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Prior To Leaving Rem's Private Quarters...

"Yeah, I do have a few more things I would like to speak to you about." You boldly speak up. Rem nods his head and gestures his hand forward for you to continue, which you do after clearing your throat. "Ergh, do you know what happened to Brigadier Officer Hercule? He was escorting me back to the Red Ribbon Army before I escaped."

"Why do you ask?" Rem investigates.

"The Red Ribbon Army doesn't tolerate failure, and he told me that he volunteered to escort me back to Headquarters so I can't imagine they did anything good with him."

"I apologize. I can't say that I do know anything about the man you speak of." You nod your head slowly, with a bit of disappointment in your eyes. "I'll tell you what, Kiryu. I'll do my research on the topic and relay all the information I find about him."

"Alright, sounds good," you swiftly reply. "Another thing. Has anything out of the ordinary transpired with the fighters who survived the war?"

"Hmm...For starters, I was brought a type of Ray Gun from a pack of Elites. Over the past year, I studied it and have already began integrating its advanced technology into our own firearms. The team of scientists are still working on it, but I've been told that a mass production of those Ray Gun's will take place within the coming weeks."

"I see. More specifically, what about news on the Generals?"

"That's a vast topic," Rem replies while stretching his arms into the air. He puts his empty glass of coffee down and scratches his nose with one finger, preparing a proper speech. "General John Giant and General Dr. Fiasco are currently imprisoned at the Red Ribbon Headquarters. Unfortunately, they simply were not able to make it all the way back to Valkyrie. I imagine when the Red Ribbon Diplomat comes, the safe return of these prisoners will be one of their offers to retrieve Phoenix Graham."

"Damn it," you mutter. Rem notices this and nods sympathetically, as if he feels the same way.

"Furthermore, General Jones has retired from combat, unfortunately." You give a look of confusion mixed in with concern, but Rem continues speaking before any words are spouted from your mouth. "It appears that he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. Considering he was a fairly new General at the time of going to war, it must have been a new and horrific experience for him. His mental state was completely broken down when he returned, alone."

"Ah, I see..."

"It's not an entire loss, though. Despite no longer battling, he still resides here at Valkyrie as a communications officer, assisting Kaiba. But i'm afraid to say that he won't ever be able to fight again." You give him a short nod, awaiting further conversation but none happens.

"So...? Anything else? What about with General Chi Chi, or Blue?"

"General Blue safely brought "General White" back just over seven months ago. By that time, he had somehow convinced #86 to cooperate with us in order for his life. For a better life. I was displeased with the amount of time General Blue was away, but at least he was productive during this time."

"Heh, so that's why you're defending that impostor? Because you promised him a clean slate, you don't want to do any harm to him of any sort."

"That is exactly correct. I gave him my word."

You smile briefly at this, letting out a small laugh. "You know, you would be an absolutely terrible politician."

A small smile is drawn on Rem's plain face, but he takes it off soon after. "Since General Blue has returned, I promoted him and gave him a better position. While he is still a General, instead of being situated at the front gate doing nothing but overseeing those who come and go, he is now working with Commander Thrigon."

"Now that you mention it, you didn't tell me what Thrigon was doing earlier. So what are those two doing?"

"Commander Thrigon is working with General Blue, General Watson, and General Stiffy. The three Generals search the world for new recruits. Once they find somebody who is potentially a valuable asset to the FBM, they bring Thrigon to said person and he gives them a sort of...Audition. If they pass, Thrigon has full authority to give them any rank he sees fit once he verifies it with myself."

"You're certainly giving Thrigon a lot of power. Are you positive that that's wise?"

"Yes. He has been here for just over five years and has done a splendid job. I completely trust him and his judgement."

"Fair enough."

"Ah, you asked about General Chi Chi as well."

"I did."

"Actually, she did not return until just five months ago. Commander Joseph Pike, General Hugo, and General Jones were with her. Although, Jones left the temple prior to any training, returning to Valkyrie after leaving. Both her and Hugo were completely different fighters upon returning, which has dramatically assisted in their progress in terms of increasing battle power."

"What do you mean they were 'different fighters'?" You analyze, now rubbing your chin.

Rem stands up tall and walks back over to his kitchen, pulling a cupboard open. He takes a box of cookies from the shelf and opens it up without care for the crackling noise that came with it. "Apparently, they had found a temple with a vast amount of scripture detailing how to achieve the next level in one's Ki abilities. Afterwards, they each began their own training, completely altering their previous fighting styles. Except for Commander Pike, who only expanded on his previous abilities."

"A-a temple? They just happened to find a temple in the middle of nowhere?"

"It was built by Saiyajins. They found it nearby the Saiyajin Empire. I can only speculate, but my conclusion is that their ancestors built it a long time ago. King Vegeta most likely used the scripture to assist in the training of his people. But considering what kind of man he was, I have no doubt in my mind that very few Saiyajins new of that temple."

"So they found this Saiyain temple, decoded the scripture, and trained for a few months before coming back - only to continue training once they returned. That sound about right?"

"It does." Rem replies with a nod, now walking back to the couch with his hands in the bag of cookies. "If you wish to find out the details of their training, go ask them. I need not to continue speaking about this subject. Now Kiryu, is that everything?"

