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Author's Chapter Notes:
D. Skip West City. Go out into the wild and rest for the night there. Hunt for food around the area and if none can be found, go into a West City convenience store and buy some quickly.
"Alright Goku, we'll skip West City." You say, giving in to his demands. A smile writes itself on his face but you continue walking without paying any attention to him. "So which way is it?"

"Uh, north east from here...I think." Goku replies.

"Goku." Piccolo speaks up from behind, standing tall with his arms crossed. "Do you have a plan to get your kid back once we make it there? Cause if you don't, speak up now."

"Eehehehe," Goku chuckles while scratching his hair. "I was kinda' hoping you guys could help with that. All I got so far is charge in at full speed and try to get Gohan before they see us. Will that not work?"

Both you and Piccolo turn to each other, completely dumbfounded. The two of you place your palm on your face and sigh simultaneously, but don't even attempt to answer. Instead, you call out to Piccolo. "Hey Satori of the Forest, do you think that you can hunt us some food before we get there? I figure we'll eat some animals and rest a night out here."

"Hmph." Piccolo shrugs off your disgraceful insult. "I'm sure I can find something for us."

"Good. Lets go then." You command and speed up your walking pace, heading north east.


6 Years Ago...

"Please don't kill me! Please!" A short young man pleads as he lies on the floor of a dark alley, the moon shining over him.

"Pay up." A degenerate thug yells back as he grips a long crowbar in his right palm. Just as he says that, a group of other shady characters laugh in the background and start mumbling foul insults to the man who is in complete submission.

"Please Korn, give me another chance!" The man pleads, which only spikes more laughter from the men surrounding him.

"Do you got my money or not, boy?"

"N-n-n-no." The man barely makes out, stuttering all the way.

"Then you don't got another chance." He squeezes the steel bar in his hand and lifts his arm into the sky, preparing to smash it down with all his force.

"PLEASE NO! AHHHHH!" The civilian screams in pure agony as the crowbar smashes into his knee, completely cracking the bone with one strike. His screams of pain only appear to give the audience a sadistic pleasure. The man named Korn lifts the now bloody crowbar into the air once again and grins maniacally while his prey cries out in pain.

"Are you sure you don't got my money? Heh heh heh!" His boys laugh at this comment, still scattered out throughout the alley. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps break out and an extremely built man that couldn't have been older than 20 charges into the alley. His eyes are bloodshot red and his luscious black hair is tied into a ponytail that just passes the base of his neck.

"I heard screaming. What the hell is going on here!?" He barks, glaring at the thugs that surround a beaten young man.

Three of Korn's boys hop off of the boxes they're sitting on and flex their arms, grinning all the while. "It ain't none a yo' business, boy." Korn laughs and hides his crowbar behind his back. "So if you know what's good for ya', I suggest you take a walk."

The bulky man with a ponytail stares down his opponents without a trace of fear in his eyes and grabs his overcoat with one hand, throwing it onto the ground which reveals his perfectly muscular body that shines throughout the dark void. "And leave you pieces of garbage to torture somebody? Never!"

"Heh heh heh. So be it." Korn declares and gives a swift look at his men. "Boooys. I think we gotta' mess that needs cleanin' up. What's your name, boy?"


"Well, Dysect. Don't say I didn't warn ya'. Heh heh heh! BOYS!" Three of his men dash down the alley and pull various sorts of weaponry from their attire, laughing creepily with ever footstep made. Dysect puts one palm forward and it glows white, brightening up the dark sky.

"Energy Beam!" He screams and fires a weak blast of Ki which smashes into the backalley thugs and completely knocks them out of commission. Korn drops his crowbar to the ground with a face of turmoil, and without second thought, all of his remaining crew run out of the other side of the alley as quickly as possible.

"What...what the hell was THAT!?" Korn screeches, slowly backing away.

"You have one chance to run away and never commit these acts again. Take it or leave it!" Dysect commands and Korn gives him a frightened nod, running away afterwards. Dysect lets out a large sigh of relief and runs to the man who was brutally assaulted, trying to help him to his feet.

