball of Ki is launched into his face. He coughs up blood and flies through the air in pain.

Buu morphs above Watson but before he can deliver the finishing blow is cut in half vertically. "Demon Slash!" John Giant barks before landing safely on the ground and slipping his sword back into his sheathe. "I won't let you take another life." The creature known as Majin Buu drops to the floor without movement before slowing repairing itself until it is whole again. "I'm not surprised a creature like yourself can perform such an act. Mutation is a sin. You do not have the right to live."

Majin Buu gets up fully functional and places one hand above its head. Pink orbs of Ki form in each fingertip, each containing tremendous amounts of power.

"Solar Flare!" White screams as he suddenly appears in front of Majin Buu. Light is bounced off from the sun beaming in from the holes in Valkyrie and zaps into Buu's cold, red eyes. It screeches in annoyance, which signals to White that it worked. "The rest is up to you three. Blue!"

"Roger that." General Blue responds with a nod, jumping into the air to the next floor. White follows suit, leaving Majin Buu to General's Watson, Stiffy, John Giant, and Murasaki.

"Perfect Shot!" Murasaki yells from afar, shooting a barrage of blasts that trace Majin Buu's scent.

"HA!" Stiffy yells, throwing a series of blasts down at Buu with a flare behind each and every one of them.

Watson joins in the action by throwing two simple balls of Ki which easily bash into Buu. Each and every attack contacts the monster, eventually turning him to nothing but pink smoke. All of the fighters breathe heavily, knowing that this isn't the end. His terrifying Ki is still a midst the group.

"Ahahahahaha!" Buu teleports in front of John Giant and engages him in combat. John Giant is easily pushed back and is unable to take his sword out of its sheathe. Despite this, he still manages to hold his own by blocking every big hit. Bruises form on his bulky body but John lives up to his name and stands tall.

Stiffy bursts through the air and kicks Buu in the side of the head with a Ki filled kick. Half of Buu's head is melted but it continues pummeling John Giant as if nothing happened. "Urgh!" Stiffy flies back into the air but is grabbed by Buu's stretched arm. He grimaces in shock and quickly thrown down to the ground.

Taking this opportunity, John Giant whips out his katana and slices Buu across the chest, cutting the monster in two. Buu instantly reforms and flies into the skies of the room. Still not feeling safe, John Giant jumps back several meters so he is far away from Buu. He sweats nervously, fearing that he is still the target for the satanic creature.

Stiffy slowly gets up and brushes off his minor wounds after spitting on the destroyed floor. "Ass hat." He mutters.

Murasaki runs up beside him and puts a fighting pose on. Immediately after seeing this, Buu blasts down from the skies and headbutts Murasaki in the temple. Even though it appears to be made of slime, Buu's head crashes into Murasaki like a stone pillar. He screams in pain, trying to attack back with a wild punch but it is simply grabbed. Stiffy smirks and flies into the sky, leaving Murasaki to face the monster alone.

John Giant prepares to act, but freezes in his position before doing anything. Buu grabs Murasaki by the neck and squeezes tightly, breaking each and every bone it is able to. "Crusher Ball!" Majin Buu is blasted to the side and skids back what appears to be hundreds of feet as it attempts to throw the powerful ball of Ki off of it.

The creatures body slowly shreds to pieces as Watson breathes heavily, clearly tired from unleashing his most powerful attack. "T-thanks..." Murasaki slowly says while he holds his neck in pain.

"Haaa...don't...mention it," Watson says in between deep breathes before thinking, "Not even my Crusher Ball could blow this thing to shreds? Damn it!"

Majin Buu throws the ball of Ki to the sky and it flies through the entirety of Forte Valkyrie before crashing into the fourth floor and fading away. Its body begins to regenerate itself as the fighters regroup their position, trying to figure out a way to overcome this monster.


General Blue and White land on the third floor once again to see Babidi standing right across from them with a look of fear written over his wrinkly skin. "Blue-," White begins but is quickly cut off.

"I know. Cover me." Blue responds before dashing towards Babidi and jumping into the air with his hands glowing a bright blue colour as electricity flows throughout his exterior shell. "Telekinesis!" A beam is fired down from General Blue's hands and crashes into Babidi.

