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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

A Hold him off. He is obviously incredibly good at rehabilitation ki, however, like the other soldiers, he's also likely practically invulnerable (though not necessarily). However, this doesn't mean he necessarily has infinite KI, just incredible durability. (Doubtful Babidi can give infinite ki).

So then, hold him off with flicker jabs, which seem to do well. But don't overtly rely on them, or he may find an opening. If the moment presents itself, use ki blasts to force him to split and heal. That **** has GOT to take up a lot of ki. We're always runnin' outta ki, so I think it's time to let them waste some just keeping themselves alive. Not too powerful ki blasts, since we don't wanna run out of ki, but use them to pressure him towards lava to make him THINK that's still our goal, when in reality, we're gonna outlast him ki/stamina wise.
If he does have that much ki, then it's gotta be some strain on Babadi to keep all this going possibly, though I wouldn't bank on that. (Though I'm pretty sure ki is not infinite, though I could be wrong.)

I'm curious, did EVERY bit of him fall in lava, and it STILL did nothing? If so...I wonder why lava would still be an option at all...

As for Kiryu:

3 Go and help the Generals, if they are together. If they are seperated, Dr. Fiasco is our priority. He's a medic, and that is VERY useful in battle situations like this of all places.
Go help him, and afterwards, take him and Kiryu to where Kaiba and Thrigon are. Our scouter would show Thrigon not doing to well I assume, and Kaiba near death. Fiasco should be able to help with Kaiba, though I'm sure it won't be enough. Though Kiryu has a healing technique too IIRC, so maybe after the battle is over, if Kaiba still needs it...

Either way, have Fiasco help keep Kaiba alive, and if we finish the battle, let's go find Bebi...I'm sure he's having LOADS of fun!
If we can't find Bebi, focus on helping more of the Generals like Hugo (wonder if he's alive...) I'm probably planning too far ahead though.
Dark Elf glares at Thrigon with a psychotic look and grins faintly. The mere act of him doing this sends shivers down his opponent's spine, freezing Thrigon in place. The sadistic foe drops his head down to face the arena while slowly waving back and forth, almost as if he were stoned on powerful drugs.

"What the hell is this freak doing now?" Thrigon asks himself before turning over to see Kaiba just a few meters away, blood still leaking out of him. "Nine? No, I think the human body has ten pints of blood in it. By now, Kaiba's probably lost a good four or five. If he loses much more, his body'll go into shock and he'll die. F***! I gotta' get over my fears and take this guy out now." Thrigon whispers to himself, preparing his footing to launch at his opponent.

Suddenly, Dark Elf whips his head up and his eyes pierce through Thrigon. The entirety of his eyes have turned clear white in colour which sends a tremendous amount of doubt into Thrigon. Slowly, his tongue carves across his lips in a circular motion and his body begins to subtly shake.

"Enough!" Thrigon screams and dashes towards Dark Elf, closing the distance at a a rapid pace.

"Portal...Wada wada." Dark Elf screeches and his fist appears in the middle of the ring, uppercutting Thrigon as it appears. The Namekian does a back flip to catch his ground, but a right hook smashes into his temple just as he does so.

Thrigon drops to the ground in pain, trying to recover from the temple blow. "What the hell-- I don't, understand." He peers his head up a bit to see an unconscious General Orez still on the floor, likely in critical condition.

"I already told you," Dark Elf calls out as his body shatters and reappears before Thrigon. "I can reconstruct my body anywhere I please. Wada wada." Thrigon pushes his hands up from the ground and flings himself back, avoiding a swift kick from his foe. He skids back a few feet and throws two quick balls of Ki instinctively, but they are quickly Pulled away by Dark Elf.

"Flicker Jabs!" A parade of swift blows are shot towards Dark Elf who is quickly pushed back once again. With each jab, Dark Elf steps back an inch and Thrigon leads him towards the edge of the arena once again. Dark Elf looks down at the ground to confirm his surroundings and smiles.

"Your plan is as obvious as day and night! I've already showed you that it will not work, imbecile! Wada wada." Unable to retaliate in any way, he is continuously pushed to the edge of the arena.

