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Author's Chapter Notes:
B wins.
"We have to kill him." You boldly speak up, looking over at Joseph. "Everybody chase him! We cannot let him escape at all costs!" Before you even finish your sentence, Thrigon blasts off towards Turles at full speed. An aura wraps around your feet and you Speed Blitz away.

"You'll die!" Joseph screams but you completely ignore him. "Che; may as well get some of this action myself!" Pike flies after you and Hugo follows suit, Rem disappearing afterwards. The only two that stay behind are Kaiba and Echo.

Slowly, the distance between Turles shrinks until the Saiyan completely stops. You wonder why for a second before seeing Thrigon floating in the air right in front of him. In a matter of seconds, you find yourself just behind the two. And after that, Rem appears as if from nowhere.

"Nowhere to run now," Thrigon says while cracking his knuckles.

Turles breathes heavily and looks around to see three super powers surrounding his weakened self. "I guess I'll just have to kill you all then." He puts his palm forward and a gigantic aura emits from nowhere, "Big Bang Attack!" The powerful beam flies towards Thrigon at incomprehensible speed, exploding less than a second afterwards.

"Thrigon!?" You call out, trying to look through the smoke. A burst of wind breaks forward and Rem stands right in front of the Namekian Commander, blood dripping from his guard. "I've never seen Rem bleed before! That alone proves how powerful Turles has gotten!" You examine in shock.

"Th-thanks Rem, I owe ya' one." Thrigon remarks and the FBM leader nods.

"Isn't that cute. Looking out for one another!" Turles laughs, placing both palms to each side of him. "Now then, I challenge you to stop this!" The electricity sparkles across his arms and an even bigger aura than before writes itself across each metallic palm. "FINAL FLASH!" You gulp in anticipation, seeing the Saiyan slam both of his palms together and an enormous amount of Ki explodes from him.

The red colored blast treads through the air and explodes on Rem before he can even attempt to move out of the way. One second it was in his hand and the next it had already hit Rem! You circle around the smoke while holding onto the hole in your back with a spare arm.

"Ow..." Rem grimaces, blowing the smoke away once again. Turles spits into the wind and laughs a bit, staring down at Rem.

"I'm surprised you managed to survive that. I would wager that you were once the most powerful fighter in this world. That is, before us Saiyans reached the pinnacle of our race!" Turles compliments, placing his palm forward again. "Maybe I'll attack Kiryu this time. Lets see if you can make it to him in time, hahaha!" Turles palm faces you and another one of his Big Bang Attack's is already in his palm. "FAREWELL!"

"Absolute Safeguard!" The beam explodes on you and pushes you back, but your aura stands tall. "Discard!" All of the damage relinquishes from you, but you feel a large portion of your Ki drain as well. "S***, I'm just weighing Rem down at this point! That bastard is using us as hostages to minimize Rem's movements! DAMN" You think, scolding yourself.

"Stealth Foot," Thrigon exclaims and appears in front of Turles. He begins delivering a series of blows towards him, all of which are dodged and countered. You fly towards the two and enter the aerial exchange, still unable to overwhelm Turles.

Electric currents jolt through the Saiyan's arms, causing the two of you to back off and prepare your guard. "Big Bang Attack!" The blast fires forward and smashes into Thrigon, knocking him out of the skies. Meanwhile, Rem teleports in front of Turles and grabs him by the neck.

"Liquid Materialization." The blood on Rem's hands and arm launch off of him and drill through Turles' skin. He screams in pain, uppercutting Rem in the temple as his response. The Freeborn Military leader flips in the air before coming to a full stop. "Die, Saiyajin." The blood invested in Turles skin scatters throughout his body while each cell multiplies themselves.

"Wha-what did you do to me!?!?" Turles screams, shaking violently. Joseph and Hugo finally come by your side and the three of you watch the Saiyan shake around in fear. Abruptly, he stops all movements and glares at Rem in hatred. "I'm dead, aren't I?"

Rem formally nods and drops his guard. Suddenly, Turles' body begins to grow in awkward places. Almost as if something is trying to break out of his body. "Release." All the blood cell's from earlier explode from Turles, ripping out of his entire body. Your reflexes kick in and you grab one of the pieces of blood when it flies towards you, realizing that it is no longer a liquid. Instead, it's solid and extremely sharp. Not wanting to hold onto it any longer, you drop it into the wind.