However, seconds before the Wizard is hit he manages to pull out a Barrier of some sort to stop the attack completely. Blue frowns instinctively, landing after with a formal fighting pose at the ready. White vanishes from his position and skids across the edges of the room until he circles around Babidi with his hand pulled out.

Surprisingly, the Wizard manages to turn around and cast a swift spell, freezing White in his tracks. "Behahahaha!" Babidi laughs. "You fools are no match against my magical powers! I am the Great Lord Babi-AH!"

The Wizard is sent flying and crashes into a nearby wall. Bricks shatter from it and collapse onto his frail body. Blue lands safely beside White and readjusts himself after stretching out his right leg.

"Not bad," White mutters. Blue does not respond. Instead, he charges forward and prepares another Telekinesis on Babidi while he is still on the ground. "Right." White reminds himself, chasing after Blue with his arms getting ready to launch his most powerful melee attack.

"You little..." Babidi remarks as he pulls himself out of the destroyed ground. "Do not underestimate my powers! MAJIN BUU! COME KILL THESE FOOLS!"

"Telekinesis!" Blue roars. This time, his shock wave completely overwhelms the Wizard and freezes him completely. Immediately after, Blue launches himself to the side and White appears behind him.

"Ten Thousand Fists!" A blitz of ruthless blows are shot from White, continuing to gain speed and force the more he throws. Babidi is blasted into the wall and continuously bombarded by the blows, unable to even block a single one. Blood is scattered onto the floor around him and the entire wall holding Babidi still shatters to pieces.

The green Wizard is blasted out of Forte Valkyrie and falls from the skies of the multi-story fortress until fading away into the distance. He crashes into the ground down below and becomes a part of it on impact.

"That should do it." Blue says formally as he pats White on the shoulder. White instinctively pushes Blue's hand off of him and nods slowly. "Lets go. We have to help the others."

"Hold on..." White responds. "I have an idea."


Majin Buu stands a midst the four Generals engaging him and grins sadistically. A dark aura engulfs its body and it pounds its chest while laughing maniacally. Everybody around watches Buu in terror of its Ki alone. The smashing of the chest only gets louder and steam begins to flow out of the creature's holes.

"Is it me or is that thing..." Stiffy begins.

"I feel it too." Watson adds.

"Feel what?" Murasaki wonders, looking around at his comrades.

"This sinful creature, Majin Buu," John Giant speaks up. "Is gaining power with each second."


"Whether it has to do with it pounding its chest or not, I don't know." John Giant tears his sword from its sheathe and places it across his upper body with both hands holding the handle. "Nor do I intend to find out."

John Giant fires himself at Majin Buu with both caution and rage. Just before he reaches the monster, Buu stops pounding its chest and places one hand forward. A large pink ball forms within an instant and is fired at John Giant. He ceases his movement, and jumps to the side, barely avoiding the attack.

Following his lead, Watson and Stiffy charge at Buu from its backside; Watson on land, and Stiffy in the air. A powerful aura surrounds Buu and stops them in their tracks. That same demonic aura as before. Buu turns around and fires a multitude of beams at the two warriors.

Each of them attempt to dodge his attacks but are quickly overwhelmed by the sheer speed of the blasts. Majin Buu may not be the smartest of fighters, but one thing is certainly clear. It is on a completely higher level than the Generals.

Watson is shot down to the ground coughing up blood and Stiffy falls from the sky like a bird with no wings. Just as they do so, Buu pounds its chest and its power level continues to rise.

"Spinning Tornado!" John barks as he spirals his sword in circles, slicing Buu to bits while forming a tornado out of the speed of his blade alone. Hundreds of blobs fall to the ground as John breathes heavily, barely managing to sheathe his sword. "Take that, monster."

All of the blobs fly into the air and collide into themselves, forming Majin Buu once again. It laughs psychotically while it floats in the air, mocking everybody who attempts to defeat it. Not a single scratch. Not a single bead of sweat. Nothing. After everybody's efforts, the creature just doesn't appear to take any damage.

A large pink ball forms above Buu's head as it raises both arms in the air. "Ahahahahaha!" The monster laughs as its blast gains mass.

