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Author's Chapter Notes:
A,1 wins.
"Fine. You can come." You inform Bebi before turning back to Piccolo. "I assume you're coming as well?" The Namekian simply nods, not taking the time to respond. "Lets go then. I want to get back to Forte Valkyrie as soon as possible."

With that, the five of you all set out and begin walking across the deserted landscape. After a short while, the five of you come across West City and Goku and Gohan part ways with you all after a quick goodbye.

To speed up the trip, Piccolo suggests flying across the ocean to get to the other side. In agreement, both you and Bebi shrink down to a petite size and allow Piccolo to carry you over the wide stretch of water. Fortunately, the trip is fairly calm and none of you are attacked by underwater sea beasts.

Several hours quickly breeze by until Piccolo descends from the skies and lands on the rocky terrain, just in front of the dock by the ocean. "Haa..." He breathes heavily, clearly tired from the flight.

You warp back to your original size and tower above Piccolo as he kneels over. Bebi jumps out of Piccolo's shirt and morphs back to his original form.

"Hurry up, greeny." Bebi mocks and starts walking away. You can't help but smile at this and follow Bebi's lead, not giving Piccolo any excess time to rest. After half a minute, Piccolo begins to follow you both and the three of you close the remaining distance to Forte Valkyrie quite quickly.


Meanwhile, just outside of the Red Ribbon Stronghold...

The stark grass glitters in the sunlight. Just at the end of the field of green lay three gigantic towers with the "Red Ribbon Army" logo written across each of them. Surprisingly, two of the buildings have large craters in them and are clearly broken down, probably from some sort of attack. All around the field is a thick layer of fencing that extends over thirty feet in the air and is filled with electric volts seeming through the tips. Just on the farthest corner of the east side of the field is a small bunker that is buried within the ground, with three heads poking out of it.

"So this is what you meant when you said the Red Ribbon Army was in a weak condition. They don't even have anybody out on lookout right now. They're target practice!" Thrigon says quietly and Dysect nods. "When do we move in?" Thrigon whispers harshly to Dysect, who is ducking down beside him.

"Quiet. And they're target practice on the outside, not on the inside. Don't forget that." Dysect boldly replies. "I'll tell you when-...Wait a second. You can't be serious?" Dysect says, talking to himself while he squints off into the distance with binoculars.

"What? What do you see?" Echo sharply yells, now looking into his own pair of binoculars.

"Is that...Korn? How is he..." Dysect continues to mutter before cutting himself off. "Forget it."

"He's with that Phoenix. I guess the exchange went as planned."

"Probably. Which means that we need to act now. Thrigon!"

His colleague stands up and begins building Ki in his fingertips. "Chaos Shocker!" An invisible ray of Ki beams across the field and smashes into Fleet Executive Korn's temple without a trace. All of a sudden, the Fleet Executive grabs his forehead and falls to the ground in pain. Screams of his blur across the field as he tries to control himself.

"Good, he fell into your attack." Echo says with a grin. A black aura of Ki surrounds Dysect's body and floats into the sky as he powers himself up. "Careful what you do with that Ki of yours, Dysect!"

"Darkness. Glorious emotion filled to the brink of self destruction." An epiphany of hatred surrounds Dysect's hands in the shape of a black void and his eyes dart towards Fleet Executive Korn with peerless anger. "This time I will kill him for sure...!"

"Dysect! We didn't come here to kill anybody!" Thrigon barks.

"Chill man, you're gonna' give away our position if they catch wind of that aura!" Echo cuts in. Dysect stutters in his position before calming his aura down and ducking down once again, breathing heavily as he does so.

Korn stands up and glares at Phoenix for a brink second before punching him in the jaw with all his might, sending the tired Graham soaring through the air and crashing into the ground. "Now...Break his neck!" Thrigon mutters, trying to get Korn to finish the job as he pulls his strings.

Korn dashes over to Phoenix and jumps on top of him, putting his hands over the newly appointed Fleet Executive's neck and squeezing tightly. Echo digs deep into his pocket and pulls out a small chip, throwing it with all his might at Korn while he beats up on Phoenix.

"Did it land on him?" Thrigon asks, using all his strength to keep control of Korn.

"Uhhh..." Echo cluelessly says, taking out his binoculars again. "Yes! It's just under the back of his knee. We're good. You know, we really are lucky the RRA is so feeble right now, heh heh." Echo laughs.

"It has nothing to do with luck, idiot. I've been scouting them for over a year now and know as much as I will ever need to know about their security system and how it works. Don't undermine my hard work." Dysect replies with anger and annoyance. "Release your hold on him, Thri."

With that, Fleet Executive Korn stops beating up on Graham and is kicked onto the floor once he stops attacking. Exchanges of dialogue are made between the two of them, but they are too far away for Dysect, Thrigon, or Echo to hear.

"Lets go. Before we get made. We've done all we need to do." Dysect commands and they all slip back into the bunker.


Two Days Later...

