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A wins.

"Hm, with such a short amount of time before we'll be going to war I better make my time productive." You think to yourself as you brush your teeth and ready your self for another day. "I've decided. I'll hone my skills and attempt to learn some new techniques."

You exit your room and a gigantic palace awaits you. "Boy...This place is even bigger than I remember." You walk down a hall that leads to a large 4 way intersection and notice a billboard that shows a map of this floor on it. As you scroll your eyes across it, you notice nothing that will lead you to a Training Room so you decide to flip over the page and look on another floor. After about 5 minutes of searching for it, you finally locate something of relevance to you.

"Finally. On the 2nd floor, eh? Right above the ground floor where everybody comes and goes. I suppose that's the most logical place an indoor gravity chamber would be." You flip the billboard back to its original spot and walk over to the elevator. You press the button to call the elevator to this floor and in roughly two minutes, it lands on the floor. Six soldiers walk out of it and give you a firm nod as they walk past you. After entering your security pin, the machinery closes the doors and begins to slowly move down one floor. When it arrives, the door opens without making a sound and a large Gravity Chamber awaits

"Ohh? It's even larger than it was before. Not a bad idea considering how jammed it was in here before." Right before you enter the Chamber, two Generals exit it sweating all the while. They of course give you a nod and our on their way. You open the door and a room the size of a large house appears before you. Tons of Soldiers are in the midst of training, totally oblivious to you.

"Heh, looks like I spoke too soon. This place is as crowded as ever."

"Welcome, master Kiryu! I'm glad to see you had a safe return to Forte Valkyrie." A women says as she stands beside the door.

"Thanks. Care to explain the changes made to this place to me?" You kindly ask her.

"With pleasure." She happily replies. "As you can see, the main room is crowded. This place is for everybody below the rank of a General so it gets quite busy. But if you look to your left, there is a door. Inside is a flight of stairs that will lead to another training room, with higher Gravity training and is much less crowded. It's for everybody else who isn't a Commander."

"I see. And where do the Commanders go?" You investigate emotionless while looking around.

"Inside that room is another flight of stairs that leads up to a high tech Gravity Training room strictly for Commanders. All Chambers have shock proof walls that refrain the room from being destroyed."

"Good. VERY good. It seems Rem is finally out of the stone age. But what stops petty Soldiers from going to the top floor, besides you?"

"Key cards. They are a new addition to our Training Station. You register for a Key Card and when you obtain it, it allows you to go to a certain level. If you try to enter a higher level in the Training Station with a low Key Card it simply won't register."

"Not a bad idea, but are you trying to imply that I have to register for this garbage?"

"Fortunately, no. Lord Rem has specified that I shall supply each and every Commander with their own Key Card. To assure they aren't stolen, they have been deposited into a safe in which only Lord Rem and I have the combination." The attendant smiles as she walks over to the safe, enters a combination. Once it opens, she takes a small card from it and closes up the safe. A second after, she turns back to you and hands you the Key Card with a smile. "Don't lose it. Lord Rem plans on implementing these Key Cards into many more things for the Forte to vamp up the security."

You roll your eyes and walk away. "Like this places security isn't high enough. I'm sure a spy will manage to break into this place any second now."

Once you arrive at the top floor of the Chamber, you find yourself in an enormous, empty room. "Heh, time to get down to business." You say to yourself with a smile as you walk over to the control center and enter '50G' in the machine. "This should be a good warm up." You throw your shirt off your back and it smacks down in an instant, almost making a dent. "I'll start off with meditation to find my center." You then sit on the ground and begin gathering Ki.


After what seems like hours of meditating you break from your concentration and stand up. "This Ki...I've never felt anything like it before. Such polished power. It's incredible." You say in awe. "I have to do something with it. Before it leaves me. But what? What can I make from all of this Ki?"

Choose A Move To Learn:

- Freeze Frame (You unleash all your gathered Ki into a paralyzing beam. If it contacts your opponent, they freeze in place for 5 seconds)
- The 4 Witches (You focus your Ki into your back bone and sprout two fully capable arms from your back)
- Perfect Guard (You concentrate your Ki into your arms and block any attack without damage)

"Heh, I know what I can do with this." As you think to yourself, the Training Room door opens and Thrigon enters. "Urgh, I suppose I'll put this Ki away for now."

"I thought you'd be here, Kiryu." Thrigon triumphantly states while putting his arms on his waist.

