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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

A Swallow our pride and ask Rem to take him on for us. He seems strong enough to keep up with him, this should allow us SOME peace to train and grow stronger. However, I have a feeling he either won't, or state he can't beat Turles.

So this is a backup if he decides against it.

Have Kiryu release his Juggernaut state, since it will allow us more ki in the long run, which is useful for this plan.

Thrigon will activate stealth foot, and fly higher into the air and pelt Turles with flicker jabs to annoy him. Kaiba will transform and help Thrigon to lead Turles farther higher and away from everyone else. Kiryu will ALSO go up there and pelt him with attacks. He will use Four witches for a total of four hands so as not to take up too much ki, AND still get some extra limbs. Everyone play defensive in this.

All others leave them alone, except Rem of course, who does as he pleases.
Once they have him up there, have Thrigon and Kaiba retreat, Kiryu stating he'll take him alone. After a bit of gloating, Echo will unleash Blazing Storm on Kiryu and Turles. Kiryu will tank it with all his defense, and Absolute Safeguard lvl 3 while flying away quickly to try and take as little damage as possible.

Hugo shall once again try probability beam as Thrigon tries his Chaos shocker (assuming it can be done long range.)

Kiryu's extra ki reserve from not using up too much, as well as his natural defense should allow a tank, with a use of Recover right afterwards, since I suspect we'll probably be injured still.

I doubt this will end Turles, though it will probably leave him open to capture.
"Well, I guess we'll just have to find out now won't we?" Turles laughs and puts his palms forward.

"Prepare yourselves. He's coming!" Rem orders.

Turles blasts through the air at speed you can barely comprehend, flying towards Rem himself. The ground below begins to quake violently, almost as if the raw amounts of power all placed in this one location are too much for the planet to handle.

Rem disperses into thin air and the next thing you see is Turles crashes into the ground nearly 200 feet down below. The leader of the FBM eyes the ground carefully, waiting for the Saiyajin to return. "Rem!" You call and he bats one eye over. "Want to take him out yourself?"

"..." Rem breathes carefully and relinquishes his fighting pose. "No." He rudely states. You scowl at his answer, but before you can ask why he continues speaking. "I cannot...I will not be able to keep you all afloat forever. If you aren't able to defeat such an enemy without my intervening, the entire Freeborn Military will fall to the ground and be buried beneath all who oppose us."

Stones and concrete scatter into the air and Turles emerges from the ground, glaring at Rem with a vast amount of hatred. "I am going to kill you!" He cringes, an incredible aura of Ki surfacing around his body.

"Very well." You reply to Rem and begin to deform from your Juggernaut state, sweat dribbling from your forehead and being swept away in the wind. "Thrigon, Kaiba, I want you two to keep him busy for a bit." Thrigon smirks and Kaiba gulps. "Take him high into the sky. I'll be up in a minute."

Both of them nod and circle around Turles as he prepares to blast forward, far below everybody else. "Follow my lead, Kaiba." Thrigon directs, his colleague responding with a short nod. With a delayed war cry from Turles, the entire planet rumbles in fear of his power as he soars towards Rem.

Thrigon stretches both of his hands backward and pelts them forward with an eternity of Ki blasts parading down. "Da da da da da da da da DAH!" The Saiyan foe bats each and every blast Thrigon throws at him without breaking focus, still charging towards Rem. "Alright you little bastard, if you ain't gonna' focus on me then I'd like to see you stop this!"

The Namekian Commander sways back and forth for a moment before vanishing completely, reapearing in front of Turles with his boot indented in the Saiyans jaw! Turles screaches in pain and spins through the air, now glaring at the green man. Thrigon smirks briefly and then launches himself into the air, firing Ki blasts down at Turles all the while. Turles blasts after him and Kaiba pursuits the two of them, still in his base state.

"You can't run forever! Ahahahahahaha!" Turles laughs maniacally as he closes the distance between Thrigon. The Saiyan blazes past the Namekian and appears just above him with a devilish grin. "Heh heh, well look what we have here. A little hit and run b****."

"HA!" Kaiba swings his leg forward and bats Turles in the face with it, barely even budging his opponent. "Huh!?!?" Turles grabs Kaiba by the face and squeezes tightly, crushing the Commander's face. Thrigon teleports behind Turles and delivers multiple back breaking shots with his elbow, trying to get Turles off of Kaiba.

