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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

1 He may be of help actually.

A Ask our saiyan prisoner what type of alarm it is. Whether it's motion detecting, or just for the door.

If it's only for the door, use our Attenuate to slip through the eye slit area if possible, and sneak around, then break it, not with a beam (don't want to power up.) Once it's taken care of, Piccolo Raigeki's the door, and we leave quickly. (PS I assume it won't be that easy, but whatever...)

If it's motion detected, or we can't fit inside the hole, ask our prisoner if there would be a control panel for the alarm that we can destroy. Either that, or we cut the entire bases power supply.

Kiryu would be the one to go destroy the power supply. Bebi maybe as well, if he can keep up/hide well.
Goku and Piccolo need to be at the cell when the power/alarm goes off, to quickly destroy the door with Raigeki, and leave quickly. Kiryu and Bebi will do the same.
"Taura, where is this base's power supply?" You ask.

"...Just what are you planning?" The Saiyan replies with clenched fists.

"Answer the question."

"It's on the top floor," Taura bitterly responds. "There is a door upstairs that is locked. The generator is inside."

"Fair enough. And about the kid's cell alarm. Is it motion detected or is the alarm only on the door?"

"Motion...Detected," he grits through his teeth.

"Is there any control panel to turn it off?"

Taura shakes his head. "Not that I know of, no."

You nod at him mysteriously, not completely trusting his words. "Alright," you whisper back to the prisoner named Bebi. "Piccolo, break down his cell. We're letting him out. Oh, and you can change us back to our regular selves now too."

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" He replies, questioning your wisdom. Suddenly, all three of you revert back to your bodies and a huge weight appears to be lifted off of Piccolo's shoulders.

"If I wasn't sure, I wouldn't be asking you to break down his cell." Piccolo smirks at this and walks over to the cell, brushing you out of the way as he does so.

"Raigeki." He whispers, and the door shatters into dust particles. The plain cell is fully revealed to your eyes and Bebi is already standing up, albeit with a heavy slouch.

"My regards," he says with a grin. Bebi slowly licks the crust off his bottom lip and quietly steps forward, scowling at the Saiyan named Taura as he passes him. "Is he useful at'all?"

"He's served his purpose." You state, looking into Bebi's cell still. "Why?" Before you can even turn your head towards Bebi, you here a loud thud and see Taura's body on the ground with a gaping hole in his chest. "Urgh, what did you do!?!?"

The former prisoner Bebi has a mighty grin on his face as he towers over the dead Taura's body with a bloody right fist. "I killed him."

"Why would you do that!?!?" Goku shouts, trying to see if Taura is still alive.

"Heh, are you sure letting this guy free was a good idea." Piccolo retorts with a foul smirk.

"Shut up green man," you scowl. "I'm quite aware that you killed him, but how did you kill him so quickly? He was dead in the blink of an eye!"

"What's even scarier is that..." Goku begins, genuinely angry and upset over Taura's sudden death. "His power raised and then fell back down at lightning speed. Not even Scouters of the highest grade would be able to detect that. I barely could!"

Bebi whips his head up and glares at the three of you with cold and ruthless eyes, grinning maniacally. "You said you wanted to free the boy?" You nod. "Then we better get started."

"If this cell truly is motion censored, then we shouldn't take any risks. Bebi, come with me upstairs. We'll cut the power supply. Piccolo, stay here with Goku and once everything goes dark...Raigeki the door and make as quick of an escape as you possibly can. Clear?"

"Crystal." Piccolo says, nodding. Goku does the same.

"Lets go, Bebi."

"Hah, aren't you a smart one. Keh." Bebi says with a dirty smile, walking right behind you. You keep your guard up just in case this former prisoner attempts anything out of the ordinary. You both walk through the broken doors that you recently traveled through and head up the stairs quietly, finally reaching the top.

You walk forward and stand before the titanium door from earlier, just beside Goku's old prison. "He better have been telling the truth about the generator being in here," you mutter under your breath. Bebi smiles brutally and steps up beside you. You quickly scan the surrounding area for any possible alarms but find none.

"And how are we going to break down this door when that Namek is downstairs?" Bebi questions in a mocking tone.

"That's a good question..." You admit.

"Keh heh heh. Allow me." Bebi darts his hand forward and it pierces right through the titanium with little sound coming from the attack. Bebi pulls his hand from the hole he created and squints inside, still unable to see anything besides a wall at the end of the seemingly small room.

