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Author's Chapter Notes:
B Wins.
"Hm, what should I do next? I still have a lot of time to spend around this place before we set out to War." You say aloud. "Well, I suppose I should explore the Forte once again. It's been a long while since I was last here. Who knows what has changed here." You walk to the main intersection of the floor you're currently on, (Authors Note: Rem and the Commanders reside on the 2nd floor) and look at the map once again.

Outside Of Forte Valkyrie Map:

(Authors Note: The "Large Walls" are the pathway that you drove in from when you first arrived at Forte Valkyrie. You came from the East way)

"Hmm, four floors in this place, excluding the 2 underground floors that I know of. It seems that Rem added a floor since I was transfered to Forte Hieno; I wonder what he did with the others. Well, no use talking about it..." You say to yourself as you walk over to the elevator. No use exploring the 2nd floor, as you already know what's on it. After pressing the button to call the elevator, it returns to your floor almost immediately. Inside the elevator are four Elites with sweat boiled down their face. It appears they just finished training in their floor. As you walk in, all of them give you a bow and greet you with respect. How boring. The doors to the elevator shut and it rises up a floor. All of you guys exit the elevator at this floor and it immediately closes and begins moving away from this floor after 2 people enter it again.

"I see..." You say to yourself while looking around. "This is the floor where all of the Elites and Foot Soldiers reside. Not much has changed since I was last here on this floor." Even though you don't expect to find anything new, you decide to venture through the floor anyway. Hundreds of rooms await you as you walk down the main corridors of the third floor. A few of them have opened doors and when you peak in, you notice that there are 8 beds in each room on this hall. Extremely jam packed even with the mass number of rooms. Once you finish venturing down that hall, a 3 way intersection appears before you. You look back and notice that the hall you just went through is labeled, "Foot Soldiers". Another one is labelled, "Elite Soldiers". The third and final Hall is labelled, "General Cafeteria" just like at Forte Hieno. Only difference is that this place has a lot more Soldiers in it, despite the fact that it only provides for two groups of Soldiers, rather than four.

You take a peak at the General Cafeteria and notice an extremely large crowd of people all chowing down. It appears that there is a shortage of Cook's for these people, considering the long lineup for food. "Heh, and us Commanders have our own supply of food to ourselves. What a pity. If only they were stronger." You don't feel any sadness for their living condition however. You simply smirk at them and walk back to the main intersection, and from there, go down the hallway for the Elites.

"Well, at least they have slightly better living conditions." 4 People per room, and each rooms are a little larger. Just as much rooms all together though. Bored of exporing these low levels' floor, you decide to try your luck at the fourth floor. You do the same boring routine from entering your security into the elevator, to having guards bow to you when you enter, until you finally arrive at the fourth floor. The top of the building.


Immediately after walking through the elevator door, you notice how clean this floor is compared to downstairs. You look at a sign right beside the elevator which says, "Frontier Agents: Left Hall / Generals: Right Hall." You acknowledge this and head down the hallway on the right. (Authors Note: Frontier Agents are the same rank as Generals, but they go out on solo missions as spies or to infiltrate somebody or some place)

"I suppose I'll pay General White a visit. It's been a while since I've spoken to him - Since the last mission, really." You say to yourself while wondering down the hall, looking for his room. "Ugh, it would help in finding him if I had a clue where he is on this floor." You say with annoyance.

"Commander Kiryu, what brings you here?" A mysterious voice calls out from behind you. You turn to face it and notice a tall man with flaky red hair and a well formed body. He's wearing blue jeans and an overcoat, but no shirt beneath it.

"I'm searching for General White. Do you happen to know where he is?" You question the man.

"White? Yeah, follow me and i'll bring you to his room."

You simply nod and follow his fairly fast pace. He leads you further down the hall until you are just about at the end. Three doors before the end of the hallway, the man pushes open a door that was near closed and you see White lying on a comfy futon reading a book. He looks over at you two as you guys walk in.

"Commander Kiryu, it's good to see you again." He greets you while standing up to show formality.

"Enough of the formality, White. It doesn't suit you."

He smirks at this comment. "Well, what brings you here Commander?"

You have a seat on the futon across from White's and reply, "I was wondering how your recovery went, also..." You stop mid sentence and look over to the door to notice the man who brought you here is still in the room, listening intently. "You can go now." You bitterly call out to him while motioning him to leave.

He doesn't reply. He simply takes his hand from under the desk by the door and gives you a nod before he leaves, shutting the door behind him.

"Anyway," White begins. "The recovery was a complete success. I made it to the medic before any serious damage was sustained. So here I am, just preparing for the War that Lord Rem announced a few days back."

