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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

E Have White pretend to be Goku, and take him, all the commanders, Hugo, and General Blue.

Take them out there, and have Kaiba pretend he doesn't like this, and turn away. He'll be charging acid in his stomach secretly. Kiryu makes some small talk before handing over "Goku". Maybe talk about how we kicked his butt, and how he's got new arms and the remaining Saiyans. This is all formality to buy Kaiba time for acid (which doesn't seem to take long.)
If he asks why we came as well, the excuse is because we don't trust him enough to not attack after we give "Goku".

"Goku" then begins walking over to him. He has no reason to suspect of a shapeshifter, so it will fool him. Once he gets close enough, "Goku" activates Solar Flare, blinding Turles. (Everyone else shields themselves. Turles won't expect this kind of attack from Goku likely, if anything he'd expect an actual attack, and try and block (can't block Solar Flare :) )

At the exact same moment, White jumps high into the air or immediately vacates the area near Turles.
Either way, immediately have Hugo try his Lucky Beam (Hopefully get lucky this time.), and Blue uses paralysis on him.
Kaiba then unleashes his acid on him.
Before he has time to react, or break free Kiryu uses his X3 speed boost to get in front of him, and deliver that beam of his that's name I forget.

Everyone else is there to fire to the left, right, above, basically anywhere JUST around Turles, just in case he somehow breaks out, while in pain from the acid, and moves SOMEHOW before Kiryu can deliver a finishing blow. If Kiryu fails, the other attacks in the immediate area to his left, right, and above should take him out or cripple him.

If he is left alive, yet weak, take him prisoner like the RRA guy. He could be FULL of useful info, if not...well at least that's one more down.

Well, can't wait to see if this works.
"Hey Rem," you shout. Everybody turns their attention to you, besides Cooler who doesn't even appear to be paying attention. "What do you say we go out there and kill Turles?"

He eyes you cautiously and nods carefully, standing up seconds after. Cooler smiles in the corner and turns to you, waiting for you to notice this. He speaks up once you do. "I suppose you want me to lead the team? Just this once, I'll grant you-"

"No, your help won't be needed. Stay here and wait for us to return." You say, cutting him off mid sentence without care. The last member of the Cold family frowns, but doesn't say another word. "Rem, we're going to need White, General Hugo, and General Blue. Can you arrange for them to meet us up here?"

"For the first two, yes. But General Blue isn't at Valkyrie right now. I told you that he is in charge of recruiting, meaning he can be gone for weeks at a time."

"Damn it," you scowl. "Fine, we'll just have to make do without him. Kaiba, do me a favor and round up all of the Commanders here. Bring 'em up and we'll prepare for takeoff." Kaiba agrees and runs out of Rem's quarters in a breeze.

"You do know you're risking our lives, right Kiryu?" Joseph ponders, completely aware of your plan.

"Everything is a risk." You say in response and he seems to agree.

"Alright then," Joseph stands up and starts stretching his legs. "But maybe you should tell the others what we're going to do once we confront that man."

"I plan to." You agree, "Rem, are you going to call them or what?"

"Do not forget your place, Kiryu." Rem warns and walks over to his computer monitor, leaving you feeling insignificant. Not wasting any time in this room, you walk out of it alone and head towards the hole you created in the wall earlier, just by the elevator.

"This better work..."



"Commander Pike, return to the Prison at once. Assure that none of the prisoners are touched." Rem directs and Joseph nods, disappearing seconds after.

The Commander dashes to the end of the hall and notices a large hole in it, "A shortcut. Good idea, Kiryu." He thinks, placing his palm on the floor in front of him. His hand sparkles brightly, Ki filling into it slowly, and a hole slightly bigger than his body falls down below. Joseph jumps down and grabs it before it can touch the ground.

Pike throws the concrete floor into its placement and shoots a ray of Ki after it, which holds it in place. The floor back in position, Joseph disperses from the average fighter's view and charges down a tubular hall that leads to the prison.

Before he can make it far, an imminent feeling overwhelms in, causing him to stop in position and throw both of his hands into a prayer position. "It's here...!"