An aura of Ki surfaces in Turles' Kaiba-filled-palm and he laughs once again. "Bye bye!" Kaiba screams at the top of his lungs and plunges from the sky without movement. As he falls, you can clearly see that his entire face has been burnt to a severe degree. Finally done telling Echo the plan, you blast after Turles while paying no attention to Kaiba.

"Kaiba!" Joseph screams and catches him in the air, trying to nurture him the best he can. Echo puts his right hand forward and breathes deeply, slowly raising his power level and gathering enough Ki to unleash his ultimate attack.

Two extra arms rip out from your back as you approach Turles, who appears to be getting held off by a series of Thrigon's blasted Flicker Jabs. The same ones that gave you so much trouble long ago. You know first hand that they can be annoying to get by, even if you're more powerful than the one using them.

The Saiyan grins as he senses your presence draw near, resulting in him backing off from Thrigon. The Commander is sweating nervously but laughs it off fairly easily. "Takin' your sweet time as always, eh Kiryu." You smirk at this, but turn your full attention to Turles.

"Is we wedy?" He says in a mocking tone. "Well I sure hope so!" He thrashes his entire body into your own, pushing you back in the distance. Not giving you any breathing space, Turles pursues you diligently with his arms clenched together over his head in preparation to finish you off.

Just moments before he slams his fists down, you launch your feet up and shove them deep into his gut which fires the Saiyan into the air with blood dripping from his mouth. "Thrigon! Get down there with Echo and Hugo. They'll tell you what to do..." He nods and quickly descends down to his comrades.

Turles floats back down to your level with a frown. "All alone, are we?" You nod, smiling. "A bit dangerous, no?"

"No." You boldly claim, flexing all four of your arms. "Not against you, at least. Heh."

"Isn't that cute. You still think you can win...Hmph." Blood squirts out of your forehead from his head smashing into it at near lightning speed. Before you can even process the thought of recovering, he's already firing countless heavy blows into you. Slowly, you begin to fade in and out of this world and blood continues to drop out of your mouth after each punch.

You throw all four of your fists up as a guard, but each blow of his cracks bones in your arms that you never knew existed. "Have enough yet!?" He taunts.

"Suck it..." You whisper out, which greatly angers him. He winds both of his fists up and a gigantic aura of Ki wraps around them. With a scream, his smashes his fists into your arms and completely breaks them apart. You scream in agony, only to be continuously tortured by his blows. "Absolute Safeguard!" You think, activating your defense system.

"Echo, hurry up! He's getting killed out there!" Thrigon begs.

"Just about ready..." He boldly replies with his right arm sticking out into the air, nearly three times the size as his other. "Now's your cue, yo."

"Chaos Shocker!" Thrigon slams his palms together and a radiant yellow aura burrows through the air and disperses on contact with Turles. "Stay...Still!"

"It's now or never," Hugo says to himself. "Probability Beam!" The beam fires out of his fingers at light speed and explodes all over Turles, completely paralyzing him.

"Do it now, ECHO!" Thrigon screams, trying to hold Turles in place with all his might.

"It's time for Echo The Great to show you all the maximum power of the most powerful fighter in this world...!" His muscles crackle with an infinite amount of Ki in it, his power level miles beyond what it was before. "BLAZING STORM!"



"Very well. Get to work. Contact me if any developments are made; I'll do the same." With that, the communication chat between Rem and Echo is cut and the FBM Leader stands up and stares at Thrigon. "Are you ready?"

"It's kinda' hard to prepare for something you don't what is, but sure." Thrigon responds with a shrug.

Rem walks over to him and pulls out a slip of paper from his pocket. "Here." He says, handing it to Thrigon. The Commander takes the piece of paper and looks at it strangely. "Read the directions carefully and do exactly as written down. Return as soon as you have finished down there."

Thrigon nods quickly and stands up, taking his leave. "That's weird; the directions lead into the middle of nowhere. How am I supposed to contact Dysect from there!?" He thinks, bursting down the hallway. Now at the elevator, he pushes the button and waits patiently for it to open. Thrigon steps into it and it docks at the bottom floor, right by the Front Gate to Forte Valkyrie.