"Heh, preparing by reading a book?" You taunt.

"Well, I suppose I have been taking it easy today. I should probably hit the Training Center sometime soon."

"I see..." You acknowledge him. "I'll be on my way now. I've just been looking around the Forte; been a while since I've been here after all." You say to him while ending the chat and standing up. Right before you exit the room, you notice a small Capsule laying on a Bookcase's bottom shelf.

"Hmm?" You wonder. "A Dino Capsule...Why is that here?" You question White.

He stands up and walks up to you with a confused look on his face. "Aren't these only produced in the Red Ribbon Army?" He questions.


"Don't you have one?" White investigates, once again.

"I do. But that is neither here nor there. Why is one here and now, in your room?"

"Generals and Frontier Agents share rooms...This isn't only my room. I reside here with Colonel Silver."

"Never met him."

"Huh? Yeah you have. He's the one that escorted you here." White informs you.

"Is that a fact. Keep an eye on him for me, he makes me feel...uneasy."

"Will do, sir. I'll report back if I find anything of interest."

You pull your sleeve down and pick up the Capsule without putting your hands on it. "I'll be taking this now." You retort to White before you exit the room, to see Colonel Silver a few meters away from you leaning against a wall, clearly waiting for you to be gone so he can return to his room. You eye him down as you wonder past him, clearly suspecting him of...something.

Once you return to the main lobby of the fourth floor, you look down the hallway to the left. You think about if you have any need to go down that hall, and decide against it. Nothing down there but a bunch of unknown people that you have no intention of talking too. After deciding this, you enter the elevator once again.

"Only one place left to go: The underground floor." You then enter a few digits into the security confirmation and the elevator moves once again, this time dropping down several floors. You now know that the first floor is where the Training Room resides and all the entry/exit stuff goes on. The second floor holds all of the Commanders and Rem's rooms. The third floor is shared for the Foot Soldiers & Elites. Same for the fourth floor, except for the Generals and Frontier Agents. The Prison is self explanatory and the Check In is nothing but a lot of security. But what goes on underground?

The elevator arrives after several minutes and when you exit, you notice a large locked door a few feet in front of you. "Hmm? Am I blocked off?" You question yourself before noticing a small gadget that will allow you to swipe your Key Card. After doing so, the machine acknowledges your rank and the door opens, leaving just enough time for you to enter. As you walk in, the first structure that catches your eye are all of the Computer Monitors. Twelve all together. You walk closer to them and notice that they are monitoring the entire Forte. As you browse, you notice mediocre events taking place on different floors of the entirety of Forte Valiyrie.

"Rem you sly dog. Who would have thought that you had even more security in place. Judging by the dust in this place though, I doubt he's been here in a while." Curiosity strikes you and you begin looking at the tapes that have been recording. You browse through the monitors on the Computers and scan what's going all over the Forte for yourself.

"We really need to get to war...These so called 'Soldiers' are really slacking off. I suspect a large amount of casualties on our side during this war." You continue flicking through the monitors and notice several things. It's hard to see from the angle the camera is looking at but it appears that Rem is still awake, on that damn Computer of his. "I wouldn't want to be in his position. So much work when preparing for an event such as a War."

It appears that Thrigon is training in the Generals part of the Training Center. A few of them are attacking him at once and he seems to have the upper hand. Looks like he's recovered quite quickly after that discouraging loss.

"Lookie there, White is on his way to the Training Center it seems. A tad late to be hitting the gym, but he's making the effort nonetheless. I wonder if I can find his roommate Colonel Silver anywhere..." You continue to glance through all the slides but can't seem to find him anywhere on the 4th floor. You try your luck at looking through the other floors but can't seem to find him anywhere, so you give up and just lurk through the rest of the current data to see if you can find anything worthwhile.

In a few minutes, you find yourself passing by the Prison. Of course nothing that interests you is going on so end the transmission with the Computer and continue to walk through the underground floor you're currently on. Several fully grown Rats pass by you as you wander the dark halls. They seem to all be heading in one direction for some reason. The smell of the basement begins to intensify as you continue to walk until you find yourself staring at an enormous pile of Rats all chewing on some sort of body?

"What...What the hell is going on?" You say in wondering as you run up to them. The loud noises you make while doing so frightens the Rats and the majority of them disappear into the darkness. "This is..." You think to yourself in disbelief.

Laying against a wall at the end of the hallway is a man with the uniform of that of a General. Who the body belonged too is unknown to you as of now due to the fact that it's fully rotted now. The smell alone gives away that this must have been a brutal death for this young Warrior. "Who did this?" You question yourself, still not touching the body. "Either way, I intend to find out. It's best not to touch the body so it'll be 'fresh' when I take it too the analysis."