"I can get through this hole myself, but you'll have to wait-" Before you can even finish your sentence, Bebi's body begins to bend in different positions until he snaps into a small ball and squeezes through the tight hole. "Heh...Resourceful little bastard. Attenuate!" Your body now goes into a miniature size and you fit yourself through the hole Bebi created earlier. You push through the end of the short tunnel and snap your body back to its regular shape, seeing Bebi do the same thing. "Body Manipulation?"

"Yes. I can snap my body into any shape or position that I want. It's basically a superior version of your own. Keh heh." He mocks.

You roll your eyes and survey the small room, quickly noticing a bulky Saiyan chained up against the left wall. His eyes are gently pushed closed at the moment, but you aren't confident that they'll stay closed very long. The man has sky blue hair that spikes out in multiple directions, similar to most of the Saiyans you've come across. He's wearing matching shoes and two arm bracelets of the same color. The Saiyan's attire consists of a torn black shirt with dirt patches all over it and a long pair of dark blue beach shorts. But those shorts are also ripped and dirty.

"Bebi," you whisper and whip your head over to the chained up Saiyan.

"That's Kakarot." He says back, already knowing full well that he was there. "He won't be an issue if I'm with you. Keh heh."

"Oh he'll be an issue if he wakes up, alright..." You mutter, looking for the power generator that the now dead Taura spoke of. At the top corner of the room, you notice a leaking pipe that is dripping water down onto the floor and slipping through the crack, allowing it to fall onto the floor down below. Right above it is a small generator patched into the wall and before you know it, you're standing right in front of it.

You pop the generator open and look at all of the control panels, readying yourself to turn everything off at once. "Ready?" You mumble back to Bebi, still staring at the generator.

"You're not Vegeta." A deep voice mutters from behind. The hairs on your back shoot out from your spine and the voice continues to speak. "Who...Are you?"

"Just stay there and be quiet!" Bebi yells and you can hear his fists clench.

"Stay here...Why would he say that? Why are these people in here? Why not Vegeta? It doesn't...It doesn't make sense." The Saiyan continues to mumble to himself, still in his chains. Not wasting any more time, you flick all of the switches off and the light bulb brightening the room goes dark, as well as everything else around you. "Intruder. Intruder. Intruder. You're both INTRUDERS!" The prisoner screams and rips his hands from the shackles on the wall. He does the same for his feet until he's completely free, standing before you and Bebi.

"Just calm down!" You screech, hoping this doesn't escalate into anything more.

"Kakarot was locked up for a reason!" Bebi screams. "He's not going to just calm down. If I were a betting man, I'd wager that he's one of the most dangerous Saiyans on this planet...!"

"Intruders. Intruders must die." Kakarot mutters to himself and a rapid aura of blue bursts around his body, brightening the dark room. "DIEEEE!"



"So uh...Nice weather these days." Goku casually says.

"You don't have to fill in the silence." Piccolo replies, waiting patiently. Suddenly, the lights disappear and the room goes dark. On cue, Piccolo puts his hand on the door and yells "Raigeki", shattering it to pieces. An explosion of music blasts from the room, completely popping Piccolo's ear drums.

Goku dashes into the room and sees his son strapped to a chair with his eyes facing a large monitor with thousands of images and words blitzing by each second. Goku stares Gohan in the eyes, to see that his son's eyes are being held open by mechanical arms so that he can't turn away from the television monitor.

"Gohan!" Goku yells as he tries to unstrap Gohan from his position and break the mechanical arms holding his eyelids open. Quickly, Goku takes off the headphones that were inserted into Gohan's ears with an even louder burst of music shooting out from them.

As Goku does that, Piccolo snaps the chains that were holding Gohan's arms, legs, and body down and pulls him up from his chair, freeing the young boy. "We gotta' go. Now!" Piccolo directs and turns around, running out of the room at full throttle.

"Stop!" Goku yells and just as he says so, a beam of Ki billows by and crashes through the wall. "That Ki belongs to Broly!" Goku holds onto Gohan tight and peaks down the hall, seeing nothing in the darkness.

"He's walking closer to us." Piccolo informs, trying to conceal himself as best as he can. "I don't think he has his Scouter on, or else he wouldn't be walking so carefully. Maybe he couldn't find it in the darkness?"

"It doesn't matter. We have to find another way out of here," Goku screeches and runs back into Gohan's former prison, trying to find an alternate room. Piccolo runs up from behind and places his hand on a flat wall, shattering it to pieces with all of his might.

"Come out come out wherever you are!" Broly calls out from behind, unable to hear any movements due to the blaring music in the background.