"One last thing. How would you feel about having White use his shape shifting ability to turn into Phoenix Graham while making the trade with the RRA? If we do that, we can get our prisoners back without losing Graham."

"That's a very sick thing to do, Kiryu. I can't say that I've thought of it, but do you really think it's a good idea?" Rem takes a chocolate chip cookie out of the bag and bites into it, devouring it in one strike.

"How could it not be?"

"I don't know. You were quite worried about the advisers of the RRA and how corrupt they were. Are they really the type of people that you want to cross?" The two of you glare at each other for a few seconds until both of you stand up, still not taking your eyes off each other.

"I'll think about it." You both say simultaneously. Finally finished your conversation, you turn around and slowly exit the room.



"I wonder what he's doing..." You think, slowly stepping forward while eyeing the Saiyan Shugesh eerily. He makes his way down the hall swiftly, so you walk after him. A few Soldiers crowd the area once you turn the corner, which makes you lose distance with Shugesh.

You look back to see if anybody is watching you and find nobody, so you do a slow jog down the hallway. Shugesh opens the door at the end of the hall and closes it immediately after.

Now right outside the door, you gently turn the nob and push it open to see Commander Kaiba, General Shugesh, and General Transny all sitting by multiple electronics, all used for communication.

"What are you all doing?"

Shugesh rips open a bag of potato chips and digs his hand into it, now leaning back against a four wheeled chair. "Nothin'," the Saiyan casually says. Transny swings around on his wheeled chair so he doesn't have to face you and Kaiba ducks his head

You pull up a chair from the corner of the room and have a seat on it, staring Shugesh in the eye with unwavering attention. "Are you positive?" You whisper into his ear with a shrill voice.

Shugesh backs his head up and darts his eyes away from, still not speaking. "Tell him." Kaiba speaks up. Shugesh gasps and whips his head past you, gazing at Kaiba in shock. "It's okay," Kaiba finishes before Shugesh can speak up.

"Alright, uh, where do I start?" Shugesh says quietly while scratching his head.

"How 'bout with that uh, you know, like, that ah, that guy." Transny speaks up with a disgusting voice, now spinning in his chair.

"Right." Shugesh says while waving his index finger. "Yesterday, while Kaiba was working in here alone, he was contacted by a man from the Red Ribbon Army. He went by the name of Executive Iceburg."

You raise your eyebrow with interest, but remain silent. "He wanted to make a deal with us. In exchange for us doing what he wanted, he would assure that the two prisoners over at the Red Ribbon Headquarters would be released and sent back here."

"Icerburg...Looks like that rat is still scheming." You think before speaking up, "What did he want you to do?"

This time, Kaiba voices himself. "He wanted us to...To kill Phoenix Graham. The prisoner." Your eyes bulge out of the sockets and you slam your right palm against your forehead, wondering why the hell he would want that to happen. "I couldn't get any answers out of him, but he also said that he would supply any piece of information about the Red Ribbon Army that we wanted."

"That's-, that's insane. Wait, why are these two being included in on this?"

"Pfft, why are you in on this? See what I did thar? Heh heh." Shugesh retorts.

"I brought Shugesh in because he works at the Prison, so if we go through with this, he'll have the ability to freely go in and out as well as erase the security tapes after it gets done. If it gets done. As for Transny over here, well, he walked in on my while I was taking a piss and was about to reveal...the information that he saw to everybody. So I included him in on this to get him to shut up."

"Dwam stwaight!" Transny breaks in.

"And Rem? He mentioned none of this to me so I can only assume that you haven't told him anything. Correct?"

Kaiba frowns softly and nods his head. "I don't know what to do, Kiryu! Will Rem approve of something like this? If you didn't already know, a diplomat is coming here in a few days. They want Graham. But if we go with this Executive's plan, we can possibly get the same result without giving back the prisoner!"

"But if Iceburg crosses you, you'll be screwed."

"And THAT, Kiryu, is my dilemma. What do ya' think?"

You lean back against your chair while stroking your chin, thinking carefully. "Can that Icerburg be trusted? While I agree with not giving back Phoenix, crossing those advisers can't be a good idea. Should I speak to Rem about it? Or is it better if we make this decision without his influence? Hmm...!"

"I think we oughtta take it to a vote," Shugesh says.

"Ga vote?" Transny says, confused. "Twith just me and you? And him and him?"

"Nah, all the Commanders. Maybe some Generals...Like me."

Kaiba looks up at you, waiting for a reply. "I...I can't say as of now. Can you connect me with Iceburg?" Kaiba shakes his head.

"Sorry, I already tried."

"I see. I suppose we should..."

Choose what to do with Phoenix Graham:

A) Free choice.
B) Kill him.
C) Consult Rem about this.
D) Gather a group of people together and take it to a vote.
- Who is in this group?
E) Keep him as a prisoner. Iceburg cannot be trusted.


1) Visit the prisoner - Phoenix Graham - to speak to him.
- Bonus: Any questions in particular?
2) Search Forte Valkyrie for some old buddies to catch up with them. (Choose 4).
3) Try to contact the Red Ribbon Army.
- What do you want to speak about?
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