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Author's Chapter Notes:
D,4 wins.
You toss over in your slumber and awake from the dream world for a brief instant, rubbing your tired eyes as you do so. "What is with all of that ruckus...?" You wonder to yourself before reaching your hand over to the nightstand beside your soft bed, feeling around with your eyes involuntarily pressing themselves closed. "There you are," you say in triumph as you pull your newly bought Scouter off of the nightstand. You strap it to your right eye and it begins beeping frantically which instantly wakes you up from your drowsiness.

You roll off your bed and stand tall with a quick stretch. The single button is pressed on your Scouter and you detect combat transpiring around the entirety of Forte Valkyrie. "Hmm...We're being attacked? And Rem didn't even send a Soldier to wake me up? This is odd." You wonder aloud, opening your room door with the press of a button.

Monstrous sounds of death, suffering, and chaos explode from the halls just as soon as the door opens up. "It appears that soundproof doors have their downfalls too..." You sprint down the hallways and your door automatically closes behind you.

In seconds, you arrive at the main lobby of the second floor where all of the Commanders reside. You look around to find complete darkness surrounding you, which you did not notice prior to arriving in the heart of the base. "Power cut? No, this was planned."

You turn to Rem's closed door and then back to the elevator, turning to the Communication Center next. "No. It's best to deal with all of the scum upstairs. Rem and the others can handle themselves. The priority at the moment is assuring the safety of the Soldiers above." You sprint towards the elevator, but halt in your movement in remembrance. "Riiight, the power was cut. Oh well," you smirk for a brief instant before placing a Ki filled palm above your head. "HA!" It launches from your palm and blasts through the ceiling, creating an obvious hole in the above floor. You press the button on your Scouter to read hundreds of weak Ki's facing off against one another. "Heh. This will be easy."


"Too WEAK!" Cooler screams, elbowing a random fighter in the nose. It's instantly shattered and blood spews out from his nostril as he cries in pain. Cooler teleports in front of him to deliver a gut wrenching smash in his stomach, resulting in the enemy coughing up blood. But still, he manages to stand tall again and grin psychotically. "Ugh, why won't you just DIE!"

Three more masked fighters, all wearing black jumpsuits with white horns protruding from them and an 'M' on their forehead surround Cooler. "Lord Babidi has granted us unlimited power! You stand no chance!" The one behind Cooler yells and he scowls.

"Damn it, there's no end to these guys! And for some reason, no matter how much I damage them, they just won't stay down!" His mind races with doubtful thoughts, but his body pushes forward, stomping each enemy with all of his might.

On the other end of the large room, Piccolo silently evades a club smashing into the ground with tremendous power. "So they have extremely resilient bodies? I suppose I'll just have to blast them to pieces so they can't recover from the damage." He thinks, jumping high up above the floor so his back touches the ceiling. "Meteor Burst!"

A lightning speed blast shoots down and blasts into a single minion, exploding on contact. Piccolo calmly lands and spits on the ground, glaring down at his opponent with indifference. The minion stands up with blood surrounding his exterior shell and dripping onto the ground, but he doesn't appear to even notice the damage at all. Piccolo cracks his neck and flexes his muscles. "Guess I'll have to take out the big guns."

You hop up onto the third floor and gaze around in the dim light, pressing your Scouter to locate enemy targets. Multiple Ki's are found surrounding the area, but the only light currently flowing is the aura of Ki's from your own comrades. You flare up your own purple aura and it waves calmly. You gaze around the area to see Generals that you recognize, seemingly having trouble with but a single minion with no higher a Battle Power than 15 000.

Generals Chi Chi, Stiffy, Watson, Blue, and Dr. Fiasco all appear to be on this floor facing off against one or more minions. Surprisingly, you even notice Cooler and Piccolo helping defend the fortress. Regular Soldiers and Elites are scarce, most likely because they were ordered to retreat once the more notable fighters such as the Generals arrived on the scene.

But still, you remain confused. There are more than two dozen Generals, Piccolo, and Cooler all on this floor but they can't seem to put down many of these invading minions. "Why...?" You wonder. True, there are over a hundred enemies on this floor alone, but the difference in power alone should be enough to put them all out in a matter of minutes. "There has to be a catch. But my Scouter would pick up on anything abnormal, so...what can it be!?"

Suddenly, a giant axe slams into the ground beside you. Your body instinctively sifted over to the side, dodging it with time to spare. You peer your eyes backwards and glare the the black-suited fool who tried to oppose you. In an instant, you grapple his throat and crunch it with all of your might before snapping it like a twig. The weakling drops to the ground and you turn around, looking back at the scene. Your aura shoots up to the ceiling as you maximize your strength, preparing to finish the job everybody is failing to do.