"Perfect Shot!" Murasaki yells. A large blast is fired at Majin Buu but is simply absorbed into the blast above its head. By now, the pink ball covers an area much larger than Buu itself. "...No..."

"Is it really going to end like this?" Watson wonders as he rolls over on the ground, unable to do much else.

"I failed!" Stiffy scolds himself as he pounds the ground with his remaining strength.

John Giant pulls his sword out of its sheathe once again and holds it firm, placing it at the center of his body. "I refuse to give in. I won't die a coward!"

"Ahahahahahaha!" Buu prepares to toss down the ball when suddenly, Babidi floats down from the floor above. "Eh?"

"Stop this now, Buu! I have a new order for you. Go kill Pitou! Leave these weaklings alone. They are of no concern to us!" Babidi demands as the Wizard lands on the ground. Buu stares at him for a few seconds and then looks back up at the pink ball formed above it. "Listen to me! I demand you to go kill Pitou! NOW!"

"..." Buu remains silent, contemplating on what to do. Suddenly, the creature looks down to the ground and grins. "Ahahahaha!" Not giving in to Babidi's demands, the killer creature whips the overpowered blast down at Forte Valkyrie in an attempt to kill everybody at once.

"No!" General White, posing as the late Wizard Babidi, yells in surprise. Upon doing so, his original shape returns due to the Wizard's form being of no use.

"Zap Cannon!" General Blue roars, firing a large ball from above. It collides into Buu's attack and freezes it for a moment. Buu simply laughs and puts more force into its attack, which quickly causes Blue's last resort to be absorbed into his opponent's attack.

"I won't let this happen..." General White says to himself as Ki flows through his veins. His body rumbles for a few seconds and he snaps his head back before letting it fall down once again. All of the Generals in the room peer over to him in shock and surprise. "I won't let this happen..." He repeats. His body is wrapped in a dark pink aura and a tremendous amount of Ki burrows from within. "I...WON'T!" All of White's body glows and he darts his eyes directly at Buu's most powerful attack.

"Has his body entered a Trance of some sort?" Blue wonders as he examines White.

"Such...Power!" John Giant says in complete and utter shock.

White disperses from his location and reappears just under Buu's attack. He flares his aura up unconsciously and kicks the blast with all of his might, launching the attack into the skies. It blasts back at Buu, who barely manages to push himself off to the side. "AH!?" Buu screeches.

The entire third floor of Forte Valkyrie is impacted by the blast and the ceiling collapses even more than it already has. A multitude of Soldiers fall down from above and crash into the ground with tiles and bricks landing on them afterwards. Not caring about a single soul, White blasts himself upwards and kicks Buu in the face. The monster has its head shot backwards, and before it can react, White teleports above it and smashes the creature down to the ground.

Carefully, White drops down from above and glares at Buu. The monster stands up with a tint of anger for the first time since it has appeared. All of the Generals watch their colleague in awe at his new found power. General White's aura flares up once again and he blitz's towards Majin Buu, who leaps back at White.

A series of punches are thrown from each of them, generating shock waves with each blow. Murasaki runs over to Stiffy and Watson, lifts them up, and begins sprinting out of the area. "White isn't the same. I have to make sure that Buu is his only target or else...I don't even wanna' go there!"

"Put me dooooown!" Watson and Stiffy yell in sync, but Murasaki pays them no attention now that they are the same rank.

Blue keeps himself at the ready and carefully eyes White, ready to back him up the second it's necessary. "Was this your plan all along, White? You must have known from the get go that it would come to this. This is why you were so confident, right?"

John Giant keeps his sword steady and watches General White take on a being that should be far greater than him in nearly every aspect, yet they appear to be going blow for blow. "Just how long will the Devil's power aid you, White!?"


"Very well," Dabura states. "I will show you my full power." A surge of energy bursts out from his body which breaks even Dysect's composure. "The power that I gained from eating Fruits from the Tree Of Might. RHAAAA!"

The Demon King blasts towards Dysect and unleashes a devastating hook to the Commander's face, pushing him off the ground and blasting him into a nearby mountain. Dabura teleports behind Dysect and kicks him into the air.

The Commander rolls over in the skies and peers down at Dabura who is charging forth once again. He keeps a face of indifference on while Dabura laughs.

