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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

F Go and watch the battle between the two. Afterwards, if Bebi is in any condition take him to the town and basically do E but with Bebi.

I wanna go shopping, cause we NEVER do, and I have NO idea what "items" we might obtain. What could we get? A sword? A gun? A capsule?

I have no idea, and I wanna know darnit! So let's go see what we can find!
You walk up a flight of stairs peacefully and finally reach a closed door at the top. You dig deep into your pockets and pull out a card, swiping it into the slot on the door as you do so. A green light beeps above the door and it smoothly opens up, giving you plenty of room to walk in with your bulky body.

Now on the top floor of the Training Center, you quickly see dozens of soldiers scattered about the audience stands that tower above the fighting arena down below. You lean over the edge and see Commander Echo and Bebi down below, standing across from each other without making a move.

The lights at the peak of the Training Center flicker on and off from the sheer magnitude of power that Echo is emitting as he stands across from his opponent with a dirty smile, refusing to even put on a fighting pose.

Bebi licks his lips on the other side of the room and straightens his left arm forward with his right arm held back by his face in a claw-like position.

"Last warning. Are you sure you want to do this?" Echo warns.

"As long as you promise not to waste my time." Bebi cockily responds.

Echo smirks at this and a dark blue aura suddenly wraps around his body. You hear gasps of shock coming from other soldiers around the area, but it is perfectly clear to you that this is only the beginning. A hand grips on your left shoulder and you peer over to see Thrigon standing beside you while looking down below.

"Am I late?" You shake your head and turn back to the two down below. "This'll be good."

A flash of light sparks and Bebi is floating above Echo with his leg raised high. He screams and smashes his foot into Echo's temple without mercy. The Commander skids back a few feet before coming to a stop, his feet still nailed to the floor.

"That was your freebee." Echo taunts.

Not wasting any time, Bebi dashes towards Echo once against with multiple flaws in his fighting posture. "That's odd...He seemed to have a much better fighting posture at the start of the match." You comment.

Echo reaches his arm back in preparation for Bebi arriving in front of him and launches it forward on cue. Just as he does so, Bebi vanishes from his position and reappears less than a foot above Echo's open arm. His opponent grunts in shock before being nailed in the chin with another kick, lifting Echo off the ground and knocking him to the floor.

"That was good." Thrigon remarks. "He put up a sloppy pose to fool Echo, and then cashed in on his wide swing. He outplayed Echo there." You nod at this.

A large ball of black coloured Ki forms in Bebi's hands and he fires it at Echo. It hits directly and smoke billows throughout the room, covering the entire arena. Bebi grins for a second before seeing Echo emerge from the smoke at an incredible speed, grappling his foe by the neck.

Bebi struggles to break free by trying to pull Echo's arm off, but is completely unsuccessful. "RHA!" Echo smashes his fist into Bebi's gut and it digs in deep, causing Bebi to cough up bits of blood. The ruthless Commander smashes his fist into Bebi once more, this time aiming for the liver.

Bebi's arms drop down to the side as he continues to lose energy, but Echo refuses to stop his violent assault. Another gut wrenching blow is fired into Bebi's liver, this time resulting in him shooting out loads of blood all over Echo's bare chest.

The Commander opens his mouth wide and stares into Bebi's frightened eyes with a gigantic amount of Ki glowing in his mouth. "Breath Blaster!" The blast fires from Echo's mouth and impacts Bebi's entire face, engulfing him in the blast. He flies across the room and crashes into the wall with blood dripping from his circular ears.

He cringes in pain and tries to speak but is unable to get out much. Echo slowly walks towards his foe with confidence that this fight is over. Now standing on top of Bebi, he gently lifts him up with one hand to see that Bebi's eyes are now closed, smiling deviously afterwards. "Victo-"

Bebi snaps his eyes open and places his palms on the shocked Echo's chest with Ki building up. "HA!" Echo is blasted away and coughs up blood in the air, crashing into the ground in pain. Bebi sprints towards Echo almost as if he was never injured at all and kicks his foe into the skies of the arena. Had he not been bleeding relentlessly, his poker face would have fooled even you.

Bebi's body glows mysteriously for a second and he puts his hands up into the sky. "You will now feel all the damage I have accumulated. It's payback time..." He mutters. "Revenge Death Ball!" A monstrous aura surrounds Bebi's body and forms itself into a black ball of destruction, getting more powerful with each second.