With a wave to General Orez who is standing guard at his post, Thrigon vanishes in an instant. "According to this map, I should be just about...there!" The Commander stops in the middle of a flourished field, a couple hundred yards outside of Valkyrie's Front Gate.

He looks around a bit before hearing a thud underneath his feet, smiling afterwards. Thrigon bends down and taps on the steel ground that is disguised among the grassy fields, searching for a handle on the door. After a few minutes of searching, the Commander pulls a small trigger.

A few feet next to him, quakes crackle until a small passage is exposed. Looking down, Thrigon sees a latter that goes down into the darkness. "I wonder why Rem never told us about this Bunker. What the Hell is down here?"

The wind spirals around Thrigon as he pillars down into the dungeon, finally coming to a stop on the ground. The room around him is fairly dark, lightened only by a small lantern in the corner. In front of the latter is a passage with no end, engulfed by infinite darkness.

"I guess this is what i'm supposed to use..." Thrigon says to himself, walking over to a desktop computer hooked up to a tube that goes into the ceiling. Thrigon kneels down, pulls the keyboard forward, and begins to type in certain commands, using the slip of paper that Rem gave him as a reference on what to type in.

The words "A/N @ RRA AMB - ETA + Sit; RBI" were typed in and sent to an unknown account that this computer appears to be communicating with.

Thrigon waits patiently for a response and the computer beeps in less than a minute. A chat box with Commander Dysects' initials pops up, responding with: "A @ RRA AMB - 3Dx6M + WK SIT;"

Completely confused at what exactly is going on, Thrigon stands up and scribbles the response he got on the back of the slip pf paper, turning the computer monitor off afterwards which darkens the room more than before.

Finished in the Bunker, Thrigon grabs onto the latter and climbs up quickly. Now at the top, he pushes the trigger back in and the hidden bunker conceals itself once again. "I better get back. That power is getting closer and closer each second!"


"It's time for Echo The Great to show you all the maximum power of the most powerful fighter in this world...!" His muscles crackle with an infinite amount of Ki in it, his power level miles beyond what it was before. "BLAZING STORM!"


Smoke engulfs the entire area. Not a single sound is able to reach a soul's ear, besides the screeching noise that blasts through the eardrums of all who were caught in the explosion.

Finally, the sound of heavy panting crawls through your ears as you drop through the skies. "Recover!" You think, healing all of the damage received from Echo's attack. Despite you using Absolute Safeguard and substituting a great deal of Ki in exchange for easing the damage, you still find yourself in critical condition. What kind of attack was that!?

The damage slowly heals as you lay on the ground, looking up at the battlefield. Echo is slowly descending from the skies, back in his base form, with sweat dripping down his entire body like a broken waterfountain. Thrigon has a fairly serious injury on his right arm, but you aren't able to make out the depths of his injury due to all of the blood swarming it. Both Kaiba and Joseph Pike are no longer in the skies, but turning your head to find out where they are proves to be a far too difficult task. To your surprise, both Rem and Hugo are still floating in the skies without injury. Echo's attack must not have targeted them.

All of the remaining smoke fades from the area and Turles comes into your field of vision. His upper body armor has been nearly completely destroyed, you can hear him breathe violently despite being over a hundred feet below him, and his dark toned skin is now wrapped in a neat shade of drippy red.

"Who...who di-di-did tha-at?" He whimpers, clearly in a lot of pain.

"Take that you Saiyan f***er!" Echo cheers from just behind you. "It's up to the rest of you guys to finish him off though!" He quietly says, dropping to his knees fully drained of every bit of energy he has.

"Nice work Echo," you compliment. You stand up tall - fully revitalized from the Recover - and turn around to see those who remain. Thrigon pats you on the back and smiles cautiously, ascending back up into the air. Off in the corner of your eye, you see Joseph leave Kaiba's side and chase after Thrigon. "Looks like Kaiba and Echo are at their limits. Still, in the condition Turles must be in, I don't see him lasting very long against us, even without Rem's help."

You blast into the skies and confidently face an angry Turles. Thrigon and Joseph surround him so the three of you have a triangular offensive position. "Give up. Before you're killed in battle and are of no use to us." You say with a smidge of arrogance.

