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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

Great Sword (1)
4 Elemental Bracelets: Ice, Fire, Electric x2 (8)
Senzu Bean (4)
Combat Bonus: 50/50 (1 Achievement Point)
"I'll take these four things." You declare as the shopkeeper hands you a Senzu Bean, a Great Sword, four Elemental Bracelets, and a slip of paper with "50/50" written on it.

"Thank you very much for your purchase, Mr. Kiryu!" You nod to him and swipe your card through his machine, registering all of the items you bought. You dig your hand into your pocket and pull out a small Capsule without so much as a scratch on it. The lid of it pops open and you drop the Great Sword and Elemental Bracelets into it; however, you keep the "50/50" card and Senzu Bean outside of it.

Bebi and you start walking out of the store casually and you rip the bean in half, handing it over to him. "What's this?" He asks.

"A Senzu Bean. Well, half of a one. Eat it and your Health, Stamina, and Ki will be fully revitalized." He smiles sadistically with his eyes wide open, nodding slowly as he gazes at the bean. Your car appears in sight and the Driver gets out of it promptly, still with a smile on his face.

"Welcome back, Commander Kiryu!" He greets. "Did you find your trip into the town adequate?"

"It was pleasant. Bring us back to Valkyrie, now!" You direct and he nods, opening up a door in the backseat of the car. Once Bebi and you are inside, he gently presses the door shut and walks back over to his side. He hops in himself and fires up the engine, blasting through the town with utmost carefulness. God forbid he has an accident with a Commander in the backseat.

You let your eyes shut while you lean back in the leather seats with the cool air breezing in through the air conditioner. Before you know it, the car stops and your door is opened with the Driver just outside. "We're back home, sir. I hope the ride wasn't too much of a bore."

Groggily, you nudge Bebi to wake himself up and slip out of the car. Just in front of you is a long passageway that leads to the Front Gate of Forte Valkyrie, filled with impenetrable security. Snipers are on their posts at each of the nearby towers, Echo is monitoring the entire area within the compounds of Valkyrie, and their are only two doors to get into the Freeborn Stronghold. The Front Gate and the secret door that only the Commanders can access with their secret pin number. Thinking back, the last time you came in that way was after the destruction of Forte Hieno and all of the remaining Soldiers and Commanders came to live at Forte Valkyrie.

Your train of thought is ended as the Front Gate guard, General Orez, greets you with a formal bow as you walk past. Bebi trails a few feet behind you with his hands held together over the back of his neck. General Orez signals the Front Gate to be opened and it silently does so, showing the insides of Valkyrie.

Bebi yawns as he picks up his pace until he stands right beside you, grinning. "So what now?"

"I'm actually still tired from the trip so I think i'm going to have a quick nap. I'll catch up with you later. Maybe we can go spar in the Training Center." You call back as you walk into the elevator. "If it's been fixed yet, that is..." You mutter. The elevator takes off and drops you on the second floor in which you immediately step out of and head towards your room. After a few more security checks at your room door, you find yourself resting on a surprisingly comfortable bed, drifting off to sleep.


Machinery dances around a compressed room filled with computer monitors that clearly illustrate a clean picture of the entirety of Forte Valkyrie and beyond its scope. Echo sits back a four legged chair with his arms crossed across his chest, bored out of his mind.

"I swear man, this has gotta' be the worst job. I'm so boo~oored!" Echo thinks. Suddenly, the door to the Security Center opens up wide and a short and stout Saiyan stands in the doorway with a backpack on.

"'Sup, Echoooo." He says while closing the door.

"Yo, Shugesh. What's gwanin?" Echo responds with a grin.

"Not much bra. We gettin' baked tonight?"

"Aww, yeah!"

Shugesh has a seat on a spare chair and watches the monitors carefully. He puts his bag on the ground and unzips it. "You know, I got everythin' we need right here. And nothing is happening outside of this room so we can always...-"

Echo rubs his chin carefully and then scratches his long nose. "I really shouldn't while i'm on the clock. I'll get in s*** if Rem pops by." Shugesh nods and begins to zip his bag back up before hearing Echo speak up again. "Aww whatever, lets do it. Not like that guy ever pops by anyway!"

