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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

E Listen VERY carefully, as we've already determined that Ape ears are sensitive. We may not be able to SEE Yakon, but we can surely HEAR Yakon now. Be VERY careful to guard our tail, and our eyes (doubtful he'd go for them since we're already effectively blind, but still).

Wait, and counter using our hearing and our large size to crush him like an insect. If it fails, prepare to use a breath blaster next time we hear him, grab him first, and cover his mouth, blow away his bottom half so as not to accidentally blast our hands our something. Cover his mouth, and he may not be able to absorb.

5 Other
Tch, no choice I guess. If we still have it, give Kaiba OUR half of the senzu bean. This should allow him to fully recover, or at least enough to allow him to live, though I bet he'll get right up.

Dr. Fiasco should be able to then focus on Thrigon, unless somehow Kaiba is STILL dying. To help out, we shall first use our healing technique (I believe it's the same as Joseph's) to wrap Kiryu and Thrigon in a healing aura for a small amount of time. This should help raise Thrigon's likelyhood of living, and then leave them in Fiasco's capable hands.

If they are both well enough to move and possibly fight, then stick together and let's go help out some other Generals/Commanders on our way to go help Rem.

If one or both are still down, leave Bebi to guard them, and head to see what's keeping Rem (since Kiryu doesn't know.) Who knows, we might be able to help him out. Of course we help out anyone else along the way, though Rem is the priority. Maybe sprout Six Witches, gather ki in palms, and grab some enemy faces, then blast their heads off.

That should do to take down any riff raff we see along the way to Rem.
"Here." You call out to Dr. Fiasco as you dig into your pockets. A small bean is lifted out and you hold it firmly in your grasp. Are you really going to give the last half of the Senzu Bean that you have away? After a few seconds of confirming your thoughts, you toss the bean over to Fiasco and he catches it. "Feed it to Kaiba. It should bring him back into working condition. Focus the rest of your time and energy on Thrigon."

"Yes, sir." Fiasco responds, now slipping the dry bean into his Commander's mouth. He manages to make Kaiba swallow it and within seconds of doing so, the gaping hole in his body begins to patch itself up slowly. You watch in awe as the bean's healing abilities take effect, but soon turn your attention to Thrigon.

Not wasting any time, you walk towards your colleague and sit next to him. An aura of Ki surrounds the both of you and begins to rejuvenate all of Thrigon's wounds. The gaping hole in him does not recover, but the blood stops leaking from it. Ten seconds pass and you stand up once again. Beads of sweat drip down from your temple. Not from the loss of Ki, but rather the nervousness that is accompanying your thoughts at the moment.

The Doctor stands up and walks over to him soon after. He places his palms on Thrigon's chest and Ki slowly pours out of him as he aids the Commander.

You turn over to Kaiba to find that he's still unconscious. Without waiting for your commands, Chi Chi rushes over to him and examines his wounds carefully. "His breathing is steady. And the blood has stopped leaking from him too." She informs.

"Good. Stay with these guys, Bebi. If an enemy comes, kill them. It doesn't look like Thrigon or Kaiba will be in any condition to fight for awhile, so it's up to you three to keep them safe."

Bebi licks his lips and slowly nods his head. "Okay, Kiryu. I'll grant you this favor."

"We'll do our best!" Chi Chi barks with a bit too much confidence.

"You better." With that, you turn around and sprint down the hallways of the second floor. The ceiling above you shatters and Soldiers tumble down from above but you pay them no mind. Rem is your only priority.


"Lord Babidi?" A grunt questions with respect.

"What is it?" Replies Babidi, with as creepy a voice as ever.

"The meter. It's already at 19%!"

"Behahaha. Oh really? It looks like my pawns are doing a swell job then."

"The only problem is," the grunt wearily responds, looking down at the ground. "...I can no longer detect Ki Signals from Dark Elf or Melisa! Do you think that maybe...?"