You slowly walk away from the body, still suspicious. "A spy? No, the security in this place is impenetrable. The perpetrator wouldn't even be able to get to this level without a Key Card of a certain rank." You ponder with yourself while walking back to the elevator. "Misconduct between Soldiers, perhaps. Or maybe even suicide?" The elevator arrives at the underground floor and you enter is suspiciously, knowing that that Computer is probably monitoring you. What an invasion of privacy that thing is.

The elevator arrives on the second floor and this time, nobody enters it after you. You walk down to the main four intersection hall and make a left once you get there. "The Medical and Science staff should be somewhere down here. I'll have to get them to do an autopsy on the body to figure out the cause. This death could be meaningless to us, but on the other hand..." You end your sentence once you reach a series of doors. No Key Card is required for the medical room but to get to those researching scientists, you have to have a Generals Key Card.

You swipe your Key Card and the door opens quickly. To your surprise, the room is far larger than you had expected. Many scientists are hard at work doing who knows what. "Hey," You call out as you walk over to one of the many scientists. "Get me whoever is in charge of autopsies. I need to speak with them ASAP."

"Yes sir, master Kiryu!" The freshman scientist runs off and within a few minutes he returns with a somewhat old man with a lab coat.

"How may I help you, Kiryu?" He delightfully asks.

"Come with me. You and I have to go check something out." You give him a motion to follow and begin walking towards the elevator. "Man i've done a lot of moving today. These legs need a break soon."

You reach the elevator and press the button to signal it to return. Within a few seconds, it arrives. Again, nobody is in it. It must be late for the base to be so quiet. You walk in to the elevator and notice that the Autopsy Scientist isn't with you. You hold the doors for the elevator and peak out to see him slowly marching towards you two. Man he's old.

The elevator powers down to the underground floor after he jumps into it. "So, what is the reason you want me down here for?" He questions.

"You'll see." You assure him before the elevator comes to a halt at the lowest level of Forte Valkyrie. The two of you walk out of it and he notices the large mass of Computers.

"W-what's with all those Computers?"

Instead of making up a lie, you decide to just keep quiet. No use rocking the boat. You turned the monitors off anyway, so he won't be able to tell. In several minutes the two of you reach the end of the dark hallway. He got frightened a few times due to the Rats wondering the underground chamber. The two of you see the body.

"Who died?" He looks over to you, uneasy.

"A General, apparently."

"A General!?!? Who did this!?" He practically screams.

Annoyed by his idiotic questions, you reply: "I killed him. And I brought you down here to do the same. I hope you had a good life professor, because I can guarantee you that your death won't be all that pleasant!"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~!" The Autopsy Scientist screams like a little girl and begins running away like no pace you've never seen a geezer sprint before...Still extremely slow, though.

"Well, I suppose I should bring him back to properly fill him in on everything...." You say to yourself before dashing off towards him.


"So that's the situation." You bitterly finish.

"I'm surprised though. A General being killed without anybody knowing? If it's a Spy, we have a lot of trouble on our hands."

"Fortunately, it isn't a spy. I've come to the conclusion that one of our own may have did this."
"I have a hunch on who it might be as well." You think to yourself right after.

"Very well. I'll perform the autopsy without telling anybody. Are you sure about this though? Not even Lord Rem? He may become enraged if we do something like this.

"Rem has his own business to worry about. No point distracting him with trivial problems like this. Getting everybody ready and able for the War against the Saiyan Empire comes first.

"Fine. I'll contact you when the Autopsy is done." He agrees.

"Thank you. How long do you expect it to take?"

"I have other things to be working on right now, so doing this strictly on my free time i'd say 3-6 weeks."

"Damn it. We'll be in War for sure by the time I get the results back. Oh well." You think silently.

"That's fine. Oh, right. I almost forgot..." You say to him while putting your hands in your pocket. "I found this Dino Capsule in the Forte. Specifics on it are irrelevant but I'd like to know everybody that put their hands on it."

"Sure, but your fingerprints may have covered it up."

"It's fine, I haven't touched with anything but my sleeve."

"I'll do my best." He says to you while giving a nod. You two of you stand up and begin walking towards the elevator. You yawn as you enter in it.

"Now, what should I do next?"

A) Go to sleep. It's been a while since I've slept.
B) Contact old ties at the Red Ribbon Army. You can give them valuable information to support them and maybe get information in return!
C) Go see how Thrigon is doing in the Training Center. Perhaps join in yourself.
D) Ask Rem what the status on preparation for the War is. Perhaps you can discuss your battle strategy as well. You are in charge of a big portion of the attack after all.
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