Before you can prepare any attack, however, your Scouter beeps and you jump into the air to see that same minion with that same axe in hand. His neck is still crushed, but he appears to be grinning. Almost as if his health was not decreased at all!

"What the hell!?" You click on your Scouter and whisper to yourself, "Initiate a Data Analysis." Nearly instantaneously, a voice echoes in your ear speaking quite clearly.

"Name: Tom Shneider. Battle Power: 12 400. Race: Caucasian. Career: Tom owned a deli shop that had a mass number of customers due to his fresh meat, unbeatable prices, and kind customer service. He was reported dead 7 months ago, supposedly from a car accident in downtown South City."

"Reported dead, huh? And a deli shop owner? But yet here he is, fighting like a brain dead serial killer." You examine, still floating above him. Two large balls of ki form in each of your hands and you smash them together to increase the size dramatically. "Wipeout Wave!" The blast fires down at Tom and explodes on his body, disintegrating him on contact. You land safely and gaze at another large hole that you created, frowning harshly. "How unnecessary."


Joseph and Melisa stare at each other from across the bay as the ocean washes up on the shore every few seconds. Melisa stretches her right leg behind her and grabs her heel, pulling it off and throwing it to the sandy beach. She does the same for her other leg and her height shrinks down at least four inches as she stands barefoot.

As she does so, Joseph digs into his pocket and takes out a sturdy water bottle. He takes a sip from it and pours the rest onto the ground, putting it straight up on the ground afterwards.

"I just really can't fight well with those heels on. But that's a small price to pay for beauty." She says with a wink. Ignoring her taunts, Joseph puts on a standard fighting pose with Ki forming around his fingertips. "You're no fun." Melisa says with a frown.

"Stop talking!" Joseph leaps at her until the two are only a few feet away. Melisa attempts to punch him, but he vanishes and reappears above her with the two fingers next to his thumb quaking against his forehead. "Special Beam Cannon!" The tremendously powered blast fires down at Melisa, but before it reaches her, is brushed to the side of her face and smashes into her left arm.

"AAAAHHHH!" She screams in pain and is knocked to the ground from the force of the beam, bleeding immensely. Melisa rolls over in pain while she grapples her arm to try and stop the blood from leaking out.

"Good reflexes. That was supposed to pierce through your head and kill you. You're lucky."

Melisa stands up in pain and growls at Joseph with a truly angry face for the first time. "Lucky?" She yells in anger. Joseph jumps back to gain distance, in fear of her grabbing him again. "Pray...Pray to God that I die of blood loss before I get my hands on you."

"God doesn't exist."

Melisa leaps at Joseph with a burst of Ki around her fiery legs, darting multiple attacks forward, each with the pressure of wind behind them. Pike keeps his composure by dodging and blocking each of her attacks, but due to the speed of them, he finds himself unable to counter.

Melisa jumps into the air and glides above him, firing a multitude of Ki blasts while her blood drops onto the ground with huge splatters.

"Barrier!" A shield of Ki surrounds Joseph's body to protect him from each and every attack. However, Melisa begins aiming her blasts at the ground to blow smoke into the air and blind the two fighters. Pike relinquishes his Barrier and begins Sensing for his foe, carefully moving around. "Behind? No, she's playing with me. So that means the probable direction to attack in would be the front." Joseph thinks. Suddenly, a back breaking elbow crashes into his spine, dropping him to the ground in pain. "I was fooled...!"

Melisa grabs him by the neck once again and an aura of Ki wraps around her palm. "Body Manipu--"

"Barrier!" Joseph screams. Melisa is pushed back as the shield forms around his body. "S***. I'm running low on energy. If she keeps up this pace, I won't be able to last much longer...!" Joseph stands up and faces his foe, relinquishing his Barrier soon afterwards.

Just as he does so, Melisa disperses from her location and begins bombarding Joseph with attacks from all angles. Unable to keep up with her speed due to his fatigue, Pike begins getting knocked around by nearly every attack. Melisa then launches herself into the air and places her palms together with a blast forming within. "Electric Shock-wave!" A surge of electricity shoots out of her palms and zaps a shocked Joseph in the blink of an eye.

He gasps in pain and falls to his knees, sweating wildly. "Just you think I am?" Melisa glares at him while holding her right arm, but blood still squirts out. Joseph pushes himself to his feet, clearly in pain, and Ki forms around his fingertips. He places each of them together and the cage created within his fingers glows bright white.

Melisa cups her hands by her breasts and a blast forms within, quaking with power. "All or nothing..." The electricity zaps around in her fingertips and all her aura focuses in on the attack, leaving her completely open everywhere else.