"It's certainly possible that those weaklings bit the dust. Behahahaha. But do not worry about it. Even at a fifth of his power, Majin Buu should be plenty powerful enough to wipe out all those that oppose me!" Babidi walks forward from a shadowy basement and steps into an elevator with his one guard beside him. A button is pressed and the doors are closed, allowing it to quickly rise. "Majin Buu! Come forth from all of the power that has been accumulated from my warriors! Pah Pah Dama PAH!"

Smoke billows throughout the elevator and smog begins to form into a small structure with massive amounts of Ki teaming from it. The being breathes heavily as it stretches its pink hands, wondering what exactly is going on.

"Welcome back, Majin Buu. Behahahahahahaha!"


"I can do this," Shugesh thinks to himself. "I just have to listen for him and he'll fall right into my trap." Darkness surrounds the area, but quiet sounds of rocks falling from cliffs and Yakon darting around the room manage to reach Shugesh's ears.

Shugesh turns right around and faces Yakon directly, his giant body towering over his insect-like opponent. "I know you're there." Shugesh barks.

Yakon leaps at him with his claws out but is easily batted away. He's smashed into the ground with a bang. Shugesh turns to him and throws both of his arms out in an attempt to grab Yakon in his feable position. "Got you!" He screams.

"Nuh uh." A piercing blade rips right through Shugesh's spine, dropping the ape to his knees. "You thought you could so easily defeat me in MY world? Rhahahaha!" Yakon continues to shove his claws into Shugesh's back and blood boils through his fur.

"ENOUGH!" Shugesh launches himself into the air and shakes himself wildly, but Yakon remains imprinted in his back. "If you're gonna' set up camp in my back, then...!" Shugesh falls backwards and crashes into the ground. He feels Yakon's claws dig deeper into his back, which confirms his thoughts that he managed to fall directly on the beast.

"Urgh!" Yakon grimaces as he pulls himself out of Shugesh's back and digs into the ground with his claws. Shugesh stands up quickly, searching the area for the enemy but can no longer see or hear him.

"Where are you now?" The ape wonders as he scouts the area with his ears wide open.

"Right here!" A voice screams from behind. Shugesh instinctively turns around and whips his arms around wildly but just as he does so feels a blinding pain in his neck. "Rhahahaha, fooled you!"

Shugesh drops flat on his face and roars in pain. Blood squirts out of his pierced artery and his body shakes dramatically.

"Victory." Yakon exclaims, hopping off of the ape and onto the ground beside him. "Take me home, Lord Babidi."

"Idiot," Shugesh whimpers as he grabs Yakon's entire body with his right arm. His foe screeches in fear as pressure is put over him. "I can still...I can still..." Shugesh's eyes fade in and out of this realm as he begins to lose consciousness from Yakon's deadly blow.

"Rha! Die already!" Yakon opens his mouth wide and a beam shoots out of it, crashing into Shugesh's weak hold. However, this only manages to awaken Shugesh from his tired slumber.

"Right...I can still...FIGHT!" His other hand reaches up and grabs Yakon's entire face. "Breath Blaster!" It fires into Yakon's lower body just as Shugesh releases his right hand's hold and blows Yakon's entire torso off. The beast known as Yakon falls flat down on his back, unable to do anything with his crushed body.

Suddenly, light brightens the room and Shugesh realizes that he is lying across from a dead, green animal as he resides in the basement of Forte Valkyrie.


You continue to rush down the hallway until you finally stand in front of Rem's room. "You better have a good excuse for not doing anything, Rem!" Just before you push his door open, a familiar voice calls out to you.

"Kiryu!" You turn around to see Piccolo standing just across the hall from you. He's sweating wildly and has some blood on his cheek. "Do you feel that odd sensation?"

You look down at the ground and think for a moment. You aren't sure why, but it feels as if Ki is floating through the walls and hovering above everybody. "I do."

"So i'm not crazy, huh?" Piccolo responds while rubbing his chin. "Any idea on what it is?"

"No. I have more pressing matters to deal with."

Piccolo walks up to you with a nod. "Don't open that door, Kiryu. Terrible amounts of power await inside. Two people. The leader, Rem, hasn't come out because of whomever is inside there."