"His power," you whisper.

"And Echo's combined...!" Thrigon finishes.

Echo floats around in the air and slowly descends down. "S***! My movements are so damn limited in the air. Should I try an' overpower it with my own blast or should I just block!?" The Commander's mind races as he stares into the ever growing ball down at the bottom of the arena. He finally places his right arm forward and it crackles with peerless power. "If that attack of his has my Breath Blaster's power combined with his own, I won't be able to match him with it! Which means I only have one option...To one up him!" Ki continues to concentrate around Echo's right arm as it leaves the rest of his body completely.

"THERE IS NO STOPPING THIS!" Bebi roars, just about ready to release his attack.

"We'll see about that! BLAZING STORM!"


The two blasts collide with a bang and the combined powers of the two shatter the audience stands in an instant. Dozens of soldiers all storm out of the room in an attempt to save their lives but you and Thrigon stand tall. The ceiling begins to collapse onto the ground and tiles are sucked into the abyss of the two blasts as they struggle against each other.

"Incredible...!" Thrigon mutters but you're completely speechless at the power being displayed.

Both Bebi and Echo scream at the top of their lungs and bring their Ki forward as far as they are capable of, but the blasts remain at a stalemate. Suddenly, the walls of the Training Center all explode and the remainders are sucked into Bebi's Revenge Death Ball as if it were a black hole.

You gaze into the core of the blasts in shock to see Bebi's own beginning to take control over Echo's. "No, Echo's attack is certainly more powerful but..." You continue to stare forward until your face turns to pandemonium. Thrigon looks over questioningly, clearly not seeing it himself. "Bebi's attack really IS like a black hole! It's sucking Echo's attack in and draining the Ki from it. If this keeps going, he'll completely overwhelm Echo for sure!"

Echo's Blazing Storm shrinks down more until Bebi's own attack is clearly pushing Echo back as he floats in the air with his most powerful attack supporting him.


"Ahahahahahahahahaha!" Bebi laughs maniacally from down below, now controlling over 75% of the volume of the blasts. Echo turns over to you in shock, clearly giving it his all despite being in his base state. "It's time that I ENDED THIS!"

The Revenge Death Ball takes even more control over the Blazing Storm until Echo is struggling just to stop Bebi from overcoming him. "NOOOOOOOOOO!" Echo screams and Bebi's attack collides into Echo and wipes out his own blast completely, firing the Commander into the skies of Forte Valkyrie.

"It's over." You say in a grim tone, standing beside Thrigon on the remainders of the destroyed Training Center. Echo falls down from the skies and crashes into the ground, making a crater in the steel floors.

Thrigon and you jump down to the fighting arena and gaze at Bebi who is now on his knees, grinning like a psychopathic with blood and sweat dripping from the entirety of his body. Thrigon walks over and pulls Echo out of the crater with a bit of trouble, carrying him over his shoulders. "I'll get him to the medical station..." You nod at this and turn over to Bebi.

"I suggest you get some rest. That was a good battle. Don't think Echo won't want to rematch you though; you may have won that battle but remember that he withheld a lot of his power." Bebi's eyes whip over and gaze into your own with that sadistic smile still on his face. He licks his lips once again and pushes up to his feet, walking out of the room slowly. "Echo made one arrogant move and lost the battle because of it. Despite having the advantage in power for the entire match, Bebi still managed to overcome the difference. What a dangerous fighter..." You mumble, still in shock.


"Wake up." You whisper, staring directly at Bebi who is lying unconscious on a large, decorated bed. He rolls over and mumbles something aloud in his slumber, still beat up from his fight with Commander Echo yesterday. You put your hand on his shoulder and nudge him a bit, finally waking him up. He gazes at you in confusion with sleep covering his eyes. "Come with me. We're going shopping."

"Sho-...Shopping?" Bebi mutters.

"Yep. Now get your ass out of bed and meet me outside the Front Gate in ten." You direct, standing up and leaving Bebi's small chamber.

Over fifteen minutes pass and the Front Gate of Forte Valkyrie finally opens up wide, with Bebi slouching over in the midst of it. "Where to?" You ignore his question and start walking down the long and peaceful pathway until a fancy black car appears in the distance. The two of you continue to close the distance between the car until you're standing in front of it. "We're driving?"