"Ya', you keep thinkin' that." Thrigon mutters under his breath, sweating wildly all the while.


Commander Echo races down a long flight of stairs in the darkness, reaching the bottom after what felt like hours. He stares into the heart of a security door and swipes his Key Card, opening it on cue. Echo triumphantly walks into it with a smirk. The Commander stares at a large piece of equipment but is unable to see any buttons so he fires up his aura to brighten the room.

"Where is that button...Aha!" Echo flicks a switch and the lights around him brighten up. He looks out of the room and sees lights on the walls of the entire Forte Valkyrie brighten up in an orderly fashion. "Much better. But...what the hell happened to Shugesh? Meh. Idiot must have gotten lost on his way down or something." Echo turns around and slowly walks up the stairs, still unaware of the pandemonium erupting within the base.

The door to the room with the Generator closes by itself and Echo soon hears a mass amount of noise exploding from upstairs. "...S***. I knew that something bad was gonna' happen. Heh heh. Kinda hoped I was wrong..."


Light surrounds the area which blinds and shocks many of the Demonic Minions, as well as damaging the eyes of nearly everybody currently in the room. "Finally the light has returned," you rejoice.

You turn over to ground to see the weakling you just knocked to the floor start to get up, but you quickly grow tired of him. Rather than wasting your time here, you click a button on your Scouter and it detects a vast amount of fighters around the area, but you're looking for a specific one.

The Scouter beeps wildly just as you locate this fighter and you Speed Blitz toward him, arriving just in front of Dr. Fiasco and Chi Chi. The woman is shocked at first but once she realizes that it's you, she screams in rejoice. Unfortunately for her, that cheery attitude of hers quickly gets on your nerves and you decide to block out anything else she says. The punishment was certainly fitting of the crime.

Dr. Fiasco, on the other hand, showed absolutely no shock upon your arrival. He's either a very calm person or was completely aware when and how you would appear, thus not being shocked by it.

A powerful sword slashes horizontally at you but you elbow the flat surface and it shatters to pieces. The Minion who attempted such a foolish attack is startled by your magnificent strength, and even more shocked when you press your hand up against his chest and blast him away from the three of you.

Chi Chi mutters something but it goes unheard for now. You turn to Dr. Fiasco with a serious look and he stares back at you with one of indifference. "Fiasco, come with me. Chi Chi, you can come too if you would like." She grins happily but you pay little attention to such futile emotions.

"Roger that. Owahaha," Dr. Fiasco mumbles as he paces behind you. The three of you jet towards the hole you created in the floor earlier and you all jump down into it. Due to the mass amount of Freeborn Military Fighters upstairs, not a single enemy attacks the three of you in that stealthy escape.

You click the button on your Scouter but are unable to find the Ki's of a great deal of the Commanders, which gives you a slight feeling of uneasiness. With that feeling hovering over you, your pace instinctively picks up as you, Chi Chi, and Dr. Fiasco head towards Thrigon's room.

Within a few short minutes, you arrive in the corridors outside of his and Kaiba's room. "No Ki signal." You say, still trying to detect them with your Scouter.

"And why might that be?" Fiasco questions, talking slower than usual.

"I don't know."

"But you have a few ideas."

You look over to him with a harsh glare, but he doesn't appear to care. "Yes, I do. The most probable one is that they were taken to another location, most likely far aware from here. Considering the facts such as enemies with supernatural durability and the sudden blackout that took place before the enemy invaded Forte Valkyrie, I would hardly be surprised if the mastermind could teleport us to anywhere he pleases." Dr. Fiasco stares at you, mesmerized by your quick deduction. "Of course they could also be dead."

"Owahahaha. Brilliant deduction. And what do you plan to do with this knowledge, Commander?"

"Stay here Doctor. You too, Chi Chi. If Thrigon and or Kaiba return, come get me. I have an eerie feeling about all of this."

"Where are you going?" Chi Chi asks, concerned.

"To find Bebi and help out as many struggling Generals as I possibly can. Be on guard. We don't know what kinds of enemies are lurking around..." Chi Chi nods formally and Fiasco simply smiles. With that, you blitz down the hallway while configuring your Scouter to try and locate Bebi.


