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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

Take out a few minor saiyans somewhere, and dispose of the corpses. Have Piccolo change Goku, himself, and Kiryu into those minor saiyans.

Knock on the door.
Hopefully someone answers. Ask to be let in. We're all saiyans here, no reason not to be let in. If we aren't let in...simply say "nevermind" and leave.

Check the room to see if any clues to find Gohan would be there. If so, take out any hostiles quickly as possible using speed boost X2 to quickly take out everyone in the room. If there are no clues, or someone REALLY strong is in the room, scratch that.

If no one answers the door or whatever, head to a lounge area or cafeteria (wherever lots of saiyans are chatting., and chat with the saiyans there. Gossip always helps in these situations! We can hear some interesting things from grunts I'm sure!

Continue looking for clues to Gohan.
You look down the long flight of stairs while leaning over the railing before turning over to Piccolo. "You know things of the magical variety, correct?" Piccolo cautiously nods. "If you were to see a few Saiyans, do you think you would be able to change our appearances into them?"

"I can try." Piccolo replies, clearly not too confident in his abilities to do so.

"That'll have to do."

"Kiryu," Goku speaks up. "What are you planning?"

"We'll have to disguise ourselves. If we find any guards beyond that door at the bottom of the staircase, we'll kill them in an instant and have Piccolo change our appearances into them."

"Ergh, temporarily, right?" Goku asks with concern, but you simply roll your eyes and begin walking down the long flight of stairs with utmost carefulness. You see Piccolo and Goku float down through the middle while you're stuck straddling along like a mouse. Those bastards.

Now at the bottom, you whisper to the two of them. "Do not speak. If you have anything to say, say it now because as of this point onwards...Not a sound." Goku nods firmly and Piccolo merely puts his hand on the door, shattering it to pieces without a trace of noise.

You go ahead of your small team and peak into the doorway, seeing a long hallway that splits like an L at the other end. In the entire strip of hall that you are in, there is not a single door nor Saiyan. You can't hear anything, which gives you motivation enough to silently press on.

As you stroll down the hall, a subtle dripping noise captures your attention which freezes you still. In a place like this, you absolutely must not be caught. If even one of the Saiyans in here are as powerful as Turles was, it would probably be the end of all of you. Not to mention you just got stitches and Doctor Ed heavily advised you not to strain yourself in case they tear.

At the sound of the dripping current, you scout the area and quickly find Goku pointing to a crack in the ceiling. Bits of water are dripping down from the crease in the wall and sliding down the wall which has formed a small puddle at the corner of the hallway. The pipe line must be just above this floor.

The three of you reach the end of the hall and dart your eyes past the corner to see nothing. You turn to Piccolo for confirmation on any noises and he gives you a loose nod, signalling you all to move forward.

"Hmm...I wonder where that alleged meeting Piccolo was taking about is..." You think, now walking casually down the other part of the L-Shaped hallway. At the other end, a door is closed tight. "If what's behind those doors is what I hope it's not, we're screwed!"

Before you can warn Piccolo to act cautiously with the door, you see millions of its particles falling to the ground as his hand slowly pulls away from it. He and Goku walk forth while you're stuck in the back, incapable of seeing what is going on right in front of you.

You walk in the room and this one is shaped like an upside down capital T, still with nobody patrolling the halls. Piccolo leans in close to you and begins to whisper something. "The right. Four voices are inside that room; it's definitely a meeting. Voices...It's hard to tell, even from this distance..."

"Words?" You whisper back.

"Super...Unlimited...Nix...Is causing...Problems...Urgh, it's hard to hear them. It's a soundproof room that won't allow any sound waves to escape."

"What do the other hallways lead into?" You quietly inquire.

"There isn't any sounds in the left room, but the one down the hall is a small parade of voices. A few distinct people, but a mass amount of sound waves. It might also be a meeting. Goku?"

"Still no Ki Signature's are forming." Goku replies, a bit louder than you would have liked. Almost on cue, the door straight down the hall swings open and a tall man with spiky black hair and an eye patch reveals himself. Goku and Piccolo both jump behind each wall to cover themselves while you're forced to Speed Blitz into the low ceiling. You dig your claws into the wall to stop yourself from falling, but bits of particles drop from the cracks your fingers put into the ceiling.

"Just my luck. If only I hadn't been in the middle." You examine the Saiyan down the hall and see that he has a high quality, blue scouter on his left eye. Suddenly, a beam of thoughts flow into your mind with a familiar voice speaking to you.

"Kiryu! Can you hear me? It's me, Goku! Nod if you can hear!" Slightly confused, you give yourself a nod and then turn back to the Saiyan who is slowly walking down the hall. "The Scouter he's wearing is top quality that only the highest ranked Saiyans would have. That doesn't mean he's high ranked because to be honest, I've never seen him in my life. After all, King Vegeta isn't the one ruling all of the Saiyans anymore so if we're lucky, Prince Vegeta is just giving them out like candy!"

"Get to the point!" You screech at Goku, which appears to catch the Saiyan down the hall's interest.

