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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

Kiryu will activate that awesome perfect defense power up, the second version, where we only take ki damage later. Secondly, grow our extra arms out, and attack head on with a Giant Bulldozer technique. Our perfect defense will allow our arms to tank it, and CRUSH Crow while he's busy firing the technique.

We've already shown that he can't maneuver well in the air, so he's not gonna dodge this. Since Giant Bulldozer hit's from the sides IIRC, it will squash him, and won't have to fight all the way through his attack like a beam would.

I figure we'll be out of ki after this, but this attack will have enough power to totally crush him. He will either be completely killed, or so crushed that there will be nothing he can do, allowing for a quick finishing strike.
You gaze into Crow's cold eyes for a moment. The dark wave of Ki flutters around his body, gaining mass with each second. "Farewell, fighter." Crow grunts hard and his attack swirls through the air, flying towards you.

"Absolute Safeguard!" You quietly say and a brilliant purple aura engulfs your entire body. The Ki surrounding you quakes with sheer power, and you now stretch each of your gigantic arms backwards as muscle builds into all four of them. "Sorry, but I have too much to do before I die!"

The Darkness Insurrection blazes at a magnificent speed, but you don't falter in the slightest. "Giant Bulldozer!" All of your arms fire forward and blast through the darkness which now surrounds your entire body in an attempt to eat your exterior shell.

The darkness compresses onto your body and ruthlessly crushes the defensive aura you put up. Meanwhile, your arms zap towards Crow with a vengeance.

The captain presses his feet tight onto the ground and springs himself into the air at a tremendous pace. Two of fists bash into the wall where Crow used to stand in front of and blast it to smithereens. You adapt to Crow's movements with your remaining arms and pursue him into the air.

"UGH!" He gulps, trying to move out of the way of the incoming fists.

"DIE!" You smash your over sized hands over his puny body with full force, hearing him shriek in pain on contact. The dark aura that was eating you before disperses on cue but you refuse to let up your finishing attack on Crow.

His body is continuously crushed under the magnitude of your attack and you now Discard all the damage collected. Despite doing this, a surge of pain breaks open in your body, forcing you to relinquish your grip on Crow.

All four of your arms snap back to position and you fling to the ground and roll over in pain, laughing all the while. Your extra arms disperse immediately after. "What an incredible attack of his...!" You think to yourself as you slowly get up, shaking off the pain. "My Ki is completely drained and I suffered damage on top of that. I reckon that his attack would have shredded my entire body in one shot if I hadn't discarded the damage!"

You stare up at Crow and see his body drop to the ground and destroy the remaining pieces of ground on impact. He remains still so you take the liberty of pressing the button on your Scouter. It beeps wildly until finally coming to a stop.

"What!?" You say in shock. "His Ki is still strong! Despite me crushing his body with all my force, he still managed to..."

A swirl of Darkness fires into the sky and crashes into the roof of Crow's base, fully melting the entirety of it. Not a single stone falls down, despite it being destroyed like that.

"Haaa...Haaaa..." You hear Crow breathing heavily, and his silhouette forms within the dust that is still blowing around. "Did you really think that a top tier fighter like myself would be done in from that? HuHuHu!"

"More like hope." You bluntly reply.

"Whoo!" Crow blows and all of the smoke surrounding him blows away in an instant. "Hope is such a fickle concept."

"Your point?"

"Owaha...I am going to kill you, fighter."

"Aww. Aren't you the blandiloquent one."


"Heh, don't worry." You laugh a little bit before turning on a serious glare. "So you've been toying with me? Hiding your true powers like that."

"...Nay. I was draining your stamina to make sure I won. It was clear to me that you knew of Dark Ki, and most likely had a way to counter it. Because of that, killing you in an instant with the attack you just managed to overcome was out of the question."

"Draining my stamina...?"

"HuHuHu, are you trying to tell me that you haven't felt the effects of my jabs?" You gulp in shock, but shake it off.

"Enough chatter!" Your feet smash into the ground as you dash towards Crow, forming a fighting stance during the sprint.

Crow's body becomes a blur and his leg appears just in front of your chin. "Sober up, AYE!" His left leg fires itself into your face, causing you to soar through the air. You put both of your arms behind your head and try to grip the ground to stop you, but Crow is already standing behind you before you can.

You cover your face and Crow's leg crashes into your block, pushing you into the air. He places his palm out and a dark ball morphs in his hand. He winds up hard and whips his hand forward, launching the ball at you full speed.

The air crackles in pain from the orbs speed. "Attenuate!" Your body snaps to a miniature size, allowing you to barely dodge Crow's fierce attack.

The Captain stares at you questioningly but lets it go. He fires himself after you and grapples onto your puny body with a wide grin. He attempts to squeeze you in, but struggles due to your body growing in size just before he manages.

You're released from his grip and he shutters in fear as you wind your fist up. "Bye bye." Your fist smashes into his face and he pillars to the ground at incredible speed, hopping back up seconds later with a scowl on his face.

A loud tap is heard from your own landing and the two of you stare deeply at each other. Crow makes the first move by placing his right arm to the peak of the room. His face darkens in anger as a flat ball of Dark Ki writes itself on that same hand.

"I have now...Lost my patience." He says with a blistering amount of hatred. Hundreds of Dark Orbs are fired into the sky at a countless rate while he remains still. His entire arm covers itself in Dark Ki as he continues firing.

