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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

- Attenuate (spend 1 here)
- The Four Witches (Spend 2 points here)
- Absolute Safeguard(Spend 2 points here
Techniques Have Leveled Up:

The Four Witches: You can now sprout two extra arms on your back, making "The Six Witches" accessible for use. However, to use this added bonus to the technique, a great deal of Ki will be used. You cannot maintain this technique for a long period of time. When you use "The Four Witches", the total Ki consumption is halved from what it was before, making it much easier to maintain for a long period of time.

Attenuate: You will no longer take damage from the use of this technique.

Absolute Safeguard: Much less Ki is used while maintaining this technique, making it easier to maintain for longer periods of time. On top of that, you now have the ability to "Discard" ALL of the damage that you have received during the use of this technique. However, when you choose to "Discard" the damage sustained, you will lose an amount of Ki based on the damage you took percentage wise. Example: An attack that would have taken off 85% of your Health, but is "Discarded", will now take off 85% of your Ki.


You find yourself walking up the stone stairway with a powerful aura waving through the room, lighting the entire area. "I feel...Powerful." You say loudly while gripping your hands tightly.

You push the gate at the top gently and it flies open, nearly breaking. The handle on Roshi's door turns as you grip it, opening the door afterwards. In an instant, your dry clothes are pulled off the rack and put back on.

A peculiar map on the wall catches your attention, so you walk closer to it while stroking your chin intently. "Hmm...Aha, this must be a map of the archipelago. I recognize the positions of the islands that I recently visited."

In the middle of all of the islands, an insignia of "DI" has been placed. To the left of it, three islands are on the map, all placed in a line with a fair bit of ocean between them. The one on the bottom of the line has the mark "MI"; the island right above it having "YI"; and the island at the top having "KI".

"They must be the initials of each island on the Archipelago."

Continuing to examine the map, the initials "CI" are above Djawa Island which lies in the center. To the right of Djawa is the initials "BI", and below Djawa Island has "RI".

"That counts for all 7 islands in the Archipelago. That man told me that Crow set up base at a place called Rhodus Island. Which means...RI! If I head south of Djawa, it shouldn't be long until I make it. I oughtta head out now though!"

You step outside of the house, but decide to leave the door open. Not like anybody is going to break in anytime soon. "Just one more stop before I head out...!"

You dash across the beach while surveying all of the open markets with nobody attending them now that Crow wiped out the majority of the population, if not all of them. A few motor boats come into view, so you grab one of them and carry it over your head, walking towards the open water.

The water explodes with a splash, the boat now waiting for you in the water. The current pushes it away a few feet, but once you hop in, the motor boat ceases its escape.

A level is pulled, firing up the engine. After a roar, it blasts out from the water and pushes through the water at full throttle. "You better not disappoint me, Crow...!"


The motor on your boat comes to a stop as it dangles in front of a cracked dock. You hop out of it and gaze straight ahead, seeing a small mansion in front of you. "So this is Crow's hideout. I could probably smash this place down in one strike."

You start walking towards the front entrance and see two Pirates guarding it. They each have a sword in their arms similar to the two pirates you fought when you first left Roshi's house.

They move to the side of the door without saying a word, so you cautiously walk past them, grip the handle on the door, and push it open respectfully. "Not going to attack me?"

"Aye," the one on the left says.

"Strict orders from Crow. Engage you not, aye." The other continues.

"Aye, mate. Move along, right." You give them a nod and walk in the open door, seeing a large room that is perfectly suited for battle. A staircase is to your right that leads onto another floor which circles above the floor you're on now. You stand in the middle of the room, looking around carefully.

It's completely empty. Other than large steel doors on the right side of the room that are bolted down tight, not a soul is around. There aren't even any rooms down here. You crack your knuckles, considering destroying the entire place but decide against it.

"Crow! Show yourself, before I bury your house in the ground!" You scream at the top of your lungs, almost shaking the walls of the mansion. A figure emerges from the floor above, coming through the only visible door upstairs.

A fairly large man grins down at you with some black teeth mixed in with the white ones. His arms touch the railings gently and he hangs over them, surveying you intently. You do the same to him.

He has a black pirates hat with a crimson crow running through it, similar to most of his crew. His hair nearly drops down to his elbows, but it's spiky which makes it look masculine. The Captain's hair is colored black with brown highlights, and his pure brown boots match. Crow has an intimidating black mustache, with sideburns and a beard that nearly connect to each other.

His pants are light blue but tinted black, that drop down to his boots. Although the pants are quite baggy, they seem to fit well, allowing him for accessible movement.

( Authors Note: Here is a picture of Crow: )

"Ah, so you're the infamous pirate that runs these waters." You smile, slowly raising your power.

"Aye, sir. And you must be the fighter that Roshi has been training." He replies in a deep, yet relaxed voice.

"Perhaps..." You reply, putting your finger up to the scouter that is attached to you. Crow raises an eyebrow but you do nothing but smirk at him and tap the button on the scouter. It beeps quickly for a split second, before settling down at 60 000. "Hahahaha! You certainly aren't weak, but...With my current strength, this will be an easy victory. That is, unless you're containing a great deal of your power."

"I recently came across a powerful fighter," Crow begins talking, completely ignoring what you just said. "Such power is a rare breed. The problem that this fighter faced, however, is that when unleashing this power of his...He lost himself in the rage."

"This is a great story," you cut him off sarcastically.

"With my infinite power, I took control of this fighter. He will never be same, because as long as that rage...hatred, or what have you. As long as its contained at the peak, he will be a bloodthirsty animal with little recollection of what he once was."