Goku and Piccolo run through the tunnel they created until finally deciding to tunnel upwards. Piccolo shatters the ceiling of the tunnel until the two finally reach the top floor, sweating nervously. "Kiryu and Bebi are in there still! We have to go help!"

"Sorry, but I don't plan on dying for those two. Lets get out of here. I'm sure they'll manage just fine!" Piccolo whispers, preparing to make an escape through the same place everybody entered from.


"Are you coming or not!?"

Goku looks back and forth until finally handing the non responsive Gohan over to his Namekian partner. "Get Gohan to safety. We'll be right behind you!"

"Fine." Piccolo puts an aura around himself and Gohan, flying out of the Saiyan Refugee Base without looking back.

"If any of them put on their Scouters, they'll know exactly where we are." Goku says to himself while running over to the titanium door with a small hole in its structure. "I better make this quick then!"


You jump to the side in a rush, barely avoiding a right straight from the Saiyan Kakarot. The wall behind you shatters and bricks explode from it, bouncing all over the room. "S***, this guy is fast!"

Bebi sprints behind Kakarot to deliver a back breaking kick, but before he can reach him gets elbowed in the face and is launched into the ground. The floor breaks apart and Bebi lies down in a small crater. "Damn it..." He mutters, "I'm rusty from being in that prison for so long!"

"Giant Bulldozer!" You scream, firing your arms into Kakarot.

"Bahaha!" He laughs, blocking your attack with a Barrier. Kakarot puts his palms in a cup position and a blue orb of Ki flutters in his hands. "Kamehameha!" The beam launches forward and smashes into your guard, pushing you against the wall and crashing through it.

Just as the beam fades away, the titanium door comes crashing down and flies into the wall at the other end. There in the doorway, Goku stands tall with a fiery red aura igniting his entire body. "Kaioken X3!"


Meanwhile, in an unknown location...

Rain storms down and thunder crackles from the skies, blitzing down on a lifeless wasteland. Slowly, a tall man painted pink paces towards a gigantic tree with peerless roots dug into the ground all around the area. "It's time." He finally speaks. "Lord Babidi finally has everything prepared."

"I see..." The man he is speaking to responds. His legs stretch up off the ground until his straight posture towers over the ground. "Shall we?"

"Keheh. Yeah, I'll be in the ship. Oh, and Pitou..." The man speaking clears his throat before continuing. "Lord Babidi would like to speak with you about our strategy once we arrive."

"I'll be right there, Dabura," Pitou quickly replies but doesn't turn around. Dabura nods to Pitou's back and walks away. After a few minutes of looking into the dead landscape, Pitou turns around and walks into a white spaceship.

Upon entering, the former Commander sees an alien with a long white head. He's wearing a black jumpsuit with a white armored chest plate covering most of his torso. The chest plate has two protruding spikes off the backside. As Pitou walks by, the alien gives Pitou a formal nod to show allegiance.

Pitou walks to the end of a long hall and the door at the end opens up for him, bringing the fighter into a near empty room. "You called...Lord Babidi?" Pitou regrettably says.

A swirl of dark smoke breezes by and a bright light flashes, blinding Pitou for a short moment. When he opens his eyes, a short green alien with an orange cape and whiskers appears from nowhere. "Pitou, i'm so glad you could come. Behahahaha!" He laughs to himself hysterically. "Look at this."

Suddenly, a neat piece of paper appears in Pitou's small hands. Without saying another word, Pitou looks down on it and reads it intently. "Is this true?"

"Pitou, have I ever lied to you?" Babidi says with a large grin.

"Heh, well this is almost too good to be true," Pitou says with a faint smile. "Interesting..."


Goku stands in the midst of the doorway with insurmountable power teaming from his aura. You glare at Kakarot, ready to finish things once and for all. Bebi jumps up from the crater he was knocked into and brushes off his clothes with a fierce look on his face.

"You're dead." Bebi scowls.

"Broly and Bardock are on their way up here as we speak. We better finish things off!" Goku directs.

"It won't be very easy unless we go all out," you speak up.

"Bahahaha." Kakarot laughs. "Show me what you fools have." The chains dangle from his wrists as he slowly raises his power once again.

A) All attack him at once to finish him off quickly.
- 1) Kill him.
- 2) Spare him.
B) Use everybody's most powerful Ki blasts to wipe him out.
C) Knock him down and retreat before Kakarot's backup arrives.
D) Have one/two people retreat and another person stay behind to hold him off.
- 1) Who stays behind? Who goes?
E) Other?
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