"Sword!" Another blade forms in Dabura's hand and he swings it forward, cutting pieces of Dysect's jet black hair off. The Demon King swings wildly with peerless speed and ruthlessness, but his opponent still manages to avoid death each time the blade is swung.

"Darkness Cage!" Dysect stretches both of his arms out and darkness scatters out from his fingertips, trapping Dabura in a cyclone. "Collapse!" The entire cyclone smashes together and the darkness eats everything within it instantaneously. Dysect lands on the ground and glares in the air. "He's quick."

Dabura lands on the ground afterwards, now without a sword and grins viciously. A chunk of the bottom portion of his cape appears to be missing as well. "Even a weakling like yourself stands a chance against me due to that annoying ability."

Dysect places both of his hands on the ground and darkness begins to emit into the ground. Not taking any chances, Dabura floats into the air and waits cautiously. The entire ground begins to turn into darkness that disintegrates anything in its path. Everything breaks apart. "Darkness Realm." Dysect pushes himself off the ground with his ability of flight and glares at Dabura. Not with hatred or anger, however. Dabura is simply another foe that must be killed in order for the world to become a safer place.

He places both of his hands together and a snake forms in his grasp. "Darkness Snake!" Dysect spirals his hand forward and the Snake beams out of his grip, chasing after Dabura while the Commander holds onto its base. Dabura blasts himself into the air and waves past the Snake, barely managing to avoid its viscous fangs.

"I've had enough of these games." Dabura barks. He holds his breath in before firing countless spitballs down at Dysect, still maneuvering himself out of the way from the Snake chasing him.

Multiple drops of spit land on Dysect's left arm and it quickly hardens. The spit crawls up Dysect's arm at a rapid pace, turning it to stone as it travels the distance. The Snake is suddenly dispersed and Dysect stares at his arm, now almost fully turned to stone.

"Victory." Dabura grins.

Dysect hovers his right hand over his remaining arm and Darkness forms in his hand. He swipes it down and the Commander's arm disperses instantaneously, refusing to even leave a hint of what was once there. No blood or bones surface.

"The great thing about Dark Ki," Dysect finally speaks up. "Is that it completely erases what was once there. I can erase my own arm and not feel a thing. Nor will even an ounce of blood surface from it."

Dabura laughs from the skies while enjoying the show. "Even if you can fight at full strength, you could barely keep up with two arms. What good will you be able to do with one? This is the end of the line for you. Admit it!"

"You're wrong." Dysect boldly claims before blasting off after the Demon King. He darts his elbow forward but Dabura merely grabs it with a grin. "Idiot." Darkness surfaces on Dysect's elbow and it immediately erases Dabura's entire right hand.

"ERGH!" Dabura flies back and shoots a series of quick beams, each holding massive amounts of power.

"Darkness Shield." The same barrier as earlier blocks Dysect and erases each and every attack from existence. The Commander teleports behind Dabura with a trace of darkness following him and kicks the Demon King in the face, firing him down to the ground below.

Dabura stops himself midair, careful not to land on the Darkness Realm beneath him. "I'll end this here and now. SWORD!" Another blade surfaces in his hand, but this one is covered in a red and black aura. "This blade is my pride and joy. I've won many great battles with it. Not one opponent has lived to tell the tale of its existence. And the same goes for you...!"

Dysect stretches out his right hand and his own Darkness Sword forms. He appears content to not only kill Dabura, but defeat the Demon King at his own game.

"Hah. Cocky little s***."


The two fighters blast towards each other and clash their swords together. The unbearable sound of metal clashing screeches throughout the area, despite neither of their weapons being made of such material. Dysect looks questioningly at Dabura, who does nothing but grin. "Did you honestly think the Demon Blade would be defeated by mere Darkness? Don't make me LAUGH!"

Dabura easily overpowers Dysect and slices through the blade of Darkness, leaving Dysect open for another attack. He flies back at full throttle but Dabura simply waves his sword and a gigantic beam is blasted from it, striking Dysect across the chest.

For the first time, Dysect roars in pain as blood is spilled from his chest. He falls into the Darkness Realm that he created earlier but suffers no damage. It is trained not to harm him unless told to do so. Another wave from Dabura's sword is thrown and it blasts into the Darkness Realm, turning it to stone instantly.