You glare at Piccolo while pushing the door open anyway. "I don't care." Just as you do so, a gust of Ki billows past you and smashes the walls at the end of the hall. You turn around to see the outside world exposed to you. The two of you then turn your attention to the insides of Rem's quarters to see he and Commander Pitou standing across from each other.

"I did not..." Sparks shoot out from Rem's upper arms as he speaks out to you on one knee. "I did not give you permission to enter my private quarters."

Pitou gazes over to you and an artificial smile writes itself on his face. "Been a while, Kiryu. You have a different glow about you than before. I presume you have improved this past year? Heh. Not like it matters."

"Pitou...!" You shutter, clenching your fists tight. Piccolo puts his hand on your shoulder to stop you from moving forward but you step into the room anyway. "What have you done?"

"All I've done was correct a wrong. 'Lord' Rem, as most call him, is nothing but a fraud. A meaningless machine." Your eyes widen in shock. "Have you ever seen him blink? Sleep? Train to stay in shape? No. A machine wouldn't need to do any of that, would they?"

"You're lying."

"Unfortunately, I'm not. For five years I was deceived! I followed every word and command spouted by an Artificial Humanoid. So were you all. It makes me want to puke. So I came back to kill Rem. So what? Do you shed tears when your Microwave finally stops working? Of course not. It simply doesn't affect us."

"Kiryu," Rem mutters. "Do not let him corrupt you."

You look over to Rem and then back to Pitou, confused as to what is happening. "Proof...Show me proof."

Pitou nods to himself and puts his right palm up. "I initially found out from a Wizard named Babidi not too long ago. But I suppose that kind of proof is meaningless to you. But..." Ki glows around Pitou's palm. "Can you refute this?" A beam fires out of his hand at lightning speed and smashes into Rem's left arm. Electric surges crackle from the impact but Rem stands tall, holding his left bare left arm. No skin surrounds it. Nothing but a metallic arm. "Proof enough for you, Kiryu?"

"...It doesn't make any sense. How could an Artificial Humanoid do all of this?"

Pitou smiles to himself. "Supposedly, he was created by the Red Ribbon Army for the purpose of the destruction of mankind. They planned to use him as a Bioweapon to destroy the Saiyan Race. But upon finalizing his creation, he rebelled against the Scientists and destroyed the entire laboratory with them in it. After that, he founded the Freeborn Military."

"Still," Piccolo speaks up. "That shouldn't change anything. He's still the same person."

"He's not!" Pitou barks. "Rem is nothing but a cold and calculating machine, a few wires away from killing all those he supposedly cares for. I don't even need to use regular Ki to defeat him. The fool has a blatant weakness against electric currents because they disable his bodily movements. Ha. What a poor design. I'll admit though, had Babidi not provided me with all of this knowledge on you then the outcome of this battle may have been different. Too bad."

"I'm sorry, Kiryu." Rem finally speaks. "Pitou has grown extremely powerful. Not even I am able to defeat him alone."

"Nobody can win against me now." Pitou boldly claims. "I travelled to a nearby Planet in Babidi's Spaceship and we planted a seed there. A seed that was able to take the life out of the entire Planet and put it into edible fruits that power up those who eat it by tremendous amounts!"

"...The Fruit of The Tree of Might...!" You mutter.


"The one Crow was planning on using in the Archipelago? How did Pitou get a hold of it? S***, this is bad. Crow thought that with only the Archipelago he would be able to compete with world class superpowers. How much stronger has Pitou gotten if he drained an entire Planet!?" You think, now in a panic.

"Unfortunately though, I have a timetable that I am keen on sticking to. Kiryu, you are all going to die by my hands today. I just hope that you are mentally prepared."

You clench your fists put on a fighting stance. "I'm surprised you became a follower of somebody else. I never took you for the type to be a loyal servant. Even when you worked here at the Freeborn Military, I always knew that one day you would rebel. Pitou. You are power hungry and selfish. I could never let a man like that defeat me in combat."