"I don't gamble." Joseph says triumphantly, his attack fully formed in his fingertips. "I don't play games that I know I won't win." Melisa smiles at that and nods carefully. "Mafuba!" Joseph roars and a spiral white wave shoots out of his palms.

"Electric Shockwave!" Melisa screams back and just as she finishes doing so, Joseph's body zaps from the electricity and he screams in pain, falling onto one knee. But despite the massive amount of electricity spewing through his body, he manages to control his wave so it engulfs Melisa entirely. "What!?" She yells in shock.

Joseph pulls the wave into the sky as Melisa is pulled from her Human entity and pushed into a contained form. The wave twists into the sky and it changes colour with each movement, now dark black mixed with grey and green. "I...Will...Contain YOU!" Joseph yells, electricity still quaking around his nimble body. The wave blasts into the water bottle he set down earlier and flows in for a countless period of time.

The Mafuba Wave finally flows into the bottle and it snaps itself closed. In a blend of powerful emotions, Joseph falls onto the sandy beach with sweat and blood dripping uncontrollably. The scenery around him begins to change until he returns to the prison he began in, unable to even move an inch.

"Haaa...The rest of those guys'll just have to make do without me..." Completely wiped, Joseph falls flat on his face and fades away from consciousness.


"Kaiba," Thrigon yells and catches the attention of his partner, "Notice the area around us. Get it?" He darts his eye from the Dark Elf and then back to Kaiba a few times until it finally snaps in.

"Roger that." Both of them dash towards the Dark Elf in an attempt to feint him out.

"You two sure are scary. Wada wada." Dark Elf launches himself into the air, but Thrigon manages to pursuit him without losing any speed. "Fast! Wada wada!" The Elf says in a panic as Thrigon appears above him with both of his fists clenched together. The Namekian Commander roars and slams his fist into his foes temple, firing him into the tournament arena at incredible speed.

An explosion erupts and smoke billows through the air, but Dark Elf blows it all away with his aura. "Acidic Meltdown!" Kaiba screams and shoots it at him from behind as the Dark Elf stands up. His entire back melts away from the acid and he falls to his knees, breathing irregularly. "Guess we really didn't need to knock him in the lava." Kaiba remarks.

Thrigon lands on an undamaged part of the arena across from Kaiba and nods. "Apparently. Heh."

Dark Elf's entire back melts away so his legs remain separate from his head. Afterwards, the entirety of his body breaks away into miniature pieces until nothing is left. "What the--" An entire hand rips through Kaiba's stomach before he can finish his confused sentence. The Commander shutters in pain as the Dark Elf breathes over his cold neck, pulling his arm out of Kaiba's impaled stomach.

"Now...Why'd you have to go and do that?" Dark Elf whispers gently. "I was having so much fun too. Wada wada." Blood explodes from Kaiba's stomach and is scattered all over the floor around him. He drops flat on his face and shutters from the massive amounts of blood loss. Dark Elf looks over to Thrigon with a sickening glare and smiles faintly.

"" Thrigon continuously stutters, unable to find any words to describe the scenario. Dark Elf walks past Kaiba slowly and approaches Thrigon with cold eyes. "How is that...possible? You...You were dead!"

Dark Elf stretches out his arm as he walks. It shatters into hundreds of pieces and melts away as it falls, resulting in him having one arm. Just as he does so, that same arm grabs Thrigon by the leg and squeezes tightly. But before Thrigon can attack the arm, it disintegrates once again and forms back in its original place.

"With the power of Dark Ki and Rehabilitation ki, I have learned the skill of breaking down my body and regenerating it. The Dark Ki melts my body in one swift motion while carrying the pieces to a nearby location. With that, i'm able to regenerate it with my masterly Rehabilitation techniques. Simply put, i'm invincible. Wada wada." Dark Elf states as he closes the distance between he and Thrigon.

"Screw THAT!" Thrigon roars while forming balls of Ki in his palms. "Da da da da da da DAH!" A parade of Ki blasts plow down and smash into the Dark Elf, all of which blow pieces of him to the ground until he completely melts. "How's tha--!"

Dark Elf wraps his hands around Thrigon's neck while grabbing one of his arms and putting it in a submissive hold while he stands behind Thrigon. "Even before your attacks reach me, I can break apart my body and reappear anywhere within a short vicinity. No Ki attacks will ever defeat me...Wada wada."

"Urgh!" Thrigon uses his remaining arm to elbow Dark Elf in the gut. His opponent's hold lightens for a brief moment and the Commander dashes out of his arms and reappears on the other end of the room. "If I didn't have my Stealth Foot, he would have been able to kill me in that instant. Damn it, this is bad!" Thrigon thinks in a panic before looking over to his fallen comrade, seeing blood still leaking out of him like a shattered water fountain.