The wall to the side of him shatters and an Alien leaps through it with its claws forward, flying into Joseph Pike. The sly Commander launches to the side and barely avoids the attack, keeping his composure. A small slice of blood bursts from his cheek and dribbles to the floor. "Heh, not bad reflexes you got there." The white and purple alien compliments, his eyes piercing through Pike. "But I can't say with confidence that you'll be able to do that again."

"You?" Joseph says, putting his arms forward in preparation for battle. He bites his bottom lip in anticipation and shakes with a sadistic anxiety.

"Yes, me." Cooler says with a faint grin. He clutches his sharp hands together and throws his right fist forward. "If you don't mind, I'd like to test your skills."

Joseph breezes to the side and throws his own strike forward, which is blocked by Cooler. The two of them enter a frenzy of blows, both of them dodging each other.

Cooler jumps above Joseph and swings his three toed foot forward, which Joseph responds by disappearing altogether. The alien shoots his eyes forward in confusion before being pounded in the back of the head by Pike's leg. Cooler launches into the wall and smoke billows through the area after a loud explosion.

Joseph lands on the ground and glares at the smoke, waiting for Cooler's next move. "How disappointing. A simple Kiai Wave is all he plans to retaliate with?"

Milliseconds after Pike finishes his prediction, an invisible wave of of Ki blasts from the smoke and overwhelms him much before he can jump out of the way. He's blasted into the wall, cracking it all the while.

Cooler stands up from the smoke and laughs, "Hahaha! Now that we got that out of the way, how about you take me to the man who goes by the name of 'Rem'. We have some things to discuss."

Joseph looks down at his torn shirt and frowns, but gets over it quickly. "Follow me." He plainly says and turns around, Cooler following him closely.


"-...And that's the plan." You proudly exclaim in front of a team of people. Rem is leaning up against a back wall, out of the main group of fighters that are all surrounding you. Hugo has a confident smile on his face, White - who is now perfectly disguised as Goku - has beads of sweat dripping down his forehead while Echo, Thrigon, Joseph, and Kaiba all appear to be ready to battle. "Any questions?"

"Not a question, but I'll tell that girl, uh, Gi Gi or something, to take command of the security center. Right when White over here uses his Solar Flare, I'll have the Barriers put back up so he can safely escape. Same goes for anybody else who doesn't want to be on the front lines. That'll be your opening." Echo speaks up, "Got it?"

Everybody gives him a nod besides Rem who is idly watching everybody take care of themselves. "Lets do this!" Thrigon shouts and then jumps out of the hole in the wall, sprinting towards the dangerous Saiyan. Echo puts a small microphone up and starts speaking into it, presumably informing Chi Chi what to do. Kaiba and Joseph both grab onto Goku to give the illusion that no plan is being prepared, before following Thrigon. Finally, Rem, Hugo, and yourself all follow the gang.

The march across Forte Valkyrie's terrain begins with all of you heading on foot, coming into vision of a floating obstacle in the middle of the air. It's a faint feeling, but you can certainly tell why Joseph described him as dangerous by so much as his posture.

Finally within 100 feet of the Saiyan Turles, he slowly descends straight down, the Barrier obviously still up. "Ryuki, what do you think our chances of succeeding without errors are?" You think, trying to connect with your inner being.

"Kehehehehe, 0%." He whispers back.


6 Years Ago...

"He's alive! He's alive!" A short and blue man with an orange mustache yells in pure ecstasy. His blue sunglasses reflect the image of a creature inside of an enormous tank with green fluids filled up to the brim. The contained being's eyes flash open and the entire laboratory shakes violently. "Drain the fluids!"

"Yes sir, Dr. Myuu!" A team of scientists in a surveillance room listen. They are blocked off from the laboratory by a glass door, allowing them to see and hear their leader on the front lines.

Slowly, fluids in the contained tank slowly drain and a naked creature floats inside of a tank with its eyes fluttering open. It puts one hand forward and a vast amount of electric sparks quake within the container, shattering it seconds after.

