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Author's Chapter Notes:
B wins.
You speed blitz towards Kaiba, in preparation to knock him out cold. He gulps in fear and throws both of his arms up across his chest. Your elbow bashes into the crease of his block and the Commander drops to the ground after coughing up a river of blood.

You turn around and stare Crow down without emotion while he simply scowls at you. "Before Kaiba attacked me, I asked you what your motives were."


"Now that my ears are open, I would like to know."

Crow kisses his lips and swings his tongue out of his mouth. "You may have heard from the people on Djawa. I'm having them all build a runway that connects the entire archipelago. It will reach all the way to the bottom of the ocean and scatter across every island." He begins, now walking across the hallway upstairs and heading towards the stairs at the other end of the loop. "Eventually, this runway will turn into a dome that will separate this archipelago from the world. Three, maybe four months until they finish it."

"Is connecting a few islands your entire purpose in life?" You say with an inch of disappointment.

"HuHuHu. Well, I suppose it doesn't matter if I tell you. After all, one of us won't be leaving here alive, aye mate."


"A girl in my crew is on a mission right now. She's picking up a parcel from a man who runs an intergalactic black market. Inside, is something that can give me and my Crew a substantial boost in power. A fruit."

"A fruit...?"

"Aye." Crow makes it to the staircase and slowly walks down it while grinning sadistically. "But once it's planted, it will suck the life out of everything it possibly can, killing whatever it can. Of course me and my crew will leave the archipelago during this time. But once it's killed all it can...That energy lays within the fruit..."

"Which will power you up by a significant amount?"

"Aye," he replies with a wink. "Me and my crew will become a stable super power. Saavy?"

"So you're going to trap everybody in the archipelago with this runway, plant the fruit, and have it kill everybody?"

"HuHu, you're smart."

"What will you do with the tree? Won't it continue to suck energy once you release the Dome?"

"HuHu, don't be dumb, aye. I'll destroy the tree so that won't happen."

"Hypothetically, if this fruit will suck the life out of everything it can, why would you trap it in a contained area? If you let it feed off the entire Planet, you would get much more power from it, no?"

"Aye." He nods, nearly at the bottom of the steps.

"Then why don't you?"

"I don't want to destroy our Planet and I don't want to kill people when I don't need to. The power I'll get from the archipelago on top of what I already have will be more than enough."

"Hahaha!" You break out laughing, "Tell that to the people on Djawa Island. Oh wait..."

Crow frowns harshly as he steps off the staircase. "Those deaths are you, fighter. In exchange for killing Karore, all of those innocents had to be killed. I wasn't the judge of that. If you weren't afraid to fight me back then, they would still be alive and you know it!"

"Peh," you spit on the ground and crack your knuckles. "You know..." Your tongue climbs up to the top of your lip and sweeps across while you grin at Crow, "I smiled when I killed that pirate. Karore, was it?"

Crow's face turns into that of a demon, his eyes locked onto you tight, piercing right through your own. "I will kill you, FIGHTER!"

"Bring it on!"

Both you and Crow dash at each other without holding back. His power level spikes up to 64 000 just as the two of you meet in the center of the room.

You throw a right hook which he swiftly ducks and attempts to elbow you in the gut, which you easily block with your left.

Crow jumps back at tremendous speed to regain and his footing and launches right back at you with his hands in a claw like position. You bulk your muscles up and give him a backhand to the face, but he teleports just before you hit him, completely disappearing from your sight.

The Scouter informs you of his location so you turn around, only to get bashed in the face from his fist. Your head swings back and you feel multiple blows impact your gut. You readjust yourself to see Crow delivering a countless amount of pointed jabs into your stomach.

You grip both of your hands and hammer fist them down down. Crow teleports and appears behind you before you even scratch him. Crow delivers a gut wrenching knee and you drop down in pain, letting him jump into the air above you and form a small ball of Ki in his hands.

"Urgh, he hits surprisingly hard for somebody with that kind of power!" You whip your head up and the ball of Ki collides with your face, knocking you back into the ground.

Crow does a back flip and then lands safely, forming another ball of Ki in his arms. "This is the end!" You push your hands off the ground, just in time to knock Crow's blast out of the way. It crashes into the wall and smoke blinds you both momentarily.

