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Author's Chapter Notes:
C won.
Crow grips the handle on the sword in his sheathe. He pulls it out slowly and it screeches in agony as he does so. The captain waves the blade around while examining it and finally turns back to you. "Kiryu, lets finish this. Aye?"

You clench your knuckles, sweating nervously. "Ready when you are."

"Blackhole!" You feel something within you get pulled and before you know it, you're skidding towards Crow. He readies his blade and a dark aura emits around the sharp katana. "Farewell!"

"Attenuate!" Your body snaps to a miniature size which increases the pull Crow has on you by a tremendous speed. He swings his sword wide and completely misses, but doesn't give up.

Your body ruptures and stretches back to normal only to be sliced by Crow's sword. Blood squirts out of your chest from his diagonal slash and you scream in agony.

Crow lifts his boot up and slams it into your chest, further injuring the wound. "That all you got!?" You right hook him in the face which completely bends his neck forward.

While he's stunned, you shove your knuckles into his gut and he wrenches over in pain. You do a mini hop in the air so your feet face his head and swing your legs forward. Crow soars through the air and crashes into the ground.

He gets up quickly and swings his sword around with style, the dark aura fluttering around it. "Spiral Ace!" Crow throws the sword with all his might, so you hop to the side, completely dodging it. You turn back to see it molded into the ground.

Footsteps catch your attention so you swing your head back to see Crow right in front of you, jetting you in the gut with hundreds of pointed jabs. You swing your arm across and bash him across the head, elbowing him to the ground afterwards.

You kick him in the face which launches him back up and grab him by the neck to stop him. You begin to crush his neck without mercy until an uneasy feeling ignites in your stomach.

The grip you had on Crow's neck is lost and he drops to the ground, laughing all the while. You gaze down and see Crow's sword lodged in your stomach, the same dark aura around it from earlier. Without thinking about it, you bring your hand to the handle on your back and grapple it tightly.

Crow - now standing up - jumps back several meters, still laughing deeply. You rip the sword out from your stomach and blood squirts out of you like a broken water fountain. A loud thud is heard and you notice that you're now on your knees, all of your strength draining.

The sword is held in your hand and you still stare at it, trying to figure out what happened. "Heh...The aura...He can suck it in because of the darkness aura around it...!" You think, looking around for Crow.

He puts his palm forth and the sword is ripped from your hand, flying right back to him. He retains the sword and slowly walks towards you, staggering all the while.

"Am I going to be killed?" Crow towers above you and places the sword just by your neck. "No...I don't wanna' die!"

"It was fun, Kiryu." Your eyes black out and then return, and you finally realize your predicament. Crow swings his sword and blood explodes from your body, squirting all over the floor uncontrollably.

You scream at the top of your lungs but not a sound comes out. More blood dribbles down and you glare at Crow in fear; anger; pain; joy; every emotion you can possibly feel all blends into one foul taste.

Crow stares at you questioningly but finally laughs it off while nodding to himself. "Good reflexes." You whip your eyes down to the floor and see a gigantic arm laying still, slowly losing its colour.

You gulp hard, holding in a pile of vomit that resides in your throat and put your right arm up in a guarding position. Crow swings his sword once again and dashes at you, ready to finish things once and for all.

You dodge each vicious slash of his, looking for the opportune moment to strike. But no matter how much he swings, you can't scout a single opening in his offense. You hop back and Crow follows pursuit, swinging his sword wide. You limbo back while smiling, barely dodging his slash.

Your hands grip the ground and you attempt to smash your legs into Crow's gut, but can't muster enough strength to do it. A dark orb of Ki forms in Crow's hand and he slams it into your chest, melting your bones to pieces. You finally gather enough strength to retaliate and swing your legs up, firing Crow off of you.

He slides on his back and rolls over on his stomach to allow him to stand up with the help of his hands. You walk towards him with blood and sweat dripping out of you and the two of you stand before each other, both dying of exhaustion.

Both of you walk around in a small circle without taking an eye off of each other. Crow places his palm out and a tiny ball of Dark Ki forms for a second, dispersing afterwards. "Aye, s***."

"RHA!" You punch Crow in the face and he is picked up off the ground effortlessly. Muscle is built into your remaining arm and its stretched back. "Giant Bulldozer!" You fire your fist forward with all of your strength and Crow skids on the ground, gripping it tightly.

He grimaces in fear before your fist slams into his stomach. He coughs up an unreasonable amount of blood and you notice that you're sprinting at him now, your brain completely shut down.

Your right arm snaps back to position and you uppercut Crow in the jaw, pushing his frail body off of the ground. A loud crack breaks out as you jet a right straight into Crow's knee. The bone in it shatters to pieces and bends backwards, completely separating itself from his legs.

You stretch your arm to the sky and clench your hand in a tight hammer fist. Crow lands on his legs and screams in pain at the agony of having his knee torn out of the ligament. "RHAAAAA!" You smash your hammer into his skull with everything you have and the captain crashes into the ground face first. "Haaa...Haaa...Stay down...Just stay...DOWN!"