All of the scientists gasp in shock, seeing the creature float in midair with bits of fluids dripping from its body. The remaining green fluids in the tank spill all over the floor and run up to Dr. Myuu's feet, while he simply grins toothily.

The being's palm starts to glow and a black and white aura wraps around it, electric sparks from the magnitude of the attack still zapping around. In an instant, the viewing room with the team of scientists explodes and many of them fall to their death.

"Stop it NOW!" Dr. Myuu screams but the creature just looks at him without care, forming another cluster of Ki. "I am your father! You will listen to me!" Despite his efforts to control the creature, none of them seem to have any effect.

One of the remaining scientists jets across the room to a large red button and pushes it down repetitively. Ignoring him, the creature disperses from everybody's view and reappears in front of Dr. Myuu with demonic eyes. "Blueprints." The Doctor simply points to a table near the other end of the room, shaking in anger.

With the wave of a finger, the table flies over to the creature, still standing beside Dr. Myuu. All of the papers on the desk float in the air and neatly fold themselves before descending onto the being's hand. He gazes at the blueprints that show a detailed instruction of how to create what they describe as a "Bioweapon."

"Hey Doc, ya' need a hand!?" A voice screams from above the room. Two men stand on top of of the broken viewing room, both wearing Red Ribbon Army jackets. Dr. Myuu and the Bioweapon gaze over to them, the latter not showing an inch of emotion.

"No!" Myuu barks, "Get away from here before you're killed! You cannot challenge this creature!"

"Hey Shalnark," the one on the left casually says. "Watch yourself. That thing over there isn't no joke."

"You feel it too, eh Conrad?" The Executive named Shalnark questions rhetorically. He squeezes his hand tightly and puts on a fighting pose, carefully focusing in on his opponent. Executive Conrad does the same.

The Bioweapon puts one hand forward and that same wave of Ki forms in its palm. In a flash, the entire room explodes and begins to crumble. Executive Shalnark falls from his position with blood dripping from his head, a clear hole inside of it. He collapses to the ground and shakes uncontrollably before stopping completely, lifeless.

Boulders and bricks from the entire building continue to collapse to the ground, breaking apart from the Bioweapon's sheer power! The Scientist who pressed the "Emergency Button" quivers in the corner of the room, completely terrified.

"You...Idiots...!" Dr. Myuu cringes, truly sad that the two Executives decided to fight after his specific warning. Seconds after, Executive Conrad burrows from the smoke with a bloody arm and flips through the air before landing gracefully. "I said RUN! Get everybody out of the area before it's too late."

Conrad smiles for a second and flares his aura up. "Not really my style..." He says, still hopeful. The Bioweapon turns away from Conrad and grapples Dr. Myuu by the neck. He lifts the doctor off the ground and squeezes tightly, emotionless.

The Executive puts both of his hands in the air and a blue aura engulfs his entire body, beaming throughout the destroyed laboratory.

Dr. Myuu is dropped to the floor and the Bioweapon turns over to Conrad, who now has a ball of Ki floating above him. It slowly grows in size as the seconds go by. The Bioweapon begins walking towards the Executive without fear, a relentless aura forming around his body.

"G-get out!" Myuu whimpers, rolling onto his side. "It's peerless... Indestructible. That Bioweapon was made for the sole purpose of destruction! It's...The God of Death!"

Conrad ignores the doctor and takes the ball of Ki floating above him, putting it on his palm. "Then lets see him stop this! Spirit Bomb!"

The ball is thrown with tremendous amounts of power glimmering throughout it, but the Bioweapon isn't fazed at all. It puts one palm forward and electricity spikes throughout it. Just meters away, the Spirit Bomb is stopped in its tracks. Conrad gasps in shock before his attack is launched right back into him.

It contacts him directly and sends him flying into the dust, thousands of pieces of architecture collapsing onto him. The Bioweapon turns back to Dr. Myuu and forms another burst of Ki. "Why do you - ugh - want those blueprints!" Myuu manages to ask while breathing heavily.

