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Author's Chapter Notes:
D,E wins.
Piccolo wanders out of his temporary bedroom with a green aura surrounding his calm self. His tamed aura brights up the dark Valkyrie like a candle and it dwindles in the air with each step made. He finishes walking down a long flight of stairs so he finally arrives on the second floor, just across from Rem's headquarters.

"This is bad," he admits to himself. The Namekian walks down a long corridor until he reaches a door at the end of the hall with "Communication Center" written on the steel door. He knocks on it and a human of some sort answers. It has a hairy stomach flapping around, but the skirt and tank top with a bra underneath are enough to throw anybody off on what sex this person actually is. "...Who the Hell are you?"

"I'm like uh, you know, Transny, a well known and like, huh, you know, renowned General here. Uh huh, I know you didn't know that." Transny rubs Piccolo's chest with its index finger while grinning disgustingly. Piccolo pushes the General back in annoyance and steps into the Communications Center.

"Idiot, this place is in serious danger." Piccolo remarks while trying to turn on any equipment he can, but his efforts are ultimately useless.

"I told ya', like, I already tried. Nothin' is workin' for some like, you know, like, uh..."

"Stop talking!" Piccolo yells. "This place has a backup generator, right?" Transny nods toothily. "How long until it turns on automatically?"

"Pfft, like, I can't know everything you know! But wait, I do know this. I think it's um, like, maybe something like five seconds?" Piccolo drops his face to his palm and clenches his other fist. "No wait! Yeah! It's five minutes! Hehe!"

"Five minutes? Hmm...It's already been at least four. So they should be turning on any-" The Namekian's train of thought ends as he hears a roar of screams break out nearby. He stands up immediately and looks backwards to see a completely unaware Transny. "A hundred. No, over three hundred. So many beings are surfacing within the confines of Forte Valkyrie. And they're doing it so quietly that all who can't hear as well as I can or sense Ki won't even notice!"

"What--what are you like, talking about? Weirdo! Hehe!" Transny laughs.

The lights snap back on and Transny squeals in fear, dropping to the floor and rolling over. Piccolo turns to the closest piece of equipment and puts his mouth to the microphone. "Attention ALL Forte Valkyrie soldiers! There is a stealth invasion transpiring as I speak, by hundreds of Soldiers from an unknown enemy. Be on your guard!"

Just as Piccolo finishes speaking, the lights flicker off once again. "What?" He practically yells to himself. For a few seconds, the lights dwindle between off and on before finally shutting down completely. "Somebody must have turned off the backup generator. The enemies, perhaps?"

"Totally like, false advertising or something! Hehe!" The door is pushed open and an Alien of some sort stands in the doorway with a tremendous aura emitting from his body. "Cooler!" Transny squeals.

"I thought I felt something unusual, but the announcement certainly confirmed it." Cooler says as he stands tall in his transformed state. "At least I'll be able to get some action before I leave this place!"

Piccolo stands up and pushes Transny out of the way with obvious hatred directed towards it. "You're powerful. With you by my side, these random scrub bucket soldiers won't be any problem."

Cooler smiles, "I'm not on anybody's side but my own."

"Even better."

Both Piccolo and Cooler leave Transny behind and walk out into the open hallways to hear chaos erupting around the area as Soldiers from Forte Valkyrie frantically rush around the area in search of the announced enemy.

"Lets do this!" They yell in sync.


Rem kneels over with his claw shaped hand dug into the red floor as he growls at his foe. He and Pitou remain in an artificial world with no backgrounds of any sort; just an infinite amount of crimson red as the walls, ceiling, and floor.

"You have certainly improved."

Pitou stands over Rem with his hands crossed across his chest. "Perhaps you've just gotten sloppy. I used to respect you and believe that you were an unbeatable opponent. That if I stuck with you, you would make me your heir! That if I stuck with you, I could grow as powerful as you! And most of all, that you would fulfill the promise you made to me that day. I dedicated myself to you! AND FOR WHAT!?!?" Pitou screams, kicking Rem in the face as he does so. Rem skids across the floor in pain but is unable to stop himself. "And after everything, you chose him over me...!"

Rem struggles to push himself off the ground and stand up, but he manages to do it after a few seconds. He breathes heavily for a moment. "You were not fit to be the leader of the Saiyan Empire Invasion. You are far too cold and ruthless, Pitou. Since the day I rescued you from your slave owners, you were a lost cause. Pitou, you have been bred into an egocentric being. A person like that could NEVER lead such an operation, let alone be my heir!"

Pitou smirks to himself and puts two of his fingers on his temple, tapping it slowly. "I suppose that's where you're wrong. I will rule the Freeborn Military. I will manifest it into my own creation. And I will kill every one of those who oppose me."