Dark Elf hovers just above the lava with beads of sweat dripping from his temple as his opponent shoves a powerful blast in his face. Just before the attack completely overwhelms him, his body shatters with a dark aura surrounding it.

Pieces drip into the lava but Thrigon wastes no time in turning around and launching himself at the Dark Elf as his body reforms a few meters behind him. "Da da da da da da da DAH!" A series of Ki blasts swarm Dark Elf but once again, his body shatters with a swarm of black energy surrounding him.

This time, Dark Elf forms above Thrigon in the sky with a black Portal swirling around his palm. "Portal!" Thrigon is upper-cutted in his jaw which drops him to the ground in pain. "Wada wada," Dark Elf laughs as he lands on the ground with a pool of sweat under him.

Thrigon slowly climbs to his feet, content with the exchange that was made. "Damage me all you want 'buddy', but I can see signs that you're slipping. That technique is certainly top tier, but the Ki it takes to use is bloody ridiculous. And you're too God damn stupid to realize it, haha."

"You okay there, buddy? Wada wada."

"Stealth Foot!" In an instant, Thrigon stands before Dark Elf and is firing countless amounts of heavy smashes in his gut. After a few of these blows, blood begins to drip onto Thrigon's bent shoulder as Dark Elf gags on his own puke. Thrigon launches himself into the air and forms one giant green ball, whipping it down to the core of the arena.

It explodes with a bang but Dark Elf morphs behind Thrigon in the air with his hands wrapped around him. "I-iiiiii see what you're doing. Wada wada." Thrigon is kicked down to the corner of the ring and bounces six times before he skids to a stop.

Dark Elf cautiously lands on the ground as he examines Thrigon, now grinning psychotically. " Wada wada."

Thrigon picks himself up off the ground and attempts to sprint toward his foe but is unable to move his legs an inch. "No! Those traps that he set way earlier in the fight are still here!? I completely forgot about these things. Damn--" The Commander coughs up blood as a Ki filled jab is struck into his neck.

"Portal Swarm! Wada wada," Dark Elf screams with a powerful black aura surrounding his fragile body. His white strands of hair fling themselves into the air as a ridiculous amount of Portal's surface around Thrigon, all bullying him with a vengeance. "Bahahahahaha! Wada wada!" Dark Elf roars as his legs and arms morph around Thrigon and smash into him without mercy.

Not long after his assault, Thrigon loses his guard completely and is now being bounced around like a rag doll. The Portals form from every possible angle and thrash Thrigon around as he just stands still in a frozen position. "...Damn it, this guy is too much...!" He thinks, losing all hope of winning.

"C'mon buddy! Wada wada!" Dark Elf says sadistically, truly getting pleasure from this torture. "Fight back! You've done well until now, trying to wash my energy until I was feeble. 'So close,' i'm sure you thought as you fooled me. BUT NO MORE! You and those two pathetic friends of yours are going to die of blood loss while you stand around doing nothing! Bahahahahah! Wada wada! Wada wada! Wada wada!"

Thrigon snaps his eyes open in rage and throws his guard back up, quickly getting his second wind. A fist slams into his cheek and he coughs up blood but still refuses to lose his focus. The Namekian slams both of his palms together and forms an aura around them. "One more time. Chaos Shocker!"

The Portal's surrounding him freeze and Dark Elf stands still. He appears to be grinning still. The psychotic foe pokes his head up from the ground and widens his smile, now walking towards Thrigon. "Mind Manipulations don't work on me. Wada wada." He begins. "All I have to do is shatter my brain with Dark Ki and rebuild it afterwards. There is a certain...feeling that one gets when they are being controlled. Lord Babidi believes he has me under his control but no, I would never allow that." Thrigon glares at the approaching Dark Elf in shock. "But the perks are nice. Massive durability, increased power, and just recently a Fruit from the Tree Of Might. Though I must say...His use has dried out. After I return, I think I'll go rip his heart out...Like this. Wada wada."