"...So another weapon like myself can ever be created again. The entire world would come crashing down if such a Bioweapon was attempted to be created again." The creature plainly says.

"Guh! Isn't...It already going to end?"

"I have not decided yet...-" A blue aura'd leg smashes into the Bioweapon, not even budging his head. Conrad gasps in fear as two palms are placed on his chest, electricity sparkling inside of them. "I am sorry."

"GAHHHHHHH!" The wave of Ki blasts through him and his entire body is ripped apart, blasting him into oblivion. The Bioweapon floats in the air above his creator, one remaining scientists, and two dead Executives and forms another wave of Ki.

Another flash occurs and the entire laboratory explodes at once, completely disappearing from the map. Not turning back, the creature flies away and disappears seconds after.

Ever since this occurred at the Red Ribbon Headquarters, nobody below the rank of Chief Executive was ever told. It was covered up and hidden from the entire world, as if this never happened at all. But those near the top of the Red Ribbon Army regarded this occasion as "The Incident."


Your entire team stands just before Turles who refuses to descend down to your level. Almost as if he considers himself too great to stand on the same ground as you. Rem waves his finger upward and all of you are pushed into the air, floating gently.

"This is a weird feeling," Hugo remarks, moving around in the air without problems. Kaiba moves to the side of Turles in a nonchalant manor, and Hugo does the same at the other end. The Saiyan eyes them peculiarly but keeps his mouth shut for now.

"Been a while, Turles." You say with a chuckle. "I see you got your arms back." He clenches his fist and stretches both of his metallic arms with a dirty grin. "Even after I crushed your entire Empire, you still persist on working with those weaklings? You're pathetic.

"I came for Goku. Hand him over." Joseph and Echo push the disguised White over and he puts his head down, slowly floating towards Turles. "You certainly brought a lot of people just to hand over one Saiyan. Are you sure you aren't planning anything?" He sarcastically wonders.

"We just don't trust you." Thrigon breaks in.

Turles seems to accept this answer as he doesn't do anything besides smile deviously. Now in front of him, White flips his head up and stares at Turles with a stale look. "Solar Flare!" He screams, and a bright light reflects into Turles eyes. White turns around and bursts through the air, and just as he makes it out of the area the Barrier returns, locking all of you outside.

"Probability Beam," Hugo roars! A beam flies at Turles at an incredibly slow speed, which Turles simply has to ascend in order to dodge it. Afterwards, Hugo's body shakes violently as the paralysis effect targets him.

"Acidic Meltdown!" Kaiba shoots a pool of acid after Turles that spirals through the air.

"Speed Blitz Times 3!" You warp in front of Turles at full pace while gathering the Ki for a Wipeout Wave.

"Ha! FOOLS! Now you DIIIIIE!" Turles' entire body disappears in a flash, leaving absolutely no trace. All of you look around the area but all you can hear is the wind swirling from his speed. The only two people who appear to be confident in his location are Rem, Thrigon and Joseph.

"Urgh, not possible! His speed is at an entirely new level than it was before!" You think, trying to locate him.

An extreme bang takes place and an electric shock of power surges throughout the area. You look over to the side to see Rem holding a block with Turles' leg trying to break through it. To their side, Commander Echo is right beside them with almost no guard up. He must have been trying to kill Echo first but Rem intercepted him.

"Heh, not bad old man." Turles laughs and launches himself off of Rem. "But I think it's time I show you the power that I recently acquired!" All of you watch Turles carefully as his body glows red and muscles begin bulking up. A devilish aura overwhelms his body and his hair stands on its ends. "HAAAAAAAA!" He screams and his power rises to an exponential level.

"Ugh, s***!" Echo screams, getting ready for the inevitable. A squirl of Ki brushes by Turles as you examine his new look. His hair went from pitch black to dark red, his muscles are much bigger, and both his eyes and eyebrows have turned red.

"Follow my lead." Rem calmly directs, "Your strategy lacked a proper backup plan, Kiryu." A black and white aura blasts out of Rem and all of you are pushed back by the sheer magnitude of the power that he's presenting. "But I don't blame you, for you all are not ready to go on without me as of yet...!"