"If any of our powers are suddenly raised, it'll detect that immediately and send off a signal to everybody who is wearing them. Don't be rash, Kiryu. We can't kill him or else our cover will be blown!" Goku continues to inform.

"I guess it just depends on whether or not I can out speed the Scouter. Heh, i'm feeling confident enough that I can." You think to yourself, preparing to inflate your speed to the utmost degree.

"Hey Taura! Come check this out!" The Saiyan yells which freezes you in your tracks. He walks just below you and bends over, feeling the ceiling particles that are on the ground. "How did this-" You see his face get bent backwards and his neck break in one foul blow, which sends his Scouter beeping maniacally.

You fall down from the ceiling to see Piccolo's leg stretched out. "Piccolo NO!" Goku practically shouts. Three Saiyans down the hall all run out of the open door and stare directly at you, each wearing a fancy blue Scouter.

"What the hell is goin' on here!?" One of them shouts and presses a button on his Scouter, which you respond to by Speed Blitzing to the other end of the room and delivering a ruthless jab to that man's face.

Piccolo's silhouette appears beside you and he knees one of the other Saiyans in the gut, dropping him to the floor. You turn to the final Saiyan who appears to be in complete shock and elbow his face in. His head pillars into the wall and smashes into it, creating a loud bang.

"We're in trouble now!" Piccolo says with a small chuckle which brings a faint smile to your face.

"Quick, change us into them Piccolo!" You demand and he nods. Just then, a body appears in the doorway.

"Goku? Is that you?" The voice barks in a deep voice. All three of you look up and face him looking guilty as hell. "What the hell is going on here?"

"Meteor Burst!" Piccolo roars and before you can even see a wave of Ki form the man named Taura is crashing into a bunch of tables with food falling onto the ground as he does so. Piccolo stands up and cracks his neck but before he can finish what he started, you grab his arm and point to the bodies.

"It's Broly!" Goku screeches. "He must have opened the door to see what's going on out here because I can sense his Ki!"

"Get in the room. Quick!" You grab all of the bodies on the ground and dash into the room, closing the door behind you. "Hurry and change us, Piccolo." Looking around, this place is clearly a cafeteria but not a soul is in it. "Can you sense anybody in here, Goku?"

"Just Taura...Broly's Ki Signal is gone too. And I bet if we open this door up, he'll be right there!"

A broken table is thrown across the floor and an angry Taura stands up with a harsh glare. "That will be the last attack you ever land on me you Namekian garbage...!"


"What is all of that ruckus!? Why you all haven't killed those remaining scoundrels I'll never know. They serve no purpose to the means nor the end!"

"Calm down ya' jerk." The Saiyan Maize responds with a scowl, leaning back on his four legged chair.

"Maize, go check it out."

"I'm good. You're free to go yourself though, Broly."

The brute stands up and towers above everybody in the room. "Fine, I will. Don't go on without me."

"Be quick. We're running low on time." Bardock says aloud and Broly nods, eerily clenching his fists.

Broly picks up a blue scouter on the table which leaves two remaining. He walks over to the door while strapping it on his left ear and grips his palm on the handle. "Doctor, what's our time table?"

"I should be finished with the final product within the next two months. Just work on keeping our location concealed."

"How many times do I have to tell you?" Broly turns around with an angry look. "I sent Turles to deal with Goku already. That pure hearted fool has been sent to the afterlife long ago."

"If Turles completed his mission so smoothly, then why isn't he back yet? He's late and I want to know why! Don't screw this up you buffoon!"

"Urgh, I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT AGAIN?" Broly stomps over to the unknown conversationalist and glares at him with hatred. "I'll blow your head clean off if you don't shut that hole in yo' face." Bardock stands up and places his palm on the brute's chest, which appears to calm Broly down. "I'll go see what the ruckus is about..."

Broly turns around and swings the door wide up, closing it seconds afterwards. "I'll kill that guy when this is all over!" He mutters to himself, now in the center of the upside down capital T hallway. Completely oblivious to the ceiling particles on the ground and the lack of a door to his side, Broly steps forward and storms straight down the hallway.

"What the hell is this?" He grunts, feeling a head sized hole in the wall with blood dripping from it. Broly lifts his right boot up and slams it into the door which sends it flying across the room. He walks in with a tremendous amount of confidence and glares the the four figures down the hall. All Saiyans.


"Say a word of what's going on and I'll take this hand..." You begin to warn the Saiyan Taura, lifting up your right hand in a claw shaped position. "And I'll rip your heart out. Savvy?" Taura gulps and nods, blood still leaking down from his temple and bruises forming all over your body.

The door smashes open and a gigantic Saiyan with no shirt stands before you all. Goku infiltrates your mind once again, signalling to you that that man's name is Broly. He also tells you to not initiate combat with him at all costs. You can only hope that Piccolo got the same message.

"What the hell is the meaning of this!?!?" Broly roars while darting his eyes around the wrecked cafeteria.