Now standing just before Thrigon, he stretches his arm forward and places it on his foes chest. "Enough!" Thrigon roars and slams a hook into Dark Elf's head, twisting it to the side. Dark Elf readjusts his face and grins once again, not fully comprehending what is happening due to his sudden personality switch. With Thrigon's free hand, he shoots a beam at the ground and destroys a piece of the arena, allowing his legs to go free. "Stealth Foot!" He circles around Dark Elf and elbows him in the back with all of his might, hearing cracks explode just as he does no. "There goes your spine."

"Ahhhh! Wada wada," Dark Elf shutters in pain before front flipping forward and facing Thrigon once again. The two launch towards each other and begin brawling with Thrigon at an obvious advantage in both technique and speed. Dark Elf quickly notices his disadvantage and launches himself back and forms a Portal around his palms. Thrigon fires himself after Dark Elf and elbows him in the gut, then swings his arm back and bashes it into his opponent's nose.

"Ha!" Thrigon shoots a blast and it crashes into Dark Elf at full throttle, hitting him directly. "Got 'em!" The smoke clears and shows Dark Elf on one knee, blood and sweat dripping from his upper body. Not giving him any time to recover, Thrigon dashes to his foe and kicks him in the jaw, sending him flying in the sky. Thrigon jumps after him and feels sweat dribble onto his forehead as he closes the distance. Dark Elf throws his arms up in front of his head in an attempt to block whatever is coming. Thrigon smirks and flies just above Dark Elf with his fists clenched together. He slams them down and crashes into the back of Dark Elf's skull. Before Thrigon can even see Dark Elf move from his position, he hears the crash from him crashing into the ground.

"Owww. Wada...wada..." Dark Elf grimaces in pain, barely managing to get up.

"Run out of Ki there, buddy?" Thrigon says sarcastically. Prior to getting a response, he dashes forward in preparation for the finishing blow. A large ball of Ki forms in Thrigon's hands and he places it above his head. "Die!"

"Pull!" Dark Elf waves his hand to the side and Thrigon's attack is thrown away without trouble. "Haaa..." Dark Elf mutters with sweat boiling out of him. "Don't think I'll go down so easily, buddy. Wada wada."

Dark Elf hops up and jumps towards Thrigon who holds him back with a spree of Flicker Jabs, finally running low on Ki himself. "I can't let this drag on any longer or I'll be back where I started. And Kaiba..." His thoughts drift off as he closes the distance in, not allowing his opponent to break free of his jabs.

Thrigon sees a small glitch in Dark Elf's defense and hooks him in the jaw to stun him, pushes his legs forward until he stands right in front of the Elf, and bashes his remaining fist into his opponent's jaw. Dark Elf squeals in pain and the pressure from Thrigon's attack knocks one of his front teeth out.

The tooth flings up into Dark Elf's gum and blood squirts around his mouth. Thrigon grins while forming his most powerful blasts. He places his palms on top of Dark Elf's open chest and blasts his foe away until he skids across the ground and lands by the edge of the arena. Lava shoots up around him but doesn't manage to fully land on the arena above.

"Da da da da da da daa!" Thrigon screams while throwing a barrage of green Ki blasts towards Dark Elf, who rolls over and begins standing up.

"Portal!" Dark Elf's left hand shatters and reappears behind Thrigon's head. "Wada wada." Ki forms behind Thrigon's head and blasts into his skull, completely evaporating the skin around his skull. Thrigon roars in pain but still continues his assault. "Pull!" Dark Elf uses his remaining hand to pull as many Ki blasts away from him as possible but some manage to get through and push him off the edge of the tournament arena. "Wada Wada!?"

Thrigon presses himself off the ground and Stealth Foot's towards Dark Elf, standing before him almost immediately. "You better hope you have enough Ki to shatter your body because if not..." He clenches his Ki filled fists together, "Then this is it!"

"Ergh! Wada Wada!" A black aura surrounds Dark Elf's right hand and he jets it forward into the left side of Thrigon's chest. The Commander sees the attack coming and pushes his body to the side so his heart avoids the blow, but the darkness still pierces through the center of his chest and rips out through the other side.