The drivers door pops open and a man in a red suit with a blue tie steps out, giving you a salute as he does so. He steps over to the back seat door and opens it up wide for you both. "Hop in, sir." You motion Bebi to get in himself and you hop in after him. "Where to, Commander?"

"Nicky Town."

"Roger that." The engine roars and the car takes off at high speeds, blazing through the empty terrain. An hour quickly breezes by, and then another goes by. Bebi drowses off multiple times during the drive and the two of you remain silent for the majority of the trip. The car eventually slows down and houses appear on the horizon as you have now entered the town.

"Just drop us off here." You tell the driver, now in the market block.

"Yes, sir." He pulls over at the side of the street and turns off the engine after rolling down his window. You give Bebi a nudge and he awakens from his cat nap, pushing open the door nearest to him. You get out of the car yourself and start heading down the block. "I'll wait right here until you're finished, Commander!" The driver shouts and you give him a quick thumbs up.

"So why are we here, Kiryu?" Bebi asks, surveying the surprisingly large town. This part of it has tons of small stores side by side that go on for nearly a kilometer--on both sides of the street.

"I told you already; we are going to go shopping. The world is our, uh--what is it, clam or something?" Bebi shrugs it off and follows you into the nearest store. It's filled with countless amounts of digital technology, all seemingly quite complicated.

"Oh, Mr. Kiryu!" The shopkeeper says in a polite tone and walks over to you and Bebi with a smile. "It has been a long while since you have visited us here. How have you been?"


"Splendid! What can I get for you, Mister?"

"I need a new Scouter. My old one broke a while back."

"Oh, I have just the thing for you!" The shopkeeper runs over behind his counter and bends down to open up a clear container with a shiny purple scouter inside. He pulls it out and hands it over to you and you begin to examine it. "It is the top of the line, Mister! I assure you. This one was just created at our main branch in East City a few weeks ago. Only one was sent out to this shop, but nobody has been able to afford it."

"What are the perks?" You ask, taking it out of the container and strapping it to your ear without care for its price.

"Ergh." He frowns at your action for a second before smiling again and then speaks up. "It can detect Battle Powers up to infinite heights, it is sturdy enough so that will not break in the midst of combat, it has audio and video recording, and a new 'Data Analysis' application has been built into it!"


"When you scout somebody, you will have the option to transfer their data over to our main server and the computer will automatically detect all of the available information it has on said person, transferring it all back to you in seconds! It's sheer brilliance, which separates our model-"

"Sounds good. I'll take it."

"...Uh, it's 3.7 million Zeni. I apologize sir, but I cannot hand this over to even you for free! Please forgive me!"

You glare at him with cold eyes for a second before digging into your pocket and pulling out a card. "Fine. I'll pay for it with my FBM Clearance Card." The shopkeeper smiles and pushes forward a piece of machinery that will allow you to swipe your card and you do just so. You type in your 5 digit password and a "Purchase Successful" sign beeps on the machine.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Kiryu!" He bows down to you, but you simply walk out of the store and Bebi follows suit.

"Cheheh. You're almost royalty around here."

"I suppose being a known killer has its benefits. But this is Freeborn Military territory, so of course all of us are treated well." You smile and continue to walk down the street, seeing civilians avoid you by going to the other side of the street. Many of them also discretely point you out and whisper some words to each other, clearly knowing exactly who you are.

"So where to next, champ?"

You pass by an alley and see a dirty man sleeping in mud with two pigs lying next to him, presumably his own. "The Economy Auxillery Shop. They have everything and more."

"And you're sure Rem won't mind you spending millions of Zeni in a day of shopping? Chehehe."

"He probably won't even notice. For a multi-billion Zeni corporation, this is just pocket change." You say aloud before thinking, "Hah, well that was a lie. Rem certainly knows when and what every purchase that is made via the Clearance Cards are, but I doubt he'll care as long as I don't spend more than 5 Million Zeni."

The two of you walk down the town streets until finally turning into a store a bit larger than its competition. Unlike the previous electronic store, this one has dozens of rich men and women all formally strolling about and picking up assortments of items.