Dysect quickly hops up before he is covered in stone, but his blood continues to drip onto the - now - stone ground. A drip of sweat mixes in with the blood and bounces onto the hardened darkness, dispersing in an instant.

Dabura carefully lands on his terrain and grins while waving the Demon Blade back and forth. "Do you still plan on defeating me in a battle of Swords? Mwahahaha!"

"I was foolish." Dysect admits as he places his palm forward and a gigantic aura of pure darkness surfaces. "Darkness Blast!" A pool of darkness is blasted at Dabura but he doesn't fret in the slightest. The Demon Blade is swung and it cuts through Dysect's attack like it was a thin slice of paper. It flings by Dabura but not before long, collapses on the stone ground just behind Dabura and melts it away. Dysect smiles brightly, finally having all of the evil energy rid from his core.

"You seem like a different person." Dabura notices.

"Unfortunately, not for long." Dysect says with a happy sigh. "Return!" All of the darkness from earlier blasts by Dabura and is absorbed by Dysect's palm once again. His cynical and depressed look instantly returns. "That sword of yours is something special. It even manages to defeat my Dark Ki. But make no mistake; it isn't so powerful that I cannot defeat it." He states before thinking, "In fact, I think I've already found out the source of its power."

"We'll see about that." Dabura sprints towards Dysect and swings his blade wildly, each one generating shock waves from the sheer magnitude of its power. Dysect uses his swift movements to sway by and dodge every attack thrown before jumping back and shooting a beam of darkness. Without second thought, Dabura swings his blade and the darkness is shattered to pieces. "Hah. I think it's time that I ended this."

Dysect's eyes widen and he puts his right palm forward, preparing to defeat Dabura at the coming moment. He shoots out a barrage of dark shots to bait Dabura forward, which work perfectly. The Demon King cuts through every beam until he stands a fair distance away from Dysect. "Come!" Darkness forms on the Commander's foot and he pushes it through the stone ground, uncovering the Darkness Realm from earlier.

Dabura raises the Demon Blade in the air and all of the Ki in his entire body swarms into it at once. "I am the Demon King. You are a mortal of the Human Realm." The sky of this realm crackles as more power surges into his blade. It's literally taking energy from the Planet itself. "Demon Striker!"

"Darkness Glock!" Dysect blasts his most powerful attack using almost every ounce of Dark Ki in his body. It comes into contact with Dabura's Demon Blade as he pokes it out towards Dysect and the two attacks collide with a bang. Within a few seconds, Dysect's attack is pushed towards him. It is evident that while the Commander can put up a fight, he is of no match to the true strength of Dabura and the Demon Blade that he crafted using the energy from the entire Planet itself.

"Mwahahahaha! Farewell, Insect!"

"Wrong again. Darkness Morph!" Dysect's body turns into a wave of Dark Ki and he pours into the hole he created under his foot. As a liquid form, he travels underneath the ground while Dabura pushes back Dysect's Darkness Glock, unaware that the Commander is no longer holding it. Dysect pops up from the hole behind Dabura and returns to his regular shape.

Dabura gasps in shock as he turns his head to see Dysect standing right behind him. Complete and utter fear is in the Demon's eyes. "No...How can this be!? If I don't do anything, he'll end me with one attack. But if I try to get out of the way, his blasted wave will overwhelm me." Dabura looks down on the ground to see the hole that was created earlier and begins piecing everything together. Had he planned out this ending since that early in the fight?

Dysect places his palm on Dabura's back and a small bit of Darkness forms just behind Dabura's heart. "I WON'T allow it! Spit!" He fires a blob of spit on Dysect and it crawls up his chest. "Die you worm!"

"Darkness Blast!" A beam shoots through Dabura's chest and wipes out his heart in an instant. His sword falls to the ground, which causes Dysect's Darkness Glock to blast forward and wipe out Dabura's body completely. Dysect returns to the center of his room, still bleeding from his chest heavily. He drops to his knees in pain and puts his palm forward. "Re...Return." All of his unleashed Dark Ki comes flooding back into his body, possessing his heart once again. He silently sits in his bright room, still with candles lit beside his bed, and grabs his chest to slow the blood flow down. He leans back against the wall and sighs hard. "I feel...Empty."


