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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice That Won:

Juggernaut: Kiryu becomes slightly bigger, his muscles bulk up and he gets an overall more ferocious look. His power level doubles, giving him a special boost on attack and defense but his speed takes a blow, also he can't use recover while in his Juggernaut form.
The Dawn Of A New Arc...!

A gust of wind blows your hair to the side as you stand before a great beast. Roughly eight stories high and nearly a kilometer in both length and width. Buildings are piled high all around the biggest one in the middle, all connected via small passage ways. This is Forte Valkyrie.

"It's been a year yet this place looks the same," you exclaim while walking to the front gate, taking a sip of water as you do so.

"Halt!" A voice booms from a random goon that is in charge of front gate security. Without a care for his words, you continue to walk forward. The man runs out of his booth and sticks a large gun to your face, "I said halt! You do speak English, right?"

You brush your wavy hair to the side and dart your eyes forward while lifting your head up, glaring at him intensely. "Yes, I believe I do."

"UGGH!" He backs off in shock and drops on his bottom, frozen from the shock. "C-c-c-,"

"Sorry, I don't understand what you're saying. You do speak English, right?"

He gulps hard and pulls himself off the ground, bowing down to you. "Please excuse my insolence, Commander Kiryu!"

"What's your name?"

"General Orez, sir!"

"Orez, eh." You slip your fingers forward and push them up against his chin so the two of you make eye contact. You can feel him shivering in fear just by your subtle touch. "Get back to work. We wouldn't want an intruder to break in because you're slacking off, now would we?"

General Orez nods with enthusiasm and gallops back to his booth and you walk right through the front gate. Soon enough, you reach a titanium door with a finger scanner on it. You put your finger under the scanner just as instructed but the gate refuses to open. Instead, it beeps loudly at the sound of an intruder.

An explosion breaks out from underground and a man launches out of it, swinging his leg at you without remorse. You lift up your arm and grab his leg, putting a bit of pressure on it. "Watch yourself," you whisper. A radiant glow of Ki emits from your body, sending shivers down the man's spine.

"Wha-? Who ARE you!?" You swing your arm to the side and let go of his body, flinging him into the ground. It explodes on contact and he coughs up a bit of blood, gasping for air.

"My name is Kiryu. Your commanding officer."

"Is that so...? Pehaha." He laughs a bit, trying to push himself off the ground and stand up. "Have any way to prove that?"

"I see Rem amped up the security in this place even more so. I suppose White's murder must have been a wake up call for him. Tell me, what's your name?"

"Pehaha...I uh, I asked you a question first." Your smile turns into a glare and thoughts of breaking his neck flood into your mind, but you abstain yourself. Suddenly, the gigantic gate behind you opens up and a rugged, brown man stands before you both. He has a gold earing pierced through his long nose and a face of shock on.

"Well I'll be...You finally decided to come back, Kiryu!"

You turn away from the man who attacked you earlier and grin a bit. "Long time no see, Echo...You haven't changed a bit."

"Meh, whatever." Echo turns around and starts walking away from you, leaving the door open.

Taking the opportunity, you sift back and stare at the man from earlier. "So...Your name?"

He frowns tightly and starts walking past you, "McGuy. General McGuy."

"I'll remember that name...!" You walk inside Valkyrie and slam the door shut behind you. All attention is on you immediately; tons of soldiers are lined up across the room, bowing down.

"Since we thought you were an intruder, all the soldiers were lined up. You know, ready to kill you in case McGuy was taken out."

"I see," you quickly reply, slowly taking in the scenery. There are hundreds of people; elite's, general's, frontier agents, and of course, regular soldiers all surrounding the area. "What are you all doing!? Get back to work!" You roar and they all listen immediately. "Hoi...That was too much attention," you mutter under your breath.

"Yo Kiryu, I suggest you go talk to Rem. I'm sure he'll want to fill you in on everything you've missed here at Valkyrie."

"How much has changed?" You question, the two of you now walking together down the halls.

"Heh heh, lots. To help in the amping of the security, each of us Commanders has our own job that we take care of. And the Generals have all been assigned to specific missions around the base too. I don't think much as changed with the all the other ranks but I ain't too sure."

"About the Commanders, what specific job is everybody assigned to?"

Echo stops for a second pounds his fist against his chest. "Well for me, i'm the head of security. That's why I was the first one to come out of the building. McGuy is my right hand. Just he works down below, which is why he you know...Came out of the floor, heh heh."

"...I see. What about the other Commanders?"

"Look, Kiryu, as fun as it'd be to explain all this to you, just ask Rem. Since he's no longer in charge of security as well as like, everything else, he doesn't know that you're here. After all, I didn't signal for backup."

"Alright, alright." The two of you reach the elevator and walk in together. "So what else should you inform me about?"

"Hmm, let me think. Oh! Heh heh, your friend White, he's workin' with us now. As well as that Shugesh guy. He's pretty awesome. Too bad he works under Pike."

The elevator takes off soundly to a higher floor. "Pike?"

"Yeah, Joseph Pike. You don't know him?"

"Oh, him. Yeah, I met him in the war. So Generals get their own guards too now?"

Echo turns to you and laughs a bit, "General? Nah, Pike's a Commander now. Just like us."

"W-what!? Last time I checked his Battle Power was short of 30 000. No way he can be a Commander."

"Guy is like, dedicated." Echo responds while scratching his head, waiting for the elevator doors to open. They do just so and the two of you walk out, now on the second floor. "He must've like went in some sort of hectic training, naw mean."