"I doubt that you will have the opportunity, considering the fact that you're under the control of another."

"Heh heh. Funny. But don't be a fool, Rem. Are you just that stupid or are you playing games?" Rem sighs with a sympathetic look in his eyes. "We both know perfectly well that I am merely playing the part of the possessed! I needed him to gain power and successfully infiltrate this fortress but now that I have...He is of no further use to me."

"So it is true. I had hoped that even you weren't so cruel that you would betray the man who saved your life."

"Man?" Pitou says with a grin and Rem's eyes widen. "Nonetheless, despite what I've said, this is not personal. It is merely a necessary step to successfully accomplish my ambition."

"No matter how you look at it, an endless amount of power, control, and influence will never fill that gaping hole in your heart. You're too foolish to realize what you actually need and so you believe that gaining power will give you that happiness you've been craving all your life!"

Pitou scowls in rage before vanishing from his position. Rem flares up his aura but before he can perform an attack, Pitou is already standing right before him with a bloodthirsty glare. A massive aura of Ki engulfs Pitou's fist as he stares into Rem's - now - red eyes. "Your time in this realm has expired. Farewell!" Pitou launches his attack forward but Rem manages to sidestep out of the way with a wave of Ki pushing his body from the side.

The former Commander gasps in shock as Rem counterattacks, smashing his own fist into Pitou's face and hurdling him into the ground with utmost power.

Rem bursts an aura around his body and walks towards an injured Pitou with justified confidence. "Do not think for a second that I will let you harm my organization or my people...!"


Commander Joseph Pike stands in front of the young girl named Melisa with a ruthless smile as his Ki filled palm glows in between her eyes. "Atomic Blast!" The beam fires but Joseph's foe disappears quicker than the blink of an eye, reappearing behind him with a naughty grin. Instantaneously, Joseph silently analyzes the situation. "...As I suspected, her speed and reflexes are abnormal. I may be at the top of my class in each of those departments, but there is no comparison between us. However..."

Melisa swings her back leg into Joseph's back but he manages to thrust his elbow forward and deflect her kick. She grins at him and does a back flip backwards, causing her skirt to blow around from the rapid movement.

"...She's a woman. It's evident that her attacks lack the necessary firepower to put me down. Which means I can kill her!" Joseph fires himself forward and smashes his fist into her gut. She kneels over and cringes in pain as she grasps her stomach, leaving herself open for another attack. Joseph capitalizes on this opportunity by darting his knee upward so it bashes into her jaw. It cleanly hits and she tumbles over to the floor with a small tint of blood on her bottom lip.

Joseph walks over to her without relinquishing his guard, glaring down at the inferior sex. "Get up." As if it were on cue, Melisa presses her hands on the ground and easily pushes herself up so the two meet face to face once again. Joseph puts his palms together in a praying position and an aura wraps around his body. "Sense!"

"You big bully!" Melisa jokingly says as she finally puts on a fighting pose. She is facing sideways with her left arm stretched forward, slightly bent, and her right arm up by her jaw. "But seriously, stop going easy on me because i'm sexy as can be. Okay?" She says with a big grin. Joseph remains quiet, simply licking his bloodthirsty lips, completely ready for her next move. Melisa frowns uneasily before shooting a small wave of Ki to the ground, resulting in dust billowing through the air.

She vanishes from her position and strikes Joseph with an onslaught of blows from every angle, but he somehow manages to predict her every move and avoid her next attack. "No way!" She gasps. Joseph elbows her in the nose which knocks her backwards. Pike leaps at her and kicks her in the jaw once again. As she is pushed backwards, he teleports above her and barrages her face with an endless series of blows.

"Come on weakling! Show me what you have so I can kill you at your peak!" Joseph laughs psychotically as he finally smashes Melisa into the ground. A small crater is made around her body but Commander Pike wastes no time in kicking her out of it so she rolls off the rocky beach and collapses into the ocean around him.

After a few moments, the water begins to bubble. "About five seconds until it erupts. And after that, she'll...--" A cyclone of water shoots up into the sky and remains calm for a few seconds before the middle of it abruptly bursts. Water sprays all over the area and Melisa lands on the ground in front of Joseph without so much as a drop of water on her clothes.

"Psychotic murderers never really were my type. Guess I really do have to kill you." She says with a sigh. In an instant, she appears in front of Joseph and grapples his neck with a serious look on her beautiful face. The slender female lifts him up into the air and a rapid aura of Ki bursts around her body. "Body Control!"

Joseph shutters for a second before kicking her in the chest to knock her off. She is pushed back a bit but doesn't lose her smile. "Damn it...This girl is extremely hard to read! She thinks one thing and does another. Could she be...Playing with me?"

The Commander drops to his knees with sweat dripping from his temple as he clenches the ground.