General White fades back to dodge one of Majin Buu's jabs. Buu attempts to trip him but he instinctively brushes himself to the side while doing a baby jump to avoid the hit. White's eyes glow and he backhands Buu in the face, denting the monster heavily.

As Majin Buu stutters back, White vanishes from his position and reappears behind Buu, launching the beast to the skies as everybody watches in awe. He blasts upward while smacking away all balls of Ki that are thrown his way until he finally reaches Buu.

"AH!" Buu screams, but is sent blasting to the ground. White drops from the skies and stretches both of his arms backwards, preparing to launch an attack. Buu gets up and growls but is sent flying into the wall by thousands of fists being shot out by White each second.

The assault continues until Buu finally breaks to pieces from the punches and collapses into balls on the ground. White loads a series of Ki blasts but before he can unleash them, a pink blob wraps around his legs and throws him to the ground. He accidentally lets go of the balls of Ki and destroys the floor below him.

White treads down to the first floor of Forte Valkyrie as Buu reforms on top of him. "Ahahahahahaha!" The rubber material known as Buu wraps around the entirety of White's body, strangling him with the intent to kill, not allowing the poor General to do anything. General White struggles to break free but is unable to do a thing.

Murasaki runs up to the edge of the ground with John Giant and Blue beside him. Being the first to act, Murasaki charges his Ki and screams, "Perfect Shot," as he fires his attacks down at Buu.

Blue takes Murasaki's lead and forms an electric aura around his body. "Zap Cannon!" He blasts his own attack at Buu and shatters the creature to pieces while Murasaki's Perfect Shot destroys the blobs that come from it.

"Did we do it?" Murasaki asks but nobody is able to answer. Down below, White falls to the ground, finally free. He instantly gets up and searches the area around him to find nothing. "I think...I think we got hi-AHH!" A snap is heard and Murasaki falls in the crater that White created earlier, his neck broken apart.

Blue jumps back immediately and sees Majin Buu standing just beside where he just was. "Murasaki...That could have been me! I was careless and now...Damn it."

"Ahahahahaha!" Buu laughs psychotically before pounding his chest with rage. More Ki floods into its body and its power rises once again.

John Giant lands beside Blue and looks at him in terror. "I can't say that I'm positive, but...Every time one of us receives damage, that monster pounds his chest and his power rises. I think--"

"You're right," Blue agrees. "It's the same feeling as earlier. Even though we killed Babidi, his creature is gaining power for every fighter that falls. Which would mean that if Pitou has his way with Lord Rem or the Commanders..."

"Don't even go there." John Giant says in fear. "He'll be unstoppable. We mustn't allow that to happen!"

White jumps up from the floor below and glares at Buu, his dark pink aura still flowing strong. Buu laughs to himself and charges at White, who can do nothing but fight back. This time, however, Buu seems to take the flow of the battle with his new found power.

"It's up to us then." Blue states. "To outsmart this monster and put an end to this ordeal." John Giant nods.

"You guys aren't alone," another voice speaks up from down the hall. "I'll help fight too!" The two Generals look over to see General Chi Chi standing across from them with blood on her lip and bruises formed all over her, normally, pretty face. "It's the least I can do after my disgraceful performance against him." She mutters that last part under her breath.

"You sure you're up for this, princess?" Chi Chi nods fiercely. "Good. Because I have a plan."

A) Create A Battle Plan.

Chi Chi's Move List:

Counter (Takes a direct physical attack and if she survives the attack, delivers the same attack at twice the power back)
Super Explosive Wave (Creates a giant energy explosion around her body)
Energy Shatter (When a Ki Blast is coming at her, she can scream at the top of her lungs to make the attack implode)


Chi Chi: 60%.
John Giant: 75%.
General Blue: 85%.
General White: 50%.
Watson: 15%.
Stiffy: 15%.
Murasaki: Unconscious.


Chi Chi: 100%.
John Giant: 70%.
General Blue: 40%.
General White: 50%.
Watson: 30%.
Stiffy: 40%.
Murasaki: 0%.
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