"Well done." A formal voice speaks out from an unknown location. Dysect relinquishes his hold on the man and searches the ground, not seeing anybody in sight. "Up here." A man floats down from the above rooftops and lands on the ground quietly. "You handled those thugs quite nicely. Seldom do I see a civilian know basic manipulations of Ki. Even rarer for a civilian who knows Ki to be helping others, rather than harming."

"If I have powers that can help stop scum like that, then how could I use it in any other way? Who are you anyway? You were just flying, which means that you know Ki too, right?"

"My name is Rem and I am recruiting people just like you to join an army of mine that is doing just that. Using our extraordinary powers for good. To help people. You stated that your name is Dysect, correct?" The man nods. "Dysect, have you ever heard Dark Ki?"

"...No, I...I haven't."

Rem smiles faintly but keeps his bold stare directly at Dysect. "Dark Ki is the most powerful manipulation of Ki known to man. If you were able to learn harness its powers, you would be able to save millions of people. Rid this world of killing. If you joined me in this conquest and let me teach you this power, we can exterminate the seemingly unstoppable entity known as evil." Dysect gazes at Rem in amazement, completely mesmerized by his words. "Will you help me?"



"This should work for tonight." Goku triumphantly says and drops down on the hot ground. You remain standing, gazing off into the distance; waiting for Piccolo to return. He left to find food nearly two hours ago and still hasn't returned. What could be taking him so long? Your stomach growls and you can feel yourself beginning to get irritable. It would be best for everyone if Goku didn't speak to you right now. "So Kiryu..." Goku says cheerfully, doing the exact opposite of what you had hoped.


"How's that plan to rescue Gohan coming?"

"It isn't coming until I get some food. Now shut up and don't speak to me unless I start the conversation." Goku smiles a bit and lies his full body on the flat ground.

"You know, I never would have thought things would turn out this way."

"In what manor?" You question, trying to keep your mind off of your aching stomach.

"Working with you guys at the Freeborn Military. I've been in the Saiyan Empire since I was just a kid, and now suddenly i'm going against them and helping people who should be my enemies. It's just weird."

"By my count, we're the ones who are helping you. Unless there is something else you want to add to the table." Goku shrugs your response off and looks to the sky, gazing at the clouds that are passing by. "If we successfully get your son back, will you return to the FBM and join us?"

"Eh, I doubt it. Don't get me wrong, i'll be eternally grateful and will always have your back but that's just not my home."

"Fair enough." You drop down to the ground and close your eyes, trying to get the glare from the sun out of your eyes.

"Piccolo's coming back," Goku says. You turn over to him in a questioning manor but he doesn't appear to notice. "I can sense his Ki returning as we speak. Five, maybe ten minutes until..." You nod slowly and close your eyes once again, thinking your life over.

"Just what is my purpose in this world? I've always been a follower, even when I was leading. Things have been so busy that I haven't really had a chance to think of what I wanted to do. Not since I joined Rem, that is. I simply joined the Red Ribbon Army to gain power and authority to fill that gaping hole in my heart but that never exactly panned out. For the last 6 years I've been living under Rem's command and haven't at all thought of what I wanted to do. Heh...Pathetic." Your train of thought is interrupted by a loud voice. You squint your eyes forward and see Piccolo just walking towards you.

"...This place is deserted. Had to go to West City and get some food there. This should be good for the night though." The Namekian states and drops a bag of food that are all completely filled with carbohydrates. Donuts, chocolate, candy, and melting ice cream all in the one bag. "Hopefully you guys aren't on a diet or anything."

Piccolo sits down and turns away from you both and a smooth aura wraps around his body. He appears to be meditating. What a useless way to spend one's time. Finally able to eat, you dig your hands into the bag of food. There at the bottom, a dirty pamphlet is folded up and crunched under the case of melted ice cream.