"He sounds like a fool. Letting his emotions take control of him like that."

"He was a fool. But I have a new play thing because of him. Of course, if I engaged this fighter in combat, he would be killed in an instant." Crow laughs slowly, with his deep voice. "HuHuHu. But I am interested to see how you will fare against this killing machine that I made."

"Too afraid to fight me yourself? That's fine. You just have to admit it. I won't judge you. Heh."

"If you are worth my...attention, then this fighter shan't be a problem for you, aye."

"I guess we'll find out."

Crow turns back to the open hallway that he walked through from and shouts a few words down it. He then turns back to you and smiles from above. "HuHuHu. Think i'm gonna' enjoy this, aye."

A loud crack is heard from the steel gate from beside you, and it begins to raise. You turn your full attention to the cage and a bulky man with green hair that runs past his shoulders comes out, bits of purple bubbles popping from his shoulder blades. "Ugh...!" You say in complete shock.

Crow smiles wickedly and opens his arms out wide, palms pointing to the ceiling. "This, my friend, is my previous play thing." Crow's play thing growls ferociously at you, and squeezes its fists tight, preparing to attack. Crow turns to you and grins with a gold tooth shining, "I hope you don't show me the same kind of anger that he once did, ya' dig? HuHuHu!"

"Not possible...Is that you, Kaiba!?!?" Thoughts race through your head as you glare at him: "I don't understand, why are you here? Why are you like this? How did you get like this? What the F*** IS HAPPENING?"

You remain calm and breathe deep, looking back to Crow with one eye. "How did you do this to this man?"

"HuHu, do you know him by any draw?" Your eye pierces right through him and he laughs. "Aye, mate. You do. You do. Tell me, fighter. How does it feel to know that you'll have to...kill your own friend. If you can manage, that is. HuHuHu!"

"Those purple bubbles. I've seen them on other creatures. But more so...And their bodies are different too. Explain!"

"And if I don't? HuHu..."

"Do you really wish to find out?"

Crow smiles viciously, still leaning on the edge and looking down on you two. "Where did you see these creatures?"

"On one of the islands in this archipelago. The Heated Hell, they call it."

"Hohoho, those things are still alive? HuHuHu. Be grateful then. The man you know is not completely possessed. Maybe you can still save him. But I doubt you will."

"Why don't you start from the beginning?" You quickly respond.

"I'll try...But I don't know if our play thing can take much longer without attacking you." You turn back to Kaiba, to see him with sharp fangs, still growling.

"Then speak quickly."

"The purple bubbles are the anger that is trapped in their body. If the anger stabilizes, they will begin to lose their body. Once that transformation is complete, they will never be able to return to their former selves. A bonus...They will no longer be able to feel anything other than anger, which includes pain. HuHuHu. Saavy?"

"Kaiba still has his body, which means he should still be damageable. But can he ever be brought back to himself? Those creatures that I killed earlier couldn't be reasoned with. And by the looks of it, Crow possessed Kaiba in his transformed state, meaning he never had full control of himself to begin with. This is bad!" You think.

Kaiba growls once more, now walking towards you with his sharp teeth out. "It looks like he's ready, fighter." Crow taunts.

"One last question," you shout out to Crow without turning to him.


"...What exactly is it that you want?" You see Crow smile out of the corner of your eye and laugh maniacally.

"My crew and I are in the process of-"

"RHAAAA!" Kaiba roars, cutting him off. You gulp in anticipation and see the Commander leap at you with hatred. The scouter beeps frantically, finally coming to a halt at 80 000.

Both of your arms are thrown out in a guarding position. Kaiba is in front of you in a split second, smashing his fists into your guard.

You're quickly pushed back, but manage to keep your footing. "Kaiba...Do you not remember me!?" The Commander grins without care, and a green aura forms around his body. Ki forms in his hands and he smashes them into you, destroying your guard.

Immediately after, Kaiba slams both of his fists together and fires a ruthless blast of Ki into your open chest, launching you into the wall at the other side of the room.

You smack into the concrete wall hard and drop to your knees, bits of blood forming on your knuckles. You look up and Kaiba is already in front of you, throwing an uppercut into your jaw. His fist connects and you're fired into the skies, coughing up blood as you gain height.

"These blows are heavy! I never knew Kaiba was this powerful in his transformed state!" You think while trying to regain composure. Kaiba reappears in front of you and laughs in a voice you never knew he had. "Here it comes...!"

You throw your arms up in a sloppy blocking position, preparing for Kaiba's attack. To your surprise, his attack doesn't come out though. You peak out from your block and see that he's not even in front of you, before feeling a feeling of imminence behind you.

"Eyes on the prize!" Kaiba screams while digging his Ki fists into your back, nearly ripping right through your skin tissue.

"Gaaaah!" You grimace in pain. Kaiba lands with clean footing, but you collapse to the ground with a thud. Not willing to give Kaiba any more free attacks, you pull yourself off the ground as quickly as possible.

The two of you enter a stare down with no words being spouted. Both of your aura's fire up and the two of you clash with a bang, entering a high speed brawl.

"Kaiba is no joke. If Crow managed to defeat him, he can't be an easy opponent either. But at this rate, I won't be able to put Kaiba down for a long while. If my Ki runs too low from this battle, i'm finished. I better think of a strategy as quickly as possible!" You examine, trying to evade as many of Kaiba's blows as possible.

A) Create A Battle Plan!
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