Annoyed because you didn't get to test out your new technique you bitterly reply, "You want a cookie? What the hell are you doing here anyway? I don't want to train with you. You'd do nothing but slow me down. Now get out." You tell him while waving your hand, signalling him to leave.

"What a harsh reply. I didn't come here to spend time with you, so get off that pedestal you continuously put yourself on. Rem has some bad news, apparently. He wants to talk to you."

"And it can't wait until later? I barely got any time to train."

"Barely any time? What the hell are you talking about? It's been 3 days for God sakes. The other Commanders have come and gone from short training sessions. You really go into a trance when you meditate...Freaks the **** outta me."

"3 days? I didn't move in an inch in that long? No food or Water? That's shocking." You shake your head and finally reply, "Wait, if you have been in here training while I was in such a state, why'd you say 'I thought you'd be here' when you came in?"

"Eh, just wanted to make myself sound cool. Sorta like a prophet, you know?"

You simply shake your head in disgust.

"Hey, don't look down on me. You just spent the last 3 days in some sort of coma."

"Well at least i'm getting training done. What have you done that's been productive these last few days?"

"Nothin'. I've been takin' it easy late-"

You cut him off with a crude remark, "You're ALWAYS taking it easy. It's no wonder you're the weakest Commander we have. I wouldn't be surprised if you're the first to die when we go to war. Hahahaha~" You laugh at him as you exit the room, while he stands there in shock. "I suppose I should go see what Rem...Ow. So...Hungry. Rem can wait, I need some foood."


After an hour of re constructing the time you missed, you head back to Rems floor and find him on the Computer near his room. "Does this guy ever sleep? He's always hard at work." You think to yourself.

"Good, Kiryu. I've been expecting you."

"So I've heard. What do you want? I was busy so you better not be wastin-"

"Silence! I'm not in mood for your witty remarks." Rem says as he cuts you off. "It appears that some of the forces I had directed to come to Forte Valkyrie were intercepted by the Red Ribbon Army. I've lost contact with some of the forces."

"That isn't exactly urgent news, is it?"

"No, but that isn't the problem unfortunately. They knew. The Red Ribbon Army knew exactly where my forces would be heading and what the best point of intersection would be. Now, my question isn't 'How they knew where my forces would be?' but rather 'Why did they act on their knowledge?' Even if I knew where random Red Ribbon Soldiers would be, acting on it would be useless. It puts my men in danger and doesn't accomplish much. It's not even as if we were in their territory. They came directly to us just to stop a small number of Soldiers...But why?" Rem questions.

"Hmm..." You think, "If I had to guess, I would simply say they acted because they wanted to know if they could have done so successfully. It could have been a test to see what our forces are capable of, how we would respond, or perhaps even to know if we are in any position to respond with force. Which we aren't."

"Not a bad theory. But here mine out." You have a seat and than give him a nod and he continues. "What if the Red Ribbon Army know about our plan to eradicate the Saiyans? Perhaps by a secret intelligence working under us. Again, the 'how' isn't important. It's the 'why' they care. If the Red Ribbon is indeed a neutral party looking for their own variation of a utopia, why would they help the Saiyans? Best thing to do would be to wait the battle out and than strike both weakened forces to take the victory, wouldn't it?"

"Of course."

"So why attack us and lend aid to the Saiyans?" Rem questions again.

"I think the answer to that question lies beneath who exactly in the Red Ribbon Army attacked us."

Rem smiles. "That's the conclusion that I arrived at."

Silence grows between you two until Rem finally decides to break it. "Well, it appears that we won't be able to head off to battle as soon as I had hoped."

"How much longer do you anticipate?"

"It depends on the circumstances."

"And if there isn't anything new brought to the table?"

"10 days more, perhaps."

You nod and stand up. "Well, I refuse to waste another moment here. Even with this short time extension, I have to get busy." Rem gives you the nod of approval and you step out of his quarters. When you look back, you see him continue to work on his Computer, doing configuration for the entire organization, still without rest.

"Now, what should I work on next?"

A) Go back to the training room and spar with Thrigon...If he's still there.
B) Leave Forte Valkyrie and go to nearby towns or cities to buy goods. They could definitely help in battle.
- What kind of goods will you buy?
C) Explore Fort Valkyrie. It's been a while since you've been here so you might learn or find something interesting.
D) Contact old ties at the Red Ribbon Army. You can give them valuable information to support them and maybe get information in return!

Authors Note: Remember to vote on which move you want Kiryu to have learned too!"
Chapter End Notes:
The 4 Witches won the choice and was the move that Kiryu had learned. :)
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