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Author's Chapter Notes:
B2 Won.
"Stay here, everybody. Wait for orders from Rem. I'm going to find that second Ki that appeared. Don't wait up." You say to everybody while standing up and stretching your legs.

"One hour, I'd say." Joseph Pike speaks up. Confused, you turn back with a look of confusion and motion for him to continue, which he quickly does. "That unknown and impure Ki will arrive at Valkyrie in about one hour if it keeps at the pace it's going."

"That should be plenty of time." You sprint out of the room and dash down the hallway, coming to a halt at the elevator. "I don't have time for this!" You throw a ball of Ki at the closest wall which smashes it to pieces, revealing the outside world. An aura of Ki wraps itself around your feet and you fling yourself out of the Forte, sensing for the Ki that Joseph described as familiar.

In the distance, you can make out a figure that appears to be flying towards you at a decent speed. You spring yourself into the air and land on top of the Forte, multiple stories high. The being slowly grows in size until it comes to a completely stop about fifty yards away.

"Oh?" You wonder, gazing at the man as his crisp aura breezes through the wind. You flick your finger forward in an attempt to instruct him to come forth and he does just so, until he's floating just a few feet in front of you.

He's wearing an orange martial arts Gi with a dark blue undershirt, as well as two wrist bands of the same colour. The man's hair is black and pointy, easily moved by the incoming gusts of wind. "Your name...It's Kiryu, right?"

"Who's asking?" You reply with a faint smile.

"My name is Son Goku. I don't think we've been properly introduced yet." The Saiyan says.

"No, but I remember fighting you during the war. Tell me, Goku, why are you standing before me?"

He stares at you with unwavering attention and a firm grip on his hands, not answering immediately. The two of you gaze at each other for nearly an entire minute, examining the other carefully. "I've come to warn you."


"Commander Pike, return to the Prison at once. Assure that none of the prisoners are touched." Rem directs and Joseph nods, disappearing seconds after. "All of you, return to your positions immediately. Your Commander in charge will instruct you on what to do next. Except you, Thrigon. Stay here with me."

General Hugo, Chi Chi, Shugesh, Transny, and White all make their way out of Rem's quarters in a swift manner and Thrigon stares at Rem seriously. "What's up?"

"Hold on." Rem says with lack of proper attention and rushes over to his desk, flicking the monitor to his computer on. Rem's fingers scatter across the keyboard until a blank chat box comes up. He types in the box: "Echo, respond immediately."

After a few moments, the speakers beep and a notification titled "Initiate Video And Audio Chat?" Rem accepts the proposal and the main Security Center comes into view of the computer, Echo standing in front of the computer camera.

"Tell me good news, Echo." Rem says, now leaning back on his chair.

"Kiryu is currently outside with a Saiyan named Goku. He has tremendous power, last time I checked. I don't think Kiryu will be able to take him if he engages him in battle." Echo warns, "He's already in the Forte's vicinity so I won't be able to initiate the Barriers. Should I undergo the Second Protocol?"

"No," Rem immediately replies as he shakes his head. "If it's the Saiyajin Son Goku that is outside, I do not believe he will attack Kiryu based off of the information I gathered on him. Tell me what's happening with the other two Ki's."

"I can't get a lock on one of them, but fortunately the Radar says this person won't arrive for another 57 minutes. The bad news is that I can't get a Power Reading on 'em."

"Have someone initiate the Scanner. I want the Satellites to get a reading on this person and I want to know everything about him. You have five minutes to gather this Intel. Activate the Barriers and prepare the Ray Gun as well."

"Got it."

"The last Ki reading, who is it?"

"According to my team, it's Cooler of the Cold Family. The Radar says approximately four minutes before he arrives, and his Battle Power is at a reading of 55 000."

"Very well. Get to work. Contact me if any developments are made; I'll do the same." With that, the communication chat between Rem and Echo is cut and the FBM Leader stands up and stares at Thrigon. "Are you ready?"


Earlier That Day...

"You're a disgrace!" A gigantic mass of muscle barks while grabbing an average sized male with green hair and a black martial arts gi by the neck. "How DARE YOU show your face in front of me after what you just did!?"

