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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

Use the Four witches technique to try and keep up with his attacks. Only focus on defending or dodging.
If he begins to use acid, and it doesn't look like we can dodge, then firing a blast to counter it is our only option. Kiryu's seen the acid, and knows it well, so he can gauge just how strong the beam would have to be without going overboard and hurting Kaiba too much.

During all this, Kiryu will try and reason with him. Those creatures on the island were still able to commune with Kiryu, someone they had never even met. Kaiba has some connection to us.
Mention his brother and Loukar. Mention how Loukar would feel about Kaiba betraying a fellow commander (or whatever our rank is). Ask how he can do this when his brother is still out there with the FBM.
Kaiba cares about both those people, it should be enough to bring him back to his senses.

If worst comes to worst, and that doesn't work, try popping the bubbles. The ones on the creatures popped and regrew, but they were fully taken over. These bubbles contain his anger, so if they pop, it might release it.

And lastly, if all else should fail, try and knock him out, so we can take out Crow, which would likely end the curse.
Kaiba's fists fly at you rapidly while you attempt to block and evade each strike. The Commander throws a sloppy right that you manage to dodge by ducking. As you go down, you tighten your grip and launch your body up at full throttle.

Your foe gulps hard as the distance between your fist and his chin closes. He tries to back step before your fist collides but completely fails.

A loud crack roars from Kaiba's chin and he spirals through the air and crashes into the wall at the other side of the room, resulting in concrete collapsing onto his head.

You take a deep breath and focus your Ki. Sweat drips from your forehead and evaporates mid air while your back quakes violently. "Ha...Haaaa....RHAAA!!!" Two extra arms morph from your back with mucus dripping from them as you breathe heavily.

The broken wall shutters on the ground for an instant before it explodes and flies about the room without aim. You squint tightly and see Kaiba fire from the ground with tremendous speed.

Kaiba's left smashes into your original arms, nearly knocking you over from the force. Your excess arms swing down and try to grab hold of him but a generic beam of Ki is fired from his spare hand.

You slap it away with complete ease, grinning all the while. Suddenly, you feel light so you dot your eyes to ground. Upon doing so, you see that both of your legs are off the ground and you're falling to the side.

Kaiba smiles as he regains his footing from the trip he performed and two large balls of Ki pop out of his hands. He jumps back and throws them at you, while your hands grab the floor and push off into the air.

A smokescreen covers the entire area while you press the only button on your scouter to locate Kaiba. The machine beeps uncontrollably as it detects Kaiba's Ki coming from behind.

You grin evilly and swing all four of your arms backwards, gripping each one tight to deal the most damage. Kaiba appears out of the smoke with the intent to kill but before he can touch you, all of your arms crash into his face.

He pillars back down to the ground and crashes into the floor, creating a small crater. You land safely and spit on the ground while eyeing Kaiba, the smoke now cleared.

"Don't be too rough on my house, aye." Roars Crow from above.

"Kaiba, come back to your senses already!" You shout at him as he lays on the ground still.

"He has no senses to come back to, aye mate!" Crow laughs.

"Was I talking to you!?" You scream, before clearing your throat and looking back at Kaiba. "Do you think your brother would approve of you trying to kill a comrade?" Kaiba gets off the ground and growls ferociously. "He's back at Forte Valkyrie. You know, your home. So do you plan on wasting more time in this dump, or are you going to get home to your brother?"

"Heh," Kaiba laughs. He smacks his forehead with his teeth out, bits of drool slipping out from his mouth. "I don't have a brother."

"Yes, you do. Think back, Kaiba!"

"No, no, I don't have family."

"You do!"

Kaiba digs his nails into his skin fiber and roars, "I DON'T!!!" The Commander launches at you once again and fires a series of punches at you, all of which you block with relative ease.

"I must have triggered something..." You think as you jump back and fire a generic Ki blast at Kaiba, which is easily slapped away. "He's lost his fighting sense and is just attacking me relentlessly. But even so...It isn't enough to bring him back!"

Kaiba glares at you with hatred, purple bubbles growing all over his body. His muscles begin expanding for a second and he laughs crazily. "Split Form!" Kaiba makes two of himself and they slowly walk to each side of you.

Whilst that happens, pools of acid grow on the both of their stomachs. "So you really intend to kill me? How do you think your friend Loukar would feel about this? I doubt he would enjoy seeing you as you are now."

"I don't know who that is!" Both Kaiba's leap at you and engage in a close up combo. You jump up high to get away of them but they follow suit.

"Sit down!" You slam both of your Ki filled fists together and a purple beam explodes from hands, flying at your foes.

It melts in an instant as grains of acid disintegrate it and travel up towards you. You gulp tightly and watch it eerily, now forming another beam of Ki in your right hand.

You fire the blast and the air current pushes you off to the side, barely avoiding the acid. You spiral through the air and land on a piece of cracked concrete, your scouter now beeping frantically.

"Th-three!?" A Kaiba lands in front of you; another on your right; and the final one on your left. "Their power is a fraction of mine, but if I jump at him without a plan...That damn acid on their stomachs can still kill me...!"

"This is fun, isn't it, fighter?" Crow calls out from above. Instinctively, one of your eyes scans Crow, momentarily taking focus off of one of the Kaiba's.

"FOOLISH!" You regain your focus and jump into the air, barely avoiding the acid from the Kaiba on your right. One of your shoes disintegrates mid flight but you don't worry about it; instead, you retain focus on the remaining Kaiba's.

The only one without acid jumps after you and swings both of his knuckles at you, but you easily grab both of his arms and place your other two on his waste. The clone cringes, so the two others on the ground jump up at you.