"AHHHHH!" He screams in pain. Thrigon slams his fists down at the vulnerable Dark Elf with all of his remaining strength and smashes him into the lava. Dark Elf's hand is pulled from Thrigon's chest and blood spews out of him now that nothing is holding it in. Dark Elf crashes into the lava immediately afterwards, and upon impact, his body is immediately melted from the back and he squeals in pain.

"Not...Poss--Wada...WADA!" He roars, melting away. Without any energy left, Thrigon drifts down from the air and collapses into the lava himself. Only once he touches it, he realizes that he's in the middle of the hallway of Forte Valkyrie; exactly where he was prior to being teleported out of the area..

Thrigon gazes over to the side to see Kaiba and General Orez to the side of him, but is unable to get up and pull them to safety. "Must...Get...UP!" He pounds the ground with his fist and notices that he too is leaking with blood from Dark Elf's last assault. "Heh. Well s***."

"Commander Thrigon!?!?" A familiar voice yells and runs over to him. It's Chi Chi. She begins screaming into his ear with worries and fears but Thrigon can do nothing but smile faintly and drift away into a more peaceful place.


Shugesh coughs up blood and grasps his chest in pain, looking around the area for any sign of his opponent. "This is f***ing bull s***," Shugesh curses, "How am I supposed to beat an opponent that I can't see!?"

"Rhahaha," a deep voice laughs from the darkness. A large claw rips through Shugesh's stomach and he coughs up even more blood, falling flat on the ground. Shugesh forms a ball of Ki and whips it backwards in hope of hitting his opponent but after a few seconds it disappears. "Thanks for the snack. Rhahaha."

"What the Hell is going on here..." He wonders, trying to stand up. Before he can, the beast strikes again from behind. This time, the wound is in Shugesh's leg. He drops to his knees and screams in pain as blood drips out of him from six different cuts; all very deep. "Guess I have no choice!" He demands while forming something in his palms.

"Rha?" The beast wonders.

"With this..." He says with sweat dripping wildly from him. The entire planet of darkness brightens up from the massive amounts of light forming in Shugesh's palm. "I'll be able to see and beat you!" He whips it into the sky and light explodes from it, brightening the entire area.

The great beast Yakon glares up at it in confusion for a second and Shugesh stands up tall, staring at it deeply. His tail waves back and forth after poking itself up from his pants. "It may have taken six months, but now more than ever, I've never been happier that my tail has grown back. HAAAAA!" His heart thuds wildly for a few seconds and he begins to grow in size with fur taking over his entire figure.

Yakon smiles and opens his mouth wide with a roar. Shugesh completes his transformation and stares down at the once frightening Yakon. "Now You Die!" Shugesh roars and slams his fist down at his inferior foe. Before it hits the ground, darkness engulfs the entire planet once again. "Huh?" His fist hits the ground and a small cave is shattered to pieces.

"Rhahaha, thanks again for the snack." Yakon mutters. Shugesh turns around to where the voice came from and searches the area with his new and improved eyes but is still unable to see a thing. Yakon continues to laugh with his mocking tone sparking from all angles of the confused Shugesh.

"SHUT THE F*** UP!" Shugesh explodes with rage and a gigantic beam of Ki forms in his mouth. "Breath Blaster!" It shoots down at the planet while brightening its entirety for a glimpse, revealing Yakon to be far away from the direction this attack is going to hit. The planet erupts from the magnitude of the blast but darkness soon forms once again.

"Rhahahaha," Yakon continues to laugh.

"Ergh, show yourself damn it!" Shugesh yells as he looks around in fear.

A) Keep using powerful Ki blasts until they eventually hit and kill Yakon.
B) Use another Artificial Light Wave to brighten the area and attack Yakon in the light.
C) Don't use any Ki attacks. Try to attack Yakon in the dark with Shugesh's massive size.
D) Wait until he attacks and once he does, counter attack him with lethal blows.
E) Other?