"We're here." You tell Piccolo and Bebi. "It took a bit longer than I had hoped, but whatever."

"How come I've never even seen this place before?" Bebi wonders, walking forward with caution.

"Because you lived in a damn prison for God knows how long." Piccolo cuts in.

Bebi stops in front of Piccolo and glares at him with hatred, preparing a fighting stance of his own. "Say that again. I'm beggin' you." Piccolo pushes Bebi back with a smirk, calling his foes bluff.

"Bring it."

"Now now," you intervene. "Shut up. Both of you." With that, you continue to walk forward and they follow your lead. At the front gate, each of you are greeted by General Orez as he stands guard. This time, the gate actually opens without trouble and you walk in with Bebi and Piccolo following your lead. "Make yourselves at home for the moment. I'll get back to you two later."

You walk off and leave them alone, immediately walking into the elevator which brings you to the second floor. Afterwards, you head straight towards Rem's private quarters. Once you arrive, you knock on the door and he opens it within a measly second.

"I've been waiting for your return." Rem greets you.

"As have I."

"Hmph. Come in, Kiryu. I have a few things I'd like to talk to you about."

"Not surprising." Rem walks away and has a seat at his desk chair, swirling it around so he's facing you. You close his door and walk over to the couch in the middle of the room, dropping down on it with beads of sweat dripping down from your forehead. Rem sees your exhaustion and walks over to his kitchen, grabbing a cold beverage from the fridge. He tosses it to you and you give him a nod of appreciation. "So what is it that we need to speak about."

"A little while back, you asked me about the status of your friend Hercule from the Red Ribbon Army."

"Riiight," you say in remembrance.

"I have used my sources to get the research done, and it appears that he is no longer employed at the Red Ribbon Army." You open your mouth to speak but let Rem continue before saying anything. "He was demoted two ranks--down from Brigadier Officer to Lieutenant. Afterwards, he remained at his position until just over a month ago - trying to work his way back up I can only assume - but finally retired from the Red Ribbon Army."

"A month ago. That's when-"

"Correct. It lines up with the attack on the Red Ribbon Army and their leadership switching over from President Red to his personal advisers." You smile briefly and gaze at the ground, still not even opening the can of juice Rem supplied you with. "At the moment, Hercule is living in East City. His employment at the Red Ribbon Army obviously gave him enough money to set him up for life, so he is not in any trouble as of now."

"I see. Thanks for the update then."

Rem nods carefully and takes a mug off of his desk and takes a sip of it. "Tasty." He then stands up and dawdles over to his bookshelf, pulling a CD from one of the folders neatly tucked into the top shelf. "Kiryu, a large event is going to transpire in a few days. When it is over, I want you to--I want you to gather all of the Commanders and watch this video together. Is that clear?"

"Why do you want me to organize this event? What about you? And what event?" You interrogate.

Rem has a seat on his chair with a faint smile on his face, something you rarely see on him. "Remember when I told you that I had not yet found a job for you to do around here? The day you returned to Valkyrie." You nod. "Well...I think I have finally found a duty that will suit you perfectly."

"...Gathering a group of people in one place? I can't say I follow, Rem."

"You will...You will." He reassures you. "As for that event I spoke of, well, it's just a hunch really. Pay no attention to it." Skeptical of whether Rem is withholding a great deal of truth or not, you glare at him intently for nearly an entire minute before he breaks the tension. "Is there something wrong?"

"...No, nothing." You claim and stand up from you position. You pop open your can of juice and take a sip, feeling a blend of delicious flavors dance on your tongue. "I brought two new recruits. Want me to send them up and you can analyze them?"

"No, we have some time before we supply them with a rank. You can give it to them when the time is right. Oh, and before you go Kiryu..." You stare at Rem in anticipation. "One should never forbid what one lacks the power to prevent. Remember that." Rem then turns around and has a seat on his chair, getting back to his infinite amount of computer work.

Not needing to say another word, you turn yourself around and exit the room. Just down the hall, you see a somewhat familiar face. "Is that...General Blue? Heh. Showing up after the battle with Turles, how nice."

"Long time no see, Commander Kiryu!" He yells, taking notice of you. "Pleased to see you again."

Both of you begin walking closer to each other to engage conversation, stopping a few feet in front of each other. "You too. So I hear you're in charge of recruiting new employees?" He formally nods. "Get anybody special this time around?"

"Yes, sir."

"Care to elaborate?"

"His name is Krillin. He has tremendous amount of power, and a great battle sense. I can see him being a valuable asset to the FBM..."


Blue smiles nervously. "But he's never killed anybody. And I cannot say that he is eager to do so."

"I see. Sounds like an interesting fellow. By the way, do you know if Cooler is still here at Valkyrie?"

"Yes he is, sir. Rem gave him his own private quarters, but that is the extent of my knowledge. Sir."

"Good to know. You are dismissed." Blue gives you a formal salute and heads down the hall towards Commander Thrigon's private quarters. "I should probably get some sleep soon." You think, standing in the middle of an empty plain.