"Don't be absurd. I follow nobody. Babidi's usefulness has far from expired. Once the invasion began, I was ready to deal with him. As I said, I'm on a strict timetable. Within a few hours, Majin Buu will be resurrected. A magical being that he plans on using to rule the world with. And if he doesn't feel confident doing such an act with myself and the Demon King by his side, it would be best for all of us if this being stays sealed. Which is why I have to deal with you all now!"

Pitou vanishes from his position and reappears in front of you with a look of indifference on his face. Your eyes go wide in shock as you take in the greatness of his speed. However, by the time you comprehend the situation his palm has already gently placed itself over your face. "Uh-uh..."

"Your zealous idealism disgusts me." A ray of Ki forms in his palms and fires itself into your face, knocking you back hundreds of feet in an instant. Unable to recover, you blast across the second floor of Forte Valkyrie and crash into the wall at the other end, shattering it to pieces and flying out of the window. You cough up blood as you struggle to recover, falling outside and crashing into the ground below without further movement.

Piccolo turns over to Pitou in shock, breathing heavily. Even he is unable to hide his emotions in this situation. "K-Kiryu?"

Pitou puts his palm down and looks over to Piccolo without an ounce of concern for who he is. "You're next."


General Hugo throws a right hook which is blocked by the ferocious Pui Pui, who counterattacks by jabbing the General in the face. Hugo is pushed back but doesn't appear to take any damage.

The two quickly enter an exchange of powerful blows, neither of them even trying to dodge the other one. It's a battle of sheer power and stamina, with both of them giving it their all. Pui Pui deflects one of Hugo's blows and kicks him in the chin, which stuns his opponent just long enough for him to jump into the air and load a big blue beam.

"Energy Beam!" The blast flies down at Hugo with the weight of ten times normal gravity behind it. Hugo throws up his block but it's easily destroyed and he's sent crashing into the ground. Pui Pui swiftly lands and darts himself forward, kicking Hugo back into the air.

Hugo manages to turn himself over in the air once before crashing back down to the rocky terrain. "Damn it, this guy really knows how to use this weight to his advantage. It's not that hard standing but I'm just not used to it like he is," mutters Hugo.

Pui Pui grins, clearly noticing that General Hugo is finally realizing his predicament. Not wasting another second, Pui Pui fires himself back into the air with two more beams, increasing in mass as he holds them tightly. "This is the end for YOU!" They spiral down at incredible speed and explode on Hugo.

The General screams in pain, but still manages to stand up and face the powerful enemy once again. "You...Won't get away with this!"

"Mwa ha ha ha ha ha! I am Pui Pui! Lord of Gravity and King of Greatness! Do not feel shame as you will die by the hands of a being far greater than God himself. Mwa ha ha ha ha!"

"Shut up already!" Hugo puts his hands above his head and a disk of bright yellow Ki begins to form itself. Pui Pui simply laughs to himself while this is happening. "Don't think you can take me so lightly! Destructo Disk!" He whips the beam and it skids through the air with a blaze of wind as its trail.

The gravity begins to pull the blade down to the ground but it manages to keep afloat. Pui Pui finally corrects his vision and stares at the disk with a smug grin. "Ha! FOOL!" His entire body begins spinning rapidly and a gust of wind surrounds him as he does so. The Destructo Disk crashes into the gust and is blasted into the skies of the planet, exploding far off into the distance.

Hugo gasps in shock, but before he can do anything else, Pui Pui darts forward and bashes his elbow into the General's neck. Hugo squeals in pain; his entire body is pushed backwards and performs a 360 degree flip before crashing into the ground beneath.

Once again, the ferocious Pui Pui fires himself into the air and bombards Hugo with a tremendous amount of blue balls of Ki. The Planet's gravity pulls them down to increase their power and each and every shot collides with the weakened General. He screams in pain, unable to do anything to stop the assault, but still manages to stay awake.

Pui Pui lands calmly and grins with cockiness written all over his face. "Foolishness. When you face Pui Pui, death is a certainty!"