You nudge Taura on the back to make up a proper excuse and he speaks up slowly. "Sorry, Master Broly! Please forgive us. We were just...we were just...playing around, you know."

"Playing around, you say? Pfft. No good weaklings. You're supposed to be guarding the base in case an intruder comes by! Not wrecking havoc and disturbing our meeting. DO YOU HEAR ME!?!?"

"Urgh, yes sire! Please forgive us!" All four of you bow down to Broly and he grunts, muttering words of hatred under his breath. Broly walks down out of the room and eventually disappears from your sight.

"I can't sense his Ki anymore. He must have closed the door..."

"Heh. It looks like having such high security has worked against these fools." You say with a smirk, before turning back to the defeated Taura. "Where is Gohan?"

"I...I don't know." He manages to mutter, clearly unhappy with the situation. You put on a ferocious glare and gently place your head against his. You can feel him shaking in fear; anger; hatred. "Just don't kill me...okay?"

"What kind of man do you think I am?" You laugh a bit and push him forward, letting him lead the way. "One wrong move and I'll kill you without a moment's hesitation." Before leaving the room, you glance over at the corner and see three Saiyan bodies piled high with four shattered Scouter's over their corpses. You briefly turn over to Piccolo in Saiyan form and see a massive pool of sweat dripping from his temple. "What's wrong with you?"

"N-nothing." He whispers back.

"He's having trouble keeping us in these bodies. It's putting a strain on his mind." Goku blurts out and turns to Piccolo. "Don't forget, I can feel your emotions. The cause of your worries and strains."

"He's in there." Taura grunts, pointing to the door at the left side of the room. The only door you don't know what's inside on this particular floor.

"Good. Now open it." You direct, pushing him towards it.

"I can't!" He quietly screeches. "I know where he is, but I don't have the code to get into his chamber!" Piccolo grips the handle and pushes it open, only to reveal a large silver door at the other end of the small room inside. Piccolo breezes his hand across the silver door and then bangs on it. Despite him doing so, little noise is made.

"It's another titanium wall. I can't hear anything beyond it. Should I break it down?"

"Yes. Do so." You direct and Piccolo focuses an aura of Ki around the door.

"Raigeki!" He says to himself and the entire door comes crumbling down. You walk forward, brushing Goku and Piccolo aside, and survey the room. On each side, there is a closed off cell. Goku runs over to the one on the left and lifts up the small tray hole and just as he does so, a thunder of music blasts out. Goku drops the tray hole and the sounds vanquish in an instant.

"What the hell was THAT?" You call out, turning over to Taura next.

"Vegeta wants to...brainwash him. He's strapped to a chair with his eyes pulled open, forced to watch and listen to what's put in front of him..." Taura slowly says with his eyes pointed to the ground.

"Oh God...Gohan! Gohan!" Goku calls, totally forgetting the need to be quiet.

"Shut up!" You screech, reminding him of the position he's in. "Piccolo, can you get that door open?"

"I can. But I can't say for sure that it's the best idea..." He responds.


"Look on top of Gohan's cell. That little red light that keeps beeping. Since an alarm hasn't went off already, I presume that it'll sing as loud as it can if we open that door."

"S***." You grimly say to yourself, now popping open the tray hole on the cell on your side of the room. When you do so, a man on the ground comes into view but no noise of any sort comes from inside his cell. "You! You there?" His head shifts over to the side and he gazes at you with his deep blue eyes without emotion and doesn't respond. He has pointy silver hair, a black bodysuit with gold and red coloured gloves, boots, and shoulder pads. "Can you hear me or not!?"

"Who...are you?" He quietly says.

"My name is Kiryu. And yours?"

"Mine...My name...My name is Bebi. Tell me Saiyan, what do you have planned for me this time? Heh heh..."

"I'm not a Saiyan." You boldly respond, now squinting at him with curiosity.

"Heh. Then why don't you open this door and let me outta' here? If you help me...I might just be able to help you." You eye him cautiously but don't respond. "Do we have a deal...or not?"

"Hold on a second." You reply to him, closing the tray hole and looking over to Piccolo and Goku. You look above his cell and notice that there is no alarm on it, unlike Gohan's. Keeping him in that cell clearly isn't as much of a priority as keeping Gohan in there. Or perhaps Gohan is the only one strong enough to escape, which is why they are being more cautious with his cell. "Any idea on how to get Gohan free without setting off that alarm thing?" They both shake their heads. "Damn it. Taura, do you think you can go trick the weakest Saiyan in that room to come here? Or even get the password to open this gate without setting off the alarm?"

"The weakest Saiyan? Hah." He laughs at your comment, not even giving you a proper answer.

"What to do...what to do...C'mon brain, think!"

1) Let Bebi go free. He's no harm, especially in his condition.
2) Keep Bebi in his prison. He's there for a reason!


A) Create A Plan To Get Gohan Out Of The Cell.
B) Leave Gohan behind. It's impossible to get him out.
C) Break down the door and make a quick getaway.
D) Break down the door and if an alarm goes off, fight whoever comes.
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