"No, sorry, I don't 'naw mean'."

"Go see for yourself. Pike's gotta' be at least fifty, sixty thousand by now. I wouldn't take him too lightly. Heh heh, not like you'd be fighting him."

"60 000? That's impossible...! What kind of training did he do over the last year?" You think before speaking up, "Oh, by the way. Where the Hell are we walking to?"

"Your room. Rem had it custom made during the reno. For whenever you came back."

"So with Joseph as our new Commander, Loukar's open spot has now been filled?"

Both of you stop in front of a door and Echo signals you to scan your fingerprints on it. The machine beeps quietly and registers you in the system for future use. "Well, not exactly..." Intrigued, you turn over to him and tilt your head to the side. "You see, Pitou hasn't really came back yet. That's why Rem felt it was necessary to promote Pike. With you gone, Pitou gone, and Loukar dead...It was really just Thrigon, Kaiba, and myself running the game."

"Pitou hasn't come back...Interesting."

"Don't worry, he'll certainly be back!" Echo says while nodding intensely. You smile a bit and put your hands over his shoulder.

"Don't worry, i'm not sweating at all. Heh." Echo frowns at this. You walk in your room and look around, seeing a large bed and all of the other necessities of life.

"So, what do you think of your new bachelor pad?"

"It's just a room Echo. I don't 'think' anything about it."

He shakes his head, a bit annoyed at your attitude. "What the Hell were you doing for the last year anyway?"

"I was training," you quickly respond. "Training at an archipelago fairly close to where the Saiyan Empire used to be. Though there was quite a bit of conflict in the first few weeks. Pirates, and whatnot."

"Training? You don't look all that much stronger. Not for a whole year'a training, at least. Besides, why not just train here instead of some pirate infested hippie island?"

"Looks can be deceiving, Echo. And I didn't stay because of the resources. I stayed because there was an excellent teacher who helped me expand my knowledge and abilities of Ki. That okay with you?"

"Geez, fine, whatever." Echo turns around and exits your room slowly.

"Hey Echo," you call out.

"Yeah, what'dya want?"

"I have a message I was supposed to deliver to you." He turns around and raises an eyebrow, gesturing his hands forward. "Near the conclusion of the war while you were unconscious - nice job with that by the way - somebody by the name of Cooler came in and saved our asses. Did Kaiba tell you about this?"

"Uh, no...He didn't mention anything to me about the war after I got knocked out."

"Yeah, well, Kaiba isn't exactly the most reliable source. Anyway, after he saved all our lives, he asked about you. Where you were. Upon telling him that you were unconscious, he told us to tell you the words: 'Now we're even.' That mean anything to you?"

"Heh heh, I see. Okay, alright." Echo smiles softly and turns around, not answering your question. He pushes the door back against the slot, close enough that it doesn't click, but far enough that nobody can see what you're doing. You roll your eyes and have a seat on the king sized bed at the corner of your room, thinking.

"Why hasn't Pitou returned? I really can't see somebody like him accepting to be trained. I'm far less bigoted than he is and still didn't want to be trained. Of course, he could have disbanded from the FBM altogether but what reasoning could he have had for this!? Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" You wonder.

Your door flies open and a tall Namekian with fiery red hair and a large slouch is standing in the midst of your room. "So the rumors are true...!?" You stand up with a faint smile and face the man. "You're back!"

"Heh...Hey, Thrigon." You casually say. The two of you swing your hands far and slap them together in a handshake, pulling each other into a 'bro hug'. "Alright, that's enough!" You push him away, and he backs off soundly.

"Wow, to think its been an entire year. I had doubts if you were still alive!" He yells enthusiastically.

"Huh, really? Why?"

"Why!? What do you mean why!? You got captured by the Red Ribbon Army, then they posted a news article saying that you got executed, and finally...You were gone for over a year! So excuse me if I didn't have that much faith."

"They said I was dead?"

"Uh, yeah, Rem read us the article. He found a lot of discrepancies though, which sort of rendered the article as a lie. You didn't read about it?"

"No, I haven't heard any news for an entire year. I was on a secluded island with no contact with anybody except one perverted old man."

"...Oh...That's uh, that's neat. But no news...? So that means you didn't hear about the fall of the Red Ribbon?"


"Hey man, don`t ask me. You`re gonna` want to talk to Rem about everything you missed. But it can wait; lets catch up!"

"Alright...What do you want to know?"

"So what were you doing on the island?"

"Training. Didn't Kaiba relay the message?"

"Eh, not to me. This is the first i'm hearing of it. So what did you learn!?"

"How about we share these lovely stories for another time. I'm not in the mood to explain a year's worth of training."

"Alright, that's cool. Then how about you show me?"


Thrigon's smile grows into a grin. He pounds his fist against your chest, staring at you mysteriously. "It's been a year. What better way to renew our friendship than kicking each other's asses?"

"Hm...That is tempting." Thrigon laughs a bit while you rub your chin, thinking of what to do next.

"I really should talk to Rem to figure out what's been happening around here and around the world. But then again, that would be a lot of talking. Another match with Thrigon is quite tempting, especially since its been a year but my battle with Crow feels like it just happened last week. There is always another route...Finding people around Forte Valkyrie that I knew from the war and catching up with them. Hmm..." You think.

A) Go talk to Rem. Figuring out what has been going on is the most important thing right now.
B) Accept Thrigon's challenge for a duel. Lets find out what he's learned this past year while testing out my new moves!
C) Search Forte Valkyrie for some old buddies to catch up with them (Choose 4).
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