Crow's body shakes in pain, and his hands grip into the floor. The captain pulls himself up with everything he has while you glare at him in fear and think: "No...No NO NO!!!"

He stares at you softly and smiles, now standing on a slant. His arms fling out to the sides with the palms pointing at you. "...Finish me." He whispers.


"...I...can't move anymore. Looks like my body finally shut down, aye." You squeeze your fist tight and prepare the finishing blow. "Roshi's in an underground chamber behind me, aye?"


"HuHuHu," he laughs maniacally, his body still shaking. "A scar on the back is a swordsman's greatest shame. Aye?" You smile and shape your fist like a claw, beaming it forward into his chest. Your hand rips through his skin tissue and his heart explodes from the impact. You tear your arm out from his chest and he drops to the ground with a faint smile.

An enormous post battle high melts its way through your skin but you don't even have the energy to celebrate it.

You stutter forward and step over Crow's lifeless body, looking for any type of chamber that Roshi could be hidden under. You step forward and your feet clicks against a solid gate and you stare down, seeing a small handle bolted into the deserted ground.

The door crackles as you bend over and pull it open, blood slowly leaking out of your wounds. Down below, Roshi is sitting on the ground with his hands on his lap. He turns up and the two of you make eye contact, until your vision blurs harshly.

"K-Kiryu!?" Roshi gets up quickly and gazes at you in shock. You smile back and fall to your side, hearing nothing but a screeching noise burning your ears. Any type of potential vision fades and you cough up blood while laying on your side, dying. "KIRYU!?" Roshi roars and hops out of prison he was in.

He rolls you over onto your stomach and places his fingers on your pulse. Roshi glares in horror, taking in your condition. The old master picks you up and places you over his shoulders, carrying you away from the battlefield.

"You, who are you?" A soft voice shrieks and Roshi whips his head to the side. Kaiba stands tall and scratches his forehead in confusion. "Where am I?"

"No time, I have to get this man to a boat before he dies!"

Kaiba tilts his head and makes out your silhouette on Roshi's shoulders. "Ki...Kiryu? No, no, no. WHAT HAPPENED!?" He makes his way over to Roshi and lifts you off of his shoulder, placing you on his own.

"You know him?" Roshi questions.

"Yeah, he's my good friend! I?"

"I'll explain on the way, find a ship and get it ready to take off. We need to find a doctor!" Kaiba snaps his fingers and looks around, running to the dock.

Roshi bends forward and stares at Crow's body with sympathy. Kaiba notices this before he gets to far and speaks up. "I remember him. He's...He's the enemy, right? Why are you mourning him?"

Roshi flicks his fingers over Crow's eyes and closes them, standing up after. "He-, ergh. Crow was an old student of mine." Kaiba nods slowly and turns around, running to the dock. The old master picks up your arm and chases after Kaiba.

The two hop in the boat and place you down gently. The motor boat that brought you here roars and blasts off from the dock at full throttle. Kaiba moves Roshi off of the wheel while nodding. "It's alright. I know a good doctor nearby."

Later That Day...

"Are you sure you can treat him!?" Kaiba asks nervously while handing you over to a women wearing a doctors uniform. She eyes him cautiously while placing you onto a stretcher, refraining from answering. "LAUNCH! ANSWER ME GOD DAMN IT!"

Launch hooks you up to many medical instruments and breathes heavily. "Kaiba, leave me alone. I need to focus." He clenches his fists and storms out of the room. Master Roshi follows him.

"Quite a hot piece of ass." Roshi says to Kaiba, trying to break the ice. Kaiba eyes him down ferociously in anger.

"It's because of me. If I wasn't so weak! Getting possessed by that pirate and trying to kill Kiryu! DAMN IT!" Kaiba grabs his forehead and paces back and forth.

"So you remember what happened to you?"

"...Yeah. I was here on Cipro Island where I saw these pirates abusing some kid. I beat the s*** out of them and made 'em take me to their base."

"In which you were defeated by Crow."

"...Sounds about right." Roshi gazes at Kaiba but remains quiet, looking into the closed doors where Launch attempts to save you.

Several Hours Later...

The closed doors pop open and Launch exits the room quietly. Both Kaiba and Roshi jump out of their chairs and stare at her deeply; only Roshi is staring at her breasts with a dirty grin.

"Kiryu..." She begins and Kaiba's breathing becomes rapid and nervous. "Is fine. He'll be able to make a full recovery within the month. I was able to reattach his arm as well. Of course, the scarring from the wounds will be permanent."

Kaiba smiles brightly and runs up to Launch, hugging her tightly while laughing in joy. Roshi looks around in confusion now that Launch's breasts are being covered, "Wait, what did you say?"

"Kiryu," she says in a deep voice. It's clear that Kaiba is squeezing her so tightly she's struggling to speak. "He's okay now."

"WAH!? Well done!" Roshi exclaims and runs up behind her, grappling her firm buttocks with pleasure. "Thank you! Thank you!" He continues to say without releasing his hold. Roshi's face gets smashed in by Launch and he flies through the wall in pain. "Heh ah, wha...I deserved that."