"I told" Hugo moans as he stands up once again. Both of Pui Pui's eyes bulge out of the socket in shock, but he keeps his composure. "To shut the hell up."


"I ain't gonna' die."

"Errrrgh! Yes...You...WILL!" Pui Pui fires himself into the air and whips both of his hands behind his head with pure rage written all over him. "Pui Pui Super Atomic Masterful Blaster Wave Of Light And Darkness!" The same blue beam appears above his head, but this one clearly has at least ten times the amount of power and mass within it. Pui Pui groans and launches the attack down at Hugo, who does nothing but smirk with confidence.

In an instant, Hugo throws his palm out and screams, "Probability Beam," with vengeance. The two attacks collide into each other, but Pui Pui's freezes just so. Hugo's beam fades away but his opponent's attack ceases movement in the skies.

Meanwhile, Pui Pui descends from the air with a frightening look of turmoil on him as he falls directly onto his floating blast that covered the skies. He attempts to sway out of the way, but the gravity pushes him down until he bashes into the blast and explodes upon impact.

Hugo hears screams burst out from his opponent but does nothing but grin. "The same damn attack being used over and over again will never work against a half decent fighter. B****."

Pui Pui drops down from the skies and crashes into the ground with a thud. Bruises and blood are surrounding his entire body, but he appears to still be conscious. He moans some insults to himself, but his words are too confused and broken apart for Hugo to understand much of it.

The General wipes a mountain of sweat from his forehead and approaches Pui Pui. He looks down on him with a bit of sympathy. "Idiot..." A ball of Ki forms in Hugo's left palm and he gently covers Pui Pui's face with it. "I hope you can find peace in the afterlife. Later." Suddenly, Pui Pui's breathing comes to a halt as he loses oxygen and fades away from reality, completely lifeless. Hugo stands up surprisingly quick and realizes that he has returned back to the hallways of Forte Valkyrie. He concludes that a battle of some sort has begun somewhere on the third floor, due to all of the noises breaking out.

Hugo sighs. Trying to get over the fact that he just took a life, he turns around and takes a few steps. Not making it far, he turns around and kneels over beside Pui Pui, gently closing the warriors eyes so he can be peaceful. Hugo rises once again and shrugs. Sure, he has taken countless amounts of lives before but truth be told, he hasn't been in a real battle since the war against the Saiyan Empire. He forgot how difficult it can be to take a life. His opponent - Pui Pui - may have been an impure killer, but he was a person nonetheless.

"You alright over there?" A creepy voice calls out from behind. Hugo turns around swiftly and his eyes go wide. "Heh heh." The mysterious being steps forward and glares into Hugo's soul. "It looks like you've just seen a ghost. Is there something wrong, FBM General?"

"...C-Cooler? Why are you--UGH!" An entire hand rips through Hugo's stomach and he immediately coughs up blood onto the hand that pierced through him. "I don't...Understand," Hugo mutters once more. The hand is pulled from Hugo's impaled chest and he drops to the ground with a trail of blood over his body.

"That's to be expected. Ahahaha! This new power is UNREAL! Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!" The taunt echoes throughout the entirety of Forte Valkyrie, but those who hear it think nothing of it. Bigger problems are at hand.


Babidi arrives on the third floor of Forte Valkyrie with Majin Buu next to him as they stand together in the elevator. The evil being - Majin Buu - is barely taller than the Wizard himself, and is currently wearing white pants with an 'M' written in what appears to be black ink at the peak of the front. His entire body is pink, and he has an antenna that protrudes from the back of his skull. Buu's eyes are crimson red, and his teeth are sharper than razor blades. He truly looks frightening. But the most noticeable factor that contributes to his demonic persona, some might say, is the aura that surrounds him. A frightening aura of Ki that only a being that is void of a heart could obtain.

The elevator door opens and a battlefield appears in plain sight. Buu steps out of the elevator with a sickening grin. Immediately upon doing so, the entire area freezes and every fighter turns to him with fear in their eyes. Even the Demonic Minions that Babidi possessed. Not because of his power, but the terrifying aura that he's presenting.