The Saiyan descends in the air with thousands of holes inside of him. It's clear that he's been wiped of all his strength. You float down after him and land on the ground, seeing him on his knees. You place your palm forward and a small ball of purple coloured Ki forms, just big enough to deliver the finishing blow. Joseph lands beside you and puts his fingers over your hand. "I'll kill him."

Hugo lands afterwards and yawns. "Or you guys could let me kill him. I could use the power boost...Ya' know."

"Heh heh, idiots." Turles laughs. "You just keep struggling. why don't you all just lay over and die like the ants you are?"

"There isn't any fun in that." You shrug.

"Peh," he spits some blood on the ground and drops his entire self to the ground. "They'll get you. Vegeta and the others. Whether it's to avenge me or retrieve Goku, expect them. And remember Kiryu...Ugh!" Blood spills from his mouth while he lays on the ground, about to die before anybody can deliver the finishing blow. "I'll be waiting for YOU when I meet you in Hell...!" His vision disappears and he lies still, obnoxious breathes leaking out from him.

Rem lands on the ground, rubbing his chin. "Kill him already. So we can head back." Joseph and Hugo both turn to you and then back to Turles, all wanting to get the power boost from his death.

1) You kill Turles.
2) Joseph kills Turles.
3) Hugo kills Turles.
4) Rem kills Turles.


Meanwhile, In An Unknown Location...

"Pitou," a dark voice barks. The Freeborn Military Commander turns his head and eyes his comrade named Dabura carefully, sitting on a rock with a half eaten fruit in his hands. Looking around, the two are sitting on stone structures that sit in front of a gigantic tree that has dug its roots into the ground. All around Pitou and Dabura is a complete wasteland. "We've known each other for about a year now. Sound about right?"

The Commander sighs carefully and looks down to the ground, taking another bite of his fruit. "What of it?"

"It's just...Why is it that you always carry that laminated piece of paper around with you? At first I thought it was like a 'To Do' list or something but since the first time I saw you, you had that note. And maybe it's just me seeing things but I swear every time you take that piece of paper from your pocket...You get all depressed."

Pitou looks back up at Dabura and casually slips the paper back in his pocket. "Sorry, but unfortunately my insurance ran out last week and I won't be able to pay for another therapy session. Perhaps another time."

Dabura rolls his eyes and stands up, stretching his legs. He takes a bite out of his own fruit and chews on it with a small smile. "Okay Pitou, don't talk. Keep all those emotions bottled up inside and keep on pretending that you actually want to live. But if the day comes that you actually wanna' release all of that negative energy in a healthy manor...Come find me."

"I'm sure that'll happen any day now." Pitou coldly remarks, finishing his fruit. The Demon King turns around and quickly walks back to a large base that is halfway buried within the dead soil. "Dabura..." Pitou speaks up. Dabura turns around and gives him the go ahead to keep talking. "How long until that day? It's evident that we're finished here so why haven't we left as of yet?"

"Heh, we'll leave as soon as Master Babidi gives the orders. But don't worry, it can't be very long now. This place is dead already. You'll be back home soon enough..." Pitou nods and turns back around to the giant Tree of Might that stands tall.

"Rem, I bare no hatred towards you. However, no longer will I reside in your shadow. Once King Vegeta died, everything became clear to me. You must die."



You push yourself up from a comfortable bed and wipe the sleep out of your eyes. You look around with a groggy attitude and yawn, letting all of your memories flow back to you. Right, Turles was killed and Rem ordered everybody to return. Of course, you fell unconscious prior to making it back to the base. This must be the medical station.

The door at the opposite end of the room is pushed open and a tall young man with a lab coat walks through. "Hello, Commander Kiryu. I'm pleased to see that you're awake!" He says with a smile. "Are you feeling drowsy? Sick to your stomach? Do you have a headache? What about your memories. Are they returning to you?"

You try to remember all of his questions, but they don't seem important enough for you to care. "Meh, yeah, sure." You carelessly respond and he rolls your eyes. "I didn't know you were a doctor. Considering Kaiba is such an accomplished fighter, I didn't think that you of all people would be in the medical station."