You browse around while Bebi walks around aimlessly, quite bored. "Hmm, this is nice." You think to yourself while pulling out a platinum sword out from its red and black sheath. "But probably not for me." You continue to walk around the store, seeing a multitude of weapons in the Blacksmith Section. Plasma Grenades, Ray Guns, Ball & Chains, Great Swords, Ki Arrows, Elemental Bracelets, Battle Axes, Warhammer's, and every other dangerous weapon known to man all piled into one compressed area.

At the other end of the store awaits Herbal Supplements of all different sorts, each and every one costing over a quarter million Zeni. You examine them carefully, finding out how useful some of them can be. The mythical Senzu Bean has the ability to heal one person's Health, Ki, and Stamina to the brim when eaten fully. In fact, the Senzu Bean is so famous that the creators adapted another version and put it on the market: the Senzu Pill. It has the ability to revive up to 4 people from being unconscious at once. However, the Pill is much weaker than the Bean, as it only heals 25% of their Health and Ki.

You stroll towards the center of the store and an old rich man stumbles out of the isle just as you enter. This one contains large items in model form such as Gravity Chambers, Rejuvenation Tanks, and Fighter Jets.

"Oh man this is boring." Bebi complains. "Lets go already!" He shouts from across the store.

"Fine. Let me just pay for what I want." You walk over to the cashier till and see peculiar items up on the wall. One of them is a small black book and the other is a slip of laminated paper, both with an aura of Ki around them. "Cashier, what are those?" You ask, pointing up to them.

"The one on the left is called a 'Book Of Secret Arts.' Supposedly, it has the magical power to teach whoever reads it one technique at random. Who knows what you'll get though." You nod carefully, and tilt your head over to the slip of paper. "Oh. That one actually just shipped in last weekend. It's called "50/50" and it's used when you're in a battle. I 'on't even know what it means, but the description says that it will delete all of the "Negative" choices that will end up doing the user harm when they're fighting somebody. Not like that makes any sense. I wouldn't waste your money's on that, heh heh."

"Hmm...That can certainly come in handy." You look over at the price and frown, but pull out your FBM Clearance Card anyway. Bebi stands beside you and leans over the counter, nearly asleep.

"How are you gonna' carry some of this stuff anyway? If you think i'm luggin' around--"

"I have a Capsule. It can hold anything I need it to, including you if you don't shut up."

"Psh. I ain't no Pokemon," Bebi mutters and starts wondering off.

Choose What To Buy!
$1,300,000 Remaining On Card Which = 13 "Spending Points."
"2" Achievement Points Remaining.
Buy As Many Items As You Want, But You Cannot Go Over Your Budget Of 13 Spending Points. You Can Buy More Than One Of The Same Item.

A) Plasma Grenade: Sticky grenades with tremendous firepower. (1 Spending Point)
B) Ray Gun: A gun that fires Ki filled bullets at exemplary speed. (1 Spending Point)
C) Ball & Chain: Powerful steel at a surprisingly light weight. (1 Spending Point)
D) Great Sword: A giant blade that weighs over 1 ton and is able to break through nearly anything. (1 Spending Point)
E) Regular Sword. (1 Spending Point)
F) Ki Bow & Arrow: The arrows grow in power depending on how much Ki you fuel them with. (1 Spending Point)
G) Elemental Bracelet - Fire/Ice/Electric: A bracelet that equips onto you. When it's equipped, your physical attacks will have an elemental edge on them, depending on which type you buy. (2 Spending Points)
H) Battle Axe: A dangerous axe that can deal massive damage. (1 Spending Point)
I) Warhammer: A giant hammer that releases massive explosives on contact. (1 Spending Point)
J) Senzu Bean. (4 Spending Points)
K) Senzu Pill. (3 Spending Points)
L) Gravity Chamber: Goes up to 100X Normal Gravity. (3 Spending Points)
M) Rejuvenation Tank: It fits one person and takes 2 Hours to Heal them fully. (3 Spending Points)
N) Fighter Jet: A Jet driven by one person that holds multiple types of explosives that can be dropped down from above. (2 Spending Points)
O) Book Of Secret Arts. (10 Spending Points or 1 Achievement Point)
P) Combat Bonus: 50/50. (10 Spending Points or 1 Achievement Point)
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