"Punch yourself in the face." On cue, Joseph lifts up his right hand and smashes it into his face. Blood squirts out of his nose and he shutters in pain, bringing a grin to her sadistic foe. "Sorry, but you relied too much on what you thought I was going to do. And now you've fell right into my trap..."

"You...B****!" Joseph mutters, trying to overcome her manipulation over his mind.

"Drown yourself."

"NO!" Joseph screams but his body runs towards the ocean and dives in at full throttle, creating a gigantic splash. Water sprays at Melisa but just as it reaches her, every particle bursts away into another direction.

"Manipulation Ki may not be as powerful as Dark Ki, but no matter how much Captain Crow tried to teach it to me...I just didn't have the heart to learn it. Still, it's better this way. I just hope the Captain is okay...!" Melisa thinks, watching the calm ocean rock back and forth.

Joseph drifts beneath the pressure of the water, trying to swim up to the surface to no avail. No matter how hard he tries, it appears to be impossible for him to overcome her hold on his body. "I'm going to drown at this rate!" He thinks in a panic, "Though, I can still use my mind, which means that I can form Ki around my body. I just won't be able to use it offensively unless...Heh. Perhaps I can muster up a plan to defeat her after all!"

Melisa has a seat and peaks underwater. "Shouldn't be long now. It's already been 3 minutes."

A cyclone ruptures from the ocean and a wave blasts into the skies. Melisa peaks up into the sky to see Joseph wrapped in a Barrier as he floats above her. "Come on, b****. I know you're a sloppy girl but you couldn't have thought that such a weak effort would ever put me down!"

"Fine. Have it your way!" She shouts. "Joseph, form a blast and blow your head off!"

A red ball of fiery Ki engulfs his palm and is put up to his face. He glares down at his opponent, positioning himself at the perfect angle above her. "Atomic Blast!" The beam collides against the Barrier around his body and cracks the shield from the pressure. The attack then begins to blink between light and dark as it attempts to smash through Joseph's Barrier.

Melisa examines the situation with her eyes wide and her jaw dropped down, wondering what is happening. Just then, Joseph screams and his own blast reflects off of his Barrier and flies into Melisa directly. In shock, she can do nothing but throw up her arms. The blast explodes on her skin and dust particles blow through the area.

Joseph lands safely, holding in his heavy breathing, and waits for the smoke to clear.. "Just as I had planned. It appears that if she loses her focus, she loses the manipulation on her opponent as well. What a foolish technique."

"You're smart." She says in awe before blowing the dust away with her aura.

"Still, I must be careful that she doesn't touch me again!" Joseph puts on a focused fighting stance and eyes her cautiously, thinking of his next move.

A) Create A Battle Plan.
B) Fight evasively by trying to predict her next move and counter.
C) Rush her and go in for an immediate kill.
D) Engage in close combat, but he cautious and use as many Ki attacks as possible to put her down.

Move List:

Atomic Blast
Special Beam Cannon


Thrigon dashes towards the Dark Elf with his peerless speed, throwing out a quick punch as he reaches his opponent. Dark Elf blocks the attack in shock, but is elbow'd in the back by Kaiba as he does so.

"Ow, ow, ow. Wada wada, heh." He laughs the attack off as his hands press up against the ground and it quakes. Both Thrigon and Kaiba jump back - still not losing their target - while tightening their guard. Nothing happens. Dark Elf merely stands up with a smile. "Triiiiiicked youuuuuu. Wada wada, heh."

Thrigon growls and fires himself back at the mysterious Elf but is frozen in place only a few feet away from his foe. "W-what!?"

"Triiiiiicked you agaaaaaaaain. Wada wada, heh heh." Kaiba jumps into the air and forms acid within his stomach, preparing to fire it off at his opponent at the opportune moment. "Don't worry pal! I won't kill your buddy."

"Urgh! Acidic Meltdown!"

"Heh heh heh. Wada wada." The Acid pillars down from the sky but the Elf simply looks at it with a harmless grin. "Pull." He whips his hand to the side and the acid is pulled with his movement, flinging towards Thrigon.

"S***!" Kaiba yells, hearing Thrigon's screams no more than a second later. Acid spills down onto the ground and melts a lifeless green arm on the ground. "Thrigon! Are you--"

Before Kaiba can finish his sentence, a gut wrenching blast explodes within his gut and blasts him into the skies of the tournament arena. "Don't let your guard down buddy!" He yells up with concern in his tone, then turning to Thrigon. The tainted enemy slowly approaches Thrigon as the Namekian kneels down on the ground with one of his arms melted off. "You okay, there? That friend of yours really didn't plan his attack! Wada wada."

