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C - Use Earthquake and run like Hell.
"Bahahaha." Kakarot laughs. "Show me what you fools have." The chains dangle from his wrists as he slowly raises his power once again. A rocket of power explodes from Kakarot and a radiant crimson aura brightens the room.

Out of the corner of your eye, you can clearly see Bebi shaking in fear from the power Kakarot is emitting. "This 'Kakarot' has an impressive aura, but it doesn't seem that much bigger than my own, if at all." You think, putting on a fighting stance.

Kakarot launches himself towards you with two balls of Ki in his palms, releasing them at you during flight. "You better try better than that!" You yell, knocking both blasts out of the way and kicking Kakarot in the jaw once he reaches you.

The Saiyan is fired back but he manages to backflip before hitting the ground, skidding to a stop. "Bahahahaha...I got...hit, didn't I?" He says slowly with his palms glowing red. "Smog Invasion!" Spiral balls of Ki smash into the ground and smoke billows throughout the room, quickly invading your lungs.

"Urgh, what is going on!?!?" Suddenly, Kakarot appears before you with a crimson flaring fist.

"Ha!" Kakarot is sent flying from his position and he crashes into the wall at the other side of the room, breaking through it in an instant. "You okay, Kiryu?" Goku genuinely questions.

"Yeah, cough cough." You barely manage to say, feeling weak in the legs. "We have to get out of here." Goku simply nods.

"Kakarot!" A voice screams from outside of the room. "What the hell is going on!?"

"Bro...Ly?" Kakarot mutters to himself, getting up from a pile of stones. They all poor off of him and hit the ground, and he gazes past you into the darkness of the other room. "Is that...Is that uh-."

"Kamehameha!" Goku fires it into Kakarot and smashes him back into the wall, creating an even deeper crater.

You form a gigantic aura of Ki into your right hand and raise it into the sky, concentrating as best you can. "Goku, Bebi. Make sure you aren't on the ground when this fist hits it. Create an opening in the ceiling."

"Heh. Well I'll be. If it isn't Commander Kiryu from the Freeborn Military. I'm honored." Says a deep, yet frightening voice from a gigantic wall of muscle. Your purple aura flickers throughout the room, brightening it light for a split second before it darkens once again. "You're brave, bringing your weak self here. Heh heh heh."

"Earthquake!" You fist smashes into the ground and the floor shatters in an instant, sending thousands of cracks bursting across the floors.

"Ugh, what's going on?" Broly yells, trying to break his feet free from the ground.

"Kamehameha!" Goku fires the blue beam into the ceiling and it shatters the rooftop, allowing a sharp ray of sunlight to shoot itself into the room. "Solar Flare!" The sunlight flashes into Broly's eyes momentarily, having him scream in pain and grapple his eyes.

"Lets go!" You scream and jump into the hole that Goku created along with Bebi. Goku trails behind the two of you, shooting small Kiai's to guide you both through the air. All three of you land outside of the Saiyan Refugee Base, sweating nervously.

You drop to the floor and cough up more smoke, your lungs finally cleared of the toxins that Kakarot assaulted you with. "Where's the green man?" Bebi bitterly asks.

"He's...-" Goku thinks, looking around the area and trying to sense for Piccolo. "Just up there! Come on, lets go!"

"Bebi, shrink down to a small size like earlier. It'll be easier to make farther distances if Goku carries us." With that, you Attenuate down to a miniature size and Bebi morphs his body down to a smaller size as well. Goku picks both of you up and slips you into his Gi, blasting off into the air afterwards.

Both you and Bebi hold on tight to his sleeve as he jets through the skies with a Kaioken aura surrounding his figure. Just off on the ridge that you were all on earlier, Piccolo stands tall with Gohan in his arms. Not awaiting any confirmation, he grabs onto Gohan and blasts off into the distance.

"You will not escape!" You hear from behind, feeling an enormous amount of Ki creep up from behind.

"Who is that!?" You scream back to Goku in a high pitched, squeaky tone.

"Broly!" He calls back, looking over to Piccolo by his side as he speaks. "We have to hide!"

"I think we can take him," Piccolo calls out, looking back at Broly as he closes the distance.

"Don't try it, Piccolo. He's dangerous!"


With that, Piccolo descends from the skies and begins treading down to the ground in an attempt to find anything to take cover under.

"TRY TO USE YOUR PATHETIC TRICKS AGAIN! I DARE YOUUUU!" Broly continues to scream with a dark black aura wrapping around his body at a frightening rate.

"Down here!" Piccolo screams to Goku, hiding under a ridge and forming a green wave in his palm. Goku drops down to Piccolo and stands beside him with you and Bebi still in his Gi.

"What are you gonna' do?" Goku questions.

"I'll have to create another warp portal and hope that Broly doesn't come down here and find the point of entry. Grab onto me." Goku does just so while holding onto Gohan tightly, now that the two have been reunited. "Warp Portal...!"