"Nice man!" Shugesh exclaims. The light in the room then flickers off and on for a second, causing Echo and Shugesh to look up mysteriously. The light bulbs at the top of the Security Center then completely shatter and their remains drop onto the floor wildly. All of the computer monitors shut off simultaneously, resulting in Echo and Shugesh now sitting in complete darkness. "...what the fu-"

"Fire up the backup generator! NOW!" Echo roars and Shugesh gets up and sprints out of the room, revealing darkness outside of the Security Center as well. "No, no, no, no, NO!" Echo's mind races as he presses countless digits on a Memo Pad before slipping it into something that resembles a fax machine. It sucks in the piece of paper immediately, despite the power being shut down. Rem gave Echo specific orders to use that machine only in case of an emergency, as it drains the backup generator's power.

The door behind Echo creaks and he flips his head around in shock, seeing nobody by the door. He runs over to it and looks across the hallways but is unable to see anything due to the darkness. Yells of anger and annoyance begin to break out from above, probably because of the sudden darkness.

"That creaking noise...Was NOT my imagination...!"


An identical looking fax machine to the one Echo sent the memo through beeps in the corner of Rem's room. He calmly walks over to it and takes the paper from it, his red eyes glowing throughout the darkness of his room. In sloppy handwriting, it reads: "Emergency infiltration! Have all forces sent to the front line."

Rem turns around and quickly heads over to his microphone that is pointing out from his desk. He goes over to press a button on it until a long katana slips by his throat and stops the leader of the FBM in his tracks. "..." Speechless, Rem turns his eyes over to a figure with an 'M' on his forehead standing across from him. "I didn't sense your presence at all."

"I don't have a presence to be detected anymore. Much like yourself." Rem's piercing eyes go wide for a second, but he manages to calm himself before his shock is noticed.

"I take it that you have analyzed every aspect of what you are doing?" His foe simply glares at him with unwavering attention. "Fair enough." The katana is pulled from Rem's neck and slipped into a sheath covered by the darkness. The two fighters stand across from each other with less than five feet in between. "Shall we begin then, Pitou!"


10 Minutes Earlier...

"This is the line." Pitou declares without even looking at his comrades.

"Are you positive, Pitou?" Babidi questions with a grin while his other warriors remain quiet.

"Step one foot closer and we'll be detected by the security monitors in Rem's room." Babidi scowls to himself. "So this is the plan, Lord Babidi. You will use your dark magic to destroy all of the technological equipment in the entirety of Forte Valkyrie. The backup generator does not automatically activate for five minutes, so Rem will most likely have somebody sent down to activate it sooner. That gives us roughly three minutes to each get to our stations; but make sure that those weakling minions of yours do not mess up."

"Perfection." Babidi exclaims.

"Give us 10 minutes," Dabura speaks up, "Before you move onto Phase 2, Lord Babidi."

"Very well. Now go everybody, and bring me back as much energy as you possibly can! Bahahahaha! Pah Pah Dama Pah!" A light flashes and six fighters all scatter off into the distance, heading towards the large structure known as Forte Valkyrie.


Back In Current Time...

The carpeted floor creaks with each step made by the white boot as its owner walks in the darkness of Valkyrie. He wraps his hand over a doorknob and pulls the entire door open, revealing another man standing tall with two candles lighting the room.

"Oh? So you knew I was coming?"

"Of course I did." Commander Dysect says with a deep voice, his red eyes scouting out his opponent. "You made little effort to mask your Ki. Besides, I found it very peculiar that all of the technology randomly shut down."

"Heh heh heh," his opponent laughs while his white cape blows as he raises his power. "My name is Dabura. And unfortunately for you, I am going to have to tear you to pieces. Heh heh."

"Give me your best shot!" Dysect screams and launches a black aura around his body. It flares around him mysteriously, but Dabura does nothing but smile.