"Gee, I didn't think it was that big'a deal." He whimpers, grappling the man's arm and squeezing it tightly. "Chill Broly, before you actually piss me off."

The enormous man named Broly tosses his prey on the ground and grunts. "Maize, does your pathetic excuse for a brain have ANY idea what the repercussions of what you've just done will have!? Urgh, you moron!"

The Saiyan Maize leans back against a titanium door and shrugs, looking as innocent as possible. "What's done is done. Get over it."

"Ugh. Where is Gohan?" Broly asks, clearly impatient.

"Eh, I don't know. Wherever you put him last, I guess. Hah hah." Maize takes his weight off of the wall and walks forward, slapping Broly on the shoulders as he walks by him. "By the way, do you know where Vegeta went? I haven't seen him since the Prototype was completed. And he...ya' know, used it."

Broly glares at Maize with his blistering eyes, clenching his right fist tight enough that green blood squirts out. He looks at it with a mixed emotion of rage and sadness before responding, "He told Bardock that he needed time alone. The side effects really hurt him. I'm sure once we've got the finished product, he'll be back."

"Heh, I still can't believe you guys took that s***. Talk about power hungry."

"Shut up!" Broly roars. "Just...Get him back before he spills."

"No can do amigo." Maize sarcastically says, plopping down on a leather couch. "What would be the fun in that?" Broly punches the closest wall to him and his fist smashes through it like it was non existent, spitting on the floor afterwards. He pulls his arm from the wall and exits the room.

Broly stands in the middle of a small area, a flight of stairs to his left and roars: "TURLES! Get your ass over here NOW!"


"I've come to warn you." Goku states, his aura still emitting throughout the area.

"About what?" You rudely reply. Goku floats over beside you and has a seat on the ledge, loosening his guard and calming his aura.

"Do you feel that Ki coming?"

"How couldn't I?"

"...It's terrifying, isn't it? Such evil emitting from it."

"So I've heard," you have a seat beside Goku and look out into the scenery. You've never sat on the top of Forte Valkyrie and gazed out at the scenery before. Such a beautiful sight it is. A large lake off in the distance that connects into a river, with trees, grass, and all sorts of life surrounding the water.

"The man who has that Ki Signature is named Turles. Crazy, isn't it? Just one person treading towards one of the most powerful organizations in the world with the intent to take what he wants and leave. But nah, he isn't scared. Not one bit."

"Turles, eh. Perhaps he's up for Round 2." You say with a chuckle, turning back to Goku. "Why are you telling me this?"

"For six months after the war between the Saiyan Empire and all of you, I spent tracking down my son. King Vegeta had kept him as a hostage with his own son, because I had initially refused to fight in the war. He said that if I fought, he would give Gohan back after. Obviously that didn't happen."

"Right," you casually reply without any sympathy.

"It took me six months because these leftover Saiyans that King Vegeta entrusted my son to were hiding from me. But once I found their hideout, I tried to take back my son. But I..." Goku clenches his fists and stares to the ground in shame. "I lost to them before I could even see Gohan and then got locked up."

"They locked up one of their own for no reason? How does that make any sense?"

"Gohan has always had an incredible amount of latent power. I think Vegeta is using him as a weapon fueled by my 'death'."

"Please don't tell me you want us to help you get your son back."

Goku looks at you and shakes his head, "No, that's not it. At first, they just interrogated me and tried to get me to be their dog just like King Vegeta did. But when I continued to refuse over the months, they got fed up and said they would kill me if I didn't cooperate. Before I had a chance to deny them again, one of the Saiyans with them freed me and I came here immediately."


"Again, I came to warn you all. I don't know everything since I was kicked out of the loop after King Vegeta died, but I do have some critical information that may help you all."


"They're doing experiments. Working with somebody in the Red Ribbon Army in order to unlock a crazy amount of power. Luckily these experiments aren't complete yet, so we have time to stop them."

"You said you were kicked out of the loop." Goku nods. "So how is it that you know these 'experiments' aren't completed?"