"What are-" You stop mid sentence, eyes wide. "You wouldn't!"

The Crimson Captain gazes at you with bloodthirsty eyes and slowly licks his lips. "Boom."

A loud explosion is heard from above, and then another one. The explosions continue to break out from all over the base as dark balls of Ki drop down from the sky, destroying the entire base.

You sprint towards Crow, but stop meters before him due to the ground disappearing. You fall into a large crater while thousands of balls of Ki crash down from above.

"S***, he plans on destroying the entire base! If even one of those attacks hit me, I could be in serious trouble!" You squat down and jet yourself out of the crater, standing across from Crow.

His base continues to implode from his Dark Ki, some pieces completely dispersing from the architecture, allowing others to break down and collapse all around.

You sift to the side while looking directly at Crow, dodging every blast you possibly can. "He doesn't have a target. And considering this is his own damn base, it means he simply doesn't have enough control over this attack!" You analyze, still dodging other attacks with nothing but your ears.

Explosions break out continuously but suddenly come to a complete halt. Crow drops his hands to the side and breathes heavily. You look around the area and notice that multiple craters are surrounding you and the Sun is shining bright.

The wind breezes by smoothly, exemplifying the new scenery. The entire base has been crashed to the ground and the two of you are now standing in a desert like region. Not a soul around. "...Did you just kill your own crew?"

Crow walks slowly towards you, covering both of his hands into darkness. "What kind of man do you think I am? I ordered them to leave once you entered the building."

"...And Roshi?"

Crow scowls tight and the darkness in his hands fade into his fingers, engulfing them with a pitch black aura. "Is safe, aye?" You nod casually and put up a fighting guard once again.

Footsteps break out and Crow is already in front of you, swinging at you wildly with his hands in a claw formation. You hop to the side in a rush to avoid his Darkness Finger Tips. Crow follows pursuit so you decide to take the offensive, giving him a hook to the cheek.

The Captain ducks, and swipes his claws across your chest, completely erasing pieces of you. Blood squirts out from the fresh scar and lands in his eye, momentarily blinding him.

You take this opportunity to deliver a gut wrenching knee to his jaw which pushes him into the air. You fire yourself after him and headbutt him with all your might, completely shattering his nose.

You do a front flip in the air and grab onto his neck and whip him down into the ground at full throttle. He crashes hard and smoke blows from throughout the ground.

You smile briefly before a spiral of darkness springs up from the ground. You sift backwards but it stops right in front of you.

The darkness forms into a shape and finally turns into Crow, glaring at you with the eyes of a demon. He beams both claws forward which pierce right through the wound from earlier. He pulls one hand out and a dark ball of Ki morphs in it.

He slams it down on your face but you disappear from his view, dodging the attack. Your body snaps back to full size and you grapple onto his full body and fling it back into the ground, landing momentarily after. The smoke clears and Crow stands across from you.

He places his left hand forward and a swirl of darkness twists in the center of his palm. "Blackhole!" You feel something from within you get pulled and before you know it, your feet are skidding across the ground and jetting towards the Crimson Captain.

"Wha-!?" In a second, you're right in front of him and his right arm is swung at near light speed, knocking you to the ground.

You roll away from him and hop up, breathing heavily, but you're sucked in once again. You smash both of your arms into the ground while sweating nervously, which seems to stop his pull.

"You can't run! If you have evil in your heart, I will suck it up! OWAH!" The ground rips apart and you fling towards him, only to be uppercutted in the jaw and pushed into the air. Before you make much height, you're already being pulled back to him but this time you're prepared.

You clench your fist tight and fire it forward, smashing into Crow's forehead. You feel your liver rupture in pain, noticing that he still managed to make contact.

Crow soars into the ground and you squirm in pain, sweat dribbling from the entirety of your body. "Haa...How the Hell can this guy still stand!?!?" You think, exhausted.

Crow gets up and dusts off his clothes before sprinting at you once again. Both of his claws dart forward, but you manage to limbo down and dodge them. He's slowed down!

You swing your body back up and smash your head into his own. He shutters in pain and you grip his left shoulder tightly. "HA!" Your right fist smashes into his gut and he wrenches over in pain. You pummel his gut in again and again and again, until blood is shooting out of his mouth.

You refuse to let up and smash another fist into his chest this time in an attempt to shut down his heart. Another! Another! Another! Crow squeals in pain while lifting his right arm wide, a small wave of darkness forming in it.

You angle your fist up and launch it forward with all of your strength, smashing the Captain's entire jaw. Before you can even see him move, you hear the explosion from his landing across the deserted battlefield.

You fall to your knees, and the Sun burns your wounds. "There...How'd that feel you son of a b****?"

Wind swipes by and blows an unreasonable amount of sweat from your face, while you take notice to Crow, who is making his way back up again. "What is your name, fighter?" He calls out to you from afar.

"Kiryu." You reply back, trying to contain your energy.

Crow nods slowly and grips on the sword in his sheathe. He pulls it out slowly and it screeches in agony as he does so. The captain waves the blade around while examining it and finally turns back to you. "Kiryu, lets finish this. Aye?"

A) Create A Battle Plan!
B) Fight Crow with all of your strength in an attempt to finish him quickly.
C) Play smart while dodging his attacks and dealing lethal blows when he's open.
D) Give up and go home. Forget about Roshi!

Health: 30%
Ki: 0%
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