"Lord Babidi, it's time." He mutters under his breath. Suddenly, the room brightens up and the entire scenery changes from a dark room to an outside world with pools of lava surrounding each fighter. The sky is pink and the ground is dark brown. "Heh heh heh. Welcome to MY WORLD!"

Dysect looks around in confusion, wondering where he is now. "What did you do!?!?"

"We are now in the Demon World. But don't worry. This planet has a gravitational force quite similar to the one you have come to know and love. I wouldn't want any unfair advantages when I wipe you out of existence!" Dysect continues to glare at Dabura, not losing focus. "The only way that you will be able to leave this world is by killing me. Heh heh heh. But I don't think your odds of returning are very good considering your opponent!"

"You talk to much. Hurry up and shut up so I can kill you!" Dabura smiles evily and the two fire towards each other and engage in combat.


Shugesh races down a long flight of stairs in complete darkness, trying to make it to the backup generator. Just as he reaches the bottom, the wall beside him explodes and a gigantic beast leaps at him with its claws out. Shugesh is smashed into the wall with his eyes glaring into the bloodthirsty monster.

"What the Hell is THIS!?" Shugesh screams before kicking his opponent off of him and maximizing his power level.

"Rhaa....I can't let you turn the lights on just yet. Rhahahah!" It roars. "Lord Babidi, bring me home!"

A shrill voice echoes throughout the area, responding to the beast's comment. "As you wish, Yakon! Pah pah dama pah!" The room with the backup generator in it vanishes into an even darker area with not a shred of light.

"I...I can't see anything!" Shugesh says in shock before screaming in pain as blood shoots out from his chest. He drops to the floor with a gigantic slash in his body, blood squirting out with each breath. The monster simply laughs in the darkness.


"Oh man, what the hell is going on here?" Thrigon says to himself as he steps outside of his room in confusion. He walks over to the door beside him and opens it up without care, seeing Kaiba lighting a candle with a book in his hand. "Yo Kaiba, why are the lights out? I'm trying to beat my high score in Pac Man and it's kinda' hard when the game won't even turn on!"

"Tatito, I don't really know. I'm sure they'll be on in five or ten minutes though. No big deal."

"...Nah, something is happening. I don't know what, but I can feel something bad happening as we speak. Valkyrie hasn't had a blackout like this in ages."

"You think the Saiyan's have come back to get revenge on Kiryu? I heard he really did a number on their base." Thrigon shakes his head as Kaiba speaks, not even giving his theory a second thought. "Go ask Rem if you want answers. I'm gonna' read my book here."

Thrigon turns around and sees a dim light just around the corner of the hallway. He walks a bit closer before widening his eyes and jumping back several feet as a platoon of Ki blasts are fired after him. He barely manages to dodge them, but they all crash into Kaiba's door and explode it in an instant.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry. But Remmy can't come to the phone right now, please take a message. Wada wada, heh." A being forms itself in the midst of the doorway with a devilish grin, holding the head of a General in his palm. He tosses him to the floor and he skids multiple feet before coming to a halt with his head buried in the ground.

"General Orez!" Thrigon mutters, clenching his fists in rage.

"Oh my gosh! Just what happened to him!" The perpetrator says while putting his hands on his head in shock. "You better get him to a doctor before he dies!" Thrigon glares at his opponent in rage, ready to pounce on him with all of his might.

The pale elf bastard looks blemish-less, even though he appears as if he has been trapped at the bottom of the ocean for three turnings of the millennial wheel. Sealed armour and white stringy tentacles for hair, the colour drained from his bastard skin, his veins pulsated with the expectation of the blood of man.

Kaiba gets up from his bed and tosses his book on the messy floor, ready to battle himself. Before he can get a chance, all four of the fighters vanish and reappear in the center of a large tournament ring. Blemish-less stands surround the stadium but not a soul is around other than Thrigon, Kaiba, an unconscious General Orez, and this mysterious Dark Elf.

"Wada wada, heh. Sorry, sorry, but I can't let you go anywhere for a little while. I hope you don't mind!" He says with a big grin.