"W-what...IS that!?" General White mutters from afar.

"MAJIN BUU! KILL THEM ALL!" Babidi roars and Buu disperses from his location so that he's in the middle of the room, every single warrior facing him.

A black aura shoots up into the skies and shatters the ceiling above Majin Buu, which allows for hundreds of fighters to instantly fall from the fourth floor of Valkyrie. That same black aura beams down from the ceiling and impacts every single fallen Soldier and Minion, dispersing them in an instant. Energy floats through the area and floods into Majin Buu's body.

"...No, is that what that eerie feeling was!?" White says to himself in shock. General Blue looks over to White upon hearing that and raises an eyebrow. "I'm not sure, but every time I get damaged. Every time I see others get damaged...die...I can feel their Ki flooding out of their bodies. You can't see it but...It's there."

"Correct." Babidi yells from afar, still standing within the elevator. "Every bit of damage that is accumulated only powers Majin Buu up. By the time he wipes out all of you fools, his power will reach unstoppable heights! There is nothing you can do! Behahahahaha!"

"Quiet!" White puts his palm forward and a blast shoots out of it, flying towards Babidi. The Wizard screams in fear while throwing his arms above his head in a timid position, but before the beam can reach him it disperses into nothingness.

"Huh?" Babidi says to himself. "Aha! Good work, Majin Buu! But that is to be expected of my pet." Majin Buu turns away from Babidi without care and back to General White with a big grin. The General's eyes widen and he immediately puts his guard up, preparing to engage the monster in combat.

"Don't sweat it, White." General Stiffy comments from the other end of the room.

General Watson, beside him, nods his head as he taps his Scouter. "We can take this thing if we work together."

General White looks around the area to see all of the remaining fighters. Majin Buu killed every Soldier and Elite in the area, as well as all of the remaining Demonic Minions with that first attack. "That will certainly help us fight him," White thinks to himself. Generals Watson and Stiffy, Blue, John Giant, Murasaki, and himself all in the same room. "This can be quite a deadly team."

The six Generals all walk around the room carefully so each of them are surrounding Majin Buu. The creature remains still, grinning psychotically.

"Hey White," Murasaki calls out. "Can we do this?"

General White nods his head. "Yeah," he reassures himself with a nod. "I think we can."

A swarm of Ki emits from Buu's body, putting everybody on edge. "Kill them, BUU!" Babidi roars. Buu vanishes from its position and reappears in the air. It laughs maniacally and throws an endless amount of Ki blasts towards the ground, destroying it in an instant.

Everybody falls down to the second floor, minus Stiffy who floats down so he stays with the group and far away from Buu. Each and every one of them look around to see Pitou standing just near Piccolo and Rem with his arms folded neatly across his chest.

Pitou bats an eye over to everybody else and then up to Buu. He frowns instinctively, but doesn't pay much attention to anybody. He simply turns back to Piccolo, who jumps several feet backwards until he's beside Rem. They exchange a glance before putting their full attention on Pitou once again.

"Hmph." Pitou remarks. "How annoying. Babidi freed him earlier than I suspected. He must be on edge. No matter." Loud thuds break out from behind Pitou so he glances back, seeing Echo standing at the top of the staircase. He's sweating wildly and has his fists clenched.

"Pitou. What the Hell is going on?" He grits through his teeth, clearly enraged. Pitou merely smiles briefly, putting his usual frown back on afterwards. "ANSWER ME! Why...WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!?" A tear surfaces in the corner of Echo's eyes as he pleads to his friend for an answer.

Pitou turns around and puts his full attention on Echo, the one person in Forte Valkyrie he actually considered a friend. "I am going to kill Rem and every Commander in the Freeborn Military. Afterwards, I'll take control of the FBM and wipe out the Red Ribbon Army with my new found power."

"Kill...Every Commander!? W-w-why?"

"You will all follow Rem no matter what. I have far more ambition than you all. Keeping the six of you alive is just not an option."

