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Author's Chapter Notes:
A wins.
"Hm. I suppose I should get some training in with Thrigon. He better still be in the Training Center." You say to yourself as you walk through the Forte, entering your security pins all the while. After a few minutes, you arrive back at the Training Center. You walk past the female attendant from before and head on upstairs. As you reach the top of the stairs, you see Thrigon exit the Gravity Chamber, with sweat boiled all over his face. It appears he actually did some training for once. Not like such a small amount will do anything though. He merely eyes you down as the two of you approach each other.

"Thrigon, get back in there. We're going to sp-"

Just before you sentence finishes, he delivers a powerful left hook to your cheek, causing you to fly off the flight of stairs and collapse on the floor down below. You wipe a fair amount of blood that leaked out of your mouth off and coldly stare up at him in shock and anger. "You..." You begin to shutter, clearly angry.

"What?" He replies with a serious look on his face. You've never seen him with such a pumped up look. He definitely means business. "As I thought," he continues. "Well, are you going to get up or not? You do want to spar, right? Hurry your ass up then." He boldly finishes as he walks back into the room.

"That cocky bastard." You say to yourself as you stand up. "I suppose it's time for me to show him how out of shape he actually is." You grip your fists together and walk up the small flight of stairs once again. This time, nothing interupts you and you enter the room without delay. Or so you thought. The damn Key Card needed to be activated in order for you to get into the actual training part of the room. Once you do so, a small door opens and you enter the room with a calm, yet deadly look on your face. Thrigon stands roughly 10 feet away from you, ready to fight. Even without looking at the Gravity that's set, you can tell that it's around '30G's. You can't help but let out a smile and think to yourself, "Ah, the adrenaline rush of combat. This will be interesting..."


Without wasting a second, Thrigon jumps at you like a wild animal with the intent to kill. Just before he reaches you, you breeze by to the side and avoid his assault. Seeing this, he attempts a backhand to throw you off guard but you predict it and jump back before it contacts you. Immediately after you do so, he takes a fighting stance once again and stretches his left arm to jab you in the face. In shock, it directly hits you for small damage. However, that was only the gateway to his combo. Jab jab jab. Thrigon continuously stretches his arm in a series of combos, leaving you completely helpless. Before you know it, the distance between the two of you has closed and he's right in your face continuously shooting out his "Flicker Jabs".

"Damn it...I'm completely at his mercy. I have to find a way to break from this. If I let my guard off, it'll signal him to shut me down with his right. He's just waiting for that to happen...What else can I do though?" You think while trying to defend from his assault.

Still without breaking his focus, he continues to pummel you and in seconds you're up against the wall still holding onto your guard. "That's it!" You say to yourself. You loosen your guard and Thrigon finally breaks a smile. He immediately takes advantage of this and unleashes his right fist that he's been saving for the entire fight. Just before it contacts your head you yell out, "Attenuate~!" Once you do so, your body shrinks down to the size of a golf ball. His fiery blow smashes into the Gravity Rooms wall and a horrifying impact explodes from it. You look up at Thrigon and smile as he stares at the wall in shock and disbelief.

"What? Where did you go!?" He calls out.

"Return!" You say to yourself with a high pitched squeaky voice. Just as you do so, a small quake erupts from below Thrigon and you start to return to your regular, Giant self.

"Uhh...!" You continues to stare at you in confusion. "H-how did you do that, Kiryu?"

"Heh, surprised are we?" You reply vigilantly. "By contracting all the muscles in my body, i'm able to shrink down my size. Basically, I eliminate all of the muscles in my body within an instant, leaving only what is necessary to live. Unfortunately, it takes a large toll on my body and Ki when I return to my regular state, but it's worth it to get out of threatening situations. I can only stay in that form for a very short time however, due to the lack of near essential body compositions."

"Well I'll be...You've never let out that move before. I'm honored that i'm the first." He says in astonishment.

"Heh, who said you were the first? Ha!" You break the chat and rush at him with your gigantic body, leaving very little room for him to evade. However, due to his slender Namekian body he avoids each of your attacks with a pace slightly above yours. It appears that your large body is slowing you down too much. After a few seconds of punches that have struck nothing but the air, Thrigon begins to attack back, throwing in flicker jabs at every opportunity he can. Before you get caught up in his pace again, you jump back eying his arms all the way, making sure you aren't caught by his Namekian Arm.

"I've had just about enough of this!" You scream out in annoyance. "Giant Bulldozer!" You stretch your arms back and muscle mass begins to ignite within them as they grow. Thrigon jumps back in fear and prepares to block the attack. Your arms fire out at a rapid speed and smash into Thrigon head on, totally destroying everything around you two. Blood drips from Thrigon's body as he stands in front of you, totally wiped out his remaining Ki. Behind him are two craters which erupted from your arms. They smashed right through the wall of the so called "Impenetrable Gravity Room". People from other floors of Forte Valkyrie peak through the cracked palace and begin to silently watch your battle.

"Ow." He simply states, clearly in immense pain. Without giving him another second to rest, you leap at him in a violent manner still keeping your fighting stance. In pain, he simply can't escape from you so he throws his arms back and fires a ruthless Ki Blast towards you. Unable to avoid it, you throw up your guard with your brilliant reflexes and absorb into the blast. You fly back onto your side of the wall and smash into it with a loud "THUD!". He replies to your ruthless fighting style with his own and begins to let loose a rapid fire of Ki Blasts without letting you rest.