Goku bites into a chocolate bar without paying any attention to it, but you open it up and begin to examine it. "Piccolo!" You call out, but he doesn't seem to respond. "Sigh." You form a small ball of Ki and blast it forward in an attempt to break him out of his meditation but once it reaches three meters from his body, the beam evaporates into nothingness.

"Whew. That was pretty good." Goku compliments Piccolo and pulls the ice cream out with a smile. You look down at the bag to see only a handful of sweets left while dozens of empty wrappers all scatter around Goku's body.

"Hey! What the hell? I want some too!" You yell, grabbing the rest of the food in the bag. Goku looks at you, genuinely offended that you stole 'his' food. You stand up and walk over to Piccolo, feeling a powerful aura surrounding him as he meditates. You wait patiently for a minute before his aura calms down and he turns to you with a stern look on his face.

"What is it?"

"This brochure. Why did you bring it?"

"When I was in town, I saw it hung up on the grocery store so I took it. Goku seems to be the type of person to enjoy something like that."

You look down at the brochure and read the title, squinting at it as if it's an enemy. "37th Triennial World Martial Arts Budokai. Registeration ends on May 31st." You read aloud. "What date is it today?"

"The 13th." He plainly responds.

"Hmm, I see...Very well." You slip the brochure into your back pocket and begin eating your remaining chocolate bars. Piccolo obviously bought the wrong type of food to satisfy your hunger. It's almost as if he doesn't eat at all!

After eating your remaining foods, you lay on the ground and create an aura of Ki around your body to keep you warm during the breezy night. Both you and Goku go to bed fairly early, but it doesn't appear that Piccolo went to sleep at all. Every time you would wake up and roll over in the night, he would be in the same position as before, still meditating.

Before you know it, dawn approaches and you pull yourself up from the ground feeling stiff and somewhat sore. Despite that, your body feels refreshed enough to invade the Saiyan Refugee camp. You stand up and notice Piccolo in the same position as before while Goku is snoring obnoxiously with an empty tub of ice cream cradled in his hands.

"I'd leave him behind if the whole purpose of this mission wasn't based solely around him." Piccolo smirks at this, but still remains quiet. You walk over to Goku and kick him in the gut which pushes his body across the body ruthlessly. He shakes his head in confusion and sits up, clearly exhausted.

"Huh? What's uh, what's going..."

"We're leaving. Wipe the sleep out of your eyes and get ready. Today is the day we take back your son." Goku puts a serious face on and nods, keeping the eye contact between you two for a few seconds before falling back on the ground and drifting off to sleep. "Oi..."


A few hours later...

"I think this is it!" Goku boldly states and both you and Piccolo nod, looking around the area. "Suppress your Ki if you haven't already. I don't think any of them can sense Ki, but if they have a Scouter on and any strong powers are detected, we might be in trouble."

"Duly noted." Piccolo says and drops his power down as low as he possibly can, now bordering on the power of a Human infant.

"Urgh..." You say embarrassed, trying to lower your own power as much as possible. You can amplify your own Ki, but you've never bothered to take the time to learn how to suppress it to pathetically low levels. It never seemed important...until now.

"Is that all you can do?" Goku asks and you nod. "Alright, follow me." Goku walks up a large stone ridge and you follow suit, until the three of you make it to the top of a small mountain. Down below is a small white sphere that is implanted in the ground with only a small portion poking out. "That's it down there. How do you guys think we should get in?"

"Hold on a second." Piccolo quietly says and an aura emits from him while you remain quiet, wondering what he's doing. Silent minutes quickly go by until he speaks up once again. "I can hear them. 4 voices are all speaking. It seems like it's...a meeting of some sort. Goku, how many Ki's can you feel?"

"None." He grimly replies. "I think they have some type of technology that is blocking their Ki emitting signal. It's like nobody is down there at all. Which seems awfully advanced for Saiyan technology, let alone Saiyans in their position..."

"If it is a meeting, that would mean all of their most powerful and high ranked people would be in there. Which actually works to our advantage if your son isn't in the same room. Goku, were there any guards there when you were imprisoned?" You speak up, gathering as much information as possible.