Echo clenches his fists and begins walking towards Pitou, shaking the tear out of his eyes. "Fine. But you'll have to get through me first." His body begins to bulk up and grow in size as he ignores Majin Buu in the sky, as well as every General staring at him, and even a weakened Rem just behind Pitou. "Deighty Form!" The giant Echo towers above Pitou with a deep and destructive voice. Compared to when he used it against Goku in the War, it's a fraction in size. Echo clearly realized that his massive size was a foolish mistake, so he toned down his transformation so that it only gave him a few extra feet in height and size. "No matter how hard we trained, how many times we fought, or what tricks we invented, we always ended up equal. Do you really think now is going to be any different? I'll stop you here and now, PITOU!"

The Elf Commander vanishes from his position and reappears in front of Echo, kicking him in the face with all of his power. Echo skids across the floor and smashes through the ground, partially falling down to the floor below. He slowly stands up, trying to shrug off the blow despite his obvious injuries.

"Now is different. There is absolutely no chance of you defeating me." Pitou says as he walks up to Echo until they are only a few inches apart from each other.

"RHAAAAA, SHUT UP!" Echo throws a wild punch while roaring like an animal, but his attack is easily caught by Pitou. "AH!?"

"Farewell, Echo." Pitou places his spare hand on his former comrade's chest and a dark glow emits from it. A blast shoves through Echo's stomach and his body ruptures from within. The wall behind Echo shatters, revealing yet another hole in the wall of Forte Valkyrie. The sun beams in while Pitou takes his hand off of Echo, who instinctively grabs the hole in him as he shakes. Echo peers down at his injuries, stumbling backwards with little control over his movement.

Pitou turns around and steadily heads back towards Piccolo and Rem, leaving the Generals, Buu, and even Echo behind without an ounce of remorse.

"COMMANDER!" Murasaki screams. He sprints through the room while all the other Generals stare at Echo in shock, still stumbling closer and closer to the hole behind him. Echo reaches the edge of the base, clenching his stomach and coughing up endless amounts of blood. Murasaki leaps at Echo but seconds before reaching him, the Commander falls out of the hole and descends down hundreds of feet before crashing into the ground below.

Murasaki prepares to jump after him but prior to doing so, General White yells, "Stay here! Even if you do go, there isn't anything you can do for him. Stay on guard and help us deal with that monster above us." White points up to Buu who is patiently floating above them all. "Every man helps in a battle like this. We can forget getting help from any of the
Commanders, or even Lord Rem, in a scenario like this. It's up to us!"

"R-right..." Murasaki says, a little shaken up still.

Majin Buu descends from the air and lands in the middle of them once again. It's ready to fight for real this time. White peers past him to see Pitou facing Lord Rem and Piccolo in the other room, not interested in what is going on here at all. At least not yet. Everybody heard his plan.

General White glares at Majin Buu standing casually. He puts his left palm forward and blocks his face with his right hand, both feet spread evenly apart. "Lets do this."

A) Create A Battle Plan!

Move Lists:

General Blue:

Mind Freeze (Shoots a weak beam that has a chance of numbing the enemies mind, disabling all of their techniques)
Zap Cannon (Shoots a powerful beam that has a chance of freezing the opponent still)

General Watson:

Crusher Ball
Bulk Up (His body bulks up and his physical attacks gain strength)

General Stiffy:

Energy Steroid (His Ki powers up, making all his energy attacks stronger)

Agent 86 (White):

Solar Flare
10 000 Fists
Trance (His body enters a trance, but he gains a tremendous increase in power and speed)

General Murasaki:

Perfect Shot (Shoots consecutive Ki blasts that track a target until hitting it)
Air Pistol (A powerful punch that sends Ki flying towards the opponent through the air)

General John Giant:

Spinning Tornado (Spins his sword in circles quick enough to create a tornado)
Slice And Dice (Slashes the opponent violently until they are chopped into pieces)
Demon Slash (A Ki filled slash that slowly decreases the opponent's Power Level upon hitting them. Their Power Level returns once they recover.
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