"Too late! HAAA!" You use all of your strength as you grip onto both sides of Kaiba's waste, slowly ripping through his skin tissue. He screams in pain while you smile, before letting out an unstoppable surge of power. Blood explodes from the clone you had in your hold and you drop him to the ground, now in two halves, split like a hotdog.

Clone Kaiba disappears before it touches the ground and the two others are now at your height, with a noticeable increase in power. They both throw multiple blows at you which you tank with complete ease, and grapple their heads.

The acid in both of their stomachs shoots out from the close range immediately after you grab them. You let out a roar and your aura spikes which slows down the speed of the acid by a fraction.

You crush the face of both of the Kaiba's and throw them back as fast as you can before sifting through the air to dodge the puddles of acid that came from them.

"Errghh!" You scream as you land, blood dripping from your right knee. "Damn it, I couldn't avoid both of the attacks from that range after all."

Both Kaiba's do a back flip mid air and land smoothly, jetting back towards you with no mercy. You sprint towards them as well and deliver a ruthless punch to the one on the right, sending him flying into the wall.

The other one gasps on shock while you smash your bloody knuckle into his gut. He grabs onto his stomach and tilts his body forward in pain, giving you an easy grasp of his head.

The Kaiba you knocked away earlier regains composure and dashes back at you, which your scouter confirms the distance that he is travelling at. "Without that Acid, you're NOTHING!" You squeeze the head of the Kaiba in front of you which cracks his entire skull.

Just before the Kaiba that is charging reaches you, you swing the Kaiba in your hand back at him. He swirls at a massive speed, smashing into his clone and sending them both into the ground in front of you.

One of the clones disappears and Kaiba's natural battle power returns instantaneously. He gets up while wiping some blood off his face and shrieks at you with one gigantic ball of Ki forming in his hands.

"I only have one idea left to return this idiot back to himself. Here goes nothing!" You prepare for Kaiba's blast by putting all four of your arms in front of you. The Commander screams and throws the ball at you in an attempt to kill but you simply laugh at the attack as it closes in. "Sorry Kaiba, but this attack ain't coming close to putting me down!"

You smash your fists forward simultaneously and they collide with Kaiba's attack, completely knocking it back at him. He gulps in fear and throws his own arms out, grabbing it himself. Kaiba cringes in pain, trying not to be overwhelmed by his own attack while you move at full speed behind him.

You reach his back and dart your fist into one of the purple bubbles on his back, popping it with some force. "Grr, get away from meeee!" Kaiba screams while whipping the ball of Ki to the skies. It crashes through the center of the roof, resulting in a mass amount of rocks falling down on you two.

You hear a few of the bubbles on Kaiba pop and slowly reform as he laughs maniacally. Crow calls down to you from above, but you don't take your eyes off of Kaiba this time. "A clever idea, mate. Fortunately - un, of course - this fighter has too much excess anger that has been built up inside of him. He maintains control of it by putting it aside to that form of his, but once he goes into it...That anger reaches the tip, ready to explode. You won't be able to bring him back to his senses by ridding his anger. Not with the amount that he's kept bottled up, aye. Owahahahaha!"

"Fair enough..." You calmly state, "I suppose I'll just have to knock him out."

You eye Kaiba down and smirk, dashing towards him after. This time you lead the attack in this round and crash your left arm into his own, breaking his shoulder bone. He winces in pain and swings his right arm into your own arm, giving you no time to defend.

The two extra arms on your back jump out and grab Kaiba by the neck. Immediately afterwards, acid forms on the Commander's stomach so you relinquish your grip and jump into the air. Kaiba grins and follows you while shooting multiple blasts of Ki to distract you.

Your guard is put up and all of the blasts collide into it, dealing minimal damage. Suddenly, the scouter beeps in fear and Kaiba is behind you while the two of you float in the air. "H-How!?"

You turn around and prepare from an incoming attack while watching the acid dangling in his stomach. Kaiba's right arm twitches subtly so you throw up two arms to the right. Unexpectedly, a left hook smashes into your open kidney. You cough up blood in pain while Kaiba grabs your face with his small palm, blasting you to the ground with a wave of Ki.

You crash down and Kaiba is around on top of you, smiling devilishly. "HA!" He fires the acid from his stomach while pinning you down, ready to finish you off.

"Attenuate!" You scream, shrinking down to a miniature size, barely avoiding the acid. Kaiba stands tall and looks around in shock while you grow in size and deliver a gut wrenching punch to his stomach. The Commander falls to his knees slowly, allowing you to knee him in the face at full power.

His neck swings backwards and he flies in the air without movement. You teleport above him and crank both of your fists above your head. Kaiba closes his eyes tight just as your hammer fist bashes into his open face.

The Commander pillars to the ground and explodes in the floor, letting smoke fill the room from his injuries. As you fall, a ball of Ki appears in both of your hands. You smash them together and the power of the blast maximizes. "Wipeout Wave!" You scream while firing the blast on Kaiba's still body.


You land safely and spit on the ground, waiting for Kaiba to resurface. The smoke clears and he somehow managed to not only survive your assault, but is standing tall with torn clothes and blood dripping from his entire body. Despite standing tall though, it's clear that he's just about finished.

"Give up, Kaiba." You warn. He screams in anger and launches himself at you once again, but you do nothing but fire your right arm forward and smash it into his face. He flies into the cage that he was in before and drops on the ground, still managing to stand up.

"Hmm...What should I do with him?" You analyze.

A) Kill him. He's never going to return to his former self.
B) Knock him out. Defeating Crow might return him to his former self!
C) Try to convince him to help you defeat Crow.
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