Thrigon grapples his shirt and rips it off before bending down and wrapping it around Kaiba, who is now lying in a pool of blood. "I'll get you out of here alive buddy. Just hang in there for a little longer." Thrigon whispers.

"You ready over there, buddy?" Dark Elf says with less enthusiasm than before. Thrigon stands up tall and kicks both of his shoes off so he remains in nothing but a baggy set of white pants.

"Bring it."

The two launch at each other and enter a fast paced brawl, each of them barely managing to land a single blow on the other. Thrigon jumps back and shoots a weak blast at Dark Elf, which is immediately pulled away. As he does the hand motion to whip it away, however, Thrigon leaps at his now open side and delivers a right straight to his kidney.

Dark Elf kneels over in pain, but Thrigon manages to do a spiral back flip and kick his opponent several meters away so he is pushed towards the edge of the arena.

Thrigon quickly pursuits him and jabs him in the stomach a whopping six times before his opponent can even recover.

Just as he notices his opponent is recovering, Thrigon halts his attack and fires himself into the air with a beam in his hands. "HA!" The green beam fires down at Dark Elf, who merely smiles as a dark aura surrounds his body. "Heh, right into my trap!" The beam turns from its direction and crashes into the lava outside of the arena causing it to splash around the area.

Thrigon turns around mid air to see a being form around him. He clenches his Ki filled fist and smashes it into the heart of Dark Elf's forming body, ripping right through it entirely. Pieces drop down to the ground and shatter upon impact, but Dark Elf manages to reform his body from even the smallest molecules.

Dark Elf wipes blood off of his mouth and looks up at Thrigon with a calm smile. "Good idea buddy! Wada wada."

"Looks like he's calmed down from his serial killer mode," Thrigon thinks, "That means that if I have a chance at winning, I better strike now. Getting him into the lava may be the obvious choice here, but it's the best chance I got."

Thrigon lands safely and stares across at the Dark Elf. "Stealth Foot!" In the blink of an eye, Thrigon appears in front of Dark Elf and backhands him in the face. His foe soars through the arena and Thrigon jumps after him with his arms stretching out. "Flicker Jabs!" His arms stretch out and throw annoying amounts of jabs at Dark Elf while he tries to recover once again.

The two of them land with Dark Elf pushed just up against the edge, lava shooting out and landing around his feet. "So this is your almighty plan? Wada wada."

Thrigon continues to throw Flicker Jabs to keep his opponent at bay, looking for any opportunity to move in and finish the job. Dark Elf tries to counter Thrigon by knocking his fists away but they prove to be far too fast to overcome.

"Now." Thrigon mutters and smashes a jab into Dark Elf's jaw, stunning him for nearly an entire second. Thrigon quickly moves in and smashes his foe in the gut, punching him in the face right after, and finally jump kicking him in the jaw. Dark Elf coughs up blood and descends over the lava. "Die!" Thrigon jumps over him with his fists clenched and bashes them down over Dark Elf.

Just as he does so, his opponent shatters into millions of pieces that all fall into the lava and melt instantaneously. Thrigon instinctively jumps into the air to search for his opponent, and finds him rebuilding himself in the middle of the arena.

"Haaa...S***, I can't believe that didn't work." Thrigon mutters.

"And now that it didn't," Dark Elf screams! He puts on a psychotic face as if it were as simple as slipping on a mask and glares at Thrigon. "I am going to kill you."

A) Create A Battle Plan.
B) Continue trying to knock him into the lava.
C) Engage Dark Elf and try to defeat him with sheer fighting abilities.
D) Use every trick Thrigon has in his arsenal to try and kill the bastard.


You stand in the midst of a flickering room, finally starting to sweat. Your stamina is beginning to drain from killing these fodder opponents and you have little to show for it. Some sort of curse has been placed upon them to make their durability unmatched by any living creature.

A club swings horizontally but you manage to jump above it and kick the owner in the face which instantly knocks him to the ground. You wish that you could say that attack dealt lethal damage to him, but you now know otherwise.

A ball of Ki forms in your hand and you fire it towards the enemy, blasting him to pieces. Despite the dozens that you and others have undoubtedly killed, there is still well over a hundred of these demonic minions.

The lack of Freeborn Military Soldiers and Elites in this battle is truly hurting your side of the playing field, due to the mass numbers they have against yours. While your Scouter clearly detects a battle going on upstairs between the weaker FBM fighters and these cursed demons, it's clear that the hundreds of Elites and thousands of Soldiers are struggling against less than a hundred of these enemies.

"Just who is controlling them?" You think aloud, still wary of your surroundings.

What Does Kiryu Do Next?

1) Continue fighting the demonic minions until they are finally defeated.
2) Go check on another General/Commander/Rem downstairs. Who?
3) Other?
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