The two Commanders surround the Elf and put up a serious fighting stance, but all he does is put both of his palms out so they face each of his opponents. "Whenever you guys are ready to fight, I'll be waiting right here!"

"SHUT UP!" Thrigon screams and launches himself at the Dark Elf, initiating the attack.


"Hahahaha! Are you ready to die!?" A cocky alien screams. General Hugo stands across from an alien wearing a black jumpsuit, with a white armored chest plate covering the majority of his torso. This chest plate has two protruding spikes off of the backside. He's wearing a matching helmet that stretches back in an irregular shape with an 'M' imprinted over top.

"Hah! You think you can take me? I have absolutely no idea of who you are, where you came from, or why you're attacking me in the dark, but I do know that i'm about to smash your face in!" Hugo barks with cockiness.

"Lord Babidi, take me to my home Planet!" The alien screams and a psychotic voice chimes in throughout the area, agreeing to his request. The dark room disperses and the two fighters now remain in another dark area with large rocks surrounding the area. He smiles and picks up a small stone.

"What's going on here?" Hugo asks.

"I am Pui Pui, Lord Babidi's most powerful fighter and you and I are now on my home planet. I welcome you! I've won many great battles here, and by now, you've noticed that my planet is very different from yours. It's the gravity! Ten times stronger than Earth!" He drops the stone and it crashes into the ground in an instant. "Your hopes of winning are falling faster than that stone!"


"This is no good," Joseph Pike says to himself as he sits on a cracked chair just outside of the near empty prison. "In the last few minutes, multiple Generals, Commanders, and even Rem himself have lost their Ki signal. They just...vanished! Just what is going on up there?"

He stands up and immediately bats his eye to the top left corner of the room, looking down to the floor immediately after. "Pitou has returned and he must have brought some fighters with him to kill us all. But just who exactly did he bring and why is everybody disappearing? Hmm..." Joseph puts his hand over his forehead and grins psychotically. "I know you're up there." He barks. Nothing replies. "Fine. I'll just have to kill you while you remain faceless."

Joseph fires himself forward but before he can make it to the opponent, his surroundings change instantaneously. He is now on a small island surrounded by beautiful ocean water rocking up and down. A girl jumps down from a building and pushes her hair to the side.

"You're awfully rash. Not even giving me a second to prepare for your attack!"

"You would have dodged my attack had I went through with it." Joseph calmly replies. "I can't sense anybody else's Ki from Forte Valkyrie. So we all must be being transported to a different area. That could pose a problem."

She smiles kindly. "I'm Melisa. I used to work with a great man but I was compromised on a mission and forced into being a Wizard's slave. If I don't listen, it will kill me. So I want you to know that when I kill you, it isn't personal. Some things are just...out of your control."

Joseph flares up his aura until it glows around his body in a violent, yet tamed manner. He stares at his female opponent named Melisa and examines her carefully. She has long and luscious pink hair that runs down her back and over her forehead, and has a clean face without makeup. Her breasts are large and plump, pushed up together from her very revealing black top. Her stomach is revealed and most of her legs are open to the public as her black skirt just barely passes her thighs. She is also wearing black heals that make her look several inches taller than she actually is, approaching Joseph's height of just over six feet. Despite her beautiful appearance, Joseph stares at her unfazed and completely ready to battle at any moment.

"If I kill you, will I be able to return back to Forte Valkyrie?"

"I guess you'll just have to try and find out. Blehhh!" She teases with a wink. Joseph vanishes from his position and reappears in front of her, his palm already placed over her face with a red ball of Ki fully formed in an instant.

"Yes. Lets!"


Meanwhile, you roll over in your slumber and peacefully sleep while a great threat engages the entire Freeborn Military; the enemy only a handful of fighters.

Choose What Battles To Focus On: (Choose Two)

A) Pui Pui vs. General Hugo.
B) Yakon vs. General Shugesh.
C) Demon King Dabura vs. Dysect
D) Dark Elf vs. Thrigon and Kaiba.
E) Melisa vs. Joseph Pike.

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