When the smoke clears, the two of you are in each other faces once again. You flex your extra arms and throw them into the mix of fists that you're throwing at the Crimson Captain. But no matter how many different combinations you put out there, not a single scrape writes itself on him.

"Ghrr, you think you're funny!?!?" You scream while jumping back and shoving your tight fist into the floor. "Earthquake!" The entire room shakes violently while you smile.

Crow stares at you with his dark eyes, trying to pull himself out of the crater you trapped his feet in. You leap at him and throw a full powered right straight into his face.

The wind pressure pushes out of your fist and pillars into the wall at the other side of the room, completely destroying it.

You look at Crow and frown, to see that he still managed to dodge your punch by sifting his head to the side at the last millisecond. You swing that same arm to the side in an attempt to bash his head in but he limbo's backwards and dodges you once again.

Crow shoots a ball of Ki at the ground and destroys the floor, letting him break free. His golden tooth shines and he fires both of arms at you, smacking your stomach with another series of pointed jabs.

Less than a second goes by but you can already feel over a hundred impacts. You throw out a left straight, but Crow dodges it with complete ease, jumping back afterwards.

You jump back at him and grab hold of his arms, grinning in pure ecstasy. "I HAVE YOU NOW!"

"Nay." He quickly replies, placing both of his hands on your chest. "Fly Away!" A severe amount of pressure forms on your chest and launches you back, relinquishing your grip on his arms.

You do a back flip and skid backwards, eyeing Crow carefully. "What a great fighter. He studied my movements from my battle against Kaiba and deducted my only weak point. My lack of speed! Very well, I'll just have to step up my game..." You think.

Crow vanishes and reappears in front of you with Ki in both of his hands. He grins toothily and slams his hands into each of your kidney's, jumping back afterwards, refusing to give you a chance to retaliate.

After cringing in pain, you form a huge ball of Ki in both of your hands and smack them together, greatly increasing the magnitude of the attack.

"Wipeout Wave!" Crow jumps into the air, easily avoiding the blast. His fist lights up as he builds Ki into it, but you laugh at him still. "Don't get so...Cockyyyyy!" You swing your hands up and your blast pursues Crow.

He gulps in surprise and throws his hands out to block, unable to move fast enough in the air. The blast explodes within his arms and you take this time to spring yourself directly at him.

Crow looks in your direction despite the smoke blinding him, but can't do anything to stop you. Three balls of Ki are fired from Crow but you don't slow down in the slightest.

"Lets see you dodge this!" You roar, completely tanking his blasts. You reappear out of the smoke and haymaker Crow in the face. His entire body bends backwards and blood squirts out of his mouth, dripping over your arm.

You do a full body turn in order to get under Crow as the two of you fall. You scream to psyche yourself up and slam your rugged fist into Crow's gut. He gags heavily and wraps his arms around his stomach in pain, but you don't let up your attack.

As the two of you continue to fall, you grapple Crow's waist with your spare arms and begin to bully him with your other hands. Crow loses control of the puke in his mouth and it just leaks out right onto you, giving you a sick feeling of joy.

"What's the matter, pirate!? Is this how you plan on avenging that weakling that I killed? Give me a challenge at least! I've only just begun!" You taunt, now realizing that you're just about back on the ground.

You let up your assault on Crow and put your hands backwards, firing two balls of Ki at the ground. The pressure blasts you both back up to the peak of the gigantic mansion Crow lives in.

The Crimson Captain's internal battery kicks in, letting him catch his second wind. Crow slaps his hands together and a burst of wind fires out from it, pushing you back to the ground. You grin while he does this, still not relinquishing control over his waist with your extra arms.

"Face it, fool. No matter where you send me, you're coming!"

"Nay, fighter!" The ground explodes from both of your collision, and dust billows through the room. Crow glares at you, the two of you still latched together like butter and glue (Wait, what?).

You press your hands up against the ground and push both of you two your feet. Crow begins another assault of pointed jabs at your gut, which starts giving you sharp pains with each strike. A loud thud is heard from Crow's face as you smash your right fist into it, landing a direct hit.