"I'm going to ask you to not compare me to my brother, Commander." He says with a smile. "I like to earn my own reputation as my own person, not feed off of my brother's." You shrug and give him a nod. "If you're interested to know, my brother and Commander Thrigon have made a full recovery from their damages. They just left the medical stations about an hour ago."

"Lovely." You say with a fake smile. "So Ed, tell me, what made you pursue the medical field? I swear you were signing up to be a Frontier Agent prior to the War against the Saiyan Empire. What made you change your mind?"

Doctor Ed has a seat on the stool by your bed and rubs his chin, "I guess I just wanted to be part of the solution. Killing and spying and stealing and doing harm is all I see go around...I figured that if I invested as much time in studying medicine and learning Rehabilitation Ki as I did training to be a killer, I might just actually save lives. I quit the Frontier Agent program because when I faced an unarmed man in combat and was ordered to take his life, I couldn't. You truly learn who you are when you are in a life or death situation. I wasn't meant to take lives."

You smirk and look down on your hands. You've been killing people for as long as you can remember. At first, you used to justify it by telling yourself that the end justifies the means. The first man you killed in cold blood was the day you took the tryouts to join the Red Ribbon Army. It remained in your mind for weeks, and you even considered sending in a resignation letter to the Army. But as time went on, killing became easier for you. Everything gets easier with practice. And by now, you don't even flinch when you take a life.

"...-Commander, are you okay?"

"Huh?" You whip your head up stare at Kaiba's younger brother, Ed, in confusion. Did he say something?

"Uh, I was just saying that Lord Rem has given me the orders to send you to the Meeting Room once you have recovered."

"Oh, yeah, okay." You say with a sigh. Sometimes you get so deep in thought that everything blacks out. Blacks out. Just like your dark soul has. You've never believed that Humanity were born pure hearted, which helped you justify why you did what you did. But ever since Ryuki first spoke to you, a feeling you haven't felt in a long time overwhelmed you. Guilt.

You stand up and stretch your legs, preparing to leave the Medical Station. "By the way, Commander." Ed speaks up. "While I was stitching the hole in your back up, I happened to come across some other scars on your left arm. They scatter across the entire bone. If you don't mind my asking, may I ask you how you got that scar?"

"Yeah, I, uh..." You remember your battle with Crow. How he sliced your entire arm off and nearly killed you. That was the first time somebody had given you so much trouble. Power Level clearly is not everything. "It's just a battle wound. I had my arm cut off just after the War. But thanks to your brother, I was saved. Heh, maybe I'll go into detail later."

"I see." He responds sympathetically. Ed digs into his doctors coat and pulls out a bottle of pills. "Take one a day for the next two weeks. It's just to fight off infections and numb your body from the pain. And I'd take it easy for a while too. I know you're constantly fighting but you should look out for your bodies' best interest." You give the doctor a nod and walk towards the door. But before you can make it far, he continues talking. "One last thing."


"I'm a proud homosexual." You stare at him puzzlingly, but don't answer. "I just thought I'd get that out of the way."

"Yeah, uh, okay...Good for you." You give him a thumbs up and swiftly leave the room. You walk through the halls of Forte Valkyrie and run into Chi Chi who gives you a happy greeting. As the two of you walk down the halls, she opens conversation up about her time spent training and other topics you couldn't care less about. The woman even dared to ask about what you did in the past year, but you refused to give her answers that were even more than one syllable. Eventually you reached the Meeting Room and she was forced to turn around, which gave you a bright smile. It's not that you dislike her, but her happy go lucky and pushy attitude has always been a turn off for you. She just keeps talking!

You open the door to Rem's room and walk in casually to see a room full of people who potentially matter. Kaiba, Thrigon, Echo, Joseph, Rem, Goku, Cooler, and now yourself. "I apologize for the wait, my fellow subordinates." You say with a smile.

"I forgive you." Cooler says with a sly grin. "Now have a seat. I'm getting severely bored." You hop over one of the chairs and lean back on it.

"So Cooler, why don't you tell us why you have come here?" Rem interrupts, getting down to business.