Launch shakes her head and smiles at Kaiba once again. "You sure you don't need me to give you a check up too? Looks like you're in pretty bad condition."

"Tatito, Launch. Don't worry 'bout me. I'm fine now!"

Launch nods quickly and turns around. "Well, I suppose I'll go check on him. You guys might want to come back in the morning. He might just be awake by then."

"Yeah, about that. Hey old man," Kaiba yells and Roshi turns to him. "I gotta' head back home. I can't stick around for a few weeks; lots to do, you know?"

"That's fine. I'll take care of Kiryu from here. You don't need to worry, Cleba."

"Ergh, it's Kaiba." Roshi laughs slowly and scratches his bald head, waiting for someone to break the awkward silence. Finally, the commander does just so. "Earlier, you said Kiryu plans on training with you, right?"

"I did?"

"You did."

"I did."

"...What? Anyway, just be sure to tell him that I'll tell everybody at the FBM what's going on with him and to just focus on training. Alright?"

"Okay, I will." Roshi says with a smile and Kaiba jets out the door after giving the old master a wink.


Many Months Later...

Kiryu made a complete recovery thanks to Dr. Launch's exceptional medical knowledge combined with the correct usage of Rehabilitation Ki. During the coming months, Kiryu continued his training with Roshi while expanding his knowledge on Ki and has finally completed the one year training course.

"...-You're leaving tonight?" Roshi questions.

You put a few bottles of water in a bag and throw it on your back. "Yeah, it's been a long year. No communication with the outside world for ten months. I'm quite introverted but I think it's time that I had some Human contact."

"Keyehehe, are you sure you're content with the results?"

"Heh. Yeah, i'm sure. Uh, thanks for everything. You've really helped me a lot..." You walk out the front door and Roshi follows you quietly.

"Kiryu...Use your powers to better the World. You're a good person. Don't get tempted into doing what you think is wrong."

You smile at this and turn around to Roshi. "Are those your last words of wisdom, Roshi?" He nods carefully. "Do you plan on staying on Djawa for much longer? Not a soul lives here anymore."

"Keyehehe. Yes, I shall stay here. I am a hermit after all."

"I won't lie to you by saying that I'll visit. We most likely won't ever meet again."

Roshi places his frail hand on your elbow - as that's as high as he can reach - and squeezes it. "You saved the archipelago and my life. I will be forever grateful." He bows down to you in honor, which annoys you.

You turn around and start walking to the edge of the beach where a boat resides. "I didn't kill Crow to save the archipelago, or even you." Roshi flips his head up and looks at you questioningly while the motor to the boat fires up and it floats away from the dock. "I did it for me."


End of The Training Arc!


- 3 Achievement Points Unlocked. Current Points: 3 (Note: The maximum amount of attainable points was 4)

- Kiryu's New Battle Power: 104 500

- New Technique Learned: Speed Blitz. Kiryu inflates the aura of Ki around his legs which allows for him to either double or triple his maximum speed. If you choose to double your speed, it drains your Ki at a constant rate. It lasts until you turn it off or run out of Ki. If you choose to triple your maximum speed, the inflation burst only lasts for five seconds and you can only move in one direction. The Ki consumption for tripling your speed is vast.

- During the training, Kiryu learned how to call Ryuki out and "use" him as a weapon in battle. However, it is still a risk to bring Ryuki out. When doing so, Kiryu will lose consciousness and Ryuki will take over command for an unknown amount of time. Ryuki will always be a playable choice in battle, but be wary when using him.


Choose What Rehabilitation Technique You Learned (only one):

A) Recover - You wrap an aura of Ki around your body and it heals all of your minor wounds while recovering a large amount of Health. This move can only be used once per battle. The Ki usage is zero.

B) Remedy - You gather Ki in your palm and place it on another person. After doing so, this Ki is departed into said person and it heals double the amount of either Health or Ki you used. Example: If you use Remedy and put 25% of your Ki into it, 50% of the Health / Ki (one or the other; you choose) of the person your healing will be restored.

C) Regenerate - You concentrate an aura of Ki and are able to fully regenerate any lost bodily ligament that you may have lost. This move drains a lot of Ki.

Invent Your Own Inflation Technique:

1) You can invent your own Inflation Technique that you learned over the training course. It can be anything you want, but must stick to the guidelines of Inflating something (think of all the examples you have seen in the story to help make your decision). You must make a negative cost for using this inflation that cannot involve Ki consumption. I will dictate the amount of Ki used for the technique and approve whether or not you can use it.

Good Example: Transformation - Kiryu's Battle Power gets 2 times stronger when he transforms. His size increases by a great amount to ease the strain on his body, but he loses speed when entering this transformation. No other Inflation's can be used during this one (Meaning you cannot stack all the Inflation techniques you have).

Bad Example: Super Power - Hurr derr, Kiryu's Battle Power becomes 10 trillion for the rest of the battle.

2) Pfft, I don't need no more moves, yo.
Chapter End Notes:
Well, after 22 chapters, this arc has finally come to an end. Hopefully you guys enjoyed. As always, comments on the story, arc, characters, and all that stuff would be just lovely. :P
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