Crow puts both of his hands out simultaneously and presses them up against your chest, pushing you back with another burst of pressure.

The combined force of his blast and your punch rips apart your grip on his waist, and you both skyrocket to each side of the room and explode against the broken walls with great impact.

You stand up quickly while breathing abnormally heavily, wiping a severe amount of sweat from your forehead. A bunch of rocks scatter into the air and Crow stands up himself, wiping blood from his bleeding nose.

"This...This isn't normal!" Your thoughts race in a panic, but you remain complete composure in the eyes of your opponent. "I'm exhausted! The battle has just begun and I didn't suffer that much damage or stamina loss in my battle against Kaiba. Yet I feel so...weak! What the Hell is happening to me!?!?"

Crow's golden teeth brightens the room and he turns into a complete blur, reappearing right before your eyes. Countless amounts of impacts strike your stomach as he begins another assault with those blasted jabs!

You hop back in a rush, but Crow is already behind you by the time you confirm your footing. He elbows you in the back hard, knocking you down to your knees while sweat explodes from your pores.

Crow does a full fledged kick in your back and teleports back in front of the path it sent you in, uppercutting you in the jaw. You cough up blood, still dripping with sweat but manage to stand tall in front of him.

"Haaa...Haaa...." You can't help but breathe heavily, despite knowing that if he knows about your condition, he'll exploit it to no end.

Crow winds back and swings a right hook to your face. Then a left, followed by a few more jabs in your stomach, and another right to launch you back to the ground.

You slowly get up and stare at him tightly. "This is it...I have to finish him NOW! In my condition, I won't be able to compete much longer if he keep smacking me around like this." You silently deduct.

Crow sprints at you while performing a baby jump, kicking you in your jaw. You pillar back to the other side of the room and skid across the ground, stopping inches before the front door of the mansion.

You stand up once again, seeing six Crow's blur towards you at ultra high speed. "RHAAA!" You dash back with your right arm out wide and grapple onto the neck of the one in the middle. It connects!

You stare at Crow as he's held high in your arm, still sprinting towards the other end of the room. You smash his entire body into the ground, digging him into a small crater. He coughs up more blood while you pick him up by the throat and wind your arm back.

He cringes his teeth at you and squints his eyes in anticipation. Your arm swings at full speed with Ki filled in the fist and smashes into his face, letting out a disgusting crack. The captain flies through the air without movement, but you don't quit yet. You jump over his body and place your palm on his open face.

"DIE!" You let go of the ball of Ki and it explodes in his face, knocking him to the ground with a bunch of rocks and stones dropping onto him soon after. You land safely and let out a huge breath, staring at his still body. You walk towards him slowly - with your guard still up - and gaze at the pile of stones he resides under.

They all explode, so you jump back three large steps and spit on the ground in frustration. The Captain begins to laugh maniacally while he stands up, glaring at you with pure hatred.

"HuHuHu, what a great fighter you are, aye!" You remain silent, awaiting his next move. "No good though. You won't win this battle because of the path you choose."

Your curiosity spikes, so you drop your guard temporarily. "My path?"

"Aye...Aye, mate." He grins again, "There isn't enough hatred...impurity. Not in your soul. Owahaha, obviously you're no saint, but you still ain't evil enough to be possessed by my powers."

"And that's bad because...?"

An imminent, black aura wraps itself around Crow and slowly inches around the room. "Dark Ki. The most powerful weapon known to man. Only somebody with the right heart...HuHu, the wrong heart, technically...Could handle such a destructive force."

You put your guard back up, gazing at Crow in anticipation, your mind racing: "Him too!?!? This isn't good if he's anywhere around the same level as Dysect!"

"Maybe if you chose the same path I did, you would live longer. But since you didn't...HuHuHu!" Crow's aura extends around him and begins disintegrating the ground around him without a trace. "Farewell, fighter." The dark aura around Crow screeches mysteriously and flies to the sky of the room. "DARKNESS INSURRECTION!"

The entire aura flies at you at an incredible speed in an attempt to kill you in one strike.


A) Tank it like a pro!
B) Try to jump out of the way.
C) Try to overpower it with a blast of your own.
D) Run out the door and try to find a meatshield.
E) Free Choice.
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