- Oozaru (Currently In)
- Deform
- Blutz Wave
- Breath Blaster


You wander the halls alone, happy that the lights have finally returned, and click your Scouter in an attempt to find the exact location of Bebi. You imagined that he would be upstairs fighting with the others but he did not appear to be there last time you were up. Granted, you didn't exactly look around for him but he is a fairly charismatic being. If he was fighting, you're positive that you would have noticed him.

Standing in the midst of the second floor of Forte Valkyrie, you look above to see four holes in the ground that lead to the battleground on the third floor. You made two of those holes. In a timely fashion, you come to the conclusion that Bebi must be on the third or the fourth floor so you press down on the ground and launch yourself up thirty meters until you hover above the middle of the battlefield.

Turning to the right, a few familiar faces come into plain view. Piccolo, of course, fighting with complete composure. It appears that he isn't wounded or tired at all, which makes you wonder if he has even killed a dozen of this Demonic Minions. Just close by to him, General Stiffy and General Watson come into vision. You haven't met them personally, but they are apparently accomplished fighters and are working with General Blue on recruiting. Naturally, they are fighting with their backs together in what appears to be a deadly team combination. Curious, you click on your Scouter to detect their Battle Power to find a solid rating of 43 500 for Watson, and Stiffy close behind at 42 800.

You land safely on the ground, still surveying the area on the right side. At least three other Generals reside at that corner of the room, but none of them are even remotely familiar to you. You hardly hang around the same areas, so you're surprised that you even know as many Generals as you do, which isn't many.

It's evident that since you were last up here, the enemy's numbers have drastically decreased. That being said, there still appears to be over a hundred of them so the battle is far from over considering the durability of the opponents.

You stand tall in the midst of the battle grounds with your purple aura fluttering around you. So calm. It's a crisp aura without a single fault, evident to any skilled fighter that you have mastered the ability to control it by taking a simple look at it. Nobody attacks you.

You press your Scouter and it reads Ki's from all over the area, but none that appear of any interest until..."Bebi," you mutter. He's in the left corner of the large center, away from everybody that is fighting by a fair distance. "Speed Blitz." You sprint over to him and arrive within seconds, but he doesn't appear to notice you at all. You gaze at him for nearly an entire minute but he refuses to even budge his position. Staring into his eyes deeply, you follow the obvious trail that he's leading to see Cooler at the end of it. Transformed and in combat, performing beautifully. You click on your Scouter and his power reads itself at an astounding level of 127 000, which you aren't even sure if it's his maximum. "Not bad," you think before turning back to Bebi and nudging him over.

"Huh? Wha--...Oh, you." He says, barely audible and clearly annoyed. "What the hell do you want?"

You grin while rubbing your chin. "I didn't know you swung that way." Bebi gawks at you in confusion before realizing what you're getting at and mutters curses under his breath while trying to shrug it off. "Come on. There are a lot of opponent's and things would go faster if you were out there."

"Hah. Waste of time, but I'll accept your generous proposal." The two of you turn to the battlefield and you examine it once more, finding a few more familiar faces. Agent 86, currently known as General White is the most prominent one. At the moment, he's thrashing around three opponent's with relative ease. But despite his efforts, you're confident that they will continue to get back up again and again. Unfortunately, considering you still aren't fond of him, he's a smart man and a competent fighter so you're positive that he's come to the conclusion that they have inhuman durability by now.

The other General that makes his note is the notorious General John Giant, the man who is the most skillful sword wielder in all of the Freeborn Military. He is also the fool who was kidnapped by the Red Ribbon Army shortly after the war, but you can forgive him for that. There may have been circumstances that made it near impossible for him to get away. They did attack awfully sudden. Unlike everybody else fighting these Demons, he has the ability to cut them into a dozen pieces to deal with them quick. It makes you wish that you had a sword to deal with the small fry.

"Are we going or what?" Bebi practically yells as he waits several feet ahead of you, shattering your concentration on John Giant. You simply wave his aggression off and walk behind him with a heavy slouch and your hands dug into your clean pockets.

You look around the area to see explosions breaking structures of all kinds down. The Demonic Minions appear to be content with just destroying everything they possibly can before being killed, that is, if they're even aware of the concept of death at this stage in their life.