The Saiyan sighs, "Because you're still alive." You stare at Goku in shock, not completely buying what he's selling. "One of the Saiyans interrogating me earlier - named Broly - showed me something a few weeks ago." Goku puts his hand into his undershirt and pulls out a slip of a newspaper.

You snatch it from his hand and examine it quickly, reading carefully. After you're done you gaze at Goku and drop the paper into the wind, frowning ever so slightly. "What do you know about that attack?"

"My guess? That even if these experiments aren't finished, they're close to it. It was definitely one of those Saiyans that attacked the RRA, and to do it alone...I have a hard time believing whoever did it, did it without the help of these experiments."

You hear an explosion at the other end of Valkyrie, but don't bother to even turn your head. "Why are you telling me this?"

"Because I don't want more bodies to pile up!" Goku yells, "So many people have died...I just can't stand to watch any more go, especially knowing that I could have helped..."

You sigh heavily and dwindle with your thumbs, thinking over the situation eerily. Experiments. Betrayal in the RRA. Power. Saiyans. Three Ki's. Iceburg. Prisoners. Latent power. Multiple thoughts all flood through your mind, but you can't seem to grasp a proper conclusion that adds all of this together. At least not with the current amount of information you hold.

"Goku," you begin. "Why is that Saiyan chasing you if they were going to kill you? As long as your son never sees you again, they shouldn't have anything to worry about, correct?"

"No, not really." Goku replies. "They don't want me to spill my information I have on them. Kiryu, we need to take down these Saiyans before the experiments are complete! I want my son back and I want an end to be put to their plans. But I can't do it alone. Will you help me?"

Before you can even think of an answer, you hear a familiar voice shouting for you from down below. You turn down and see Commander Kaiba signalling you over, down at the front doors of Valkyrie. You jump down and slam onto the ground, wondering why Kaiba called you. Goku slowly descends afterwards, with his arms crossed across his chest.

"Rem, he's summoning all of us." Kaiba says with a grim face. "Goku, you're to come too." Both of you nod, without as much as looking at the other, and follow Kaiba into the Forte.

The three of you make it all the way back up to the Meeting Room, and you can now see three people in the room, excluding you, Goku, and Kaiba. At the far corner of the room, a familiar face is leaning back on a chair with his arms crossed and feet up on the polished table. It's definitely Cooler, just this time he appears to have a different form. Less bulky, no horns, and is far less intimidating. The second person is Joseph Pike, who now has a torn shirt and inches of blood on his cheek. He doesn't appear to be happy. Finally, Rem has his hands folded over each other and eyes darted towards Cooler.

"Thank you for bringing them, Kaiba." Rem speaks up. "We have much to discuss, but time is of the essence. According to Commander Echo, the man who is flying towards us right now is a Saiyajin that goes by the name of Turles. I brought you all here because I believe that Goku will at least have a vague idea of why this Saiyajin is soaring towards us."

All eyes turn over to Goku and he scratches his head, "To cut a long story short, he's coming to kill me. I came here to tell you all what these remaining Saiyans are scheming."

"Boooriiiing," Cooler chimes in with a subtle laugh. "Poor fool is racing to his death. If only he knew that I was here."

"What's your business here!?" Kaiba barks, "And take your damn feet off that table. It's worth more money than you can make in your entire life, and then some. Rem, why are you treating him like royalty?"

Rem clears his throat and prepares to speak, but Cooler interrupts him before he can. "Because he doesn't want another problem on his hands. Rem, over here, is afraid. And him telling me to put my feet down is the last thing he's worried about."

"I asked you what your business was," Kaiba breaks in with a tint of anger in his words. Cooler smiles at him and tilts his head to the side, almost as if he were sympathising with Kaiba's lack of knowledge.

"We do not have time for this, Kaiba. Hold your tongue!" Rem barks. "Echo has initiated the Barriers, so if nothing else, we should be able to keep that man out. What I need to know, is what the long term plan is going to be? I cannot get a proper Battle Power reading on him, but Joseph has deducted that he is a dangerous opponent."