"Uh, no, I don't think so. But I didn't really see anybody while I was there, besides Broly and Maize."


Piccolo clears his throat heavily and spits a bit of mucus on the ground. "Their vocals are bouncing off approximately four different walls before fading away at a tremendous speed. Wherever they are, it's in a pretty small room that is enclosed from the rest of their base."

"Lets go in. Before I can create a proper plan, I need as much information as I can get. Simply knowing four people are in one room in what could be a gigantic fortress just isn't going to cut it." Goku agrees and jumps off the cliff, slowly descending on his way down. Piccolo does the same while you have to jump down at whatever speed gravity pulls you. Using Ki to slow you down simply isn't an option right now. Pieces of the ground shatter on your landing, but little noise is made in the grand scheme of things.

The three of you slowly walk towards the architecture that no doubt holds some of the most powerful fighters in existence, but not so much as a bead of sweat falls from any of you. You stand before a solid steel door that is the entry point with no way to surpass it, but before your creative juices begin flowing, Piccolo steps forward and places his hand on it.

A green aura wraps around his palm and then covers the entirety of the door. "Raigeki." Every inch of the door shatters into billions of pieces without a sound and collapse onto the floor. Due to the pieces now being near microscopic in size, not a sound is made from them touching the floor.

You smirk and walk past Piccolo, looking down below. A void of darkness awaits you upon examining. It's simply a tube that drops what must be hundreds of feet before ground reappears. You turn to Goku and give him a stern look, clearly not liking that he withheld such information from you.

Piccolo and Goku float down while once again, you're forced to jump into the pool of the unknown. As soon as you do so, light vanishes and you can no longer see Goku nor Piccolo. After a long drop, light returns which momentarily blinds you but you're caught by Piccolo and Goku who are standing on the ground.

"Thanks." You whisper and they nod. You survey the area closely, taking small and quiet steps in aimless directions. The room is fairly large in size, that could easily fit 100 people in it. To your right, a spiral stairwell awaits. Looking down it, you can see nothing but an enclosed door at the bottom. Continuing your examination, you can see an open door on the left that leads into a dark cell with chains all across the wall and floors.

"That was where they were keeping me," Goku whispers. You walk towards the cell and see absolutely nothing in it, besides the chains that cover the majority of it. Not wasting any more time in the small prison, you walk over and look around the rest of the room. Just above you, the ceiling is only a few feet higher than your head, minus the long tunnel that leads to the outside world.

Piccolo grazes his hand across the walls of the room while you look around. Behind you is nothing but a wall, but in front of you is a brown door with locks all over it. They might be hiding something inside of it. "Titanium." Piccolo says quietly, feeling that same door you were examining. "At least 10 feet of it. And just beyond this door, I can smell dried up blood. Not only that, but I can hear a very faint sound blaring throughout the room. But there are too many different sound waves bouncing off the enclosed walls to pick up any of them..."

"How can you smell dried up blood?" You whisper in a harsh tone. "I know Namekian's have good hearing so I gave you a pass on that, but this is getting ridiculous!"

"I developed a technique that allows me to Inflate my sensory integration. That good enough for you?"

"Go downstairs. See what you can hear about that enclosed door at the bottom."

"I already tried, but it's hard to tell. The voices down there are still muffled, which leads me to believe that beyond that door is not where the alleged meeting is taking place. But I can also hear repetitive footsteps, so it's far from secure." Piccolo quietly responds.

You lean over the edge of the stairs, turn back to the titanium door, and then back to Goku's cell, thinking of a plan that would work best in this situation. "Hmm...So many options, but I only have one try to get this right so I better not mess up!"

A) Create A Plan To Retrieve Gohan Without Being Noticed.
- Include as many variables as possible.
B) Try to break down the Titanium door as quietly as possible and see what's inside.
C) Go downstairs and open the door. Whatever is beyond it can't be that much of a threat!
D) Blow up the entire base. We'll kill them all in one blow!
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