The Saiyan puts his palm out directly at you, clearly refusing your offer. "Go to hell." Electricity surges through both of his mechanical arms and his glorious red hair sizzles intimidatingly. "Big Bang Attack!" A ball of Ki fires out of his hands and smashes into your immediate guard, smacking you far away.

He turns around to block a kick from Thrigon with ease, smashing his fist into the Commander's face as a counter attack. Joseph treads through the air and darts his fingers forward in an attempt to at least injure Turles.

"Ha!" Turles slaps both of his hands together and Joseph is blasted backwards from the air current, but Turles pursuits Pike before he can stop himself. Now at Joseph's back, Turles smashes his fist into Pike's liver so hard that his fist nearly rips through the Commander's skin tissue.

"Urrgh!" Joseph cringes and a Barrier forms prior to Turles' next attack. The Saiyan puts his palm forward once again and his arms surge with electricity.

"You know, the wonderful thing about these new arms is that i'm now able to move the Ki within my body around at the speed of lightning." Turles brags and another ball of Ki forms in his palm. "Meaning that not only can I defend any attack thrown at me with a crisp guard, but i'm able to form any Ki blast within seconds, no matter how powerful it is! Big Bang Attack!"

The ball of Ki explodes Joseph's Barrier and pillars him towards the ground. Turles vanishes from his position and reappears behind Pike in an instant. "Sorry, but your attack is about to get cut short..." Joseph whispers to the Saiyan who stands behind him, preparing to kick Pike into the skies before he can stop himself.

"Is that s-ugh!" Turles is kicked out of the way by Rem's boot and launched away from Joseph.

A black aura forms on Rem's right hand and a white aura forms on his left. As Turles tries to regain composure, Rem slams the two aura's together and a smooth fusion of black and white holds firm. "Light and Darkness Wave!" The blast is fired at Turles and contacts him directly, exploding on impact.

You float down beside Rem while breathing heavily and stare into the pillar of smoke that has engulfed Turles. "Always a pleasure seeing you come out of nowhere and steal the finishing blow." You bitterly remark.

"He's alive." Joseph plainly responds and presses two of his fingers against his forehead, gathering Ki.

"He better be." You Speed Blitz Times 2 into the smoke and float face to face with a panting Turles, only able to make out his silhouette. Not wasting another second, both of you jump into a brawl and start exchanging raw blows against each other with the Saiyan at a clear advantage.

"Haaa...Haaa...Do you...Haaa...Really think you'll be able to win!?" He makes out, beginning to pummel you in combat. You manage to deflect one of his punches and knee him in the gut, stunning him momentarily. Taking the only chance you got, you grapple his shoulders and fling yourself over him so you're both back to back.

With all four arms, you grab all of his ligaments and hold tightly. "Now Joseph!" You think, feeling a mass amount of Ki flood towards the two of you.

"Special Beam Cannon!" Pike screams and a spiral ray of Ki beams into Turles' chest, plunging through his entire body. The Cannon pierces into your back and ripples inside of you for a second before dispersing. Your grip on Turles is relinquished and you slowly descend to the ground with a hole in your back.

"That better have been worth it!" Looking up, you see Turles ascending into the skies with blood dribbling from his wounds. The smoke fully cleared, the Saiyan blasts off into the skies and begins flying away from the battlefield at an incredible speed. But despite being fast, he has clearly slowed down to at least half of his previous showings.

"We gotta' go after him!" Hugo shouts. "Before he escapes and tells the others!"

"Maybe." Thrigon intervenes from afar. "But perhaps if they see him in that condition, they'll think twice about coming back here. We can use him as a warning to them! Rem?"

"I shall leave this decision up to you all. But I would think quickly." Joseph rushes over to you and grabs onto you before you collapse onto the ground and examines your wound.

"That was a dangerous plan, Kiryu. Had my beam been at full power, it would have went all the way through you..."

Not replying to Joseph, you stare off into the distance and see Turles growing smaller and smaller. "Hmm..."

A) Let him escape. Use him as a warning to the other Saiyans so they don't attack wildly again.
B) Chase after him and attempt to kill him. He's caused too much damage to live.
C) Chase after him and attempt to capture him. Perhaps you can lock him up and get information from him.
D) Other?
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