The ceiling above you shatters and two Elite Soldiers drop down to the ground with bruises forming over their bloody bodies. You stare at them with indifference for a brief second. "C-Command--..." The one on the right whimpers as he reaches out his hand, pleading for help. Despite his calls, you ignore him and gaze at the smashed ceiling to see a battle raging on at the fourth floor of Valkyrie. Nobody is coming down after them. With Bebi gaining distance as he walks forward while ignoring you, you step over the dying Elite and walk past him. Before it's done, however, he manages to grapple the bottom of your leg which causes you to turn back and stare him directly in the eyes as tears form within them. He knows he's dying and can do nothing about it, but still pleads that a capable fighter avenges his death by killing the one who did this to him. You are unable to feel an ounce of sadness. You don't feel joy either. Not a single emotion is able to seep through your veins at this time so you simply turn away from the man and walk away without a second thought.

As you tread after Bebi, you feel as if you should have felt something for the man. It would certainly be acceptable at a time like that. Thinking it over gives you a bitter feeling of regret. The life you've chosen to live has desensitized you to a degree you would have never thought possible once upon a time. Thinking about those you have come across over the past decade, many of them have experienced this as well. You feel confident that you can count those who haven't been desensitized on one hand.

You poke your head up to see Bebi standing still a few feet away from you now, waiting. After a quick wave that told him you got the point and to shut up, the two of you walk beside each other in silence until you reach the center of the battlefield once again.

Before any action can be conducted, Chi Chi springs up from the hole you initially created with beads of sweat dripping from her face. Not from the expense of energy, but from worry, it appears. "Kiryu! It's about Commander Thrigon and Kaiba...!" Your eyes widen and nothing else needs to be said. The three of you hop down to the floor below and jet across the second floor for a few minutes until you see Dr. Fiasco aiding Kaiba. Blood has flooded the hallways to a remarkable degree.

"What happened!?" You snap.

"They suddenly appeared right where they are now with those injuries. Both are inches away from death, but Fiasco said that if Kaiba was left untreated for even one more minute, his body would go into shock and he'd die immediately!" Chi Chi informs. "Thrigon is in bad shape two. They both have the same stab wound I think."

Instinctively, you press the button on your Scouter to try and locate any abnormal Ki's but find none. "Damn it, Rem, what the Hell are you doing now?" You mutter under your breath. "Fiasco! What are you going to do about Thrigon!?"

He has a grim look on his face, one that you haven't ever seen him have. "...Nothing, Commander. If I leave Kaiba unattended to treat Commander Thrigon now, he'll die. That's why I told Chi Chi to get you ASAP. You have to get the Commander to the Medical Clinic and pray that they are operating in this mess."

You rush over to Thrigon, almost as if you completely ignored Fiasco's small lecture, and flip him over onto his stomach. Not thinking twice, you rip off your shirt and tie it across his waist to ease the blood flow. "If you were to treat Thrigon now, what would be his chance of survival?"

"80%, give or take. But Commander Kaiba..."

"And what is the probability of Kaiba living with your treatment now?"

"Owah. Less than 50%, if I were to guess."

"Will I have time to get Kaiba to the Medical Station without his body going into shock? Can I carry you as you continue to heal him?"

"Unfortunately, no, I can't break my concentration or I may mess up the procedure. And if you take Commander Kaiba now, assuming the Medical Staff is prepared, I would give him no more than a 60% chance at pulling through."

"And if I took Thrigon instead?"

"Maybe 85%."

"How long does Thrigon have to live at this rate?"

"10 minutes or so."

"Alright," you mutter under your breath without losing any composure. If the others were to be studying you right now, it's unlikely they would notice any difference between this panic and your regular self. "I have to make a plan to get through this right now or that'll be that. All or nothing."

1) Take Kaiba to the Medical Center. Leave Thrigon to be healed by Dr. Fiasco.
2) Take Thrigon to the Medical Center. Leave Kaiba to be healed by Dr. Fiasco.
3) Take them both to the Medical Center and try to get them both healed.
4) Leave them both here and have Dr. Fiasco treat both of them.
5) Other?
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