"Da da da da da da da da da DA!" You collapse to your knees after his reign of Ki Blasts are over, blood dripping from you this time.

"Heh, not bad..." You compliment him, "However, I think that it's time that I got serious. You've had your fun, but I feel that I must make it known to you..."

"Don't make me laugh, Kiryu. Overused line is overused. Make what known, HUH?" He taunts.

"It's time for me to make how far you've dropped in the Commanders power scale known." You boldly reply.

"Is that so? Haha, come at me." He takes his fighting stance once again, in preparation of setting up his deadly flicker jabs. You do the same. He stretches his arm out and begins his combination of attacks, while you evade them with your massive body. "Urgh, how are you dodging them so easily when they gave you so much trouble before!?"

Without replying, you grab his fist with your over sized arm and begin to crush all the bones that reside within. Thrigon screams in pain and runs towards you in preparation to let out a speedy kick to your face but without losing your focus, you fling his arm that you previously had captive and launch a ruthless counter attack to the Namekians face. Thrigon screams in pain and flies into another wall of the Gravity Room, causing another loud "THUD!".

"Haaaaaaaa!" You scream at the top of your lungs and let out a burst of aura that emits from you, finally showing your full power. You bat an eye at the surrounding area and notice that a large number of Soldiers, Elites, Frontier Agents, and Generals are all watching the fight intently. Makes sense considering how seldom they'll have an opportunity to see a Commander vs. Commander. Without wasting another second, you let off a speed blitz towards Thrigon and lead up with a series of life threatening blows. Still weakened from your previous attack, he has barely enough energy to stand up let alone fend off your attacks. Even while knowing this yourself, you refuse to let down on him. Hundreds of your strongest attacks strike Thrigon in a continuous ambush. He's totally helpless. Blood continues to squirt around the room and all over the floor as you release merciless punch after punch. He holds his ground for less than two minutes, and finally collapses to the ground, still not unconscious.


"Pth," You spit on the painted floor. "Is this all you got? I knew you were weak but this is pathetic." You pick him up by the collar with your left hand and wind up one last punch. "Let this come as a message from a friend..." A large "CRACK" is heard as your fist collides with his bear face once again. It appears that he didn't even have enough blood left in his head to let anymore squirt out. He peacefully collapses onto the ground and his eyes begin to turn white. The crowd all stare at you in terror, totally shocked that you would do this to somebody and than call them your friend. You feel a large adrenaline rush surface through your body and you feel like screaming in joy, but you hold yourself back, due to the large crowd and the scenario you're currently in.

"Somebody, get him to the medic. I have some other things I'd like to be done." A few Foot Soldiers run up to Thrigon after this comment and gently put him on a stretcher that seems to have appeared from their asses. You leave the room and exit the Training Center without saying another word. You enter your security pin into the elevator and it begins to rise up in the air. You set it so it docks at the Commanders and Rem's floor.

As you walk out you think to yourself, "Perhaps I was a tad too hard on him. Nonetheless, he needed to learn the lesson. I don't want anymore friends' bodies to pile up when I could have potentially prevented them."

You let out a large yawn and think about taking a nap, but fighting Thrigon didn't tire you out enough to put you down for the night. "Hm, what should I do next? I still have a lot of time to spend around this place before we set out to War." You say to yourself aloud.

"Talking to yourself again aren't we, Kiryu?" A voice calls out from down the hall.

"Hmm? Oh, it's just you Echo." You reply.

"I see you did a number on Thrigon. Poor guy didn't stand a chance."

"You were watching the battle as well? I didn't see you in the audience."

"Eh, I got to the show kind of late. Just in time to see you crush him into the wall though, haha. Nice job there."

"I see. Echo, you know that it was necessary for me to do that. None of you guys would have had the guts to put him back in his place."

"Yup, you got that right. The boy needed a good old ass woopin'."

"Glad to see you agree." You walk right past him after that, with no intent to say another word but he continues the conversation.

"Thanks for destroying our floor in the Training Center by the way."

"Heh, oh right. Forgot about that. My bad..."

"I guess the others and I won't be gettin' much trainin' before the war because of you. Psh, why did you gotta go and do that."

"We're in good condition for the war. Thrigon wasn't. I don't want him to die so I took the necessary approach."

"Yeah, yeah. I get THAT but you could have taken it easy on the Gravity Room. Jesus, that kinda damage is going to take weeks to get fixed."

"Well you'll just have to deal with it. I've gotten my share of training. Shame you all didn't take the chance when you had it. Now excuse me, I have things to do. I suggest you find another way to prepare for the war yourself." After that, you turn around not saying another word to Echo.


"Where was I?" You think to yourself. "Oh right, I was going to..."

A) Leave Forte Valkyrie and go to nearby towns or cities to buy goods. They could definitely help in battle.
- What kind of goods will you buy?
B) Explore Fort Valkyrie. It's been a while since you've been here so you might learn or find something interesting.
C) Have a nap. Who knows what the dream world has to offer tonight.
D) Contact old ties at the Red Ribbon Army. You can give them valuable information to support them and maybe get information in return!
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