You embark on a short journey to your room and reach the door to it quickly, entering your finger and eye scanner without trouble. The door opens and your room awaits; a king sized bed, portraits scattered across the wall that you never took notice of before, and a desktop on a high quality desk at the corner of the room. "Huh. It actually is a nice room." You say with an unconcerned smile, dropping down on your bed afterwards. You close your eyes and slowly drift off into a short sleep, resting all your worries away.


Meanwhile, just outside North City...

"We've landed. Are you all prepared?" An abstruse voice calls out. Graupel drops down from the skies and collapses onto the ground, adding to the piling hills of snow.

"Finally! I can't believe it's been an entire year..." Another speaks up, walking out of a large structure as he flexes his arms. "Master Babidi, are we walking the rest of the way?"

"Yes we are, Dabura." Babidi replies. "Go get the others."

"It's kinda' cold out here. Why couldn't we land in a sunnier place!?"

"Shut up Pui Pui." Dabura barks. "And go get the others. We're leaving."

"Sorry." Pui Pui responds in a timid voice, walking back into the spaceship that is docked on the ground after.

"Master Babidi?" Dabura starts and the green wizard looks over.

"Speak, Dabura."

"Do you truly believe that Pitou is ready?" The green wizard simply grins mysteriously and turns away from his underling, dawdling away into the brutal snowstorm.


You awake in a pile of sweat, breathing heavily with your head throbbing. You groggily roll over and drop off your bed, lifting yourself to your feet afterwards. Before you know it, you're dawdling over to the cupboard at the corner of the room and pulling it open, taking out a small bottle of pills that rattle uncontrollably as you grip them. You then take one pill from the bottle and swallow it, feeling slightly better as it treads down your throat.

"I should eat something," you walk over to the door and it opens automatically. As you walk out, it closes itself too. You stare down to your left and see Bebi leaning up against the wall outside of your door with his eyes shut closed. "Are you lost?"

His eyes flash open and they pierce into your own, but he remains quiet for a few seconds. "I've been here for nearly an entire day and I still haven't found anybody worth fighting against. The Training Center is filled with weaklings!"

"And what do you expect me to do about that? Are you suggesting I go in and slap you around a few times?"

"Nay." He grimly responds. "I just want you to point out fighters who will give me a real challenge."

"Fair enough," you say while walking away. "Follow me." Bebi hops up and trails your path as you both walk down the halls of Forte Valkyrie. After a few minutes, you both come up against a door at the end of the hall in which you bang on loudly.

"Whaaaaaaat?" Commander Echo yells out from inside.

"Open up. There is somebody here for you!" You yell back.

Echo's door opens up and you stare into a shockingly dark room. Echo is laying on his bed with music quietly sounding off in the background while he reads what appears to be a Superman Comic. "What's up?" He barks without looking up from his book.

"Would you like to go to the Training Center? There is somebody who wants to fight you." Echo peaks up from his comic and looks over to Bebi, pointing at him in confusion.

"Him?" You nod. "Eh. That guy looks like a noob soo~~~ooo, i'm good."

"That's some big talk right there." Bebi scowls. "Heh heh. Sorry, I can't think of an insult stupid enough for you." Echo throws his comic on the ground and hops up from his bed, glaring at Bebi.

"You're dead." Echo cracks his knuckles and begins firing up an aura. "Meet me in the Training Center, kid. I'll be there in five. Hah. I just wish Pitou was here to see what i'm about to do to you." Bebi nods to Echo and walks out of the room, leaving you two alone.

"Bleh. Stop talking about that guy Echo." You intervene, now leaning up against the wall. "He doesn't care about anybody but himself. The guy is better off dead."

"Yo, shut up. You don't know him like I do." You simply roll your eyes. "Psh. I'd like to see you turn out all optimistic and s*** when your own parents pawn you off to a slave owner for cash to satisfy their drug cravings." You raise an eyebrow out of curiosity. "He's had a hard life. Cut him some slack for God sakes."

"How do you know all of this?"

"Because I was a slave of the same person. But he was there a while before I was. We sorta' became friends. Rem approached us about a decade after I got there and recruited us, thankfully."

You smile at this and turn around, readying yourself to leave the room. Echo follows you out the door and it closes automatically. "So you both grew up in roughly the same living conditions, and he turned out to be a bitter ***-hole while you sort of turned out okay? Yet you defend him? Let it go. He wouldn't defend you." Echo shrugs and walks towards the
elevator while you find yourself with no particular direction.

"Hmm...What to do, what to do..."

A) Watch Echo and Bebi's battle in the Training Center.
B) Go visit somebody around Forte Valkyrie. (Choose Two People)
- Whom?
C) Train.
- 1) Try to develop a new technique.
- 2) Harness current techniques.
D) Gather a substantial amount of information on anybody of your choosing by asking Rem.
- Whom?
E) Go to the nearest town and buy items and explore the area.
F) Free Choice.
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