The clouds above you begin to crack as if they were glass, eventually shattering and raining down the remains. As this happens, rain pours down on the green grass that appeared from nowhere. You feel your stomach drop and immediately feel sick, almost passing out.

"What is this...feeling?" You squeal from inside of Goku's Gi.

"Creating a new world isn't as easy as one might hope," Piccolo says between puffs of exhaustion. "I have to balance out the living conditions perfectly, or else this happens. We won't be able to live in this place for more than ten minutes before the thick oxygen kills us."

"Lovely." Bebi whimpers.

"Lets just hope. Hope that that monster isn't outside here when we leave..."


A Few Days Earlier, at Forte Valkyrie...

"Commander Joseph, if you could please." Rem states, not turning his head from those in front of him.

"I'll go get him." Pike replies, walking away from the scene.

"Hurry up now boy," a third voice speaks up. "Yamcha, be a dear and signal the release of our prisoners."

"Yes sir, Fleet Executive Korn!" Yamcha replies and pulls out a cell phone, walking a few feet away as he speaks into it.

After a few minutes, Joseph Pike returns with Phoenix Graham in iron shackles with the ability to suppress one's Ki. "Good to see you." Korn says with a grin.

"Vice versa." Graham replies with a tint of pleasure.

"Save the reunions for later." Rem chimes in, "Where are General Dr. Fiasco and General John Giant?"

"Yamcha?" Korn says, turning back with a harsh glare. "Hurry up."

"Sorry sir, they should be on their way." Just as Yamcha finishes his sentence, Dr. Fiasco and General John Giant on crutches appear at the edge of the hall with handcuffs on each of them. "Here they are. I apologize for the delay. Sir!"

"Rem." Korn carefully says. "Shall we proceed with the exchange?" Rem nods. Korn puts his finger in the air and signals Yamcha to bring one of the prisoners forward, which he does so quickly. John Giant hops over to Rem with his crutches still on, but before limping over, Yamcha removes the handcuffs he had held on him.

"Good to have you back, General." Rem says with an artificial smile. "Joseph. Go ahead." The Commander inserts a key into the handcuffs placed on Phoenix Graham and they fall off of him and collapse onto the floor. Not wasting any time, he proudly walks over to Korn and gives him a nod as he does so.

"Go ahead. Give them that weakling that they want so badly." Korn yells back to Yamcha, and he unshackles Dr. Fiasco without moments hesitation. Fiasco walks over to his group casually, obviously exhausted from being held prisoner for over a year. "And there we have it," Korn says with a subtle laugh. "It should not have taken this long for this to happen. But now that it has, we'll be going."

"Very well." Rem plainly replies.

Korn turns to Phoenix with a giant smile. "Welcome back, Fleet Executive Phoenix Graham. It took a lot of work to retrieve you."

"Heh," Phoenix snickers. "Later. Don't speak about anything in front of them. Okay?"

"...Okay." Korn responds, feeling as if he was put in his place. He then looks up to Rem and the others and smiles with deviance. "The next time we see each other, I'll kill you all. Remember that."

"How about you try to do that right now, coward." Joseph yells, walking forward. Before he can make it far, Rem puts his arm out and stops Pike from going any further.

"I'll be sure to remember that ugly face of yours," Korn laughs. "So be ready." With that, he and Phoenix turn around and swiftly exit the building.

"...Now we just have to hope Thrigon, Echo, and Dysect come through on their end." Rem says quietly to himself, staring intently at the marble wood floor.


Back In Piccolo's Warp Portal...

"I feel sick..." Goku whines, gripping his son tightly.

Now free from your miniature size, you drop to the ground in pain. "Piccolo," you quietly whimper. "Get us...Get us..." Unable to finish your sentence, it just trails off into the distance.

"Portal Release." Piccolo says with a great amount of Ki gathered in his palms. Suddenly, the sky turns blue and the grass turns to solid stone. You feel a great weight lifted off of your stomach and the air flows through your lungs, giving you a great deal of your strength back.

"Gohan, are you okay?" Goku asks his son once again, unable to get a proper response from the sick child. "I'm so sorry!" He cringes, hugging his son tight. "For everything."

"He's gone." You declare, looking all around for Broly.

"I could've taken him out anyway. There was never anything to worry about." Bebi boasts, but you simply roll your eyes. "So what now?"

"Do whatever you want." Piccolo speaks up. "Why does it matter to us?"

"Goku. I'm going back to Valkyrie. Are you coming with?" You ask.

"No, I need to get Gohan better. Maybe we'll meet up in the future though." Goku responds and you give him a nod.

"Hey, Kiryu. Are there fighters like those Saiyans back where you came from?" Bebi asks.

"There are." You simply respond.

"Let me come. I want to train and get stronger!"

A) Allow Bebi to come with you to Forte Valkyrie.
B) Refuse him and tell him to get lost.


1) Go straight to Forte Valkyrie.
2) Make a detour and go to West City.
3) Make a detour and go elsewhere.
- Where?
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