"R-R-R-R-," Kaiba tries to say his Lord's name but continuously stutters. Echo gazes at Rem with his jaw dropped, and Thrigon eyes him in shock. Both you and Joseph refuse to show emotion on the battlefield, however. Hugo shakes himself off from the paralysis and shivers by the power Rem is showing.

"Well," you say with a grin. "I suppose that if you're going to show your true power, I may as well step up my game too! Juggernaut!" Your body grows in size and your power doubles in an instant. You growl at Turles, now in a much more ferocious and blood thirsty form, ready for battle.

"Peh, copying me, eh Kiryu?" Echo asks. "Deighty Form!" The Commander begins entering a metamorphosis, his power rising by what appears to be around 50% of his maximum. Deighty Echo is now so large that while he may be floating in the air under Rem's influence, but his body nearly touches the ground. In sheer size, your Juggernaut Form looks like a joke compared to his.

"Are we ready now?" Turles laughs, completely unfazed.

"Now!" Rem directs, jetting towards Turles. Before you can even see him move, both he and Turles are already throwing thousands of deadly punches at each other.

"Speed Blitz Times 2!" You circle around Turles and attempt to smash your elbow into him, but he blasts himself into the air before you can touch him. "Urgh! Stop running!" At the corner of your eye, you see Thrigon fly after Turles with speed similar to your own.

"Don't try to throw me out of this fight just yet!" Hugo cheers and charges after Turles, Kaiba and Echo pursuing him too. Joseph simply watches the fight carefully, not trying to crowd the battle any more than it already is.

Turles floats in the middle of the sky with a sly grin, all of you - minus Joseph - now surrounding him. "I find it hilarious that you fools are actually challenging ME! And here I was going to leave you all alone. Heh heh heh."

"You weren't going to leave us alone because you were kind," You speak up. "You would have left us alone because you know good and well that you don't stand a chance.

"Yeah!" Kaiba says, unneeded.

"Well, I guess we'll just have to find out now won't we?" Turles laughs and puts his palms forward.

"Prepare yourselves. He's coming!" Rem orders.

A) Create A Battle Plan!
B) Continue the fight as is. You'll get him eventually!
C) Have Echo contact Valkyrie and have them fire the Ray Guns.
D) Retreat!

(Authors Note: You cannot control Rem. He does whatever he pleases to do.)

Move Lists:

Kiryu's Move List:

Giant Bulldozer
Attenuate Lv. 2
The Four Witches Lv. 3
Wipeout Wave
Absolute Safeguard Lv. 3
Speed Blitz (Double / Triple)
"Use Ryuki"
Recover (Once per battle - 0 Ki)
Juggernaut (X2 Power Level; loss of speed; can't use Recover during use. Lots of Ki)

Current Achievement Points: 3

Thrigon's Move List:

Da Da Da Da Da Da Daaa! - Barrage of energy waves
Stealth Foot - Increases his speed by a tremendous amount for long periods of time
Body Stretch
Flicker Jabs
Chaos Shocker - Thrigon attempts manipulate his opponent's body into doing the opposite of its owners commands.

Echo's Move List:

Deighty Form
Breath Blaster
Blazing Storm - A wide ranged Ki blast with tremendous power; hard to aim on one specific enemy

Joseph Pike's Move List:

Atomic Blast
Mafuba (Evil Containment Wave)
Special Beam Cannon
Telepathy - Can fully read the minds of anybody he chooses. Only current thoughts though.

Kaiba's Move List:

Acidic Meltdown
Split Form (2/3/4)
Candy Stomach - His stomach turns into liquid candy making it so that when any punch touches his stomach, their fist gets caught inside of him if he chooses to "Harden" the candy.

General Hugo's Move List:

Mind Wave
Lucky Beam
Destructo Disk
Probability Beam - Flip a coin 3 times. If it lands on Heads at least once, you're opponent freezes for 5 seconds. If it lands on Tails all 3 times, you freeze for 10 seconds.
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