"Ah, a splendid idea. After I killed King Vegeta and left the - now fallen - Saiyan Empire, I ran into some interesting people that just so happen link back to you all."

"You do know that you didn't kill King Vegeta, right?" Thrigon cuts in. "And last time I checked, I was strong enough to kill your brother. But even so, King Vegeta was still way out of my league. I know the Cold Family were rumored to be monsters back in the day, but to put it bluntly, you guys just couldn't deliver."

The last living member of the Cold Family gazes at Thrigon with a dirty scowl. "I know this concept would be meaningless to someone like you, but with knowledge comes power. My family was unable to tap into the true source of our power because we just couldn't remember how to do it. King Vegeta shut our brains down and locked us up for so long, so it's a given that even you could squeeze out a win. Now if you don't mind, shut your mouth and don't ever interrupt me again."

Thrigon clenches his fists but manages to remain calm by doing deep breaths. "Who contacted you?" Echo asks.

"A Wizard that goes by the name of Babidi. This was about a month ago. And you'll never guess who was with it."

"Pitou." Joseph breaks in, obviously reading Cooler's immediate thoughts.

"Heh, that's right. He's a slave to that Wizard. Babidi tried to manipulate me into joining him as well, but I had managed to overpower his spell and escape with only this..." Cooler turns to his side and shows what once was a deep cut across his liver. "...Scar."

"Wha-? Why the Hell would Pitou of all people be with some Wizard?" Echo questions, annoyed.

Cooler stands up and cracks his neck, "Who knows. But I figured that you would all like to know. After all, Babidi said something about draining large portions of energy in order to awaken some...Makin Boo. This is just conjecture, but what if this energy comes from a place that Pitou is familiar with. A place like the Freeborn Military. Heh."

"And what would you like in return?" Rem says.

Cooler closes his eyes and bites his bottom lip until blood squirts out of it. "Time will tell." He quietly says. An awkward silence explodes as everybody contemplates what Cooler has told you until finally, Rem decides to break it.

"Commander Dysect has relayed valuable information to us earlier today. Thank you for successfully completing your mission, Thrigon." The Namekian nods firmly. "Apparently, he has confirmed that the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters is weak enough to invade at a certain area. If we attack within the next three days, their defenses will be weak and we shall be able to successfully invade. We can take what we want and leave."

"And what exactly is it that 'we' want?" Says Kaiba.

"Our prisoners Dr. Fiasco and John Giant would be the primary concern. But we cannot forget that the Red Ribbon Army is sending a Diplomat here tomorrow afternoon. In exchange for Phoenix Graham, they will give us said prisoners. But do we trust them? And more importantly, what else shall we do when we invade Red Ribbon Headquarters? The key factor here is that it will take an entire day to get to the Red Ribbon Headquarters. So we will have to leave at the brink of dawn if we want to make the deal with the Diplomat as well."

"Technology." You whisper. "We can destroy all of their technology and send them back to the stone age. Kill all of their scientists and before they can send in the big names, disappear. Furthermore, if they don't give back Dr. Fiasco and John Giant, we can take them ourselves and be sure to keep Mr. Graham as a prisoner."

"Doesn't this seem a little to violent?" Goku suggests, trying to lower the tension in the room.

"Why the f*** are you even up in this b****!?" Echo yells, standing up from his seat.

"Kiryu, I trust that you are the most competent Commander in this organization. So if you would like to, I will give you full permission to lead the ambush on the Red Ribbon Army. Remember though, this is not a war. We do not want a large scale battle out of this." You and Rem make eye contact while everybody else in the room grow louder and louder, obviously starting to get frustrated with each other. "Of course, if you would like to be here for when the Diplomat arrives, I would understand your decision. It will be an important meeting."

You begin to think of your options, but before you can get very far, Goku has a seat on the arm of your chair. "You don't have to engage in this fight! If you want, I'll take you back to the remaining Saiyans and we can get Gohan back! We don't even have to battle anybody if we're smart about it!"

A) Join Goku and try to retrieve his son.
B) Take up leadership on the ambush on the Red Ribbon Army and set out at dawn.
- Choose who you would like to go with.
C) Stay here and wait for the Red Ribbon Diplomat to arrive.
D) Other?
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