You feel a dirty feeling overwhelm you, and Rem's monitor beeps uncontrollably. He slides over to it and with the press of a button, Echo appears on the monitor. "Tell me something good..." Rem bitterly opens conversation.

"Take this however you want, but according to the Radar, Turles'll be here in seven minutes...And now six. He's picked up his pace by like, a lot." Echo replies, still in the Security Station.

The leader of the FBM whips his head over to Joseph, only to see a nod of agreement from him. Rem clenches one fist while his fingers tap his desk uncontrollably. You've never seen Rem this anxious before. It's clear that he doesn't like it when things don't go his way, and likes it even less when he doesn't have a plan prepared.

"Hey, Remmy." Cooler grins, "Want me to go kill him? I mean, I didn't come here to get involved in your political games so lets just save everybody time by killing him. How 'bout it?"

"Don't be ignorant," Joseph scowls, leaving it at that. "Rem, the clock is ticking."

Rem's monitor beeps once again, and Echo continues speaking. "REM! I got something you may want to see. That Saiyan...He's contacted Transny over at the Communication Center. Should we allow his transmission to come through?"

"Yes...Lets see what he has to say," Rem responds. Echo gives him a nod and static buffers from the speakers, until it finally settles down and a voice appears.

"Testing...Teeesstiiing." A shrill voice comes on, continuously repeating the same word.

Rem taps an icon with his mouse and then talks himself, "Yes, we can here you. My name is Rem - the man in charge of the Freeborn Military. How may I help you?"

"Oh goody, i'm talking to the boss, haha. What an honour this is." Everybody in the room remains silent, tension growing in the room. "I'll make this short. Something that belongs to me is currently in your possession and I want it back. If you oblige, I'll leave you all in peace. But if you don't...Things will escalate to the next level."

Static forms again, most likely from Turles' connection. Rem taps a button on his keyboard and fiddles with his computer, bringing Echo back on the screen. "Echo, are the Ray Gun's prepared?" The Commander nods. "Zoom the satellites in. I want live footage of this man." Without waiting for confirmation, Rem minimized Echo's screen and turns the audio back on.

The same words from Turles are being spouted. "Teeeeestiiiing..."

"I apologize for the delay. Some interference with our connection must have blocked out your signal momentarily." Live camera footage appears on Rem's monitor and everybody in the room - minus Cooler who currently has his eyes closed - can clearly see him float in the air.

He's wearing black boots with stripes of purple running through them, as well as a fancy piece of armor that covers his entire upper body. Beneath his armor, the Saiyan is wearing tight black pants that slide into his boots. Minus the difference in his attire, he looks exactly as he did in the war. At the moment, he's putting his dark palm forward against an invisible wall that brights up green every time he touches it.

"So have you considered my proposal?" He plainly says.

"I believe that you are mistaken. We have nothing that belongs to you here in Forte Valkyrie. Please leave before we initiate attack." Rem lies, sweating nervously.

"Heh heh," Turles laughs. "Okay, Rem. Unfortunately, I don't believe you. If Goku is not sent out here within ten minutes, I will destroy your Barrier and wipe out everybody in your organization. I'm feeling generous, so I'll give you a few minutes to chew on that. Heh." The transmission is cut and Rem swirls around in his chair, facing everybody in the room.

Nobody speaks up. "I'm open to suggestions," Rem says, breaking the tension.

"He's bluffing," Kaiba quietly responds. "No way in Hell is he getting through those Barriers! Not any time soon, anyway. They were made to keep out entire armies! One man shouldn't be a big deal at all..."

"And if he does get through them?" You say to Kaiba, making him look down at his toes and silence himself. You begin to think, "What can we do? He wasn't all that when I fought him in the war, but if Goku is telling the truth about these experiments and Joseph is correct in writing him off as dangerous, we might want to act cautious..."

A) Send Goku back to Turles and call it a day. We've got all his information anyway.
B) Initiate attack!
- Describe exactly how you want to perform this.
C) Submit a counter proposal.
- What is the proposal? What do you do if it fails?
D) Do nothing. The Barriers are fit to keep out entire armies. There is no way he'll be able to break through it.
E) Other?
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