"You son of a b****. I'll kill you!" Thrigon looks down on the ground and finally noticed that he's sitting in some sort of sticky saliva with Ki emitting from it.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry. But you seemed to have activated my trap card. Bungee Arena. Wada wada." Just as the Elf finishes his sentence, Kaiba finally hits the ground and the ground cracks from his weight.

"Regenerate!" Thrigon mutters and his arm shakes violently with green mucus leaking out of it, before finally rebuilding it. "Haaa...Haaa...Watch yourself, Kaiba. That could have killed me!"

"Sorry man! I didn't think--" He stops mid sentence and places his focus back on the Dark Elf. "Like I need to apologize. It's this guy's fault for throwing it at you in the first place."

Two large balls of Ki form in each of Thrigon's hands. He throws them at the ground and the arena floor around him is completely destroyed. He stands up tall, finally free from the trap, and glares at Dark Elf with anger mixed in with fear.

"Lord Babidi!" Dark Elf yells. "Please take us to the Death Arena! Wada wada, heh." Instantaneously, the sky darkens and the heat rises to insane levels. Kaiba peaks behind him to see that the moon is shining bright just past the mountains, but the most noteworthy change is that hot magma is surrounding the arena.

"That real?" Thrigon mutters, seeing it too.

"Of course buddy. Better watch out! Wada wada."

"Chaos Shocker!" Thrigon grips his hands together and a ray of Ki flashes. "Go...Jump...In the LAVA!" He screams, trying to control the foe. Dark Elf merely smiles and walks over to Thrigon while paying no attention to his atack. "What? Why isn't my attack working?"

"That's weeeird. Wada wada." Dark Elf, now standing just in front of Thrigon grins like a child might. "Absorption." He grabs Thrigon by the neck and Ki floods out of the Namekian's body and into the Elf at a rapid pace.

"THRIGON!" Kaiba jets towards his comrade to aid him while firing as many balls of Ki as he possibly can. Before any of the attacks reach Dark Elf, he vanishes from his position. "Where'd he go?" Kaiba says, abruptly stopping.

"Be-be-behind you!" Thrigon yells. Kaiba's neck is grappled before he can register his comrade's words, resulting in him screaming in horror. "Stealth Foot!" Thrigon disappears and reappears just above Dark Elf's temple, kicking him with all his might just as he gets there. The Elf skids back a few feet but remains composure.

"You're quick, heh. Wada wada."

"Yeah, well, you're not." Thrigon vanishes a few feet to the right of Dark Elf and begins bombarding him with countless Flicker Jabs, trying to keep him at bay so Kaiba can finish him off. Taking notes from Thrigon's plan, Kaiba jumps into the skies and splits into four different forms. Acid is charged up in each stomach and they all prepare to shoot down at the distracted Dark Elf. Thrigon peaks up to see Kaiba's plan and freezes for an instant. "Kaiba, st--!"

A blast of Ki shuts his face closed and implodes within his mouth. His arms retract from their extended reach and snap back to position. "Shouldn't have let your guard down you silly goose! Wada wada."

"Acidic Meltdown!" All four Kaiba's fire off their only finishing attack and they each target Dark Elf.

He turns to them and smiles. "Haven't you learned? Wada wada." He says in a childlike, yet mocking tone. "Pull." His hand is whipped to the side again and each pool of acid flings towards Thrigon. They all splash into the ground and melt parts of the arena, causing lava to spew up from underneath.

"Idiot!" Thrigon yells with a chunk of his right leg burnt off. "Every time you use that attack, he'll just throw it over to me! Stop being stupid!"

"Don't be so harsh man." Dark Elf says with an innocent smile. "He's just trying to help, you know?" Kaiba lands on the ground and scratches his head.

"I really am, Thrigon. I didn't know what to do! If I went in close, your jabs would have hit me!"

"That's true. Wada wada." Dark Elf agrees, causing them both to glare at him with utmost rage. He places his palm on the ground and random spots around the arena quake for a split second before calming down.

"More of his traps?" Thrigon wonders.

"I need to kill this guy so I can make sure Ed is alright!" Kaiba thinks.

Both Commanders stare down at their opponent, ready for round two. "Whenever you guys are ready, you can attack me and I won't be mad. Okay guys? Wada wada, heh heh."

1) Create A Battle Plan!
2) Have Thrigon/Kaiba (which?) try to grab Dark Elf while the other delivers a lethal attack.
3) Both attack him at once (cautiously) and don't give him any time to rest or retaliate.
4) Do everything in their power to knock him into the lava.

Thrigon Move List:

Da Da Da Da Da Da Daaa!
Stealth Foot
Body Stretch
Flicker Jab
Chaos Shocker

Kaiba Move List:

Acidic Meltdown
Split Form (2/3/4)
Candy Stomach
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